Homosexuals Freak Out At Christian Man For Reading From The Bible And Believing What It Says

Matt Powell is a Protestant Christian man who has caused a stirrup onlinge among the LGBT for saying that per the Bible, homosexuals are worthy of death:

What are they putting in the water in YouTuber-ville?

Just after learning that electronic musician Pogo “fist bumped” when he learned of the Orlando Pulse massacre (and then we subsequently learned it was all a “joke”??), we have 22-year-old preacher Matt Powell advocating for the government rounding up all gay people and putting them to death.

Here’s a snippet from this dumpster fire of a video in which Powell chats with atheist Youtuber Skylar Fiction:

“As far as homosexuality goes, I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell said. “I believe it’s disgusting. And incidentally, every scientific test has come back and said that homosexuals are 50 more times likely to get AIDS… we got this AIDS thing spreading… it’s a fact that this is the case.”

“You don’t believe that gay people should be stoned to death, do you?” Fiction asked.

“I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it,” Powell replied. “Obviously, not by me or anybody in a regular society, obviously. I believe it’s the government’s job to execute criminals. I believe that the Bible says clearly that homosexuality is a criminal crime. It’s a crime. It’s one of the worst crimes ever.”

“Is that what you’re advocating for?” Fiction pressed. “That our government should stone gays to death to execute them?”

Powell responded, “By whatever means they execute people. And obviously, I believe in humane, you know, putting to death.” (source)

Shoebat.org (a.k.a. Shoebat.com- there was a recent change over in the light of certain events) has been saying this for many years. Why have we said this? Simple- because this is a matter of absolute truth as articulated through divine revelation.

The Bible clearly says that homosexuality is evil in the Old Testament and New Testament. It is only one of four sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance, and St. Paul himself talks about the evil of it.

Sacred traditional also supports this. The writings of the saints, the church councils, the early church fathers, the scholastic fathers, and the doctors of the Church all attest to the sinful nature of the act. St. Peter Damian wrote an entire book against homosexuality with a special focus on homosexuality among clergy members and the evil it causes.

What this man is doing is highly unpopular in the USA today, but what he is doing is to articulate that which orthodox Christian teaching has always maintained.

Speaking out against homosexuality is going to become increasingly difficult in the USA and all of the Western world because as paganism has increased, so too has support for the act. Currently, 63% of Americans support homosexual “marriage” across all generations, with only the Silent generation, who is in the active process of dying off due to age (as they were born equal to or earlier than 1945) has a majority opposition to homosexual
marriage”, yet still stands in support of the LGBT at approximately 40%. Among the Millennials and Generation Z, the support for homosexual “marriage” is at least at 75%.

Note the issue above was homosexual “marriage,” not homosexuality itself. This is a critical distinction, because the support for homosexuality would likely be even higher.

The LGBT is not persecuted in America. Arguably, they are probably the least persecuted group because to claim LGBT discrimination at the current time appears increasingly to give a person who uses it more social leverage in the courts and employment claims than even claims of racial discrimination made in the same context, and it increasingly appears that in a contest between the two claims made against each other, an LGBT based complaint would prevail over a racially based complaint.

The culture war is over. The Christians lost.

The “liberals” did not win.
The “Muslims” did not win.

It was the LGBT who won, and as homosexuality is per the teaching of the Catholic Faith one of the worst sins a man can commit, it brings with it all the host of other sins that lead to corruption and death because as the way of Sodom is death, so it is necessarily anti-life.

This is also why the culture war was doomed from an early stage. Arguably not the earliest stage, but still from decades ago it was, because the common people, even people who opposed the changes on other issues, still refused to address the homosexual issue. The serious nature of this sin and in the case of many, toleration for this sin is a festering wound that like a spring beneath the surface of the earth allows for a continual flow of sin to well up onto the grass of society. One may eliminate one spring hole, but others will inevitably appear because the source itself has not been addressed in a meaningful way.

Right now, anybody who opposes homosexuality as a whole is in an absolute minority. To say for any reason, moral or not, that one opposes homosexuality is to veritably sign one’s social death sentence. Opposition to homosexuality has been made due to a concentrated propaganda campaign an issue equal to the civil rights movement, and the government has reflected this change by making LGBT “discrimination” criminal at the federal level. Effectively, this is the criminalization to a degree on the Federal level of Christianity because a Christian has a moral responsibility to opposed the LGBT as what they advocate is a deadly sin.

Some Americans liken the USA, either in religious or secular terms, to a “city on a hill” from John Winthrop’s famous 1630 speech in the Massachusetts Bay colony. Yet is less than four centuries, that vision has gone from being a city on a hill to a city on the plain, a modern day version of Sodom and her sister cities. This descent happened because of the gradual acceptance of error leading to false teachings that simply continued unabated for a long time, and what is being seen today is the fruition of that.

Shoebat.org has discussed this evil for years. It is good that another Christian is doing this because the reality is what he is saying is what any man who calls himself a Christian needs to say because it is just a reflection of divine revelation as articulated through sacred scripture and sacred tradition.

At the way in which society is progressing, it is not long before believing in Christian teachings will become a crime. California has already made a step towards doing this, and as they say, as goes California, so goes the nation.