Hindu Racists Want To Force All Indians To Learn Sanskrit, Refuse To Speak To Indians In A Language Other Than Hindi Even If They Don’t Understand It

For the last several years, India has been undergoing a revival of nationalism lead by what can only be described as a hardcore group of Hindu theocratic racists. These people, which belong to a number of groups but are in particular influenced by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its predecessor, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) movement have been exposed by Indian Christians monitoring their movements and confirmed by former BJP and RSS members, some of them converts to Christianity, that they are actively planning the creation of a “pure” Hindu ethno-state called the “Hindutva Rashtra”. All non-Hindu religions will be banned, and all non-Hindus will be forced to either convert to Hinduism or, as the ancient Christians in Rome were persecuted, to make a sacrifice acknowledging the superiority of the Hindu dieities over Christ. Those who refuse to will be tortured or executed, and as Shoebat.com has exposed, the Indian government has been preparing for this time by pressing all of India’s over 1 billion strong population into a biometric computer system called the Aadhaar, from which anybody in India can not just be tracked, but will link all personal information so that not only will a person be unable to hide from the government’s reach, but it will be unlikely he will be able to buy or sell anything without being a part of it.

India is not yet at a point where she is able to indulge these plans, for there are many more interim steps needed for preparation, yet all of these things are happening right now as we speak moving towards a final end. Curiously this comes at the same time when India is making open moves towards “Hinduization” through the forcible imposition of the Hindu language and now, Sanskrit, which is and remains the “religious” language of Hinduism:

Sanskrit should be made a compulsory subject in schools along with the mother tongue, BJP MP Subramanian Swamy said here today.

“Sanskrit should be made compulsory in my opinion…. Mother tongue and Sanskrit should be made compulsory, third (language) is optional,” he told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.

He claimed that Sanskrit was the only acceptable language for storing knowledge for artificial intelligence in a computer.

India, he added, possessed sound knowledge of different subjects such as mathematics and science.

“We were the people who were on top in mathematics, science, medicine and surgery. We even had manuals on how to build an aeroplane,” he said.

“But later on you will find out after reading it that it was a substantive manual; which is now being translated… Recently found,” Swamy said.

The Western world was beginning to accept the efficacy of yoga and meditation, said Swamy, who delivered a talk on ‘Future of India in the Emerging World’ at the 8th IEIA (Indian Exhibition Industry Association) open seminar, the annual conclave of the Indian exhibition industry.

Swamy opined that the history of the country has not been properly reflected in history books in schools and colleges and added that some scholars were working on a textbook for educational institutions with ‘genuine’ history.

“We are working out to write a textbook for schools and colleges which is a genuine history based on scientific facts that have now come to our knowledge. That will take a little time,” Swamy said. (source)

In addition, there have been Indians talking on Facebook about how the Indian government is addressing populations in India who historically do not speak Hindi only in Hindi, even if the people do not understand the language.

Corresponding with the imposition of Hindu paganism is the linguistic conquest necessary to establish a “unified” ethno-state.

India historically has many languages and peoples, despite living in the same “land.” The cultures of India can be BROADLY broken down into one of two categories- Aryan and Dravidian. The Aryan cultures come from northern Indian and were brought to India from the outside by Iranian peoples who conquered the subcontinent. The Dravidian cultures come from southern India and have their roots in Africa. This difference is visible by skin tone, because there are Indian people who are 100% “Indian” and some are as white as some of the peoples in Northwestern Europe and those who are as dark as the darkest of sub-saharan African.

Both of these people are 100% Indians. The woman on the left is a “pure” Aryan while the woman on the right is a “pure” Dravidian. I do not say “pure” in a sense of superiority, but in the idea that they represent closely between them the spectrum of differences between peoples in India. For all of the claims of “diversity” the people make today, India has had diversity for thousands of years.

The Dravidian peoples have languages and cultures that, while having blended with the Aryan cultures, still remain very separate and distinct. They have preserved their own languages such as Malayalam (spoken in Kerala) or Tegulu (spoken in Tamil Nadu), and in some cases have potentially mixed languages (such as Marathi, spoken in the state of Maharashtra and is the center of controversy because some people belive that Marathi’s ancestor, Prakrit, actually pre-dates Sanskrit). Given the fact that the Dravidian languages and culture is concentrated in the south of India but there are odd pockets scattered throughout the subcontinent, it suggests that India was at one time almost entirely populated or ruled by Dravidian cultures up to the Aryan invasion.

Many of these Dravidian peoples do not understand Hindi because it is NOT their language- they speak only their local languages and, among the educated classes as with those in southern India, they speak English. In this sense, English is truly a “national” and “unifying” language of India that encompasses all classes, castes, and peoples. Most of India’s Christians are also concentrated in the south of India and in the easternmost parts (which are also more dravidian influenced than the northern and western regions).

From the perspective of a Hindu nationalist, there are two major hurdles to overcome in terms of social engineering. These are to create a unified nation with one people under one language and religion and to efface all “foreign” influence” from India in pursuit of their ideal of “purity.”

English is currently and has been the natural “unifying” language of India owing to their four centuries of British control and direction. However, English is not accepted by the Hindu nationalists because, like Christianity, it is seen as “foreign” and a bad “influence” on India that is an obstacle to her “purity”. It is no different than the ridiculous claims made by many European nationalists who say that race and religion are “unified,” such as the national socialist and neo pagan author Stephen McNallen, who is tied to the Asatru cult which likewise has close connections with the “counter jihad” movement.

Since the English language and Christianity are perceived as “foreign,” the Hindu nationalists believe both need to be “eradicated.” This is part of the plan with the “aadhaar” system mentioned above, as it would be part of hunting down and forcing or “eliminating” people who refuse to conform.

If English is eliminated, then something will have to replace it, and that which replaces it must also be able to assert the dominance of Hindu culture and religion over those cultures who use English as a unifying language- the Dravidian peoples.

This is the reason why Hindi and Sanskrit are being pushed. Hindi would become the “national” language, and Sanskrit would become the “religious” language for the propagation of Hinduism.

But what will happen to the peoples of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and the rest of India as mentioned? As suspected, they will be forced to conform and submit once again to the Hindi and specifically, Aryan peoples who conquered India a century ago and who instituted this entire system.

It is of great irony that the people leading the charge for the “Hindutva Rashtra” are associated with Hindi and the Aryan culture because, historically, it is a culture that is NOT native to India at all, but came into India by invasion and imposed itself on the native people, who were Dravidians. In a literal sense, and it is something that Hindu nationalists will not discuss and become very angry when mentioned, is that if one wants to support true “Indian nationalism,” it means the support of the Dravidian culture and not Aryan culture because it was the Aryans who conquered and suppressed the Dravidians just as how the Hindu nationalists today complain against the British influence on the subcontinent.

It would be foolish to deny that the Aryan people in India are anything but Indians because, like the Dravidians, they have been in India for thousands of years now and are as Indian as curry and rice. Yet this is what the Hindu nationalists of today want to assert, that they have a “right” to impose their vision of Hinduism in the name of racial supremacy on the peoples who do not directly reflect the culture or lifestyle they want them to have.

Ultimately this is not about making India or the lives of Indians better just as the communists did not actually seek the betterment of the working classes, or the revolutionaries of 18th century France justice for people oppressed by fiscal and social abuses from the monarchy. It is about using the dysfunction of the current rulers as a lever to dislodge them and place a new leadership into their place who will commit the same and even worse errors. Nothing will change in essence except that the new rulers will use their power to justify racism and murder to get themselves even more power.

The man in the article who proposed the Hindi language imposition, Subramanian Swamy, confirms this by his biography. As Wikipedia notes, he is an ardent supporter of Israel while at the same being a vocal opponent of the philiosophies of P.E.V. Ramasamy, who was an Indian thinker and political leader who started the “self-respect” movement in which he spent his life campaigning against racism, the caste system, and forms of legal discrimination, saying that Indians should all love each other because they are people and respect each other, noting that differences can and do exist but that they are not causes for social malady:

for the diffusion of useful knowledge of political education; to allow people to live a life of freedom from slavery to anything against reason and self respect; to do away with needless customs, meaningless ceremonies, and blind superstitious beliefs in society; to put an end to the present social system in which caste, religion, community and traditional occupations based on the accident of birth, have chained the mass of the people and created “superior” and “inferior” classes… and to give people equal rights; to completely eradicate untouchability and to establish a united society based on brother/sisterhood; to give equal rights to women; to prevent child marriages and marriages based on law favourable to one sect, to conduct and encourage love marriages, widow marriages, inter caste and inter-religious marriages and to have the marriages registered under the Civil Law; and to establish and maintain homes for orphans and widows and to run educational institutions. (source)

Subramanian Swamay, like many in the BJP, is less interested in creating a “united India” as he is a racist and wants to exploit the divisions in India to get power for himself and those in his circles.

And, not surprisingly, he is also VERY much against Islam, noting as we have said before, that much of the anti-Islam movement exists not to discuss the genuine threat which Islam has and continues to pose, but to incite the fires of nationalism.

God is the author of all races. He made them different and. People are and will be different, but the differences are one of spirituality and purpose for creation by the God who is Love, who sent His son to die for us, and who desires that we all embrace His son so that we might have life eternal with Him.

Indeed, while it is good to be happy with oneself, to support much of the nationalism promulgated today is to be a foot-soldier of the anti-christ, denying the grace of God and elevating man and his being to the level of divinity no different than how Nimrod sought to make a tower to God but whose pride was later humbled.