Sodomites Angry They Cannot Groom Children To Molest And Infect With Incurable Diseases


The LGBT expressed anger over a law in Russia that forbids the promotion of sodomite ideas to teenagers, saying the law ‘imperiled’ sodomite youth and that it instilled ‘fear’ in them and prevented them from accessing ‘resources’ according to a report:

A report from the Human Rights Campaign, titled: “No Support: Russia’s ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law Imperils LGBT Youth” was released earlier this week, and it found that Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law is having a negative impact on LGBTQ children in the country.

The group interviewed LGBTQ youths living in the country, and found that under the law they were prevented from accessing inclusive education and support services. They also found that the law prevented mental health specialists from offering necessary support.

A transgender person, aged 18 and known as Nikiti, told the report: “No one wants to get beaten on the street, but that’s the fear LGBT people in Russia live with now.

“We know that most people believe the mass media, and the stories there teach them that we are horrible creatures, so we are in danger all the time.”

A separate 18-year-old compared the law to “cutting the air” from the LGBTQ community. And a 14-year-old lesbian said were afraid to “organise prides and demonstrations” and that people who assaulted them would get away with the crime.

The ‘gay propaganda’ rule was signed into effect in 2013 by Vladimir Putin, and it banned the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual orientations to minors

Under the law, a Calvin Klein advert was banned, there were calls to ban the game FIFA 17, and the Warwick Rowers naked calendar was banned. The law has also banned a website that ran articles on LGBTQ-related health issues, including HIV/AIDS.

Dr Ilan Mayer, an expert in social psychology and public health condemned the law, telling the report: “The law increases and enshrines stigma and prejudice, leading to discrimination and violence.” He added that it has a “serious negative impact” on LGBTQ youth.

The Human Rights Campaign asked Russia to issue a statement condemning the use of hate speech towards LGBT+ people,” however earlier this year Russian police said they didn’t have a responsibility to protect LGBTQ Russians against hate speech.

The group also called on the government to repeal the ‘gay propaganda’ law and introduce a set of new laws that would protect the rights of “all LGBT+ people, including children.”

There have been growing calls for better LGBTQ rights in Russia in the past few months. Last month, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Russia could no longer ban LGBTQ-related events like Pride marches.

In their ruling, the ECHR wrote: “The Court considers that in the instant case, the ban on holding LGBT public assemblies imposed by the domestic authorities did not correspond to a pressing social need and was thus not necessary in a democratic society.

“The Court also finds that the applicants suffered unjustified discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, that that discrimination was incompatible with the standards of the Convention, and that they were denied an effective domestic remedy in respect of their complaints concerning a breach of their freedom of assembly.”

And earlier this month a Russian judge called on the country to legalise same-sex unions. Dmitry Dedov wrote: “I believe that compromise and social harmony could be found on the basis of mutual respect for human rights and, in particular, for the rights of minorities who do not seek to promote their own way of life, but rather seek recognition of their civil rights, their respect and protection of the state.

“I mean the right to create family relationships that differ from the usual understanding of the union between a man and a woman. Legal recognition of such partnerships can be a starting point for the protection of all other needs usually arising between family members.” (source, source)

The push for homosexuality and youth, regardless of where it is, is wrong because it is the legitimization of sexual abuse.

Many people have aggressively condemned the Catholic Church for “sexual abuse”, but the reality is that not only does the Catholic Church have the lowest rates overall of sexual abuse by religion, but the John Jay Study of 2004 and since subsequent reviews have confirmed the finding that over 80% of all abuse in the Church is committed by sodomites, and of that 80%, the absolute majority is against teenagers.

While all incidents of such misconduct are wrong, it is grossly unjust to say the Church has a “sexual abuse” problem. She has a sodomite problem caused by the infestation of sodomites into her hierarchy. This does not change the nature of the Church’s teachings in the least just as how an infestation of cockroaches does not change the structural integrity of a house. It is only for those of good will to get rid of the cockroaches on their own lest God have to come with His justice as the divine cleaner has He has done throughout the Old Testament and beyond.

The push for the LGBT and teenagers, given the preponderance of sexual abuse by homosexuals against this group, clearly cannot be for the good will of what would likely be highly misguided youth, but to indoctrinate them into the sodomite movement while extracting personal pleasure from them in the same way a vampire seduces men to become his victims to provide his sustenance by drinking their blood, except instead of becoming vampires, those affected by the LGBT are left with broken lives and sometimes, bodies caused by incurable diseases contracted from the said behavior.

While in the Western world it has become culturally accepted and nearly taboo to criticize the LGBT under the presumption of “human rights,” it has come at the cost of the dignity and maturity of the vulnerable and easily influenced to indulge the lusts of the sodomites. Just as the Bible says that one cannot serve God and serve mammon (money), one also cannot serve God and embrace the sodomites, because the two are opposed to each other. One must either serve God and reject the sodomites, or reject God and serve the sodomites.

In the words of the crusader knight character from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, paraphrased, “Whereas the true (way) will give you life, the false (way) will take it from you.”

Just ask the inhabitants of Sodom, Gomorrah, and the other cities on the plain.

Side note: The situation of the LGBT in Russia is of interest because it is a known fact that most of the anti-LGBT actions are associated with a larger anti-Russian propaganda scheme in accordance with US foreign policy. However, what is not discussed is the growing support of the LGBT within Russia.

I say this on the basis of a contact who reached out to me from the region around the city of Yaroslavl, who claimed he holds a minor position in city governance (he is under 30) and said that the image Russia presents to the world on the LGBT versus reality is different. According to him, he acknowledged the reality of the anti-LGBT, but asserted these people were a minority that Russia embraces as a way to differentiate itself from the West while, according to him, there is a tremendous acceptance of homosexuality throughout many parts of Russia (including his own) that stretches from the common people to the high ranks of government. He said the support of the LGBT among the youth was very high (he said he was against homosexuality, as a note) but that he would not be surprised if within the next decade or two homosexuality was granted a sort of legal status because of this.

While this is the opinion of one person, his views align with those of others who I have either read, spoken with, or reached out to me. It is something to be watched for the future.