Alex Jones Caught And Confirmed Watching Gay Transsexual Pornography During Live Broadcast At His Studio

Alex Jones is a popular radio show host known for talking about conspiracies and recently, “censored” for his support of the “conservative” movement and Donald Trump. He is controversial not only for his topics, but for the fact that his show would seem to be a form of controlled opposition, as well as his open support of homosexual pedophiles such as Milo Yiannopoulos or “Blair White”.

Homosexual pedophile Milo Yiannopoulos selling pills on the Alex Jones show

Before his broadcasts, he will usually show himself looking at his phone, or doing work, and so forth. He was showing his research on his phone before the show started as part of a commercial and while it was only for a split second, the “windows” he was browsing revealed a shocking find: Alex Jones was watching homosexual “tranny” pornography.

It is very fast, at about 0:37 before he turns it, and upon simple observation it appears to be just a blur. You can watch the video on Youtube here. The discussion from 4Chan has also been archived here and here.

A still with a close-up view of the video, all parts carefully censored by us, are below and show clearly that the video he was watching was indeed a gay porn video of a man dressed up as a woman sodomizing another man:

This incident speaks for itself. It also should not be a surprise, since given that he associates with homosexual pedophiles and transsexuals so ardently, that he would not himself be interested in that sort of behavior. Far from being the “resistance,” this just further adds to the evidence that Alex Jones is but controlled opposition, supporting the rise of sodom no different than the same people he claims to oppose are.