Immigration Is A Distraction From Reality, Which Is That The Kids Went Hard Left And Are Not Coming Back

Race relations in the US have been in decline for a long time. While there were always tensions to some degree between different ethnic groups, modern times have seen a return to rhetoric that was either used in or could have been used in 19th-century type racism. This has lead to an increased polarization between the different groups that is being exploited by those in power for their benefit.

Those who will often use such language will say that many of the statements they make are true. To a great extent, many of the so-called “race realism” facts given are true and can be supported with real evidence. The question in such a case would be not whether or not the facts are valid, but why said facts are being spoken of, for while Ben Shapiro may say that “Facts don’t care about your feelings,” the fact is that feelings are a part of being human, and facts can be used to advocate for a lie, such as the justification of eugenics which has risen proportionately as this is the end objective.

Now while there are many facts that are true, there are also many things which are presented as “facts” but are just lies that sound like facts. Likewise, there are some things where fact and lies are mixed together to create a “faction”- a fiction with enough fact mixed into it that it can be difficult to determine what is true and what is not true. The “illegal immigration” non-crisis is an example of this, because has pointed out many times, there is indeed a crisis of enforcement concerning laws on the border, but this is done intentionally and for political reasons by both parties and has been done so for decades. It is wrong to say that there is an “invasion” taking place because the people are largely being allowed in for the purpose of working on the farms at below-market labor in order to provide cheap food to keep American citizens fat-and-happy while exporting cheap food to other nations in order to keep them dependent on the US as a food supplier so that the government can control them as a part of foreign policy. The lack of enforcement of “border policy” is equally about the rigorous enforcement of an imperial foreign policy. However, one cannot deny that as many people have by way of this situation migrated to the US, legally or illegally, they have changed the country with their decisions at election time by voting in accordance with their interests, which they often align with those of the Democrat party.

But there is another aspect in the entire debate about “illegal invaders” versus “patriotic Americans” for the right, or “evil racists white people” against “poor innocent helpless brown people” for the left, and that is how most of the changes taking place in the American political landscape, while influenced by things such as immigration, racism, and foreign varieties of socialism, are coming as a result of the changing attitudes of the children in the “white non-hispanic” demographic bloc, which includes the drive towards “liberal socialism” and “Democrat” type policies. As Bloomberg News declares, the growing Hispanic populations are changing politics especially in border states such as Texas, but most of the current- and for that purpose fundamental -turning is being driven overwhelmingly by mostly by the predominately white people moving to Texas from other states.

The booming economy that helped the Lone Star State weather the 2008 recession has also sparked a migration there that’s changing the face of Texas politics. The workers who’ve moved to Texas for jobs in the energy and tech sectors are more liberal than Texas natives, slowly turning the deep-red state into a richer purple.

Texas is the second largest electoral college bloc of votes after California and has been consistently growind due to average birthrates and migration from across the US and from Mexico. However, as one liberal demographer admitted, most of the tilt towards the “left” is driven by the white non-Hispanic populations:

“The Latino growth gets a lot of the attention, but that’s far from the only thing going on,” said Ruy Texeira, a political demographer at the liberal Center for American Progress. “You can’t understand or explain the way Texas has shifted in the last couple of decades without looking at what’s going on with the white population.”

Likewise, Texas is expected to gain electoral votes in the near future:

And Texas’s importance as a battleground state will only increase in 2024. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan are each expected to lose an electoral vote after the political map is redrawn after the 2020 census; Texas is likely to gain three.

“I view it as more permanently purple than eventually blue. I see Texas in the future more like we see Florida and maybe Georgia,” Rottinghaus said. “But I think the short answer is that yes, Texas is going to be competitive.”

The saying used by the right that “demographics is destiny” is true, but it does not have to be used in a racist context.

As one can see here, the real scandal is the fact that the average American Millennial or Zoomer is strongly associated with the political “left”, and that trend is expected to grow.

I have noted that the last election was very close, as a story in The Atlantic discusses, for he won by picking up a large number of “swing” states, some of which he may not be able to pick up this time.

The future is unknown, but given current patterns which are being driven by “native born whites”- not “Hispanics”, “Blacks”, or “migrants” -there is an increasing chance that future presidential elections may not even need to happen because both the popular vote and elector college will nearly guarantee a Democrat- or left wing socialist -win almost each time.

Demographics and different groups of people in a society change and shape it, but the fact is that “illegal immigration” or even “minority groups” are not the primary driver of the massive swing of the whole nation towards open, international-style socialism. It is the “white, non-Hispanic” bloc that is doing this, and to talk about “immigration” causing massive changes is to distract from the uncomfortable fact that “the kids” made a hard left political turn and are likely not coming back. This is not to say that “the right” would be better, for they are also socialists.

Perhaps it is better to say that the kids are more honest- they chose open socialism instead of socialism-that-claims-not-to-be-socialism-but-really-is variety offered by the Republican party and many of their parents.

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