Mexican Drug Cartel Terrorists Try To Rob Van With Family Of Seven In It, Murder Them All

Imagine you were going for a ride with your family- seven people in total- and you were attacked by a drug cartel for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You and your entire family are dragged our of your van and just put to death because of your presence.

This story is exactly what happened in Mexico, where a family that was in the wrong place at the wrong time was executed in cold blood by cartel terrorists:

MEXICO CITY.- The state of Guanajuato suffered a violent day this Thursday with 17 murders, 11 of which occurred in two separate events registered in the municipalities of Pénjamo and Valle de Santiago.

The bloodiest event occurred in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, where seven members of a family lost their lives due to the impact of a firearm inside a warehouse. According to unofficial information, a minor would be found among the victims. The events took place this Wednesday afternoon in some wineries located in front of the esplanade of the tianguis

According to preliminary data, armed men entered the warehouses and after a few minutes several guns were heard. The assailants immediately fled the scene in several vans. The neighbors reported the shots to the emergency number 911. Municipal police officers who came to the scene found the bodies of the victims, one of them on the side of a truck.

Unconfirmed versions refer that the origin of the attack was the attempted theft of the van owned by the family.

Five corpses found in Pénjamo

Meanwhile, the corpses of five people were found in the municipality of Pénjamo: four of them in a garbage dump in the community of Palo Alto de Abajo, and another in the dirt road that leads to the community of Talón to San Bernardo de Camarena. .

The five people remain as strangers. The deceased present the coup de grace, as well as traces of violence. They were all tied up and in the place there were found caps.

The body found on the dirt road, in the San Miguel Camarena colony, belongs to a man who wore short navy blue shorts with green stripes, a blue shirt and no shoes.

They attack Acambaro hospital

Finally, armed men who were driving in two vehicles fired at the Acámbaro General Hospital; there were no victims in the attack.

However, an element of the Sedena and another of the Gendarmerie initiated a persecution of the criminals, but they collided and were injured. (source)

With stories like these, is there any surprise that many people from Central America will risk their lives and do anything to cross into the US?

Ask yourself, if you knew about this violence, and you had a family of six people, would you not risk your life and theirs to hopefully avoid a fate like this?

It is something to think about.