Evil Hindu Nationalist Livestreams Himself On Facebook With A Mob Assaulting Christian Pastor At Church, Declares ‘I Will Make This Area Free Of Christianity’

Hindu nationalists have been attacking Christians for a long time. Unfortunately, they have become emboldened by support from Hindus abroad, especially in the US, as well as an Indian police who sides with the terrorists and enables the continued persecution of Christians.

There are many Hindu nationalist groups who are involved in reviving National Socialism of a Hindu variant on the subcontinent. One of these groups is Bajrang Dal, a Hindu movement who values the lives of cows over their fellow man, and has gleefully declared that they look forward to they day when they can cook Christians alive in ovens, and has been telling fellow Hindus to go out and buy guns and prepare to commit genocide against Christians.

On September eight Hindu terrorists from Bajrang Dal and their accomplices in Indian police jailed church leaders and their families after a group of Hindu terrorists disrupted a worship service, beat individuals and live-streamed events on Facebook.

The pastor, Manohar Prasad Varnwal, was threatened and temporarily locked up by police. On that Sunday morning, approximately 40 to 50 Bajrang Dal members broke into church services where 40 Christians were gathered. Pastor Varnwal’s wife, Savita Devi, attempted to stop the first few assailants who came, abusing the congregation verbally.

The damage was visible as Bibles lay torn or seized, church supplies broken, and the offering box gone. It was not long before the organization’s convener, Yadav, went live on Facebook, showing how the Christians were forced out of their house church and onto the streets.

In his video, Yadav is seen pestering women about why they attended the service and claiming that Christianity has destroyed the entire district. Eventually the police arrive. Upon their arrival, the pastor, his family and a few members were forced into a police vehicle. The assailants stood proudly and unharmed.

The livestream is ended on Yadav’s final comment, “our job is to make this area free of Christianity”.

According to Pastor Varnwal, police and radicals forced him to sign a document promising that he would not preach the Gospel or conduct prayers. The police deny this forced signature. One policeman said that the team had been sent to the church when they received word that the congregation was “promoting Christianity”, despite the fact that evangelism and conversion are legal in India. (source)

The church attack was preceded by an attack on Pastor Varnwal and another church member, just seven days prior. Members of a Hindu radical group accused them of kidnapping infants, physically assaulted the two men, and then accused them of conversions when Bibles were found on them.

If you are a Christian and living in India, then you need to make plans NOW to leave India.

If you have family who is Christian in India, you need to try to get them out NOW, or at least prepare financially to help them in the next decade.

Time is not on your side. Hindu nationalists have made very clear, and the Catholic Church as well as other Christians has declared along with former Hindu terrorists that the plan is for the Hindu nationalists to take power and commit genocide just like what happened in Europe during World War II, and YOU are the target.

For years, people asked why didn’t people listen and take the warnings of the German National Socialists and respond accordingly, including to flee the nation if possible.

Yet this is what is happening today. National Socialists do not all wear brown suits and have German names. They can wear anything they want, including saffron colored robes and have names such as Prakash or Sundar. It is the philosophy that matters, which is ultimately one of eugenics and darwinism in a socialist-type context wrapped in a pseudo-religion of nationalism and race worship.

If things continue as they are, then in India, it is fully possible that people of the future will look back at the BJP as they do today with the NSDAP.

Don’t become a statistic.

Get out now while there is still time, and if you know people or have family and friends that cannot or do not understand the threat, do the charitable thing and prepare to help them get out- especially by saving up the financial means -without them knowing.

If the political climate continues as it is, and so far there are not any signs of stopping this, they will thank you for it.

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