Russian Satellite State In Georgia, Abkhazia, Declares That Its Ready For Conflict With Tbilisi

The state of Abkhazia, which is an ally of Russia and which Russia considers independent of Georgia, has declared that it is ready for conflict with Tbilisi. Georgia has been in a similar situation to what Ukraine was before the war broke out. Like Ukraine, Georgia has two provinces that are pro-Russia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia, kind of like Luhansk and Donetsk in Ukraine), and like Donetsk and Luhansk, Russia considers these two states as independent and allies. The rioters in Georgia, who are very anti-Russia, want to force these two states to fully conform to Tbilisi.

This is why rioters were screaming the name of “Sukhumi!” because its the capitol of Abkhazia and they want to drive out its pro-Russia government:

If these rioters get what they want, there will be a war between Tbilisi and these two states.

As we read in TASS:

Abkhazia is ready for anything from neighboring Georgia as the two countries haven’t signed a peace treaty, Sergey Shamba, the secretary of Abkhazia’s Security Council, told TASS on Friday in comments on the events in Georgia.

“Instability in the neighboring state should always cause concern, especially as we are hearing all sorts of appeals that disturb us [regarding Abkhazia and South Ossetia]. We cannot be indifferent to this. In principle, we always expect the unexpected from our neighbor because we have not signed a peace agreement and our relations don’t inspire optimism. Therefore, anyway, we are always ready for anything and everything,” Shamba said.

According to the official, the global unrest, the special military operation and everything that is happening in world politics in one way or another concern Abkhazia.

“The Black Sea region, like the Mediterranean region, has historically always been at the center of such global world upheavals, in general, events of the world order. Therefore, we have never been able to relax, especially now, and are taking all necessary measures to ensure security,” Shamba said.

According to the politician, “Georgia is not up to dealing with Abkhazia now as it has its own internal problems, but it’s hard to predict what all that will come to.”

Abkhazia has increased its troop readiness, as we read in another report:

Abkhazia’s State Security Service and State Guard Service are stepping up security measures over the events in neighboring Georgia on orders from Abkhaz President Aslan Bzhania, the presidential office said in a statement on Friday.

Bzhania and chiefs of the country’s security agencies earlier discussed efforts to increase mobilization readiness. The meeting was attended by Security Council Secretary Sergey Shamba, Deputy Defense Minister Nodar Avidzba, who is in charge of reserve troops, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Vladimir Savchenko and State Security Service Chairman Robert Kiut.

The press spokesman of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, stated that a provocation is being made in Georgia to stoke up the anti-Russian sentiment:

“The situation that caused these public disturbances has nothing to do with the Russian Federation. <...> At the same time, we see that someone’s hand is not invisible, it is quite visible, we see where the President of Georgia addresses his people, he does not address the Georgians From Georgia, he appeals from America – someone’s visible hand is diligently trying to add anti-Russian elements here.” – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Georgia’s First Deputy Speaker of the parliament, Giorgi Volski, recently reported that there are certain militants in the country who want to stir the people up to civil war, as we read his own words:

it can be confirmed that a certain group of supporters of Saakashvili, the “National Movement” came from Ukraine – these are fighters who, using this youth energy, will try to prevent this revolutionary process from being removed from the agenda and turning into a civil war, a stampede