This President is An Ungrateful, Arrogant Scumbag

By Keith Davies

One hundred fifty years ago today, President Lincoln marked the commemoration of the death of 50,000 soldiers from both the Confederates and the Union in the Battle of Gettysburg with his famous speech that set the tone for the freedom of the slaves and the long path to equality for black people. Lincoln, a Republican (contrary to an attempt by a University to identify him as Democrat), was the reformer who re-shaped our country and put it on a path to being a more just and righteous nation. The current president, as a bi-racial person, should owe at least some respect to the man who ultimately gave his life so that black people may enjoy the same freedoms as the rest of us now do.

Obama: "no show" at Gettysburg Address memorial.

Obama: “no show” at Gettysburg Address memorial.

Lincoln paved the way for a black man to eventually become president of the United States. Yet, President Obama is a “no show” at this landmark anniversary, which is a peculiar way of “honoring” your self-adopted mentor.

As the President’s wife Michele said in her victory speech after the election in 2008:

“Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

It seems she and Barack are very serious about this.

The President’s “no show” at Gettysburg today would just bring too much attention to this battle and may inspire some patriotism for America and its founding principals, which are inherent in the very speech that President Lincoln made on that solemn day. Yet, based on what Michelle Obama stated, this is not something that the Bamster wishes to promote. We just cannot have any American pride in our historical achievements as that just does not fit in with the socialist agenda of this President. While America perpetrated injustices of great magnitude on the black slaves, it must also be noted that over 400,000 Union soldiers (most being white) gave their lives to free black men from slavery and our first black president spits in the face of these martyrs, insulting our nation by refusing to attend the memorial ceremony.

Some in the media suggest that Obama may be afraid of having his oratory compared to that of Lincoln. If he is afraid of that, he could at least attend and say just two words to the memory of Lincoln – “thank you”. He could have chosen to simply stand down and allow Lincoln’s speech to remain the one we remember.

We all know that Obama has no humility, no class and to be frank, perhaps his refusal to attend may be a blessing. At least we did not have to endure anymore of his sanctimonious drivel.

What does Obama stand for? Simple – serfs to the state. Obama wishes to enslave us under Government control with the biggest victims being those who make up his loyal African American base. These are at the top of his list for renewed serfdom. The final straw is Obama’s unwillingness to repeat the words “under G-d” in the Gettysburg speech when reciting the speech for the film being made by the venerable Ken Burns. Either Obama thinks he is God or he is a slave to different deity called Allah.

Many will criticize this piece as disrespectful to the office of the president. Many will also be thinking but are afraid to say, what I write. Samuel Adams said it how it was, so I shall too.

Respect is something that is earned and when our top elected leader disrespects the nation by lying, cheating and even snubbing our richest history, our traditions and our founding principals, then he does not deserve the respect of this nation. While I and many other conservatives have known that this man has deceived us from the very beginning, the average uninformed voters are finally waking up five years down the road. The Gettysburg snub reveals just how fully an ungrateful, arrogant scumbag this man really is!

There are just no other words to describe him.

Abraham Lincoln: Dissed by the first black President.

Abraham Lincoln: Dissed by the first black President.


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  • shirleyanne12


  • totallydomestic

    The reason that he would not say the words Under God, is the same reason that he
    covered up the symbol of Christ behind him at the university. Because : The future
    does not belong to those that slander the prophet. To call the living God by his real
    name would be blasphemy under Shariah Law. Remember, there is no God but
    Allah according to BO.

    • shirleyanne12

      Don’t even write that ABOMINABLE NAME…

      • totallydomestic

        you are right I won’t write that name again! Cursed!

        • shirleyanne12

          May it be CURSED FOREVER !!!!

    • karacek

      He is a satanist…Satan is his god…evil, immoral, liar to name a few of the satanic attributes.

  • Tzione

    Keith,he doesn’t care…he has no black history in the US…His black ancestors were still in Kenya…selling his brothers INTO slavery

    • 4True

      Yes but the foolish American blacks haven’t noticed he has no store, history, interest or common inheritance for good or bad with them. Obama is NOT African-American in the sense we all understand and all who label him that are lying. He is a recent immigrant from Africa-possibly a legal American.

      • karacek

        NEVER a legal American. He never got the priviledge of citizenship of this great country from his mother…so where would he get it? His father? NO! So, where would citizenship come from…Kenya and Indonesia (briefly the UK while Kenya was under their rule).

  • foxxybey

    Well written and oh so true, hit every point to be made about the egoist in the White House as illegal as he is. Thinks he is God, if he ever gives a speech in the rain will drown his nose is so high in the air in self worship. Needs to be on a raft back to Kenya where he was born.

    • karacek

      rotf lol…

  • Redwood509

    On the money! Tweeter suspended me for less forceful comment! Some comments got on their nerves, the shut me down, no explanation. It is another tool of the D Party!

    • 4True

      Hope it goes bankrupt if not sold to someone who believes in free speech.

    • sumsrent

      You Tube and Twitter are both owned by Google… and remember this… it was a muslim CEO of Google that sparked the so called “Arab Spring” in Tunisia which spread across the ME.
      In fact Google supported his actions…

  • Andy Bendzin

    Keith, I knew a lady who got enraged that people would show so little respect to the office of the presidency. I told her, “respect is not what you deserve, respect must be earned.” And yes, even if we should show some form of respect there is a line that needs to be drawn. Obama has crossed this line when he put up a replica of “Satans Seat,” you know the one from Greece or Turkey that sits at the museum in Berlin bearing the same name. He is a New World Order, he is a Socialist and he continues the Nazi Plan which I found out thanks to Dennis Cuddy, is well and alive.

    • karmafordems

      He’s no socialist…He’s a filthy stinkin communist

  • mom58

    you can say that again, Lincoln worked to free the slave off the plantation, and obummer is working hard to put everyone back in slavery

  • Dana Faulkner

    Who was he trying not to offend ? The rebels , slave plantation owners ? He hates this once great country .

  • richinnameonly

    Don’t you just love it when he covertly gives someone the middle finger salute, as in the picture above. Makes me wonder when the next staged fainting will take place while he speaks. Suckers that elected him can watch along with everyone else in the entire world as he flushes the U.S. down the toilet.

  • karacek

    Maybe it was better in the long run that Obummer did not desecrate the memory of this solemn occasion. He is not an American!

  • sumsrent

    Folks… The Northern Aggression War was NOT about slavery. It was about unfair taxation on cotton exports. Direct taxation applied to just Southern States.
    Ask yourselves… “If slavery was such an important aspect… then…
    1) Why does Oklahoma have a panhandle? Why did Texas turn this land over to Oklahoma? Research how the line was drawn, forcing slavery just in the South!
    2) If slavery was so important… then why America? When it only represented a measly 5% of the worlds slave trade?
    3) If slavery was so important… then why did it take nearly 100 years for most of the Islamic nations to cease keeping slaves?
    4) If slavery was so important… why do Islamic countries STILL practice slavery to this day!?
    5) If slavery was so important… then why doesn’t the media speak out against these Islamic nations still practicing slavery?
    Let’s not ever think that ‘Mr. Martial Law Abe Lincoln’ was a hero! He was no more a hero than General Sherman… Barack Hussein or Reagan. Research how the Irish immigrants were used… to become USA citizens… they had to serve as soldiers during the Civil War. Immigrants being used as an endless supply of soldiers for the North.
    Get this… Regan signed into law the REX 84 program… setting up the US government to confiscate the personal property of the American Citizens. Bush expounded on this after 9/11/2001… and Barack Hussein has since ran with it.
    It fact… it was during the Nixon administration when the Secret Service investigated the probability of aircraft slamming into the White House…
    And remember… A airplane DID try to crash into the WH during the Clinton Administration.