Milo Yiannopoulos Attacks Ben Shapiro In Conservative War Of Words- Could There Be Something Bigger Behind This?

A scandal in the “conservative” world has erupted as Milo Hanrahan, a.k.a. “Milo Yiannopoulos,” published a series of memos showing how the fast-talking and war-promoting Ben Shapiro through the conservative group “Young Americans for Liberty” is attempting to attack the Turning Point USA project, another major conservative media project:

A damning internal memo leaked to the media reveals the Ben Shapiro-controlled Young Americas Foundation is engaged in an initiative to overthrow Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA.

The memo, obtained by the Washington Examiner, and written by YAF’s vice president Kimberly Begg, seeks to align Kirk with Nazis and racists, suggests he may be embezzling funds, inflates membership numbers, and represents an ill-gotten vision of conservatism.

“In order to provide guidance to students, our team needs to understand that TPUSA is unlike any of the many conservative movement organizations we have worked with in the past,” the memo states, warning that TPUSA will cause “long-term damage” on both “conservative students and the conservative movement.”

Spencer Brown, national spokesman for YAF, confirmed the veracity of the memo but declined to comment further, reports the Examiner.

The hit job is yet another instance of the old guard, never-Trumper establishment lashing out at the younger upstarts whose reputation for humor, ambition, style, and mischief rubs the stodgy blue-rinses the wrong way.

YAF, founded in 1960 in the home of William F. Buckley, has been a stalwart of campus conservatism since. Kirk, 24, founded TPUSA in 2012 and it has since become the campus home of the meme warriors and other young cultural crusaders. TPUSA’s national spokesperson, Candace Owens, famously won the heart of pop megastar Kanye West earlier this year, something that prompted Kirk and Owens to immediately meet with West to discuss his political awakening.

That’s not good for YAF, which has increasingly been accused of backdoor tactics to suppress the cooler kids in the movement.

YAF’s golden boy is #NeverTrumper and establishment talking head Ben Shapiro, who uses the organization to book campus lectures. He is exclusively contracted to YAF for his 2018-2019 campus tour. Shapiro has long been suspected of using backdoor tactics to smear and squash those he feels are leading conservatism in a direction that makes him squirm.

Taking to Facebook Wednesday evening, Milo Yiannopoulos accused the Daily Wire editor-in-chief of pulling the same dirty tricks against him.

“Young America’s Foundation serves no purpose whatsoever in 2018 except to line Ben Shapiro’s pockets,” Yiannopoulos wrote. “Ben forced the Berkeley College Republicans to uninvite me through YAF: YAF threatened to pull their funding for a lawsuit against UC Berkeley if I was ever hosted by them on campus, at the direct behest of Shapiro. Now Ben is deploying his ugly marginalization tactics against Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens of Turning Point USA.”

The YAF memo accuses Kirk of pushing a cult of personality, “making blatantly false claims about TPUSA’s reach,” of pandering to “racist and Nazi sympathizers,” and sponsoring “humiliating” events on college campuses. The latter refers to an instance where Kirk encouraged students to dress up as babies and wear diapers to mock campus safe spaces.

The YAF memo accuses Kirk of focusing on “building his own brand, not strengthening the conservative movement.”

Speaking to the Examiner, a spokesman for TPUSA accused YAF of abandoning “the Reagan Rule,” against speaking badly of fellow conservatives.

“This statement is particularly bizarre,” said the spokesman, “since Turning Point USA has always supported YAFers and looks forward to finding additional ways to collaborate in the future.” (source)

Milo was deposed from his public fame after video came out of him promoting pedophilia on a show. He had long spoken favorably of homosexuality, as also have many other “conservatives” such as Dennis Prager, and Milo even asserted that homosexuals were genetically superior to non-homosexuals because they have “higher IQs“.

Start at 56:15. This is where Milo defends pedophilia.

While Milo has gone on to start his own website,, his fortunes have declined significantly, and has been reduced to selling pills for the documented controlled opposition media outlet Alex Jones and his site, InfoWars, that has been formally promoting nationalism following Jones’ defeat in a 2015 debate against David Duke. However, Milo still remains a force of influence in “conservative” circles that many follow.

The Jones-Duke debate. Regardless of what one thinks of Jones or Duke, after this debate Infowars was never the same again.

Milo was connected to counter-jihad promoters Pamela Geller and through them the Horowitz foundation, which receives considerable funding from the major “conservatives” such as Aubrey and Joyce Chernick and from Robert Shillman, head of the Shillman Foundation and CEO of COGNEX, which is tied to the US and Israeli military industrial complexes.

Ben Shapiro and his affiliate companies (such as the Daily Wire) are equally connected. Shapiro has been in the public view since he was 12 when he played the theme for Schindler’s List on the violin before Larry King. Having gone to law school and become a lawyer, he has been in essence given the place that Milo once occupied in the conservative movement. He is also funded in some form by Robert Shillman as he is listed as a Senior Fellow at the Shillman Foundation.

In other words, it seems that no matter where one turns in the “conservative” movement today, especially among major faces of influence, there is Robert Shillman as a funder.

Robert Shillman, in the center

The “Turning Point USA” project appears to be a subsidiary of a larger parent “brand” that seems to run a series of projects aimed at “restoring America.”

One is the Turning Point Project, whose mission claims is “educating Catholics and other Americans about the threat from Islam by arming them with the information and analysis necessary to meet the challenge.” It is run by William Kilpatrick, who has worked for years for Robert Shillman and the Shillman Foundation.


The other is Turning Point USA, which was founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk. Now while Turning Point USA keeps its funding sources undisclosed, on their “Professor Watch” project, there is a pattern found underneath only five of the biographies (three shown below):

Note the common phrase they all have:  “Shillman Fellow”

The fact that Turning Point USA suddenly exploded into the “conservative” circuit is a sign that is has significant outside funding because no movement grows organically at such a fast rate. While his father, Robert Kirk, is a manager at Trump Towers, the fact that at least one project funded by TPUSA shows a tangible connection to Shillman is evidence which demonstrates that Shillman is involved in funding, at least in part, the operations of TPUSA and using it to advance the causes that he wants.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the Horowitz Center and her affliates (such as Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller), Ben Shapiro and his affiliates, The Turning Point Project, and Turning Point USA are all tied to Robert Shillman for their funding. 

It does not matter who says what, because anything which they say is because Shillman approves of it because it advances his message. This includes all that we have written about at concerning the scandals of the “counter-jihad” movement, the ties to national socialism, and international thuggery.

So, why is all of a sudden Milo attacking Shapiro?

It could be because Milo is “frustrated” and wants to “expose” Shapiro because he does not care any more. However, that is doubtful because Milo seems to be afraid of losing more money than he has already lost. He said in an article that bankruptcy is worse than molesting a child, so we know that money is a greater priority to him even over the dignity of one’s fellow man:

During the press conference, in which Yiannopoulos repeatedly denounced pedophilia and came out as a survivor of sexual abuse, he also said that experiencing sexual abuse at 13 years old is not as bad as experiencing bankruptcy.

“It doesn’t have to ruin your life,” Yiannopoulos responded to a reporter. “It didn’t ruin mine.” Yiannopoulos then said sexual abuse is “not the worst thing” that’s going to happen a child who survives it.

“Going bankrupt is worse,” Yiannopoulos said. “Or plenty of other things that may happen in your life are worse.”  (source, source)

Does Milo still receive funding from Shillman? One cannot be sure. However, he has since appeared selling pills on the Alex Jones show, which while humorous, one must note that as stated above, Alex Jones has also tied himself closely to the Shillman Funded Rebel Media reporter Jack Posobiec, which is a strong suggestion that Jones himself may be receiving money from Shillman to continue his operations, especially in light of his divorce.

From being the center of self-made controversies to selling pills for Alex Jones, Milo fell very hard from his former position

If Milo truly attacked Shapiro, the most likely reason is because he was likely told to in exchange for a payout from his funders. Given Shillman’s considerable presence surrounding both individuals and that he is a major funder, there is a distinct possibility that Shillman played a role in directing such an attack.

This, of course, is speculation because there is not enough direct evidence to corroborate such claims. There is only pieces that while separated have too many common themes that run through each other in patterns repeated all to many times.

That said, why would Shillman attack Shapiro and threaten his very livelihood?

The answer may be found in a recent series of tweets and statements made by Shapiro in which he harshly attacked President Trump over his recent peacemaking deals with North Korea:



Ben Shapiro is a war hawk. As he has stated on his show and in spite of his criticisms of “democrats” and “Obama,” the man is a propagandist for the military-industrial complex and promotes the idea that America has a duty to fight wars on behalf of Israeli interests, such as having America go to war against Iran.

This is why he attacked president Trump so viciously. Shapiro is promoting war because that is what he is paid to do. Trump promoting peace in North Korea is not pushing for war.

Shillman clearly shows himself to have a close relationship to President Trump based on his contacts. While one does not know directly, it is likely that Shillman supports Trump’s most recent actions, which constitute a direction towards isolationism and trade protectionism. This is desired because, in the long term, it would lead to more war and potentially the continuation of US hegemony in the world.

Remember that as we have noted, the world circumstances today bear a stunning semblance to those which lead up to the Second World War. There is the fighting between the “communists” and the “nationalists.” There is the return of racism and darwinism. There are calls for eugenics. There are new weapons of war being created. Germany and Japan are talking about miltarism.

In the midst of all this, America is just “stepping back.” She recently feigned insulting Germany, to which Germany has emphasized that she must take up a ‘greater role’ in Europe because America is stepping back.

Real or staged? You decide.

Do you really believe that Merkel and Trump actually are fighting? Remember, Merkel and Trump are the political heads of state- they are paid actors-who serve the interests of the financial and industrial classes who run societies.

The USA and Germany worked together for decades to re-arm Turkey, build up national socialist movements covertly over the European continent and in the world, and launch covert attacks against the Russians. This was all done intentionally, so one must not rule out the idea that, just like how as we have noted the entire refugee “crisis” was staged and how the “conflict” between Germany and Turkey is staged because they have been allies for centuries, that the “conflict” between Germany and the USA may just be an extension of this.

Turning to North Korea, what Trump did by making “peace” with North Korea was to take a step towards war by actually destabilizing that region under the guise of stability.

North Korea is a joke of a nation. Forget all of the talk about North Korea “attacking America,” because they cannot even feed their own people, and the reason their army is so large is because the army guarantees at least one hot meal a day rather than eating blades of grass for food. The only institution that the North Koreans would attack if any is the local all-you-can-eat buffet because they are starving.

Since the Korean war, North Korea has been as “pawn” in the region used by China, Russia, Japan, and the USA by which to make moves against each other as well as cover for their own actions. Trump “making peace” with North Korea has put him in a position where now the USA has taken away that pawn and placed herself and with that, her regional ally of Japan into that area in order to help maintain “stability.”

During the Second World War, Japan invaded the Korean Peninsula and having secured it immediately took the area of northeastern China known as “Manchuria” or Heilongjiang Province because it is the industrial and natural resource powerhouse of China. Just as in the past, if that region were to be seized, it would destroy China’s economy and ability to function just as in the past.

Japan is already re-militarizing. China is very concerned about this because of their history with Japan. Contrary to the talk about China being the third most powerful military in the world, the Japanese are the seventh and with that are far better trained, organized, and have the backing of the USA. Even with the large population, China is a deeply divided nation that would have a very difficult time in any war with the Japanese.

As noted above, if Trump’s remarks with Germany show America “pulling out” of Europe and Germany ‘stepping up’ to her place, and given Trump’s closeness with Japan, what makes one think that he will not lower the US presence in east Asia just to have Japan enter into where she was?

As America withdraws from the world scene and enters into a “protectionist” mode, it will affect the economy and signs are already showing, such as with significantly higher costs for raw materials. This is again desired because it will cause eventually a major economic downturn which will then in turn with the rise of Germany and Japan through militarism find a way to justify an “American response” to the “crisis” taking place overseas. This would allow for a potential “reset” to the US economic conditions, which have veritably stalled since the recession of 2008 in order that the US would be able to in a war write off her debts to other nations, reset her devalued currency, and then use arms manufacturing for the coming war to leverage her back to economic prosperity. In other words, it is the preparations being made to create a justification for a repeat of the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944.

The USA wants to maintain her standard as the world’s reserve currency at all costs. To those in finance and industry who value wealth and power over the humanity of their fellow man, it does not matter how many have to die or suffer so long as they can keep their titles and jobs.

I emphasize that all of this is speculation. However, it is not speculation without thought or precedent. Times change, but human nature does not, and the events of tomorrow are many times the same answers to the same problems of another age. It is why history is so important to remember, and why as the Bible says, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

I do not know what Shapiro, Shillman, or Milo think about these things in a personal level. But given that Ben Shapiro does tend to speak quickly and with an arrogant, nasal tone, perhaps his comments against Trump were just a little too much and he refused to lower the intensity of the rhetoric he is paid to promote, ignoring that Trump’s peace deal is actually a step towards war. Perhaps he actually believes what he says, and that he ignored orders he was given to promote a different view than his personal view. Perhaps it was something else completely.

But regardless of what the details are, something happened, and its all too strange that it is taking place between two men who have connections to the same funder who is seemingly all to close to the Trump administration at a time when a deal with Trump is likely to lead to a greater war from which he and his colleagues stand to potentially reap a considerable return off the deaths of millions.

This is why to those who care about the good of their fellow man, one must be ready, beginning with the soul for what lays ahead. In a world that increasingly has become as ridiculous as Mad Magazine’s famous “Spy vs. Spy” comic later turned cartoon, the Christian must seek his answer not in political solutions, but from God who made all human societies and peoples, knowing that no matter what happens, the final victory of any people comes from the Lord and that Christ is the great King to whom all nations shall bow. The help of man is not in his weapons, his tactics, his power, or deceit, but in His creator, who made both Heaven and Earth.

That said, given the ridiculous state of what politics has become, I would rather watch Spy vs. Spy. At least it is entertaining, because the truth is always stranger than any fiction that one could imagine.