Doctor Gets Convicted For Committing Euthanasia, And Proudly Declares His Crime Before A Crowd In A Play That Celebrates Murder

By Theodore Shoebat

A doctor in Spain named Marcos Hourmann was the first doctor in the country to be convicted of euthanasia. He recently boasted his crime in a play entitled “Celebrare mi muerte” or “I Will Celebrate My Death”. It is just another showcase of the rising tide of acceptance for murder, and a precursor to open and explicit genocidal ideology. As we read in a report from the Local:

Advancing on slowly onto the stage of a Madrid theatre, Marcos Hourmann introduces himself.
I am the first doctor convicted in Spain for practising euthanasia,” he informs the public at the tiny Teatro del Barrio in the Lavapies neighbourhood which is known for its leftist roots.

“I wish that tonight you judge me,” he later adds during the play which premiered on Thursday and which recounts Hourmann’s real life experiences.

The play, called “Celebrare mi muerte” or “I Will Celebrate My Death”, comes as Spain gears up for a snap general election on April 28th.

Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has promised to make Spain the fourth country in Europe to legalise euthanasia after Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands if he wins a majority in parliament — a move fiercely opposed by the main opposition conservative Popular Party (PP).

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