Muslims Ambush Five Christians As They Are Sleeping And Hack Them To Death With Machetes. They Then Ambush Five More Christians And Butcher Them With Their Blades

Muslims in Nigeria ambushed a group of five Christians as they were sleeping and hacked them to death with machetes. An alarm went off and while the murderers were on the run they ambushed another group of five Christians butchered them with their blades. As we read in CBN News:

Armed militants in Nigeria have murdered 27 Christians in the lead-up to elections there.

The same radicals who recently murdered 17 Christians in Agwan Wakili attacked another Christian community in Mubushi and Langsong, killing 10 more people and wounding 14 others.

Persecution watchdog International Christian Concern (ICC) reports the militants attacked during the night on March 14 during hot weather. Most of the villagers were sleeping outside while others kept watch after receiving an earlier warning. Instead of using firearms, the militants quietly slipped inside one compound using machetes and axes. They reportedly killed five people before an alarm could be sounded.  As they fled, they killed five more people.