US Military Holds First Ever Missile Drill On Okinawa

A century ago, the US famously took the island of Okinawa from the Japanese Empire, and since then it has been a US military base. Now, as the world inches closer to war and tensions intensify between the US and China, the small island directly in range of mainland China and the key cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou will host the first ever “missile drill” according to a report:

The U.S. military will conduct this year its first ever missile drill around Okinawa, according to a report Thursday, as Washington seeks to counter an increasingly assertive China.

The U.S. military has told the Self-Defense Forces that it plans to deploy surface-to-ship missiles in the strategically important prefecture this year for the first such drill by Tokyo’s key ally, the Sankei Shimbun reported without citing sources.

The drill would involve a mobile rocket launcher seen as a countermeasure to potential attacks from Chinese surface-to-sea ballistic missiles, the paper said.

In recent years Chinese warships have frequently sailed through waters near Okinawa, where the majority of U.S. troops in Japan are based.

Experts say China’s increasingly active maritime activities are part of a plan to establish control of waters within the so-called first island chain that links Okinawa, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Some analysts believe Beijing seeks to end U.S. military dominance in the western Pacific by exerting control of the second island chain that links Japan’s southern Ogasawara islands, the U.S. territory of Guam, and Indonesia.

China’s rapid military build-up has unnerved Asian neighbors, with Japan’s defense chief last year saying China had been “unilaterally escalating” its military activities in the previous year.

Beijing insists the activities are for self-defense.

Despite increasing military rivalry the U.S. and China are each other’s largest trading partners, and China is one of the largest holders of U.S. national debt.

A massive bilateral trade imbalance has, however, caused frictions between the world’s top two economies, with Washington and Beijing imposing tit-for-tat tariffs on more than $300 billion worth of goods in total two-way trade last year. (source, source)

China is the second most important target in the US geopolitical preparations. China is larger and they are building their military, but still are very weak in many other ways, especially with food supply chains and distribution, as well as their need to export good to the US and other parts of the world. The Chinese are a rival and a real one, but not as threatening in the eyes of the US as the Russians. Just as the US is planning to break apart Russia, so the same plan will be done for China, but in a slightly modified manner.

The US has always been allied with Japan for this reason just as Germany is historically allied with Turkey, because their locations make them natural allies. Japan is and has always been a serious military power, and Japan historically has been able to invade and conquer China as with many other previous peoples in spite of the larger size of the nation. Now that Japan is for all purposes a US vassal, she essentially serves as an American dog to keep the Chinese “in check” as that is what she would have already done in a historical sense.

This missile test is coming at a time when the US has been loosening missile, military, and nuclear regulations on Japan, something which has been welcomed by the Japanese government because it will allow them to re-militarize and then to indulge in their imperial tendencies which have defined their history. While all US Presidents have for the most part since World War II followed this particular policy of progressive arms propagation and building towards another major global conflict, Trump has been the most aggressive one yet in doing this as he has during his tenure unshackled both Germany and Japan as well as promoted outright nationalism, the very ingredient used to serve as a catalyst for both previous world wars.

It is true that the missile test comes at a time of heightened US-China tensions following an antapodosis between the two nations over “spying” and “taxes,” but this is a cover for their real conflict with each other they cannot yet fully express with guns and bombs, and when these things do happen nations then will do “military tests” near each other as a show of strength and assertion. However, make no mistake that the test taking place here, while routine, is not just related to the particular series of events that have taken place, but to the larger plan for a containment and invasion of China.

Throughout her history, China has been invaded and conquered more times than it can count. The most famous Chinese dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, is believed to have not even been run by Chinese, but by a Turkic people from Central Asia. The was the Mongolian Dynasty of China (Yuan) during the 13th and 14th centuries, and later there was the Qing Dynasty from the 17th century to the fall of China to the nationalists in the early 20th century, that while the Qing were “Chinese”, they came from Manchuria and thus were more Turkic in their inclinations and persons. One must also not forget the European division of China between the great Empires, and one should not think that the Europeans have forgotten about their colonies, or that they do not want to have their colonies back.

China knows all of this, but China’s greatest weakness is her historical blindness by a form of racial superiority and an almost “hive-mind” like variety of thought that is difficult to describe unless one has had considerable experience with the Chinese. It is a division of the world into “Chinese” and “non-Chinese,” and that leans progressively toward ever more intense forms of nationalism, and when this happens, usually at a time when China is rising militarily, it eventually results in a form of self-destructive behavior that then turns against her own nation and destroys her from within, with a foreign invasion and conquest.

The Americans and Europeans known this, and given how the program of Operation Gladio was not do per se create something new, but to exaggerate already existing tendencies to their fullest end and exploit them for gain, the US is likely preparing to do the same. As a part of that coming day, she is just testing her weapons on what happens to be the land of her Japanese ally and what is China’s historical nemesis.