Major German Politician Declares: “We Want A Europe Of The Fatherland”

By Theodore Shoebat

A major German politician, Jorg Meuthen, of the nationalist Alternative for Deutschland Party (AfD), who sits in the EU Parliament, declared: “We want a Europe of the Fatherland” According to a report from Taz:

“We want a Europe of the fatherland,” Meuthen calls into the hall. “Naturally allies” are Hans-Christian Strache, the Austrian vice-chancellor of the FPÖ [Austrian Freedom Party], the Italian Lega Nord boss Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister. “Of course, we’re striving for cooperation with these partners that works.” Then the seven minutes are over. “We are the true Europeans,” concludes Meuthen at the end.

This type of language, of a “Europe of the fatherland,” is common amongst the German nationalists, such as Reinhold Oberlercher. AfD is backed by German investment banker, Markus Stangenberg-Haverkamp, a shareholder of the major pharmaceutical company, Merck. He is also the son of the CEO of Merck, Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp. Haverkamp is a member of the “German college,” a Nazi organization led by Reinhold Oberlercher, who considers himself a “national marxist” and an anarchist. Oberlercher wrote that “German anarchists demand an immediate ban on foreigners … “. He also called for a “national liberation struggle against Russia, whose occupation forces represent the main obstacle to the German unity …”.  He exhorts for a “Europe of Fatherland” and a “forced export of imported foreign labor”.

The AfD is helping to provide a political manifestation to support a metapolitical atmosphere in favor of nationalism which has been quickly and strongly forming in Europe. AfD, it seems, is really a stepping stone to something else, something more sinister. Jorg Meuthen mentioned being allies with Hans-Christian Strache, the Austrian vice-chancellor of the Austrian Freedom Party. This is a party that actually wants to revive the German reich.

Andreas Molzer of the Freedom Party wants to revive the German Reich, stating: “this world needs states (Staatlichkeit) that have a sacred legitimation — which is the Reich”. And yes, by Reich, he is speaking of reviving the German Empire, stating that he wants to bring “Berlin and Vienna back into the centre of the New Europe”. Molzer wants to include in this new pan-German empire: the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Poland. In 2017, Bjorn Hocke, a leader of the Alternative for Germany party, which is now the third largest party in Germany, called for a leader to rise and revive the German reich:

“An emperor is sleeping in the cave of Kyffhäuserberg. And when the need is greatest, he will awaken and restore glory to the reich.

To draw inner strength from myths has always been helpful in times of change. And we are undoubtedly living again in a turning point.

These parties, the AfD and the Austrian Freedom Party, want to revive the German reich. This should be enough for Americans to be weary of such parties. But the reality is that the evil ideologies of these organizations have not registered in the minds of American conservatives, many of whom see such parties as ‘saviors’ of Europe. The horrors of World War Two revolved around a German nation that wanted to be an empire, and if people like these get what they want, and revive the Reich, the sinister ways of racists and darwinists will be carried out. The Germans are already talking about creating a pan-European military force headed by Germany. As we read in one report from Taz:

Only a week after Germany and France spoke up for a “European army,” the EU is pushing ahead with joint arms projects. At a meeting of Foreign and Defense Ministers on Monday in Brussels was mainly the so-called Euro drone in the foreground. Germany wants to take the lead in the development of the unmanned missile – but there is a dispute over the arming of the Euro drone.

Victor Orban, the nationalist who has been praised as an enemy of the EU, is backing the creation of the pan-European military force. Orban said:

“We should list the issue of security as a priority, and we should start setting up a common European army”

Retired German Lieutenant General Rainer Glatz, and Martin Zapfe, a German researcher and an infantry captain in the German army reserve, wrote a whole report for the leading lobbyist organization that has the ears of the German parliament, the German Institute for International and Security Affairsin which they write on Germany’s formation of a military force integrated with units from other European countries. In one section they write:

“The German-led FNC group has two distinct pillars which are only partially interdependent.

Since the beginning, it has focused on the coordinated development of capabilities in so-called “Clusters”; since 2015, an additional focus has been placed developing large multinational formations. To this day, 19 nations have joined Germany. Out of this group of 20, seven have thus far committed troops to the “larger formations”, and several others are deliberating on this possibility. Formally, both pillars of the FNC are of equal importance. Considering its effects on current Bundeswehr and NATO planning, the development of “larger formations” is of higher significance.”

The United States, with its push for European countries — especially Germany — to ‘pay their fair share’ in defense, in enabling the Germans to significantly boost their spending for their military. The United States is facilitating the creation of a new German military industrial complex. Brexit was to the glee of the Germans, since with the British leaving the EU it means an end to the UK’s veto which has acted as an impediment to the German aspiration for a big Euro army. In a report last year published by the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, written by Amélie Lohmann and Claudia Major, it reads:

“The signs for closer cooperation are there: With Britain’s exit from the EU, a traditional veto for further European cooperation will disappear. U.S. President Trump is raising doubts about American security guarantees and is signaling to Europeans that they need to pull their own weight. Furthermore, EU member states cannot hide from the difficult security challenges within and around Europe.”

Annegret Bendiek, writing last year for the same major German think-tank — in an article entitled, The New ‘Europe of Security’, affirms that Brexit and Trump’s rhetoric is what has been motivating the sudden enthusiasm for European militarism:

“The imminent departure of the UK from the EU and Donald Trump’s unpredictability as President of the United States are the main motives for the EU to seriously address its discussed but undefined goal of ‘strategic autonomy’ in the EUGS from July 2016.”

What we are currently witnessing is a rhyming of the song of history. As the United States today is enabling German militarism by pushing for an intensification of German military spending, so in the past the United States, through Wall Street investment establishments, financed the rebuilding Germany’s military after World War One, in the famous “Dawes Plan.” Through this policy Germany was financed by major establishments like Dillon, Read & Co.; Harris, Forbes & Co.; National City Co.; Speyer & Co.; Guaranty Co. of N.Y.; Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and Equitable Trust Co.

According to a testimony made before the United States Senate, Committee on Military Affairs, 1946:

“The Dawes Plan, adopted in August 1924, fitted perfectly into the plans of the German General Staff’s military economists.”

In the Kilgore Committee it was stated:

“…when the Nazis came to power in 1933, they found that long strides had been made since 1918 in preparing Germany for war from an economic and industrial point of view.” (See Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler)

By pushing Germany to pay for its own defense, the US is doing exactly what the Germans want, which is getting the green light to build up a military hegemony. I am afraid that the powers that be in the United States want this to happen.

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