Turkey Now Wants To Expand Deeper Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat

Turkey now wants to expand deeper and further into Syria. Erdogan notified both Washington and Moscow on his intent to penetrate further into the ancient Mesopotamian country. Erdogan announced:

“We entered Afrin, Jarablus, al-Bab. Now we will enter the (area) east of the Euphrates. We shared this (information) with Russia and the U.S. As long as harassment fire continues, we cannot remain silent”

Erdogan has stated that Turkey’s patience in the region has gone passed to limit, and that he will be sending troops into north-eastern Syria to fight Kurdish terrorists. Turkey wants to create a safe zone for refugees and has said that if the US does not come to an agreement on the safe zone that Ankara would have to establish it. Ahval reports:

Turkey wants a safe zone at least 30 km deep with Turkish forces in full control, while the United States favours a 10 km-deep area with no permanent Turkish troop presence. The zone is meant to provide a buffer between Turkey and parts of northern Syria controlled by the Syrian Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a group Ankara says is affiliated with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The YPG made up the bulk of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance, that helped by U.S. air support, defeated Islamic State (IS) in Syria. But Turkey considers the YPG a threat to its national security.

Talks between Ankara and Washington on the creation a safe zone in northern Syria have produced no results, including a three-day visit to Ankara last month by the U.S. envoy for Syria, James Jeffrey.

Turkey wants to expand into Syria under the pretext of ‘fighting terrorism’, but this is not just about fighting terrorism, rather it is a cover for a greater agenda of empire. Prepare for the rise of the Ottoman Empire. How many times have we heard the rallying to war under the banner of a ‘war on terror’? Its not just the US that plays this game. Turkey is utilizing this strategy, and let us not forget that the Armenian Genocide was done under the pretext of security for the empire. And not matter the talk about “tensions” between Washington and Ankara, the US is allowing this expansion to happen. The United States has been wanting a powerful Turkey since the Gladio operation when the US armed Turkey to the point that it became the second more powerful country in the NATO network. Remember that it was your praised messiah, Trump, who told Erdogan that Turkey was “all yours”:

US President Donald Trump told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the US was “done” with Syria as the pair discussed the possible withdrawal of US forces from the country.

Erdogan was explaining all the problems with the US presence in Iraq and Syria and was irritating Trump, according to a senior administration official who received a detailed readout of the phone call between both presidents.
Here, complain about how bad Obama was, and how he was ‘helping the jihad’ as your idol, the Republican president Trump, factors himself in the United States’ apparatus of assisting the revival of the Ottoman Empire.