Pederasty Promoter Michael ‘Sixteen-Is-OK’ Voris Wants Catholic Church Labeled A Criminal Organization By The Federal Government And To Have President Trump Send The Justice Department To Prosecute Her Under RICO Laws

Michael Voris of Church Militant has gradually shown his true self over the years. He started out promoting himself in Catholic circles as a “traditionalist” type with an eye towards “exposing” issues in the Church. However, he was not long after exposed has having an over two-decade love affair with sodomy, including his connection to what appears to be a pornographic film named “Double Trouble.

Voris claimed that he overcame his homosexuality, and since then proceeded to continually criticize homosexuality on his website. However, Voris was quick to associate himself with and promote the sodomite pederast Milo Yiannopoulos, going so far as to in an interview with him discuss lowering the sexual age of consent to sixteen, something which has been aggressively pushed in LGBT circles:

Voris also threatened with lawsuits for asking him questions about promoting the confirmed sodomite pederast Milo Yiannopoulos:


Now, Michael Voris has asked for the “full force of the Federal government” to legally prosecute the Catholic Church as an “organized crime syndicate”, and specifically the intervention of President Trump and CIA officer William Barr to be used against her:

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The entire video is worth watching. Select quotes are below:

There’s no doubt about one thing when it comes to the non-stop news of cover-up bishops and their malfeisance. Faithful Catholics- the politically conservative ones -want the full weight of the Federal Government brought to bear to ferret out this evil from the Church.

No matter how you slice and dice these numbers,they are bad news for the USCCB and a green light for the Feds from Faithful, American Catholics. (0:59-1:08)

It’s important- politically speaking -to make the crucial distinction between faithful Catholics and mediocre, lukewarm, social justice Catholics. The latter bunch did not vote for Trump and probably never would. They are essentially Democrats with a crucifix on the wall in their house somewhere- maybe. (1:13-1:26)

…the optics of the federal government going after the US Catholic Church as though it is an organized crime syndicate would certainly be potentially explosive. All that said, this has got to happen. Day after day, prosecutors and investigations all around the country are saying publicly and privately that too many of the bishops are corrupt, they are not cooperating with their investigations, they are not capable of policing themselves, they have too much to cover up, and are more sinister than dealing with mob bosses. Yes, that has been told to us on a number of occasions. That is why there is a growing groundswell in the ranks of law enforcement for RICO to be activated. (2:17-2:59)

These men have sat atop what has essentially been a politically liberal machine for decades, taking billions and billions of government money over all this time and distributing large chunks of it to anti-Catholic groups who also happen to be in charge of get-out-the-vote Democratic party operations. They are non-profits, but they certainly have an agenda. Government money has been funneled by these same men into so-called “social justice organizations ” which have registered huge numbers of democratic voters in order to advance socialism as the ruling coalition in the US. The entire social justice arm of the Catholic Church was established in fact in cooperation with community organizer atheist Saul Alinsky which even provided the training ground for Barack Obama back in 1980s Chicago. (5:00-5:58)

…the entire bishop’s national headquarters is modeled after Saul Alinsky’s worldview, which is why they have been referred to frequently as the “Democratic party of prayer” or the “Democratic party in robes.” Talk about a swamp in need of draining. They have betrayed the American dream, they have betrayed the Catholic Church, they go to great lengths to slam many of Trumps initiatives, falsely labeling or suggesting that they are uncatholic. (6:02-6:35)

Voris styles himself as a “defender” of the Catholic Faith, and what Voris is doing here is the absolute opposite of all that is Catholic.

Throughout Catholic history, many a struggle has been between the Government, the Governed, and the Church in these “three estates“. The Church stands at the head of society as the philosophical and moral guidance that unites and separates the rulers and the ruled in the same way that mortar unites and separates the bricks in a wall, holding the whole structure in place.

One of the objectives of the French Revolution and was successfully achieved was the abolition of these divisions and the relegation of the Church as a subject within the state among many others under the oversight of the government. This same issue had already happened in Northern and Central Europe with the Protestant Revolution. Luther’s Revolution, which was backed by many German noblemen, business interests, and foreign interests, created a “German Church for a German people,” and in so doing realigned the position of religion in society so as to equivocate it with good citizenship but lacking necessary adhesion to said religion. Church became something that “good Germans” do, but one does not have to go to a church in order to be a good German.

The Catholic Church fought many conflicts with the Protestant Revolutionaries in continental Europe, but even in many of the Protestant lands there the Church was not actually exterminated, albeit significantly reduced. The case of England was different because after King Henry VIII followed in Luther’s steps but then took the additional step of crowning himself the head of the Church in England, Henry then pursued an aggressive policy of extermination against the Catholic Church in the name of the same nationalism. The persecution was so aggressive that the Church really was exterminated save for the Catholics who fled to the outermost regions of Scotland and essentially hid for centuries, practicing the Faith in seclusion. The English continued a policy of genocide against the Catholic peoples in the British Isles for centuries still, culminating with the genocide of the Irish through the Potato Famine of the 1840s by expropriating food from the Irish knowing well the nation’s potato crop had suffered a tremendous blight and thus causing mass starvation. It would not be for centuries until Catholics were allowed to participate again in public life in England, and yet still to this day the nation will not allow a Catholic to be within the English royal family.

The nations of Europe which went forth to the “new world”, while creating different countries that have their own characteristics, still maintain a reflection of what the nations were which they came from. Central America and most of South America was modeled on Spain. Brazil and her colonies throughout the world were influenced by the Portuguese. Quebec and many nations in Africa were influenced by the French. South Africa was influenced by the Dutch. The British influenced many places, but none so significantly as the US, Canada, and Australia.

The descendants of the people who destroyed the Church in England not long after traveled to the new world, in particular the US, settling in the area from Massachusetts to Virginia. The ideas their ancestors had about the Church, while certainly changing from generation to generation, did not disappear, but were passed on. They manifested and continue to manifest in the virulent anti-Catholicism that has defined American history since the 17th century.

The spirit of Henry’s revolution never passed into history. It is still here and it sleeps within the people.

There is much that is right to say about the problems of the Church regarding sexual abuse. However, the fact is that the absolute, unquestioned majority of the abuse- 81% -is strictly homosexual, and of said abuse, two-thirds is homosexual men abusing teenagers.

In other words, the biggest bloc of “sexual abuse” in the Church is men of an admitted homosexual orientation such as Milo Yiannopoulos or Michael Voris attempting to have sex with teenage boys under the age of eighteen.

The Church does not have a sexual abuse problem- she has a homosexual problem that is worsened by the fact that American society in the thirty years following the publication of the Gay Manifesto has an absolute majority of people who support sodomy and a supermajority among the Millennials and Gen Z who support sodomite marriage and activity.

The way to stop the “sexual abuse” in the Church is to get rid of the sodomites in the hierarchy and to aggressively adhere to the Catholic teaching about the LGBT, which was, is, and always shall stand against it because the teaching does not come from man’s own will or desire, but was revealed in the Old and New Testaments as a sin and one of the most serious a man could commit. However, people do not want to get rid of the sodomites because the supermajority of Americans within and outside of the Church support the sodomites. If the Church were to go after the sodomites, she would find the law going after her in the name of discrimination under the Civil Rights Act, and the people would support said persecution because they also support Sodom to a large end. If the Church does not address the sodomite issue, the abuse will continue and the law will accuse the Church of “mishandling sexual abuse” and the people will also side with the state against the Church.

In both cases, just like with the Republicans and the Democrats, there is no good option that the Church faces. She is going to be persecuted from without and from within either for trying to get rid of the cause of the sin or not doing enough to stop the effects of sin from taking place.

Historically speaking, when the government becomes significantly involved in Church affairs, it almost always works out badly for the Church because the state will use her claim of temporal authority and the physical possession of weapons to immorally and illegally extort, subjugate, or destroy her for political gain as a way of gaining more power from her destruction. This process also erodes the boundary between ruler and ruled, and so allows for grave abuses between the two to take place.

Michael Voris presents himself as a highly educated Catholic with an emphasis on tradition, which is the historical practices of the Faith versus those added in modern times. Unless he is absolutely ignorant of basic church history that can be read in even the simplest of school textbooks, which he apparently is not, he knows full well at least something about these dynamics of history between the Church and the state. Indeed, one does not even need to be well-educated in Church history to know such things as there has been so much written about it. It does not matter what opinion he or another has about what is the best approach to what is, objectively stated, a sodomite abuse crisis. One does not solve evil in the Church by selecting an approach which has a likelihood of destroying the Church’s presence in the US and possibly setting a precedent for the re-writing of the entire law in the US regarding the approach of the state to all religious groups.

Such an approach advocated by Voris seems absolutely to be sinister, which is triply compounded by his insistence on politicizing the matter in a lens of Democrat versus Republican, and his insistence on being a “Faithful Catholic” who wants to see justice done in the Church. has insisted on this for a long time, and so has the Church, but while there are political factions within the Church, it is impossible and unjust to insist upon placing the liberal/conservative, left/right, Democrat/Republican, or other framework in the Church because this is a false dichotomy. There is Catholic and non-Catholic, or as one friend and Catholic missionary I knew stated, “baptized pagans,” of which he said the latter constitute 60% or higher of all “American Catholics.” This is not simply the laity, but also members of the hierarchy, including high-ranking ones. The idea that a majority of priests or bishops would be unfaithful to or ignorant of the function of their offices must not be thought of as a surprise because they come from the people, and if most of the people do not believe or have grossly incorrect ideas, that will naturally reflect among their leaders. It is the same idea as to why political corruption exists, for it is not a function of “bad politicians”, but of the people as they vote for those who most closely resemble themselves.

Voris says that “the Bishops” have betrayed “the American Dream,” yet this does not matter because the “American Dream” is a social concept that has no relationship to the Catholic Church whatsoever. The Church exists to get people to Heaven by showing them the true way given by God throughout the ages, not to guarantee them successful jobs, a house in the suburbs, and a picket fence with a wife and two children. The Church partakes of but is not tied to any particular political or economic school of thought, and her associations with those exist only to facilitate the salvation of men. This is why the Catholic Church emphasizes universality and can be found in every nation, even if it is only a few people, because the Church, which is founded on the Rock of Peter and against which the gates of hell will not prevail as per the words of Sacred Scripture, does not absolutely side with or tie herself to any Emperor or government, nor does she make any attempt to cover this up in her formal doctrine either by the use of theological claims or sophistry.

Voris presents the opposition to the bishops as a form of moral opposition to the Democratic party and “socialism,” yet Trump and his Republican party have been no different in their advancement of socialism as a principle save it being in a nationalized form instead of an internationalized one. The reason why National Socialism has been revived is the same reason why the National Socialist website Daily Stormer as well as many “nationalist” figures such as Faith Goldy have been promoting the Democratic Party’s Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, because they are all socialists with the only difference being the emphasis within said socialism, not the core principle.

Likewise, there are also many things Trump has done which are not good. For example, Trump’s intentional manipulation of border politics, such as with the “migrant caravan” actively threatens the lives of many people who are fleeing from CIA-induced drug war violence in Mexico and Central America that has been going on for decades. He has supported the American interference in the sovereign nation of Venezuela by backing foreign terrorist against the country, just as his administration has supported the MEK, a communist Marxist terrorist group in Iran against the government of Iran.

It seems for Voris that socialism is not so much of an issue when it supports a cause or comes from a person that he supports or likes, rather than the principle of socialism itself.

Another very evil and anti-Catholic thing which Trump has done and we have extensively discussed is that he has loosened the restraints against militarism placed up on Germany and Japan while at the same time encouraged militarism against Russia and China, who are enemies of the US and those two respective nations. Trump has tacitly encouraged the nuclearization of Germany and Japan while also helping those nations build infrastructure throughout Africa as well as Central Asia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Turkey to support a massive oil pipeline network in order to prepare for a coming war.

Trump has done some good things, just a Obama, Bush II, and Clinton did. However, he is also deserving of much serious criticism, as his actions are driving the world towards a massive war.

What has Voris to say about these things? When was the last time that Voris said anything critical of Trump on these issues in a serious way? Voris may support Trump, and while it is fine if he does, there are some things which Trump cannot be defended for doing if one is a Catholic because certain things are outright evil.

Voris will criticize the “left” and the “Democrats,” yet as noted earlier, he will promote a sodomite pederast on his show that is on the “right.” He questions the Catholicism of people on “the left” yet will openly promote a man who lives a lifestyle and has lived as such for many years that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance”.

Having noted this, why does Voris then insist on interjecting partisan politics into what is a debate about religion? It gives one to wonder if Voris’ criticism of the “left” and attacking their place in the Church is but a cover for injecting his own nationalism and in light of the current political climate, the socialism associated with it by the political figures which constitute the “right” today under the cloak of religion just as he accuses the “left” of doing. In this way, should this be true, Voris would show himself to align with the thesis that has noted, which is that the “right” is more dangerous that the “left” because the “right” does in a more socially accepted and visually guarded manner what the left does openly and shamelessly.

There is much that can be said that is critical of the Bishops. However, calling them with terms such as “gangster,” “criminals,” and that the Church is a “criminal organization” is serious in terms of American law, as it carries major potential consequences for not simply the individuals, but the organization herself.

Is the Church a “criminal organization” for running many hospitals and schools that help all people, or the many charitable donations that do not go to questionable or immoral causes, of which it is the majority of funds? Indeed, Voris’ presentation of the Church would seem that she is something out of a Protestant tract from the eighteenth century, where all of the money she gets is used to fund expensive vacations and extravagant personal lifestyles instead of helping the poor.

Such claims made against the Church are not new, but go back to the words of Sacred Scripture herself, where it was Judas himself who accused a poor woman who anointed Jesus feet with costly perfume of doing wrong, saying that the money should have been given to the poor instead of being spent on what she did, and notes that Judas said this not because he cared, but because he was a thief:

Six days before Passover Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus was, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. They gave a dinner for him there, and Martha served, while Lazarus was one of those reclining at table with him.

Mary took a liter of costly perfumed oil made from genuine aromatic nard and anointed the feet of Jesus* and dried them with her hair; the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.

Then Judas the Iscariot, one of his disciples, and the one who would betray him, said, “Why was this oil not sold for three hundred days’ wages and given to the poor?” He said this not because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief and held the money bag and used to steal the contributions.

So Jesus said, “Leave her alone. Let her keep this for the day of my burial. You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me.”

The large crowd of the Jews found out that he was there and came, not only because of Jesus, but also to see Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. And the chief priests plotted to kill Lazarus too, because many of the Jews were turning away and believing in Jesus because of him. (John 12:1-11)

He will claim that “the bishops” are “criminals” and uses all kinds of heated rhetoric, including mentioning the ties between certain bishops and the American Jewish revolutionary Saul Alinsky. Yet at the same time, Voris does not seem to have an issue applying the principles of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to the bishops while ignoring the lessons of history, which given Voris’ position and extensive education it is veritably impossible he does not know about and the consequences of what he is advocating for.

The crimes of the homosexuals in the Church hierarchy need to be exposed and should continue to be exposed for the good of the Faithful, not in a way that would replicate the results of Henry VIII’s English Revolution but in a modern context.

Now one can only speculate about Voris’ personal views based upon what he has said in the context of past statements as well as history. However, Voris is no fool. While he would present himself as a man doing the work of the Church in a Church overrun by corruption, bringing RICO charges against the Church would only serve to hurt her and the other religious groups in society by setting a precedent that will be used to subjugate religion to the state as it has been done in the past. Voris speaks of restoration, but the historical likelihood is that the actions he is promoting would cause another revolution as seen before by history, of which he would openly deny he had any desire of committing and claim ignorance of this in spite of his extensive education and knowledge of Church history and tradition.

In the Bible, it is said that a man is known by his fruits. Voris has many words about many things that are correct and good, but his historical past associations for decades with homosexuality as an active homosexual combined with his open affiliation and promotion of questionable individuals, including a well-known, notorious sodomite pederast, and now calling for the full force of the state to attack the Church using the law just as has happened in the past is very telling. It would be unwise to attribute this to simple good intentions because based on the evidence available, it seems to be a formula for a revolution in the making and which it would seem Mr. Gary Michael Voris would be all to happy to see come true.

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