Georgian Political Scientist Reports: ‘CIA Is Behind Riots In Georgia And Is Stirring Up A Civil War, This Is Another Maidan. Georgian Mercenaries Have Returned From Ukraine To Back The Overthrowing Of The Government.’

Georgian political scientist, Shota Apkhaidze, has said today that the CIA is behind the riots in Georgia, that its a second Maidan, and that it is stirring up a civil war, and also that Georgian mercenaries have returned from Ukraine to Georgia to radicalize the rioters and back a revolution. As we read in United World:

Throwing “Molotov cocktails” is a pre-arranged action of the radical opposition. In addition, a few days ago, Georgian mercenaries arrived in Georgia from Ukraine. The leadership of Ukraine finances them, they are well prepared and ready to further radicalize the protest in order to overthrow the government in Georgia.

What kind of democracy is this when people are ready to shed blood and unleash a civil war? Is this really a democracy?

Many thanks to law enforcement officers for the fact that they were able to keep the situation under control. They did not allow destructive elements to cause chaos and mass pogroms in the Georgian capital, defended the Parliament building and, within the framework of the law, defended the constitutional system of Georgia.

The police, in the best sense of the word, dispersed the rally. In fact, this is not a peaceful action, but a pre-planned aggression on the part of the West in Georgia. I have repeatedly said that not only the Americans, but also the Ukrainian special services were behind these actions. Three months ago, I conducted an investigation and said that David Arakhamia and the Zelensky regime created an organization in Georgia called the Anti-Corruption Centre.

It would seem that this organization should investigate the facts of corruption, but in fact this centre was created in order for Georgia to join the anti-Russian sanctions. Ultimately, it all escalated yesterday into an attack on the police, an attack on the parliament building.

The US is rocking another Maidan in Georgia. The CIA and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) are behind the riots in Tbilisi.

When asked, “Will the protests continue?” Apkhaidze replied:

Of course, such actions will continue. Over the past year, the destructive opposition has repeatedly clung to any topic in order to find some reason to stir up a civil war in Georgia, to overthrow the current government. Their reasons do not end – the task is to stir up a civil war, so everything will continue today, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow – as long as the Americans are in Georgia, until they get what they want.

The rioters are a pro-Europe movement. They wave the flag of the EU and are demanding for integration with Europe.

Looking at the videos, they are very reminiscent to what happened nearly a decade ago in Ukraine in 2014.