Three Dead, Three Injured, And A Hidden Grave With Another Body Uncovered After Battle With Narcotraficantes

(May 26 2018) Three people are dead, three are injured, and a hidden grave with another body was uncovered after a battle with drug terrorists in Mexico:

Three men shot to death, a corpse inside a clandestine grave, three wounded men, one of them an Urvan truck driver, yesterday were the acts of violence in Acapulco, Guerrero.

The crimes and aggressions happened in the neighborhoods Centro, La Mica, Unidad Ciudadana, Progreso, La Bocana, Mozimba Fraccionamiento and the town of Kilómetro 21, In a first case, a man was shot to death in the city’s busy Zócalo, a meters from the coastal avenue. 
The crime was reported at 8:30 at night, outside the Cathedral, indicates the police file, The violent event caused panic among families and merchants who were in the esplanade, who took refuge in the Cathedral and nearby premises, reported the police, Witnesses to the crime told the police that armed men attacked their victim with bullets while walking through the Zocalo.

The body was left in the corridor that divides the private computer school CETEC and the Cathedral, a few meters from the craft stalls.

The people who were in the Zócalo ran to take shelter in the different premises, others continued their normal commercial activity. The crime caused a strong police deployment in the Zócalo. Scared merchants picked up their merchandise, while people passing by the esplanade stopped to watch the movement of policemen.

Later it was learned that the victim was named Luis Alfonso, was about 30 years old and was dedicated to accommodate cars in the streets, according to a badge that was on his neck.

Just on May 6 an armed attack in the Zócalo left one man dead and two people wounded, including a woman.

On the other hand, a retiree of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) was shot and killed with a tourniquet in the La Mica neighborhood, located in the suburban area of ​​the city.

The crime was reported at one o’clock in the morning between Benito Juárez and Capulines streets, according to the police report.

Experts from the Acapulco Regional Prosecutor’s Office informed that the victim had signs of torture because his hands were tied back with a rope.

In addition, the corpse had a tourniquet in the neck tight with rope, and were located several percussion ferrules of caliber .45.

The corpse, about 40 years old and in unknown quality, was sent to the Forensic Medical Service, later it was known that he was retired from the CFE.

In the morning, the body of a murdered man was found in a clandestine grave in Colonia Unidad Ciudadana, located in the upper part of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

The discovery of the clandestine burial was reported at noon, according to a report from the State Attorney General’s Office.

The municipal firemen helped to exhume the man’s body in a clandestine grave, which was less than a meter deep. The police version indicates that the victim was murdered about seven days ago. He wore Bermuda, a shirt and his hands were tied with a piece of cloth.

At midnight, a man was shot and wounded in the La Bocana neighborhood; later he died in the hospital.

The attack took place between Cuauhtémoc Avenue and Calle Real, near a beer depot, according to the police report.

The wounded man was taken to a nearby hospital, but hours later he died of gunshot wounds.

From January to May of this year in Acapulco there are 372 homicides in which allegedly organized crime was involved, based on a recount of the notes published in El Sur.

On the other hand, armed men injured the driver of an Urvan truck on the 15th and 16th streets, a few meters from the busy Cuauhtémoc avenue, and simultaneously the site of the same route in the Mozimba subdivision was attacked.

The assault was reported at 10:50 in the morning on the street Article 27 of the Progreso colony, a few meters from the Cuauhtémoc avenue, near the Sears department store.

Witnesses told the police that armed men approached their victim and attacked him with bullets while waiting for passage at the public transport stop.

The few passengers in the vehicle ran after hearing the detonations of a firearm. The driver identified as Mario, 22, was taken to a nearby hospital.

While at the site located on the street Farms of the Mozimba subdivision, the aggressors fired on a Urvan that was parked. Unofficial versions indicate that in this attack was wounded by a lost bullet a Telmex company worker.

In another case, a man was wounded inside the market of the downtown Progreso colony. The assault was reported at 12:30 a.m. yesterday between Bernal Díaz del Castillo and Durango streets, the police said. The victim named Pablo was transferred by his own means to a nearby hospital.

Before, a man was shot and wounded in the town of Kilómetro 21, located in the rural area of ​​Acapulco.

The incident happened before midnight on Friday, near the courts in the area, according to the police file.

The police only found bloodstains and percussion caps. The relatives picked up his relative to move him to a nearby hospital. (source)