Is Nick Fuentes Following The Path Of Sodom?

With the start of the New Year, it brings new possibilities, new information, new hope, and also new stories.

Nick Fuentes is somebody which we have written about before. The new ‘face’ of the conservative movement has been shown to have highly questionable ties as well as questions about his past that show that we do not really know who Nick Fuentes truly is. Likewise, he has also been documented communicating privately with the sodomite pederast Milo Yiannopoulos. These are warning signs that Fuentes does not appear who he seems to be, and that he may just be another “talking head” meant to fill a political role.

However, in what appears to be a growing discussion online in right-wing groups, in what some are saying are Fuentes’ ties to homosexuals and furries, including him possibly being one himself.

Now I should be very clear- it cannot be confirmed definitively that Nick Fuentes is a homosexual, furry, pedophile, or any of these things. To assume or declare such as a fact would be wrong and unjust. Likewise, further evidence is being sought to substantiate said or additional claims of his ties in this regard.

What we do have, like with many things, are reasonable suspicions based on publicly available data that mirror patterns of similar behavior with other people from the past who have been confirmed to have committed said acts after having demonstrated such behaviors. They do not confirm anything in themselves, but they serve as templates for behavior patterns that help one to ask critical questions about sensitive topics, and to do so in a way that balances justice with charity.

For example, consider the following as food for thought. has written extensively about furries, which are people who LARP with a bestiality fetish, and which statistically speaking, have been overwhelmingly been associated with homosexual subculture, as the entire subgroup was started by two homosexuals during the 1980s. has also covered how there is a strong homosexual element within the right wing, some of which is public, and some of which, while not being definitively confirmed, has strong suspicions of this. Open sodomites, supporters of sodom, or people who deny sodom but have uncomfortably curious associations with sodom or behaviors associated with sodom include David Rubin (sodomite), Dennis Prager (defender of sodomite ephebephilia), Milo Yiannopoulos (admitted pederast), Michael Voris (a ‘former sodomite’ who defends ‘lowering the age of consent’ on a public talk show with the admitted pederast Milo Yiannopoulos), Gavin McInnes (a ‘married man’ who makes out with the sodomite Milo Yiannopoulos), and Peter Thiel just to name a few.

As noted above, I have also covered how Nick Fuentes has many questions surrounding who he is and what is motivations are, since he seemed to come out of nowhere.

That said, while like Milo Yiannoupoulos, there has been publicly available evidence in circulation for over a year about Fuentes, there has been recent talk that Fuentes has been quickly deleting videos of himself as well as posts made online in reference to “catbois”.

“Catbois” are sodomite men who, as the name suggests, dress up as cats in an effeminate way. This could also be a reference to a particular type of “traps”, which for those who are unfamiliar with the term, refers to sodomites who dress up as woman and seek to “trick” men into conjugal relations with them, except that once the couple returns to their place of soon-to-be fornication and the seducer “reveals” himself, the other person feels “trapped” into engaging in sodomite relations because of the situation. It is essentially the same as the infamous “ladyboys” of Thailand, and likewise, those who seek out “traps” are practically never “trapped”, but know that they are with a man who is pretending to be a woman. While it is very disgusting, this practice has become well-known among many “gamers”, persons with a strong interest in Japanese anime, and many active in political circles in the American right.

There are multiple screenshot of discord conversations, but there is one video in particular that is said to have been disappearing from the Internet showing Fuentes going for a drive, going for a meal, and then looking at clothes- things that one may generally associate with a date -with a man who appears to be a “catboi”. It took some digging, but I was able to secure a copy of the video.

Now, the details of this video- time, context, etc. -still need to be further confirmed. However, this video bears a very close semblance to tweets made by Paul Joseph Watson showing him with other men in curiously close scenarios, and then later on even declaring how he was going out with other men to check out the ‘gay scene’ in Prague.

Nick Fuentes’ sister likewise has released curious images on her own Instagram, which like him, while we cannot confirm definitively what they mean nor do we wish to unjustly accuse anybody of anything which they are not, by the curious nature of the photos taken, one must ask if his sister, Melissa Fuentes, may also be in a sodomitic relationship.

The Daily Stormer online news site, managed by the confirmed self-identified atheist Jew Andrew Auernheimer and operated by the highly questionable Andrew Anglin, about which his background is still much yet to be clarified, has been aggressively pushing Nick Fuentes and the so-called “groyper” movement. As I have noted, it is interesting to see the “tension” being created within the conservative movement between the Fuentes faction and the TPUSA/Charlie Kirk/Ben Shapiro faction.

Is this a strategy of tension we are seeing? Is TPUSA, like many other movements in conservative circles, being flushed to bring in Fuentes? Is there something else going on?

We don’t know. What we do know is that while Fuentes spends his time laughing at people who have to work hard at normal jobs for meager pay to try to better themselves and boasts that he does not know what it is like to have a real job, this person appears to be meeting up with at least one man dressed up like a cat with bows in his hair for dinner, shopping, and driving around urban areas.

For a man who is being presented as well as presents himself as an influential face of a major political movement, there are a lot of questions and questionable things here which need answers.

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