First German Leopard 2 Tank Spotted In Ukraine

A German Leopard 2 tank has been reportedly spotted in Ukraine, as we read in a report in Dzen:

Who would have thought, but in the practically surrounded Bakhmut (Artyomovsk), vigilant informants “spotted” a German cat, or rather the main battle tank made in Germany – the Leopard 2. In the frames from the video, the gray colossus is “in a hurry” somewhere. And this is no wonder: the first one to knock out a Krauss-Maffei tank monster will receive a good reward from numerous sponsors. German Leopard in Artyomovsk. Photo source: Telegram channel Rubej99 On the footage from the video, we can clearly read the white cross denoting the Ukrainian armed forces, and the fact that this is not some kind of training ground in Poland or France is easy to understand from the dilapidated environment next to a moving tank. Most likely, the presented footage actually proves the presence of a German tank in Ukraine, since Poland had already handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces 10 Leopard 2 MBTs in the A4 version of the 14 promised armored vehicles a week earlier.