Mexican Police Rescue Three Innocent People Kidnapped After Battle With Drug Traffickers

(May 26 2018) Three innocent people kidnapped by drug traffickers were rescued after a battle with Mexican police where six drug gang members were killed:

The release of three people who were deprived of their liberty was achieved and six alleged criminals were also killed, the Public Security Secretariat reported in a statement. The facts derived from a citizen complaint before the Command, Communications and Communications Center. Computing (C-4) of the Secretary of Public Security in which he referred an attack with firearms to a house in the Lomas Verdes neighborhood and another in the Arboledas subdivision in the municipalities of Xalisco and Tepic, respectively.

Elements of the different corporations that make up the Base of Mixed Operations (BOM) came to the report and deployed an operation by land and air, in which it was possible to locate the alleged criminals over a breach that leads to the Fraccionamiento Puerta del Sol in the municipality from Xalisco, to the Carretera de Tepic, at the height of the Fraccionamiento Castilla.

The subjects traveled on board three vehicles, so the closure of the sector was established to prevent them from escaping.

The alleged criminals descended from the vehicles and fired at the police elements who repelled the attack, killing six alleged criminals.

According to the Secretary of Public Safety in the operation, a man named Luis “N”, 28 years old, who hours before had been deprived of his freedom in the Caminera neighborhood of Tepic, was rescued.

In addition, the authorities announced that the release of two women who had been plagiarized about four months ago by the criminal group, which were raped, vexed and forced to accompany them in their illicit acts, was achieved.

The girls released respond to the names of Magdalena “N”, 21 years old, originally from San Cayetano, municipality of Tepic, who is in a pregnant state and Laura “N”, 19 years old, originally from Tepic, both had started investigation folders due to their disappearance.

The three vehicles in which the criminal cell was transported were placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor agent, being a Ford pick-up truck, type Lobo Platinum, model 2015, without license plates, with theft report in force in the State of Jalisco ; a Saturn brand wagon, sub-brand Acadia, with plates of circulation of the State of Jalisco, with report of theft in force, and a car type sedan, Chevrolet Aveo brand. (source)