Trump Is Normalizing Dangerous Nationalism, As He Declares: “I’m A Nationalist” And Tells His Followers To Use The Word “Nationalist” When Defining Their Political Beliefs

By Theodore Shoebat     

Trump just recently declared that he is a nationalist and exhorted his followers to use the term nationalist when defining their political position. During his speech in Houston, which was to be done to campaign for Ted Cruz (which is funny since for months Trump and Cruz were acting like enemies but now they are friends, since politics is theater), Trump said:

“You know, they have a word – it’s sort of became old-fashioned – it’s called a nationalist. And I say, really, we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I’m a nationalist, okay? I’m a nationalist. Nationalist. Nothing wrong. Use that word. Use that word.”

This is no surprise. Trump’s campaign was based on the creed of “America first,” and it was assisted by Stephan Bannon who is lobbying for nationalist parties in Europe. What is happening here? It appears that the US is amplifying the generation of consent towards nationalism. When Trump won the presidential election, nationalist parties in Europe used Trump as a way to market themselves, since America has a hegemony over the world and leads the countries in trends. Hence why the Nazi party in Greece, the Golden Dawn — which has gained a substantial position in the Greek parliament, being currently its third largest party — expressed its support for Trump:

What we are seeing is the United States pushing for nationalism and striving to create a normalization and acceptance of nationalism, not just in the United States, but globally as well. What is funny is that people like Mr. Bannon have been pushing for the idea of “America first,” but not too long after Trump won the election, Bannon went to Europe and began lobbying for nationalist parties there, such as in France, Britain, Germany and Hungary. These countries, obviously, are not America, so why are “America first” people pushing for ‘France first,’ ‘Britain first,’ ‘Germany first,’ ‘Hungary first,’ etc.? Because its not about merely ‘taking care of America,’ but a global agenda to recreate the international order towards racial egoism. It sounds adventuresome to say this. But given the fact that decades ago NATO was working to spark nationalism in Europe through the Gladio operation, and that the US was conspiring to spark American nationalism against Cuba through false flag terrorist attacks that would be blamed on Cuban operatives a la Operation Northwood, it is not really far fetched to affirm that with Bannon lobbying for European nationalism and with Trump exhorting for American nationalism, that there is indeed a conspiracy to push the earth into a nationalist frenzy.

Since there seems to be confusion as to what is nationalism, and also a tendency to equate nationalism with patriotism, I will like to present an elucidation from the Catholic scholar, Dietrich von Hildebrand from his book against the heresies of National Socialism and nationalism:

“What is nationalism? This terrible error exists in many degrees, starting with the identification of nation and state and reaching all the way to committing idolatry toward a nation, that is, making the nation the highest criterion for the whole of life and making it the ultimate goal and highest goal.

Genuine patriotism and nationalism are as different from each other as the true, divinely ordained love of self is from egoistic self-love. Genuine patriotism and genuine love of the nation to which one belongs — two concepts that are by no means identical — are both morally positive and indeed, obligatory attitudes, like every divinely ordained, well-ordered love. To begin with, this love affirms the value that resides in the national community as such, considered as a spiritual space with an individually distinctive cultural character, a space in which the individual has been placed (usually not as a result of any effort on his own part) and which sustains and nourishes him like spiritual soil.

The first characteristic of nationalism is thus a collective egoism that disavows respect and concern for foreign nations and evaluates the rights of one’s own nation according to criteria different from those applied to other nations. It fails to see the beam in the eye of one’s own country, while only seeing the splinter in the eye of the foreign countries. This fundamental error fails to recognize that nations need one another, even from a purely cultural perspective; that nations are created for each other’s sake; and that pitting one’s own nation against another and indulging in the delusion of every nation’s cultural self-sufficiency actually hallows out and sterilizes the genius of one’s own nation.

The German nationalist, for instance , maintains that the well-being of his own country is more important than the bonum commune of Europe or even of mankind. Here too, collective egoism is evident. The perversion reaches its culmination when the nation is ranked above the highest community of them all, namely the supernatural community of the Church understood as the mystical body of Christ.

Whoever regards the unity of the nation as the ultimate and most vital bond of community and does not maintain that the unity of the living members of the Mystical Body of Christ constitutes a more authentic, more profound, and more living unity has also committed the error of nationalism. Anyone who does not see in other persons first and foremost a soul created by God and for God has already succumbed to this heresy, and the same is true of the one who sees a German, Frenchman, Or Italian first, rather than a human being with whom he shares a profound connection through their great shared destiny, which encompasses birth, death, personal creatureliness, and the ordination toward eternity.” (Von Hilderbrand, My Battle Against Hitler, part 2, pp. 248-250, ellipses mine)

So nationalism, taken to the conclusion based on its reasoning, puts the nation above the mystical body of Christ, since the nation is the priority. Hence why, when I confronted the Austrian nationalist leader Martin Sellner, with these words of Hildebrand, he refused to answer the question: which one is more important, the race or the church? You can watch this here:

Why did he refuse to answer this question? Because Sellner is a nationalist. Pope Pius XII also makes the distinction between a healthy love of country and nationalist egoism in his encyclical, Summi Pontificatus, which expressed warning about nationalism and Communism:

“It is well to insist here that this sense of universal brotherhood, which Christian teaching awakes and keeps alive in our minds, is not opposed to the love of a man’s country and of the glorious memories it has for him. It does not forbid a man to work for the promotion of his country’s prosperity and of the advantages which it lawfully enjoys. … But love of country, a thing which in itself has every right to be encouraged, must not interfere with, must not take precedence of, the commandment to shew Christian charity towards all men; a commandment which makes our fellow-creatures generally and their interests take a place in the sunlight of our peace-making love.” (Part 3, ellipses mine)

Now you may argue that Trump just loves his countrymen, but since he has an insistence on calling himself a nationalist, it is reasonable to inquire into the definition of nationalism and its consequences. One thing that makes Trump’s ideology quite disturbing is his obsession with genes and how he has perfect genes. TIME Magazine did a video showing this:

What is amazing is how Steven Mnuchin, who is part of Trump’s administration, is a Jew and yet will praise Trump for having “perfect genes.” In an interview Mnuchin said:

“This guy’s got more stamina than anybody I’ve ever met … I mean, I thought I was in good shape. I traveled with him all the time. I mean, it’s unbelievable. He’s constantly doing things. … He’s got perfect genes”

The interviewer then asked him: “What do you mean by that?” To this Mnuchin said:

“He’s got perfect genes … He’s got incredible energy, OK? And he’s unbelievably healthy.”

I can take what Mnuchin said and apply it to the biggest exterminator of Jews in history, Adolf Hitler. Hitler had great stamina, and it showed in his military career and his successful political career. Hitler fought in the Battle of Ypres where he served in a regiment of 3,600 men. That number was reduced to 250 and then to just 42. Hitler was one of the few survivors of his company, which means that, in the Darwinist perspective, he was naturally selected for survival since he was amongst the ‘fittest.’ After the war he pursued politics and even though he was not popular initially, he never gave up. He had “stamina,” to use the word of Mnuchin. He never gave up, conducted many speeches, and even when he was in the confines of a prison cell, he did not stop being active, writing his book, Mein Kampf. He was extremely active and never gave up in his aspirations. Hitler had, in the standards of the Jew, Mnuchin, “perfect genes.” Now, if Mnuchin and those like him are going to argue that Hitler did not have “perfect genes,” then Mnuchin is still presenting himself as a determiner of who has “perfect genes” and is thus still a eugenist. Why would a Jew back eugenics? As long as one rejects the true Messiah, he will always, no matter what he is — Jew or gentile — be lost in the realm of Antichrist. When you push the idea of ‘superior genes,’ the moral implications of such an idea know no bounds nor constraints.

Nationalism is rising. Prepare for the coming turbulency.

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