Nationalist German Politician Makes A Pilgrimage To The Birthplace Of Hitler And Lights A Candle For Him

By Theodore Shoebat

A nationalist German politician recently made a “pilgrimage” to the birthplace of Hitler and lit a candle for him. As we read in one report from RT:

An Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician got himself in hot water over photos of his “pilgrimage” to Hitler-related sites. The party acknowledged the existence of the pictures, adding that the politician had already resigned.

The photos were obtained by the Thuringer Allgemeine newspaper, which reported the scandalous affair. The explosive pictures date back to 2015, when the right-wing politician and his colleagues made a “pilgrimage” to sites associated with Adolf Hitler.

The politician was reportedly pictured with a candle in front of Hitler’s birthplace in the Austrian town of Brannau am Inn. He was also pictured near the Berchtesgaden Alpine retreat of the Fuhrer, as well as posing near swastikas and SS rune-bearing banners.

While the scandalous pictures have not been released, the AfD acknowledged their existence. “The person concerned was clearly reminded by the state board that such incidents are unacceptable and incompatible with AfD membership,” Torben Braga, a party spokesman, said. He added that the politician resigned from the AfD in September.

The politician has not been named, although he’s reportedly closely associated with Bjoern Hoecke, the AfD leader in Thuringia. According to the newspaper, he actually served as one of the judges on the arbitration tribunal of the AfD in Thuringia, which rejected expulsion procedures against Hoecke earlier this year. Hoecke was probed by the party over controversial comments, in which he called for a “180-degree turn” in relation to remembering the country’s role in the Second World War.

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