Drug Cartel Terrorists Take Seven People, Murder Them, Put Their Bodies In Plastic Bags And Dump Them In The Road

(May 26 2018) Police in Mexico have identified three of seven bodies of people found in bags and dumped in the road, who were murdered by drug cartels:

The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) reported that three of the seven bodies found in Salamanca.

They were already fully identified and are related to each other and are linked to a criminal group. The first discovery occurred on the road to the Cerro Gordo community, where Servicios Periciales located black plastic bags containing human remains, also finding a cardboard with a message written, adjudged by a criminal group.

The second finding was that of a male person on the side of the Salamanca-Juventino Rosas highway, in the deviation to the Mexican community, the body had firearm wounds, being identified as José Antonio Muñiz Delgado, 31 years old, neighbor of this municipality.

The third body, located on the same road but at the height of the Santa Rita community, also has gunshot wounds and was identified as Juan Daniel Zúñiga Celio, 25 years old, from this municipality.

The fourth discovery occurred in the colony of La Herradura, where plastic bags and two cards with message were found, assigned to a criminal group.

When reviewed in the Forensic Medical Services, it was specified that they are human remains of three male and one female, which remain unidentified.

Finally, in the vicinity of the community of El Pitayo, the seventh victim was found, also with gunshot wounds, identified as Antonio Irán Cortes De la Cruz, 18, also from this municipality.

It has been established that the victims are related to each other and are linked to crimes related to a criminal group, so that the integration of the investigation is continued in order to identify the perpetrators of these criminal acts and bring them to justice. (source)