Major German Politician Declares: ‘The Messiah Of Germany Is Sleeping In A Cave And When He Awakens He Will Save Germany And Revive The Reich.’

Bjorn Hocke, German politician calling for

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special)

The Dutch government armed Islamic jihadists fighting for Turkey and assisted them in ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria in which they slaughtered eighty three people. This is further evidence of the Turco-Germanic alliance. This is occurring in the midst of a surge in violent nationalism, which is reflected in a speech that was made in 2017 by German politician Bjorn Hocke, in which he called for a new leader to arise and revive the German empire. For years we have been getting mocked for warning about the revival of the German reich. But here we have Bjorn Hocke, an influential leader of the Alternative for Germany party — the third largest party in the German parliament — calling for a new emperor of Germany. Hocke — a darling for the Counterjihad movement — declared: “An emperor is sleeping in the cave of Kyffhäuserberg. And when the need is greatest, he will awaken and restore glory to the kingdom.” 

Amazingly, the Protestant American TV network, the Christian Broadcasting Network, interviewed Hocke years ago and lobbied for his nationalist party, of course in the name of ‘fighting Islamic immigration.’ As one can see from this video:

Prepare for the coming chaos. Prepare for the apocalypse. 

The Dutch government has been, for years, providing military technology to Islamic jihadists to overthrow the Assad regime and to back Turkey. The Dutch have also been conducting this type of operation to support the Turkish backed Islamic rebels in Northern Syria who have been involved in ethnic cleansing and atrocities. When Islamic rebels, supported militarily by Turkish troops, made their attack in Afrin to fight and vanquish the Kurds, they were armed with Dutch military technology and were wearing Dutch uniforms. Moreover, between 2015 and 2018 the Dutch were supporting twenty-two Islamic rebel groups, including the Sultan Murad Brigade which committed atrocities on civilians, looted and displaced the local population. Amnesty International speaks of “looting and forced displacement of population groups” by the Sultan Murad Brigade.

It is worthy to point out that the Dutch promised that they would make sure that their support would not go to groups involved in despotic actions, but this was an empty promise given the reality of the Dutch support. Dutch MP Sadet Karabulut said that the “idea was to support the so-called opposition, as an alternative to Assad and Jihadists. … The result was that Islamist militias and jihadists were strengthened. …Furthermore, human rights were violated, including in Afrin.” But, in September of 2018, the Dutch government announced that they have ceased support for the rebels, although given its history, I do not think the Netherlands will stop its support for Turkey, since the Dutch have been allying with the Turks since the Protestant-Catholic wars. A leopard does not change its spots, and the Dutch, with a deep rooted history of being mercenaries in anti-Catholic causes — be it for the Ottomans or for the pagan Japanese against Japanese converts to Catholicism in the Shimabara Revolt,   in which Dutch Calvinists even aided the pagan Samurai to massacre the Catholics — continue the patten of giving military assistance to destructive or despotic forces.

Thomas van Linge, a researcher on the Syria conflict, told Dutch MPs on Thursday that Dutch-backed rebels were involved in “ethnic cleansing” in Afrin, and said : “The rebels took Afrin, and this involved a lot of looting, and thousands of people were driven from their homes, the region is now ethnically cleansed”. The Dutch invested millions of euros to support the Sultan Murad Brigade, and as one Dutch report from GeenStijl states:

“the Netherlands provides support in the form of uniforms and pick-up trucks to the Sultan Murad Brigade, a Turkmen brigade, named after the Ottoman Sultan who inflicted great blows on the Byzantine empire. This brigade is almost completely armed and equipped by the Turkey of President Erdogan, who would like to see himself as a new Sultan. This is therefore a Turkish proxy army. … The Dutch support to the Sultan Murad Brigade was only a few million euros. But for Erdogan, that support was worth gold. Because when he invaded Afrin in northern Syria, settled with the Kurds and added the area to the Turkish sphere of influence, he did so together with the same Sultan Murad brigade and Dutch Toyotas.” 

The Sultan Murad Brigade is allies with the terrorist groups Ahrar al-Sham and the Muslim Brotherhood-related Faylaq al-Sham, which were both part of the umbrella group, Fatah Halab (‘Conquering Aleppo’). The Sultan Murad Brigade also collaborated with two other Islamist rebel groups, Confederate Division 13 and Suqour al-Jabl, both of whom were backed by the Dutch government, and both were members of the umbrella Fatah Halab. A report from Trouw, a Dutch newspaper, says:

“The three groups all claim to have received Dutch support during the same period that they were in the Fatah Halab dome – Division 13 in 2016, Suqour al-Jabl in 2016 until the end of 2017, Sultan Murad from mid-2016 to early 2018.”

The Sultan Murad Brigade, alongside Division 13, took part in the massacre of dozens of civilians. According to a report from Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, a prominent Dutch broadcasting organization:

“The brigade deployed child soldiers in the battle and was actively involved in attacks on the Sheikh Maqsoud Kurdish district, killing 83 civilians, including 30 children. The Dutch Division of Defense Division 13 also participated in these attacks on Kurdish civilians.”

The leader of the Sultan Murad Brigade, Colonel Ahmed Osman, admitted that he had a meeting with “the Dutch Syria team in Turkey”. In his own words: “We had a meeting with the Dutch in Gaziantep.” Osman also recounted: “I negotiated with the Dutch on behalf of Sultan Murad. After many meetings we agreed that Sultan Murad would receive help from the Netherlands.” What is also interesting is that, according to the same report from Trouw, the Sultan Murad Brigade is a Turkmen “nationalist militia” with “close ties with the Turkish president Erdogan” and who “got help from the Netherlands from 2016 to early 2018.” But, we were all told that the Dutch government was in a fight with Turkey? In one moment, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, said that Turks should “f——k off” out of the country. But yet this did not change Dutch military support for Turkey. Why? Because the supposed tension between Dutch and Turkish politicians is all a show covering whats happening behind the curtains, and that is the acceleration towards nationalism and militarism. Filip Dewinter, a Flemish separatist and nationalist politician, will criticize Islam and Muslims, but he will sit and have dinner with major Turkish nationalists, as he did in early 2018. And it was this same Dewinter who organized the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, the event that would officialize the counterjihad into an international movement. Nationalists like Dewinter are only using Islam to spark nationalism, just like the Nazis used the Bolsheviks to bolster their own movement. 

Filip Dewinter, down at the center between the two bald headed men, having dinner at a dinner party for Turkish nationalists

The report from Geenstijl states that: “The Netherlands and Germany have never condemned the slaughter.” Nederlandse Omroep Stichting speaks of an alliance that was made between the Sultan Murad Brigade and al-Qaeda:

“in 2015 the Sultan Murad Brigade, backed by the Netherlands, signed a military alliance with Al-Qaeda. This alliance was publicly known before the Netherlands started supporting the Sultan Murad Brigade.”

The fact that the Netherlands knew of the alliance between the Sultan Murad Brigade and al-Qaeda shows that they did not really care if the rebels they were backing were jihadist terrorists. This shows the bridge between governments and Islamism. The West has been working with al-Qaeda for decades and so this is really of no surprise. Lets go back to the 1990s in the Balkan wars, when the CIA was actively working to recruit mujahideen fighters through the Al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn, to fight for the Bosnians against the Serbs. Journalist Andrew Marshall states that “In December 1992, a U.S. army official met one of the Afghan veterans from Al-Kifah [in Brooklyn] and offered help with a covert operation to support the Muslims in Bosnia, funded with Saudi money, according to one of those jailed assisting with the New York bombings. But that effort quickly disintegrated, leaving a great deal of bad feeling.”

In the 1990s, Bosnia was a center of intense activity for the Al-Kifah center because they wanted to recruit fighters for the jihad against the Serbs. By 1993, the Al-Kifah Center had a “Bosnian branch in Zagreb, Croatia, housed in a modern, two-story building,” which “was evidently in close communication with the organizational headquarters in [Brooklyn,] New York. The deputy director of the Zagreb office, Hassan Hakim, admitted to receiving all orders and funding from the main United States office Al-Kifah on Atlantic Avenue controlled by Shaykh Omar Abdel Rahman.”  And lets not forget that it was the CIA who backed Abdel Rahman years before he directed the first World Trade Center attack. While people will talk about how the Iranian government facilitated the crossing of al-Qaeda operatives through Iran, it was the CIA that brought the Blind Sheikh into the United States where he committed his terrorist attack. As Kristen Breitweiser writes:

in 1993, at the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan it was a CIA officer who signed the May 1990 visa request that allowed Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman— the Blind Sheikh—to enter the United States. In fact, “Central Intelligence Agency officers reviewed all seven applications made by Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman to enter the United States between 1986 and 1990 and only once turned him down because of his connections to terrorism.” Three years later, the Blind Sheikh carried out the first World Trade Center attack killing six people and injuring more than a thousand. The CIA was not held accountable.

Moreover, it was the CIA who protected two of the 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al Mihdar and Nawaf al Hazmi, when they facilitated their travel into the US by withholding their visa information from the FBI, not putting their names on a watch list and preventing law enforcement from detaining them when they were even in the country and considered “armed and dangerous” just four days before the 9/11 attacks. As Breitweiser recounts:

Undeterred, the CIA went on to also help “facilitate the travel” of (at least) two 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al Mihdar and Nawaf al Hazmi by purposefully withholding their visa information from the FBI and failing to “watchlist” the two terrorists for a full eighteen months before the 9/11 attacks. Moreover, four days before the 9/11 attacks, even though these two men were considered “armed and dangerous” and “potentially participating in terrorist acts” that might have included the use of weapons of mass destruction, the instructions to law enforcement was to let these terrorists go because they were part of an ongoing investigation.

The United States government’s assistance to 9/11 hijackers makes one wonder. The support for the Mujahideen by the CIA was meant to crush the Soviets, just as Operation Gladio was meant to fight the Soviets by recruiting and using European Nazi paramilitary groups. Intelligence agencies within NATO worked with Nazi paramilitaries to coordinate terrorist attacks in Europe and blame them on the Soviet Union in order to spark nationalism. Within the Gladio operation, NATO worked with Guido Giannettini, an Italian secret service agent who himself was a nationalist (being a member of Young Italy). Giannettini was involved in the Bologna Massacre in 1969 in which dozens of people were slaughtered in a massive bombing attack (See Ganser, NATO’s Secret Armies, ch. 9, p. 120). Giannettini worked closely with NATO and in 1961 even gave a lecture in the United States at the Naval War College entitled, “Techniques and Possibilities of a Coup d’Etat in Europe.” As Italian researchers Calvi and Laurent write:

“In November 1961, at the invitation of General Delvalle, commander of the Annapolis Marine School, in the United States, to hold a seminar of three days ‘on the techniques and possibilities of a coup d’état in Europe’, involving representatives of the Pentagon and of the CIA.”

The United States wanted terrorism in Europe in order to spark nationalism and militarism. Forces within the US government have also wanted terrorism within the United States. This is evident in the reality of Operation Northwood, which was a plan to do terrorist attacks — hijackings and bombings — and then blame them on the Cuban government as a way to spark anti-Communism and nationalism. The plan stated:

“The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.” 

Operation Northwoods was signed by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer and sent to the Secretary of Defense. But President Kennedy rejected the operation. By the CIA protecting 9/11 hijackers, it thus — knowingly or not — facilitated the attack on September 11th, 2001. Could it be that the 9/11 attack was the biggest Gladio operation ever? Since the United States has, for decades, been planning on the use of terrorism for political reasons, then it would not be surprising at all if this was indeed the case. 

The reason for America’s backing of the mujahideen against the Serbs was because Yugoslavia, which was ruled from Serbia’s capital of Belgrade, was an ally to the Russians. Thus, the backing of the Bosnian mujahideen, and of the Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA, an Islamist and nationalist Albanian terrorist organization) was really a continuation of Operation Gladio, NATO’s plan, which began in the later 1940s, to back nationalist, Islamic and Nazi paramilitaries in Europe and Turkey to fight the Soviet Union. Supposedly this operation was disbanded, but this was proven false in what occurred in Ukraine in 2014, in which NATO countries — especially the United States and Germany — supported Nazi mercenaries who were, alongside Chechen mujahideen fighters, combating Russian backed separatists.

Going back to the Dutch’s support for Turkey’s rebels in Syria. The rebels were given, besides laptops, trucks and communication equipment, Dutch military uniforms. This is part of a continual pattern of policy coming from the Germanic countries. For example, if you look at videos of the the Nazi Azov batallian, you will notice that they wear German uniforms:

Now, we could not find any explicit statement from the German government about giving Azov fighters Bundeswehr uniforms, but looking at these videos, it is not far fetched to say that these uniforms are coming from the German military. We know for a fact that the German military provided medical attention to Azov fighters, as one report from RT states:

In July, one of the injured Ukrainian fighters about to be airlifted for treatment by the German air force performed a gesture identical to a Nazi salute while he was lying on a stretcher and being filmed by the Deutsche Welle TV crew. According to the report, eight Ukrainians were admitted to a hospital in Berlin that day, and six others were transferred to a hospital in Hamburg.”

Another injured man heading off to Germany at the same time was filmed by a Ukrainian TV channel TSN wearing a T-shirt from the clothing brand popular with neo-Nazis and ultranationalists. The shirt in question made a reference to the SS Division ‘Wiking.’”

In 2017 it was reported that many Germans and other Europeans are going to Ukraine to join the Nazi jihad against Russia:

Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion is reportedly gaining traction in Europe, especially Germany. Over 2,500 mercenaries are currently fighting on their side in E. Ukraine – three times more than in 2014, Spiegel reports, citing security authorities.

Ultra-nationalist Azov Battalion members distribute flyers to recruit new members at neo-Nazi events across Europe, German magazine Spiegel claims. Their promotional campaign appears to be effective, as “more and more mercenaries” are joining in to “save Europe from extinction.”

In July, flyers were reportedly distributed among visitors to a rock festival in Themar, Thuringia, inviting them to “join the ranks of the best” to “rescue Europe.” Photos of German neo-Nazis posing in battle suits with Azov symbols have reportedly surfaced across social media networks, according to the magazine.

The small town of Themar saw 6,000 far-right concertgoers taking part in the Rock against Foreign Domination event in July. Images posted online showed visitors wearing T-shirts making acronymic reference to the phrases ‘I love Hitler,’ ‘I love National Socialism,’ and ‘swastika.’

The right-wing extremist volunteer Azov Battalion is gaining more and more support in Germany, according to Spiegel. Their “advertising campaign” has apparently been successful, the magazine says, noting that social media networks increasingly display photos of German neo-Nazis who proudly show off their allegiance to Azov.”

Notice what the report is saying: Nazi concerts in Germany are being used as a way to recruit Germans to join Azov. We know for a fact that the German government has been involved in backing Nazi rock concerts. Neo-Nazi Tino Brandt, in 2014, admitted on German public television that the government gave him a quarter of a million Deutsche Marks in the early nineties to make Nazi propaganda fliers, and to organize concerts and demonstrations. The funds enabled Brandt and his cult to gain recruitment and expansion. Brandt was never tried for his connections with neo-Nazi terrorism and violence, but he was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison on 66 counts of child sexual abuse and child prostitution.

That Germany is giving Azov uniforms is not far-fetched, since back in the nineties the Germans gave uniforms to the Albanian nationalist KLA when they were fighting Yugoslav troops. We interviewed a Serb veteran of the Kosovo War back in 2017, and you can watch him talking about the German support for the KLA in the documentary that we made on this subject:

The reason why NATO backed the Albanians in Kosovo was because they wanted to sever Kosovo from Yugoslavia in order to remove Yugoslavia’s principle source for raw metals. Before the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Kosovo possessed 50% of all of Yugoslavia’s nickel reserves, 36% of lignite, 48% of lead and zinc reserves, 47% of the magnesium reserves, and 32.4% of kaolinite reserves. By severing Kosovo away, NATO economically destabilized the Serbs. In the Second World War, the Germans recruited Bosnian and Albanian Muslims to kill Serbs. In the 1990s, the Germans armed and backed Muslim Albanians to kill Serbs. What has changed but the face of it all? The Germans wanted control of the Balkans just like they do today. After World War One the Germans managed to get the Bolshevik government in Russia to give Ukraine to Germany through the Brest-Litovst meeting that was signed in March of 1918. Ukraine belonged to Germany, and today Germany wants it back. We are entering an era of returning to empires, but this time with nukes.    

The Kosovo Liberation Army, like the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, was made up of Nazis — albeit they were Islamic Nazis — who were proud of Albanians’ collaboration with the Nazis during World War Two. The Germans, in 2014, backed the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion, just as the Germans backed Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War. What has changed? In reality nothing. History repeats. People today will ask, ‘How did people not see the rise of Nazism?’ Yet, people today do not see the revival of Nazism. In fact many today sympathize with the surge of nationalism taking place in Europe.

The United States and NATO have been working to facilitate the rise of nationalism in Europe since Operation Gladio. The rise of violent nationalism in Ukraine has been a mission of NATO for decades. There is a document from the CIA dated back to 1975 entitled, Nationalism in Soviet Ukraine, which, in its own words, “examines nationalist tendencies among the largest and most influential Soviet national minority. It estimates the extent to which centrifugal and destabilizing forces are at work in the Ukraine, and evaluates Moscow’s efforts to contain them.” The document goes on to describe the Ukrainians as having “a rich cultural heritage and retain a degree of pride that they are more ‘European’ than the Russians.”

What this signifies is that the United States has had an interest in Ukrainian nationalism, especially as a force of destabilization. Remember, Gladio was all about training Nazi paramilitaries to be prepared for a Soviet invasion. When Russia, motivated by the revolution in Kiev, invaded Ukraine, NATO executed its plan and backed the Azov Battalion. As the United States facilitated the rise of Islamism in the world, it has also worked to empower Germany (with Trump continuously pushing them to increase their military spending). That we are going to see the revival of the German reich is not adventuresome. In 2017, Bjorn Hocke, a leader of the Alternative for Germany party, which is now the third largest party in Germany, called for a leader to rise and revive the German reich:

“An emperor is sleeping in the cave of Kyffhäuserberg. And when the need is greatest, he will awaken and restore glory to the kingdom.

To draw inner strength from myths has always been helpful in times of change. And we are undoubtedly living again in a turning point.

We have the task of us, our great story again re-appropriating.

Whether we succeed in opening up a new feeling, a new myth for our people, that will depend on whether we as AfD can feed this new spirit into the political discussion and enforce it.

This country, this people, dear friends, must finally find back its lost masculinity!

The patience of our people is at an end, and even the ancient Romans knew about the legendary Teutonicus fury, dear friends, we will not be abolished. We have initiated the turnaround, we want to create this turnaround and we will make that turnaround. … Yes, I want another Germany!”

Bjorn Hocke references the Germanic fury against the Roman empire and creation of a new “myth” for the German volk. This is a romanticization of Germany’s past, and really the promotion of paganism, since he is calling for the embedding of a “mythology” to empower Germany. He is also speaking of the ushering in of “an emperor” who will save Germany. This emperor is mythologized as sleeping in a cave in Kyffhauserberg, which is an allusion to the German myths about King Barbarossa and King Friedrich II (who used Muslim mercenaries to invade Italy) sleeping in a cave in Kyffhauser. This is like the Iranians waiting for the 12th Imam to awaken from his slumber in a well. Ultimately, this speech by Hocke is calling for the awakening of Antichrist. Prepare for the great turbulency.