Narcoterrorists Storm Bus Filled With Honduran Migrants, Take Five Random People Including Two Small Children, And Shoot Them For No Reason

There have been many stories about the Honduran migrants fleeing to the US. While there have been allegations of the potential for violence among them, a group of Honduran migrants experience real violence en route at the hands of narcoterrorist cartels, who stormed a bus and shot five people randomly for no apparent reason, including a three-year-old child and a seven-year-old child. One of the persons shot later died while in medical treatment:

The events occurred on federal highway 145, in the section that connects City Island with Loma Bonita, an armed group attacked a bus that transported Central American migrants murdering a woman and wounding four other people, including two children, also stole the unit with an undetermined number of foreigners of whom nothing is known.

The events occurred near 4:00 in the morning of this Saturday on the 145 federal highway, in the section that connects City Island with Loma Bonita, in the southern zone of the state of Veracruz. According to the first reports reported by the injured, subjects with long weapons that arrived in two luxury trucks stopped the truck in which they were traveling from Chiapas bound for the northern border of the country.

Just when they were passing through Veracruz, they were intercepted by the commando that, with violence, lowered five of the passengers (two women, one man and two children, one of only 3 years of age).

The Guatemalan citizens were selected by the criminals to shoot them indiscriminately, then got on the bus and forced the operator to start with all its occupants.

According to the report of the municipal police of Ciudad Isla, the injured are Cari Paola Varco Benavides, 31 years old; Robin Yoel Méndez Varco, three years old; Rosalina Inparpac López, 32 years old; Leticia Magdalena Inparpac Méndez, 7 years old and Hamilton Sucui Zet, 26 years old.

All were transferred to the general clinic of Ciudad Isla, where they receive medical attention, although unofficially, it is known that one of the women died due to bullet injuries.

The mayor of Ciudad Isla, Fernando Molina Landa, admitted that his elements dealt with the facts at first instance, but could not intervene because the area corresponds to the authorities of the federal government.

“If, indeed, it is said that they took a bus with migrants, who left five people there, the injuries they told me they had were not serious, as far as I know they were not serious, but they told me that in the morning, that the injuries were not serious, “he said.

When questioned about the number of migrants who were deprived of their freedom, the mayor insisted that he does not have the exact figure, they only know that the bus was full of Central Americans.

On the other hand, Manuel Huerta Ladrón de Guevara, the new coordinator of federal delegates in Veracruz of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did not even know of these facts.

The morenista assured that he had no idea and that the coordinator left by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto, the former secretary of Public Security, in times of the governor Miguel Aleman, Alejandro Montano, is still in office.

In a telephone interview, the PRI admitted that there was an attack at dawn, but the delegate of the National Institute of Migration (INM), Armando Méndez, was just arriving in the area to get more information.


Another truck that transported Central American migrants was attacked by an armed commando in the municipality of Rodríguez Clara, in the south of the state of Veracruz, with the balance of a Guatemalan woman dead.

The facts were the Saturday morning in a neighborhood road of the town of Ojo de Agua, where they were ambushed by a criminal group.

According to the report of the witnesses, when they were passing through the site, the armed men fired on the unit, wounding María Herlinda Ruiz, who was 32 years old, who was traveling on the punt.

In addition, the authorities there report another three shot wounded who were taken to a hospital in the region.

It is the second aggression that occured in Veracruz against migrants who try to cross Mexico to reach the United States.

The first was in the municipality of Ciudad Isla, a few minutes from Rodríguez Clara, when a commando stopped a bus with Guatemalans.

The criminals fired at five foreigners, including two children, one of three and another of seven years of age, and then abandoned them on the federal road that connects Loma Bonita, Oaxaca. In addition, the commando kidnapped the bus where dozens of migrants went, whose whereabouts are unknown. (source)

There are many issues with illegal immigration. However, it is critical to remember that illegal immigration is supported by the US government, who encourages and uses it for its economic and foreign national policy as well as a political football for both parties. The real losers are the people, who are reduced to pawns in a game of power that can and often are sacrificed for the very things they were told or permitted to do.

The people from Honduras coming to Mexico or the US are doing it because of the tremendous violence. Honduras is one of the most violent nations on Earth, and the wages of the nation are some of the lowest on Earth as well, comparable to those of many sub-Saharan central African nations. The people are poor, with little hope for a future, and live under the continual fear of violence from drug gangs. Yet many are willing to make the trip from Honduras to the US border, which is approximately the distance from New York City to Denver, because it represents a chance for a new life and a fresh beginning from what is for many a cycle of poverty that will not end and they see no other viable way out of.

It is good to want to support one’s nation, and to assert the laws which she has. At the same time, one also be aware of the further details of what is happening in terms of how the law is applied for political gain, and to realize that one must value the dignity of human life at the same time because just as the pursuit of mercy without justice is licentiousness, so is the pursuit of justice without mercy the sin of the Pharisees that Jesus so aggressively confronted.