We Are Mememing Our Way To Destruction

By Theodore Shoebat

On the internet there is a tremendous amount of tribalism; flame wars between ideological groups, between nationalities even. A good example of this are the internet wars between Greeks and Macedonians that have lasted for years. From comment battles on youtube videos of Macedonian music, the virtual reality has now manifested into a governmental conflict between Greece and Macedonia. Nationalists and racialists have been pushing their ideas online for years, with not only articles, but memes as well. Now Nazi and ultra-nationalists parties that were once on the fringe are now major parties with substantial seats in parliaments, such as the Greek Golden Dawn or the Alternative for Deutschland in Germany. There are also plenty of memes and posts praising Hitler on the internet. Today, Germany is rebuilding its military to be the superior force in Europe, and seeing how there is so much praise for the Third Reich online, what makes us thing that the masses today would not have a torrent of glee for a fourth reich? We are memeing our way to destruction:

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