Major Mexican Drug Cartels Are Now Being Lead By Women

In September 2018, I covered the story of a prostitute turned chief drug cartel executioner who used to behead her victims, drink their blood, and then masturbate using the headless corpses. This is a part of a trend towards more female involvement in drug cartels, for while it has always existed, many women are not becoming leaders of cartels. It has become so prominent that the “next generation” of cartel leadership is being filled with women according to a report:

The authorities are targeting a new generation of cartel leaders, without being the first women to lead drug cartels in our country.

A group of at least four women have been designated as the new leaders of the narco. Leticia Rodríguez Lara, Mireya Moreno Carreón, Ramona Camacho Valle, are the heirs of María Dolores Estévez Zulueta, aka ‘La Chata’ and Ignacia Jasso, aka ‘La Nacha’, considered to be the pioneers of female participation in the trafficking business. drugs

Both national authorities and the United States were targeting these women who allegedly dominate the drug business in various states of the Republic. They are the women who have taken control of the drug cartels in Mexico:

Érika ‘N’, alias ‘La Nena’
The Government of Mexico recently captured Érika ‘N’, aka ‘La Nena’, the alleged leader of the Gente Nueva cartel that operates in the state of Guerrero.

This was reported by the Attorney General of this region through its Twitter account, after a joint work with the Attorney General’s Office and the National Intelligence Center.

“The defendant is accused of maintaining control of criminal groups in the municipality of Iguala and, presumably, of participating in various kidnappings; likewise, to be related to crimes of homicide, extortion and robbery in the North region of the state [of Guerrero], “says a statement from the state attorney’s office.

Delia Patricía Buendía
‘Ma Baker’, leader of the Neza cartel, was considered the first woman to head a drug cartel in Mexico City.

The drug cartels, and the great Mexican drug lords, have managed to go down in history as one of the darkest chapters in Mexico. But in the State and in Mexico City, there are also stories of drug trafficking, such as the Neza Cartel, which was considered an extension of the Arellano Félix brothers’ cartel, and was led by Delia Patricia Buendía, or as it would be better known “Ma Baker”.

Delia Patricia Buendía, was born in July 1957 in the then Federal District, and grew up in one of the most insecure neighborhoods of the capital: the brave neighborhood of Tepito. Delia was a secretary by profession, and came to hold positions within the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), as well as a cashier in a Chinese cafe, and even as a social center manager.

Tepito witnessed his initiation into the drug business, but not everything went as expected, he had to leave the neighborhood bravo to be signaled by the murder of two local drug competitors. When not achieving its objective in Tepito, “Ma Baker” manages to settle in Nezahualcóyotl, in the State of Mexico, and where it would lay the foundations of what would later be known as “the Neza cartel”.

The cartel of Neza was headed by Delia Patricia Buendía, and by the husbands of their daughters, Fernando Morales Castro “El Fer”, Mario Solís “El Tabique”, and Carlos Morales Gutiérrez “El Águila” -second in command of the organization- . During the 1990s, and early 2000s, the Neza cartel managed to accumulate great power, since according to the PGR, they controlled more than 500 narcotienditas, and it is estimated that they sold close to 300,000 doses of cocaine per month.

Six years ago, Leticia Rodríguez Lara was in charge of fighting crime in Mexico.

She was a member of the Federal Police responsible for prosecuting drug trafficking, among other crimes, until she was dismissed and her life took a 180 degree turn.

She became Doña Lety, the leader of a criminal gang that eventually became known as the Cartel de Cancún.

And that Caribbean resort, the most popular among domestic and foreign tourists, was the place from which the criminal gang carried out its activities, according to federal investigations.

In addition to participating in drug trafficking, the group is accused of crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and violent attacks on bars and local police.

Citing federal sources, the newspaper El Universal reported that Rodriguez, 48, also participated in the trafficking of undocumented immigrants from Central America.

Rodriguez was months away from being able to banish Los Zetas from the Riviera Maya, and his criminal group managed to dominate the sale of drugs in the Mexican Caribbean by bribing high-level officials.

In 2015, ‘Doña Lety’ became famous after executing a taxi driver, however, on February 3, 2017, a suitcase with a severed body and a message addressed to Lety by the CJNG appeared in front of the seat of the Judicial Power. .

Just at the moment when the struggle against the band led by ‘El Mencho’ was in full swing, she was stopped on the Puebla-Veracruz highway by elements of the Navy and the Federal Police after trying to bribe officials for her son.

After his capture, the CJNG began a fierce hunt against vendors, hawks and gunmen who were under the orders of Leticia Rodríguez.

Verónica Mireya Moreno
Without dedicating herself to professional modeling, Verónica Mireya Moreno Carreón, the first woman to be the head of a ‘Los Zetas’ cell in Nuevo León, took advantage of her work as a police officer in San Nicolás de los Garza to interact with the main bosses of the most dangerous criminal group at the beginning of the century.

To capture ‘La Vero’ or ‘La Flaka’ required two Tactical Intelligence groups from the Navy, who for several weeks worked to locate it.

Moreno Carreón was dismissed for failing the trust exams, but at that time he was responsible for getting and sending vehicles for his immediate boss’s attention through the purchase and theft, and he also had as one of his parcels the `charge of floor right ‘.

Thanks to its qualities and aggressive character, ‘La Flaka’ escalated quickly in the Los Zetas structure, it was related to Raúl García Rodríguez, El Sureño, the main leader in the north of Monterrey.

After his capture ‘La Vero’ took control of the operations and caused the most violent days, as well as pressure for the drug sellers to hold on to their will, kidnapped, tortured and extorted the citizens.

Ramona Camacho Valle

Ramona Camacho Valle, is a member of the gang of Los Rojos plagiarists.

The kidnapping of Silvia Vargas Escalera, daughter of sports entrepreneur Nelson Vargas, is attributed to that criminal organization.

The woman was sentimental partner of Jorge Luis Terán Olea, presumed member of Los Rojos, who when arrested – last year – confessed the kidnapping and murder of the young woman.

Camacho Valle was detained in Guasave, Sinaloa, in compliance with a localization and presentation order issued by the Deputy Attorney General for Specialized Investigation in Organized Crime, because she is involved in the preliminary investigation PGR / SIEDO / UEIS / 076/2009, in 2010 . (source)