The Israeli Government Is Marketing Israel And The Holy Land As A Lesbian Tourist Destination

Last night on television a commercial caught my eye. It was sponsored by the Israeli government’s Department of Tourism, and it was of particular interest because the advertisement, which was produced earlier in 2018, was made with an eye towards promoting homosexuality:

Take note of the advertisement. It shows two attractive young women visiting Israel, frolicking about and having a great time. The women unto themselves would not be considered abnormal until :28, when they go into a club holding hands and taking photos in such a manner that suggests more than just mere “friends.”

The commercial makes almost no mention of religion except for a second at :12, after which it quickly switches to a bar scene were it shows the women are partying and drinking.

The flag of homosexuality is also all over the advertisement, but in an “indirect manner”. One will notice at :22, the colorful kites in the sky are in red, green, blue, yellow, and pink, and so arranged similar to a pride flag. Likewise, the words ISRAEL at the end of the commercial are also conspicuously colored the same.

There is a name shown in the commercial- Sian Welby- who presumably is “filming” her trip in this commercial. She is a popular British radio host. While there is no direct evidence to say that she is a lesbian, her Twitter and Instagram show her associating with homosexuals more than once:

Additionally, during a visit to Israel in 2017, she mentions three other Instagram accounts- D. Shtern Agency, Nir Alkabetz, and a Tzur Hadas. Their photos speak for themselves:

D. Shtern

Nir Elkabetz

Tzur Hadas

Finally, one should remember that Tel Aviv is a major center of homosexuality in Israel.

This is a travel commercial, and it is marketed to young women. However, there is a second agenda here, and that is marketing for the LGBT, particularly to lesbians.

There is something to be said when the Holy Land, in spite of all its problems, is not marketed as a tourist destination for religious pilgrims, but as a shrine to the sins of Sodom, which the Bible says “cry out to Heaven for vengeance” and for which reason God destroyed that city by fire as a reminder for all time of its wickedness.