Strumpets ‘Round The World Bearing Irish Passports Flock In Droves To Ireland To Support Murdering Babies

It is said to ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts,’ because like the famous siege of Troy, it is a plot to deceive. Rudyard Kipling famously wrote in his poem to beware of the Danes and the Dane-geld. With the recent vote in Ireland about abortion, the same remains true, except this is beware of strumpets bearing passports coming to vote to legalize the murder of babies:

Exit polls published after Ireland’s referendum on abortion suggest a large vote in favour of liberalising the law.

Polls by The Irish Times and RTE suggest about 69% voted to repeal a part of the constitution that effectively bans terminations.

Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar, who supported the reforms, said it looked as if the country was about to “make history”.

Official counting of votes will begin at 09:00 local time.

Those taking part in Friday’s referendum were asked whether they wanted to repeal or retain a part of the constitution known as the Eighth Amendment, which says an unborn child has the same right to life as a pregnant woman.

Broadcaster RTE’s exit poll suggested 69.4% in favour of the Yes side and 30.6% for No. In Dublin, 79% of people voted for repeal, according to the RTE poll.

An exit poll released by The Irish Times points to 68% Yes to 32% for No.

Tweeting on Friday night, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said: “Thank you to everyone who voted today. Democracy in action. It’s looking like we will make history tomorrow… ”

In other reactions:

  • Irish health minister Simon Harris tweeted: “Will sleep tonight in the hope of waking up to a country that is more compassionate, more caring and more respectful”
  • Prominent No campaigner Cora Sherlock expressed disappointment at the exit polls but said the pro-life movement would “rise to any challenge it faces”. She added: “Let’s go into tomorrow with this in mind”
  • Penny Mordaunt, the UK’s minister for women and equalities, called it a “historic and great day for Ireland and a hopeful one for Northern Ireland”. Northern Ireland’s abortion laws are much stricter than the rest of the UK
  • The leader of Northern Ireland’s centrist Alliance Party, Naomi Long, said it appeared to be an “incredible result” for the Yes campaign

Currently, abortion is only allowed when a woman’s life is at risk, but not in cases of rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormality.

The turnout looks to have been higher than that for the country’s referendum on same-sex marriage and its most recent general election.

The ballot paper did not mention the Eighth Amendment or abortion, instead asking: “Do you approve of the proposal to amend the Constitution contained in the undermentioned Bill?”

Those who wanted to retain the Eighth Amendment voted No, while those who wanted to replace it voted Yes.

If a majority has voted yes – as appears to be the case – then the Irish government’s recommendation is that women will be able to access a termination within the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy.

However, beyond 12 weeks, abortions would only be permitted where there is a risk to a woman’s life or of serious harm to the physical or mental health of a woman, up until the 24th week of pregnancy.

Terminations would also be permitted in cases of fatal foetal abnormality.

The official result is expected early on Saturday evening. (source)

Now there is plenty of blame to be had here.

From what the report suggest, older people voted for the most part against abortion, while younger people- Millenials and Z’s- voted for the most part in favor of abortion.

The Catholic Church has been criminally silent on the issue. Emphasis on criminally, because abortion is a crime that “cries out to heaven for vengeance” on the level of homosexuality, and given the historical presence of the Church in Ireland, she has a major moral responsibility to be as aggressive as possible about this central issue of human life. Unfortunately, just like with the issue of homosexuality, there was also a great void of public discourse that needed to be filled and yet was only filled with emptiness.

Next, there are the Irish people. As noted above the split is by generation, but this also corresponds with the decline of the Catholic Faith and all Christianity throughout Ireland. The support of abortion is the support of the same godlessness which has covered the nation.

Then, there is the issue of the strumpets who, bearing Irish passports, flew to Ireland solely to vote in favor of abortion.

Strumpets, because from the photos, it appears a large number of those who flew in were women, and were a majority by comparison with men (source):


Under Irish law, a person can obtain an Irish passport if he can prove that he has at least one grandparent from Ireland. There are lots of Irish in the world, and so many Irish passport holders overseas.

But even excluding the foreigners, it still appear that in Ireland itself, a majority of the supporters of abortion were women.

This means that they were voting to murder their own children, and this is in a nation who has been Catholic for milleniae. She was converted from heathenry by St. Patrick himself, survived the ravages of the Vikings, the Saxons, and later the Protestant nationalism for five centuries from Albion. This is a nation that has survived the ravages of time and history, and yet now, she is dying at her own hands.

A nation that accepts abortion cannot survive because one cannot expect to have a nation to pass on to one’s children if one murders his children.

It is ironic that Americans and many other Western people will complain endlessly about “migrants” and the same people having “too many” children, when they refuse to reproduce even at a level of basic replacement.

Societies grow and contract. Some generations have more children. Others have less children. This is a common pattern. However, to consistently have very few children so that the population continually shrinks is to accept disaster. It is a self-created disaster and a disaster which can be fixed easily. It doesn’t have to happen this way at all because all one needs to do is have children.

The reason it is so difficult to fix is because it necessitates an attitude change. People cannot accept a view that is selfish, self-seeking, or otherwise eugenic to solve the matter. Yet, this is precisely why they will not fix it, because they want to be selfish and practice a form of eugenics which they deem to be “acceptable” because, as many do not want to admit, the problems they face were made by their own actions or refusal to act.

Mary McLeod Bethune

But I still blame the women primarily. I blame them because in the words of the famous American educator Mary McLeod Bethune, who spent her life trying to help poor people in the rural American south obtain an education and better was was for many their miserable situation, a people- any people- can rise no higher than the moral position of their women, for as it is a woman who bring life into the world and the mother how acts as the first educator of children, so it is that a woman who rejects her children and chooses death also elects death for a society. It is why female hypergamy is so roundly condemned throughout history, because while adultery and fornication is socially degenerative behavior no matter whether it is a man or woman who does it, female degeneracy threatens they very social fabric of society itself as it breaks down the family structure upon which society and human interaction is constructed, leading to tribalism and disorder.

And it should be noted, that the problem is not just with the native Irish, as there are migrants in Ireland who also support abortion.

The issue over abortion is not one of race, but of faith and principle. The willful murder of the innocent- just like homosexuality, the oppression of the widow and the orphan, and the defrauding of a working man of his justly earned wages- are all sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. Since God is just, his rules apply to pagans as well just as the laws of physics do to all, and no “law” can “negate” them.

Murder is murder, and that the people of Ireland choose death in the light of Ireland’s long history with the Church is surely an omen of many coming future evils.

St. Patrick once came to Ireland to save it from her paganism. Now that Ireland has rejected the Faith, and seemingly to have done so without repentance, if he was to return, would he destroy it?