Gangs Of Jewish Pre-Teens Start SEVENTY Fires, Tell Police They Did It Because It ‘Excited’ Them

Major counter-jihad writers will talk incessantly about Muslims starting fires throughout Israel as a part of a ‘jihad’. However, in a major case reported on YNet, Israeli police have arrested two gangs of Jewish youths aged 10 to 12 years old who started between the two groups seventy fires throughout Israel. When confronted with their crimes, which caused extensive property damage, they said they were doing it because they were ‘bored’ and starting fires ‘excited’ them:

Beit Shemesh police were shocked to discover the results of the investigation: Three 10-year-olds and seven 12-year-olds, divided into two gangs, are suspected to have been behind the 70 arsonist incidents in the wooded area near the city in recent months. The children, released at the end of their investigation to their homes, did their deeds because they were bored.

One by one, calls were received at the fire station for fires in the area. A strenuous investigation by the city police station led to the arrest of the children. Seven of them were interrogated at the station, and the others gave open evidence because they were under criminal responsibility. All children delivered their versions with their parents at their side.

Section 448 of the Penal Code provides that the penalty for arson is just 15 years in prison. An arson offense with intent to harm public property or intent to harm people carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

“When we saw the eavesdropping in that area every time, there was a suspicion that a pattern was coming back,” said the investigating and intelligence officer at the local police station, Chief of Peace Shalom Cohen, a day after the investigation was over. “They would hide combustible materials near the school, and at the end of the day or during breaks, light a disposable glass of cardboard and throw it at the nearby natural grove. It was part of the children’s excitement and they were waiting to see the fire extinguishers.”

Rabbi Cohen added: “These were two different groups who attended different schools. They would hide the lighters and matches and then head out into the field. They focused on the same route but each of the groups acted in a different part. They were not coordinated but each knew about the other’s existence. We saw that there was an element of danger here, and one of the fires caused the evacuation of a residential building. ”

The police officer said that the children saw the banter sparking more and more participants each time. “The crosses were made during the interrogation, four children were interrogated at different times and told the exact same thing. This is how we started reaching for more and more children until we reached the two groups.”

Beit Shemesh police do not remember such a large number of children sitting in the interrogation room. “There’s a mixed feeling about sitting in front of kids at this age,” the officer said. “There was a purpose to expose the children’s acts and we did not make assumptions. As a parent I also have feelings to see a small child in front of me, but alongside this we work professionally to expose those responsible so that they understand that it is severe and strictly forbidden.”

Children of the age of those involved undergo a probation service review, which examines the confessions and whether the severity of the acts is understood. “We will receive the surveys and then make a decision on whether the case is aimed at the criminal or therapeutic level. The material will be submitted for examination by the Prosecutor’s Office and the final decision will be made regarding each of those involved.”

As mentioned, all children have been released to their homes and welfare officials are involved in the case. (source, source)

Evil deeds are not limited to Muslims alone.

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