New Paternity Testing Allows For Men To Expose Cheating Wives And Girlfriends, And Why The Future Of Relationships For Men May Not Be So Dismal For Them

When a man marries a woman, he assumes that the children she conceives are of his actions. Due to the actions of some women this does not always happen, and while some will murder the child in secret, others will try to assert that it is the husband’s or boyfriend’s child when it is not. Such a man who is deceived into raising a child that is not his own without his knowledge is described as a cuckhold, and when a man discovers that his progeny is not his the consequences can be devastating and include a permanent mistrust between husband and wife, divorce, conflict, and even murder.

There is a curious link that has taken place over the last century between technology and reproduction. Most of these links have been made in favor of women. The use of contraceptives, abortion, and the “pill” have allowed both sexes but especially women to be able to separate sexual activity from reproduction, and the results have been measured in hedonism, broken lives, and the geometric spread of sexually transmitted diseases. While there always have been men who will sleep with women in large numbers, their being able to do this outside of committing the crime of rape is the willingness of women to whore themselves out to them. The decline of religion, the ideas which came out of women’s “liberation,” and the technology available enabled them to realize the worst of the hypergamous nature of women.

But the technologies that exist for women also exist for men, albeit in a different way. While technology has enabled women to be more promiscuous, the same technology has also enabled men not only the ability to indulge in carnal desires, such as the increase in “sex robots”, but now the ability to detect said promiscuity with greater ease than ever before through advances in paternity testing technology according to a new report from the UK, which has exposed many men as not being the biological fathers of their children:

Sales of ‘secret’ paternity tests are surging, according to suppliers of DIY home kits.

The DNA tests, which can be carried out with simple cheek swabs, are leading to growing numbers of men discovering they are not the biological father of children they had been led to believe were theirs.

AlphaBiolabs, the leading British home test supplier, says up to 30,000 paternity tests are being performed in this country every year – and that the figures are rising by ten per cent per year.

‘Of these, around 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing,’ says the company’s director, David Thomas. He added that in some regions the figure is higher, including the North East, where it is 30 per cent.

The explosion in demand for the tests has been fuelled by the ease with which definitive DNA paternity results can now be obtained. For about £99, testing kits which promise 100 per cent accurate next-day results can be bought online.

Instead of requiring the physical presence at a clinic of both parties being tested, they involve only swabs taken from the inside cheeks of father and child, which are then packaged up and posted to the company.

As long as the man is named on the child’s birth certificate, or has parental responsibility, no permission is required from either the mother or child, meaning the tests can be carried out in total secrecy.

Some websites suggest DNA can be taken from children while they are asleep, to avoid awkward questions, particularly if the children are older.

In some US states, concern over this has led to a recent ban on DIY home DNA testing, with all tests now having to be ordered by a doctor or court official and conducted under their supervision. In Britain, there is no such legislation currently being considered.

Experts warn that the shock of learning a child is not biologically theirs can lead to severe emotional distress for some men, for which they may not be prepared.

Last week, The Mail on Sunday revealed the case of co-founder Richard Mason, who discovered the three sons he had raised as his own with his ex-wife Kate were not biologically his.

Mr Mason’s devastating realisation was the result of his being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which led doctors to inform him he had been infertile since birth.

After the diagnosis, he confronted his ex-wife and uncovered the truth that his sons had been conceived by another man with whom she had conducted a four-year affair.

The rising numbers of men turning to paternity testing suggests there are many who feel they may have been duped by women.

Mr Thomas said: ‘Sometimes men will be delighted to learn they aren’t the father – usually when a woman with whom they have been having a casual relationship tells him he has fathered a baby and he can prove otherwise. In other cases it’s the mother who’s ordered the test to “shut the father up”.’ (source, source)

For years, paternity testing was associated with manifest family dysfunction, such as that shown on daytime television shows. However, the reality of men being cuckholded by their wives and girlfriends is a serious historical problem with serious consequences. There is something that genuinely destroys a man’s sense of self-worth than the realization that he has been deceived that a child he raised was not his own biological descendant (this is to be absolutely distinguished from children who are not biologically related but which a man made a free-will choice to care for them, such as adoption through marrying a widow or single woman, or a man and woman adopting a child from an orphanage).

The ability of men to perform their own paternity tests at home with ease is as revolutionary of a change as the pill was for women because now men can without the knowledge of their significant other get documented proof if their wife or girlfriend actually carried his child instead of that of another man. This is a direct attack on the “divorce industry” that has defined western life, where in the name of helping women in genuinely difficult situations, the legal rights of men have been stripped from them and made conditional on the disposition of another person towards him.

For example, a man and a woman get married. Later, the couple divorces. This is not uncommon, as approximately half of marriages in the US end in divorce. In at least 70% of cases, it is the woman who files for divorce from her husband. Each state has different divorce laws, and no state can be said to be “favorable” to men in that women are inherently given preference in divorce cases. This made more sense prior to the changes of the 20th century, when women for the most part would not have been able to have had a career and would have been left socially vulnerable, and this was also at a time when the divorce rates were much lower, and the reasons for divorce would have more likely been due to genuine cases of abuse or neglect. However, this is not the case anymore, as due to legal changes women have been flooded into the workplace and given preferential treatment in employment. In combination with the fact that they can continue to collect alimony and child support with an increase of promiscuity without the prospect of future marriage as well as with the reasons for divorce being one of simple dissatisfaction with temporal circumstances because of selfish reasons and a decline in morals that would serve as a restraint on any separation, the result is that the institution of marriage has been reduced to a legalized wealth-transfer scam for women and a tax collection scam for the government, where the two are able to exploit men by forcing him to pay monies to the woman through the state, of which the state takes a portion, and of which she is able to collect an extra source of revenue while still working and being able to indulge in her bases desires. The man is reduced to the state of a tax serf who can have his entire salary and more taken with each check based on arbitrary measures and if he does not do this, he can be jailed and have all his assets stripped from him.

There are few ways for men to escape this system once they are trapped in it. One possible way is to prove a level of infidelity, which could only be proven by a paternity test. If a woman does not take it, then the man can go and do it for her to obtain the evidence he needs to protect himself.

For some men who have watched this dramatic scene unfold, some have given up on relationships all together, and reduced any sexual activity with women to either sex robots or prostitutes, usually foreign ones such as in the infamous brothels of Thailand. These “men going their own way,” called MGTOW, is a serious social trend that is creating a large group of men who have no desire for marriage, but only their own self-indulgence for the greater part, and a group of women who do not have men to marry, which is less a problem for younger women but becomes a problem once they approach 30, at which point their fertility and physical beauty notably decline. As many women will say, their “biological clock is ticking.”

The millennials were born somewhere between 1981 and 2000. This means that the upcoming freshman class into university is the first of GenZ to go into college, while the generation’s predecessors are somewhere between the ages of 19 and 38. While that is a large range, the oldest half of the millennial generation is either approaching or well over 30, which includes men as well as women. The US Census reports that marriage rates among millennials are very low, with only 3 out of 10 married in comparison to 6 out of 10 a generation ago. Divorce rates have declined among millennials not because of an increase in marriage, but millennials simply are not getting married, choosing to fornicate instead because it does not involve the legal mess that a divorce can cause and which too many of them saw parents or a relative experience. If one can “have his cake and eat it too” without the experience of indigestion, why bother subjecting oneself to such a risk?

This does not change that marriage is an institution of natural law, nor does it change the desire for marriage among people or the desire to have children. While the eldest members of GenZ are certainly following in some of the dysfunction of the Millennials, they are also noting the errors of their generational predecessors, and some are attempting at some level to make better decisions. This especially applies the women, for while there are many who will openly embrace the worst of whoredom offered to them, also have seen the destructive consequences it has and will want to avoid following the same way of death, destruction, and disappointment.

This has the potential to create an interesting paradigm for the future, especially for young men.

Because of MGTOW, an increased desire to avoid debt, and a focus turning towards self-improvement as well as technologies that allow a man more abilities to indicate a woman’s promiscuity or not as well as the knowledge of the openly promiscuous activity that is common today, it is the choice of men whether or not to get into a relationship more so than ever. Because of the same issues, women now will be sought by men as they always have been, but they will have to show increasingly that they are worthy of a man investing his time into.

Men will be able to have their pick of women. Since a woman’s attraction to man is not solely based on looks but also on other characteristics, such as wealth, power, and stability, older men in the Western world will increasingly find themselves being able to find and marry younger women if they so choose along with younger men. This does not indicate a future competition between the generations, but that those who are older can have hope for finding a woman they can marry and have a family with, even if she is much younger (such as a 10 to 15 year age gap difference).

The younger women will have a harder time as noted above, but they still can be successful if they work hard and desire to get married, especially at younger (=<25-ish) ages.

The ones who are in the worst situation are the millennial women over the age of 30 who are not married. Their aging beauty and bodies in combination with declining fertility is a harbinger of future disaster for them. The have their careers but few to no men who either want to marry them or who they are attracted to in order to get married, meaning they will have to seek any man who wants them, which can lead to resentment and a greater likelihood of divorce. This would have worked easier is past times, but given the knowledge among many men of women who do this and the real probability of divorce, fewer men want to get married to them. Some women may seek to have a man impregnate them, either so they can have a child or so they can have a child and get the father to pay child support without his involvement, but many men also have become aware of this, and would rather spend their money on prostitutes or sex dolls instead of risk pregnancy with a woman they only want to use to quench the flames of lust within them.

Thus the very liberation that many women’s parents and grandparents clamored for and taught them has been found to be but a tool to enslave them. No amount of chocolates, pathetic TV movies, boxes of electronic sexual gadgets under the bed or rooms filled with smelly cats can substitute for a happy life with a husband and a child. These women, having achieved the desires they were inculcated with but having none to desire them, will turn against younger women and project their anger onto them. Some of these women will not want to live with themselves any more, and will destroy themselves. Others will have cycles of meaningless relationships, seeking degenerate sexual activity just to have the feel of being alive because they are dead inside.

All things in life run in cycles. Extreme imbalances are unnatural, and in order to reach a state of equilibrium they are often “corrected” by an extreme imbalance to the opposite before returning to a degree of normalcy. For many years, technological movements went in favor and were pushed in favor of enabling the worst of degenerate sexual behavior for women. Now while the same patterns continue for both genders, the technology is shifting in favor of men, and this will have serious demographic and social impacts on the Western world. Men will fare the best because the advances will either allow them more legal options, give them a greater character insight into women, or will enable them to make better choices in selecting a girlfriend and wife. Women on the other hand will have improvements, but the main burden will increasingly be on them to demonstrate to men that they are worthy of a man’s infestment into a relationship with her. The biggest losers will be the older women who cling tightly to the models promoted over the past sixty years, which while they were used to usher in many of the cultural changes in existence today, will reach their natural fulfillment and eventually destroy the women who continue to follow them.