Major Democrat Party Donor, Racist, And Drug Addicted Sodomite Obsessed With Feces Who Was Caught With Two Dead Sodomites In His Apartment Busted AGAIN Bringing More Homeless People To His Lair Of Perversion And Death To Fulfill Sick Fetishes

When many a man ages late into his years, it is said that the passions and goals which he had as a younger man fade away and take the shape of more mature things. These would be a reflection on the past, drawing from the lessons of youth to see how to make the world a better place, and to put his personal affairs in order so that after he dies, he can see that his wishes are fulfilled.

But not everybody thinks that way. Some people want to continue to live as though they were in their teenage years or twenties up until their deaths. The zionist Democrat Sumner Rothstein is known for his infamous sexually-themed parties well into his nineties, and it is no secret that many of the “Boomers” are spending that which should be their children’s inheritance on cruises, travel, and other excursions so much that with the debt also incurred from these actions, it is unlikely that their children will inherit so much as a penny, and if the laws continue to change as they are, perhaps even the bill for their parent’s hedonistic and short-sighted, momentary bouts of indulgence.

The well-known Hollywood former fashion icon, businessman, and now Democratic donor Ed Buck is a notorious sodomite, having been involved in the practice for most of his life. In 2017, he faced serious scrutiny because underneath the public presentation of wealth, power, and success, it was uncovered that he was paying homeless black men to fulfill his sick sodomite fetishes that have head to the deaths of at least two men.

The first was one was twenty-six year old Gemmel Moore, who was found dead following a meth overdose inside of Buck’s West Hollywood apartment in July 2017. It later came out that Buck agreed to pay him for sex and fly him out from Texas so they could meet. The second victim was a friend named Timothy Dean, who at fifty-five was also found dead there from the same causes a year-and-a-half later. Not surprising, Buck denied any wrongdoing, brushed off the seriousness of said charges, and even had the courtesy of the local coroner to rule both deaths ‘accidental overdoses’ as well as to have the LA District Attorney decline to file charges against him.

The use of crystal meth by sodomites has been extensively covered at and often times rises in an area in proportion to the prevalence of the LGBT presence in that area. Now it is important to note that most methamphetamine is taken in the rural areas of the American midwest and south because it is a cheap, easy to produce drug that brings in a profitable income to the sellers. This does not indicate and abnormally high presence of sodomites in either of those geographic regions, but rather speaks to the rampant poverty and de-urbanizations that has wreaked havoc on theme save for the major urban areas where most people have concentrated into. It is in the cities that is more of a concern, since it is where sodomites tend to congregate in the largest numbers.

Meth operates by, briefly stated, pulling the vitamins and nutrients from one’s body and “jamming” them into the heart. This is why people who frequently use meth seem to have a lot of energy but also are very skinny, because once the body runs out of a normal source of food or fat, it beings to deconstruct one’s muscles to extract the nutrients from them in order to keep a person “going”. In enough time, a serious meth user is left with the famous “twig” type body and protruding eyes from his sockets but still full of energy, appearing to be more like a zombie than a human being.

Sodomites use meth because it allows them to have the “energy” to go on days-long orgies of sodomy with other sodomites in what are called “chemsex” parties. It also causes the rectal muscles to contract, so many of them feel it makes for a significantly more “pleasurable” experience when sodomizing and being sodomized. Additionally, it helps many of the “skinny” type sodomites stay and become even thinner than what they already are, as generally there are three types of “bodies” that the LGBT fetishize. The first is the “muscle” guy, the second is the fat guy, which is also called a “bear,” and third is the “twink”, or the very skinny sodomite who usually is a “bottom” (meaning he prefers to be sodomized as opposed to being the one who sodomizes). The first and second types tend to eat a lot or overeat, so “chemsex” does not affect their physical constitution usually, but the third it helps them to fit into their preferred and perverted fetish.

All of this is very evil and perverted, and in addition to the moral consequences of sodomy, when mixed with the illicit use of dangerous drugs in a recreational and unclean setting, it brings about the conditions for the rapid spread of HIV and many other STDs or serious diseases.

According to recent sources, a photograph recently emerged of a young black man with what appears to be a bandage on his arm and carrying bundles of paper towels entering Buck’s apartment:

The unknown man carried a bundle of paper towels and had what appeared to be a bandage on his arm. The picture is the first photo evidence that Buck is still being visited by young black men, even after being accused of being involved in two drug overdoses

The recent photo of a young black man entering Buck’s apartment was tweeted by justice campaigner Jasmyne Cannick, who has uncovered evidence used in the police investigation into the deaths and has pushed for years for Buck’s arrest.

In a photo obtained by, Buck smokes meth with a painfully thin, drug-addicted homeless young black man in his apartment – a partner he had found on the street and offered $300 to carry out his bizarre ‘fetish’ requests. Buck ordered the man to wear dirty white long johns and black leather ‘f***ing boots’

In another photo obtained by, a man models white underwear and a white tank top in the same room with Buck, who is wearing white long johns while sitting on the sofa. The floor is littered with what looks like dirty clothing. (source)

It is said that the men died after being injected with meth given to them by Buck, who then is claimed to have watched sodomite porn with them before taking part in a series of perverted sodomites acts, of which details are not entirely given save for “slamming”, which is when a sodomite takes crystal meth and shoves it into his anus for the purpose of, by injecting it or inserting it at that site, hoping to provide “extra” tightness to the region. However, it often times results in over-absorption (as the intestines is where the body absorbs nutrients from) and can lead to unintentional overdose and death.

The large amount of paper towels suggests that Buck may have been engaging in a practice known as “fisting”, where a sodomite shoves his fist up to the length of his entire arm into another sodomite’s rectum. However, this cannot be definitively proven based on the evidence that is currently available.

The report continues that Buck was obsessed with “slamming” those who he had his bouts of perversity with. According to one person who survived an encounter with Buck, he said that Buck insisted on shoving so much meth into him that he thought he was going to die.

He continued: ‘He came over, he was like ”I don’t think you’re high enough for me, I want you to do another point.”

‘That’s when he pointed me. Immediately it felt like death took over my body. I don’t know what it was. I felt like everything was going to end right there.

‘I really thought I was the next person that was gonna be dead at Ed Buck’s house.’

Another person reported that Buck was obsessed with racist terminology when doing his vile deeds. He was also obsessed with feces and watching them defecate, as well as choking people:

…Buck called the black 30-year-old his ‘crack baby’, ‘my n****r buddy’, ‘my straight n****r buddy’, ‘and ‘black boy’.

Blake claimed the Hillary donor paid to watch him defecate, strip-searched him before he left the apartment, and once even choked Blake when he refused to leave.

There is no difference politically between the Republicans and the Democrats, for what the latter does in the open the former does in secret. Both will stand with the same rotten agenda.

Therefore, it should be no surprise then what Buck is doing, and how in spite of cries for “justice”, he still continues to evade it, because the people of the nation have accepted sodom and with that, her consequences. One cannot support an act without supporting the products which that act bring. One should not be surprised if more scandals such as this come out for either the Republicans or the Democrats, because this is the dirty underside that so few want to admit or discuss.

Buck’s obsession with perversion, drugs, and feces is not abnormal. As has pointed out, all of these things are considered to be “normal” and acceptable among sodomites because as the Bible notes in St. Paul’s letter to the Romans, such people have given themselves over to their sins and pursue them as far as they can go in doing them. The end result is always the same, which is disease, misery, and death.

Buck will eventually die too, and he is an older man. Based on his actions, he seems not to be preparing for the future, but attempting to indulge in the evils of sodom as long has he can.

However, that may end for Buck sooner rather than later, has he has just been formally charged in the overdose-related deaths of the two sodomites found dead as his apartments.

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