Nick Fuentes Admits To Collaborating With Sodomite Pederast Milo Yiannopoulos

Nick Fuentes is the current darling of the neo-nationalist movement. However, he recently admitted in October 2019 in a clip that he has been collaborating with the sodomite pederast Milo Yiannopoulos by anonymous text messaging.

This clip is extremely telling.

First, let’s remember that Milo was booted out of the conservative movement because of him being a SODOMITE PEDERAST.

Ask yourself, why would anybody of sound mind would want to associate in a public way with a man like this if they want to attract public support?

Remember, this is the same Milo that the “former” sodomite Gary Michael Voris had on his radio show where the explicitly discussed lowering the age of consent.

That is a warning right there.

Second, as I have pointed out, nobody knows anything about who Nick Fuentes really is. He appeared out of what would seem to be nowhere, and then there are persistent questions about his background that there has been no answer for. This is also a concern.

Third, as noted in the previous piece, Fuentes is being presented as a new and sharper face to the conservative movement. I noted this appears to be a fomented conflict in order to oust Charlie Kirk and the Turning Point USA project because of intentions to drive the nationalist movement to even more dangerous rhetoric and justify further actions.

Now taking all of these points into consideration, it is very telling that Fuentes would publicly admit to associating with Milo.

Notice too how he said he was communicating with Milo by Telegram, an app known for anonymity. One may say this is a good thing, but one must also wonder, what exactly is Fuentes “hiding” from the world?

Likewise, we know that Milo has close ties to the Bannon crowd, and we know that Bannon is working with European ultra-nationalist groups it Italy and had ties to figures in the “Right” who are associated with revolution, paganism, and National Socialism.

This is not the first time that Fuentes has brought on a man with ties to Bannon. In October 2018, he hosted an interview with Tim “Baked Alaska” Treadstone, who also has ties with Bannon that you can see here.

It appears that something is happening in the Conservative movement. There are many possibilities, but it seems that Fuentes is being prepared as the next major media “face” of the “Conservative” movement.

This means a direct threat to Ben Shapiro, who is veritably the current “media” face, which is what I suspect is intended. What we may be witnessing right now is preparation for the fall of Ben Shapiro, and there are already videos of Shapiro being “degroyped” (as they are saying) by Fuentes.

Shapiro is in the “conservative” movement, but he is strongly tied to the “pro-Israel” crowd, is not popular with the ultra-nationalists (which is where the right is moving) unless it is for Israel, and he already has humiliated himself before, such as during his “debate” on the BBC where he walked out after being questioned for only a few minutes.

Many things could happen, and we do not know the exact state of the funding in the movement, but it is well-known that the “conservative” movement has a history of destroying her own after a few years, and there are many who do not survive long in her.

Shapiro has made his fame for the last few years with Trump, and while he may have been “prepared” for the role he is in, it appears that his time may be coming due, and that Fuentes is being set up to replace him in order to drive the “right” even harder into territory that supports nationalism and open racism or even eugenics. This is not something that Shapiro would do, but Fuentes is already doing.

Nothing is fundamentally changing here other than the conservative “diaper” of their current figure head. They put him on, fill him with all kinds of waste they peddle to the masses, and once too full, get rid of it and put a new one on.

Fuentes will be somebody to watch for the future, since he has the support of the movement (which likely means major financial backers), he is standing with major sodomites tied to major nationalist circles, and he is threatening major figures in the movement that are the current public “faces”.

As the famous song lyric says, “the times are a’changing.”


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