Major Expert On Venezuelan Politics Warns: ‘What The United States Is Doing In Venezuela Is Very Dangerous.’

By Theodore Shoebat

A major expert on the politics of Venezuela, Eva Golinger, recently warned that what the United States is doing in Venezuela is very dangerous. By declaring someone president without a democratic process is making a state within a state in Venezuela, and this will only lead to polarizing and increase the prospect for violent civil war (as what took place in Nicaragua). As Golinger warned in an interview with CBC:

I think this is a very unprecedented situation.

I mean, you know, Maduro has been the president of Venezuela. He’s the one in control of government. He’s the one in control of the country’s institutions. He went through a presidential election, disputed as it may be, and won with the majority of votes.

Juan Guaido was elected as a legislator in the National Assembly which is Venezuela’s parliament and he also is a legitimately elected politician, a legislator, but for him to declare himself the executive — the head of government — really is an unprecedented scenario.

It’s a dangerous precedent.

Imagine if the tables were turned and it was a nation that may not be as friendly to U.S. or Canada, and it was recognized by maybe one of their adversaries.

Or, maybe Russia recognized a head of state … of the U.S. or Canada, and recognized, you know, an opposition politician as head of state and then decided they would do business with them.

When you get into setting up parallel states within countries, it’s very dangerous territory and you open doors to violations of international law, sovereignty, right to self-determination. A

Then beyond that, I mean, we can make all kinds of theoretical arguments on either side to say who is legitimate, who is not, but there are real life logistics to this situation.

Beyond the political strife within Venezuela, the potential for an explosive violent situation clash amongst supporters of both sides, we also have the logistics of, well, how exactly does this internationally recognized … head of parliament, how does he plan to go about getting control over the state institutions and the economy?

While Maduro is not a righteous leader, we must also remember that neither was Saddam. But removing a leader and declaring that another official is the leader of that president, can destabilize the country and drive it to  a situation far worse than its current condition. Yes, Maduro is a Communist, but Saddam was a socialist; and Assad is a socialist leader as well. But conducting conspiracy in these countries has only lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. We must think about these things before jumping (again) onto the Neo-conservative carousel. The masses cheering US intervention in Venezuela apparently have not learned from Iraq or Syria.

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