Church kicks out Christian Woman so Imam can sing Muslim Call to Prayer

When is the last time you saw a Christian allowed to recite the ‘Our Father’ or read John 14:6 aloud inside a mosque?

Instead of racking your brain fruitlessly, check out this story about a German woman named Heidi Mund. Watch what happened after she spoke up with righteous anger after an imam was singing the Islamic call to prayer inside the church.

Via CBN (h/t BNI):


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  • She is brave… Hope she will be safe….

    • H2o2Bill

      I don’t believe it’s about being safe it’s about being brave and confident.
      Ever here of RAK CHAZAK or CHAZAK AMATS ?

  • Definitely a brave woman. These “Interfaith Dialogues” that include prayers by an Imam are also occurring all over America within churches of all denominations. Ironically, the church leaders and congregations are falling for the “Let’s all be friends” scenario. Folks, this is the “Dawa” invitation for all people in the congregations to “accept and embrace Islam.” That makes it an official invitation and gives an excuse for Muslims to turn against those who did not answer the call to convert to Islam. Watch what is happening in your community. Be informed on how Islam is beginning to transform this country like what is happening in Europe, Scandinavia and the Netherlands – and our government and community leaders are allowing this to happen.
    Just like this brave German lady demonstrated, Christians in America need to Wake Up, Step Up and Speak Up!

    • Andy Bendzin

      Their purpose is to bring everyone into a one world religion. Bible believing Christians are being admitted to be a stumbling block for that to happen. I guess that’s you and me and everyone else who follows Christ.

  • L chavez

    We should all be like this woman, BRAVO! Do you see this in your church? If you do, you MUST speak up! Crislam is creeping into our churchs and is already in our country.

  • stage9


  • Clive Smith


    • CNeder

      Why not? The christian church has abandoned the true Word of the Most High 1700 years ago.

      • Al Hart

        Depends on which “church” you refer to. The true Christian Church of believers is not a denomination or catholicism or protestantism but a body with out a building, a body with out a mission statement, a body without men wearing robs or saying sacraments…the “Bride” is the true believers who’s name is written in “The Lambs Book of LIFE”….”The Bride” is the body of those who have had their sins forgiven by Jesus Christ and His atonement on the cross…..those with a “relationship” with the “living G-d”….

    • Disciples Ministries Internati

      must remove the Church authority, they are not qualified to run the Church, they don’t have respect for Jesus and they decided to follow “Baal” a idol. you can not compare Jesus with Allah or Mohammad. Jesus is alive but others are dead.

      • islam

        Sorry brother or sister
        Allah is an arabic word for god
        Our arab brother s and sisters who are Christian they use the word allah too.
        If you want to learn more about islam feel free to ask
        We muslim believe that prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is dead and also we believe that Jesus pbuh is alive.
        This is my e-mail
        [email protected]

        • Al Hart

          if you say is true then why reject the message of Jesus Christ as HIS word says. Also why do muslims kill and hate Jews and Christians which is opposite what Jesus the Christ teaches..”..and I say love your enemies..”. MOst muslims do not know what islam really teaches and few have read the quron let alone the Hate filled “hadith’s”. Which of the 13 qurons should all muslims follow…oh that’s right..12 were burned…”Wahabi” islam say that the Jews and Christians changed the writings yet NOT a single muslim can show where those changes are…show me and I will change but you can’t and won’t…ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you…what are you afraid of so as NOT to ask…why does your g0d teach misery and blood let…why do the “hadith’s” show such hate …The “Torah” and “Christian” writings are G-d’s Words” says a muslim but yet will not read them…why because the truth will be revealed and you will find that the “most clever one..allah” has LIED to you!. mohammed IS NOT the “comforter”…I DARE you to look at the original languages and do your homework…then see who is being lied to… are going to Hell and only JESUS THE CHRIST can save you from HELL>He died for every man but only the man that ask’s for forgiveness of sins by Jesus will be saved…Do you have peace with G-D or do you have fear from serving a false god…”bel”…the crescent is the symbol for your god..I challenge you to consider what Whalid teaches…your soul is at stake… the Bible which is Holy…find the errors, DARE YOU!

          • Alansaralhaq

            Apologies do not seek to get into comparative religion.

            If you apply logic then ask yourself how many versions of the bible and how many authors plus revisionist.

            Take 5 different bible versions and open the pages and they all read differently in fact take 2 copies of 2 different bibles.

            Muslims are tolerant to Al faiths read our history. We provided sanctuary for all and lived as brothers with Christians and Jews.

            Be fair, be balanced and objectively without any malice read our history.

            We follow the semitic traditions and practices of all prophets and this includes Moses pbuh and Jesus pbuh.

            If you saw both he’s great mess gers of God today their lifestyle and tongue would be more similar to Arabs rather than Anglo Saxon interpretation of the faith.

            Ultimately to you is your faith and to is ours and history has shown both have lived side by side and in a modern highly developed world this is so too.

            Beyond his I am neither a scholar or Alim just hope people approach with a balanced open mind with introspection and retrospection .

            In the words of the great semitic prophets I leave you in their words.

            Shalom Aleykom
            And it’s Arabic response…
            Walaykum Assalam.

            We are all God’s creation are we really so disimilar

        • supajohnny

          Pure Taqiaah…

  • Higlac

    Truly an absolute HEROINE!!! God Be with her now and always – and may Germany be awakened by her to what the Moslems and their Communist allies (many of them in government!!!) are out to do to her country and the rest of the world…

  • Die ist ja eine Heldin! Doch glaube ich, dass auch Martin Luther selber, so sich benehmen hätte, wenn er so eine Situation begegnete wäre.
    She is truly a heroine! And I believe that Martin Luther, himself, would have behaved similarly in a similar situation.

  • Nanaknows2

    This woman is living her faith – good for her! When the Muslims denounce murder and invite Christians to pray in their mosques then MAYBE they should be allowed in churches – MAYBE – I personally think they are not to be trusted under any circumstances! Unfortunately, as long as the USA has a muslim president not much will improve in America and let’s hope the reawakening we see starting in Europe continues!

  • yahshua love’s you

    Wow this women is like eliyahu who faced the falls prophets of Baal bold and radical for the lord yehoshua ha moshiach God bless Heidi mund and the whole white rose resistance group that where against the Nazi’s in Germany

  • richinnameonly

    Not only is she brave, but she has the wisdom to recognize dangerous lies and deceit. That’s becoming more and more important as time goes on.

  • Andy Bendzin

    If I’d still live in Germany, I would lock arms with her and whatever group she’s with. Still try to contact her. She’s amazing. I saw her about a year or so ago when she was crying out in the streets of Frankfurt as an Iman was given a platform to call Germans to Islam. She compared him to Hitler. Dale Hurd from Christian Broadcasting Network is the one who interviewed her. I contacted him to see if there is a chance to find any form of contact.

  • Al Hart

    In America the same is happening. The “progressive churches” invites muslims there and give them a platform and training on how to use “the American legal system” …it was a muslim man and his imam who invited me to go with him to the event..(.he knows I stand firm in Christ) but later I found out he wanted to brag about the Christians allah sends to him to be servant to him…this to him proves allah is greater then Jesus. I was invited to debate with a sheik at his mosque and I preached the “atonement of Christ” (this was on Ramadan” and was escorted out a back door for “my safety” when a radical confronted me and became violent.(a demoniac)..there were about 200 muslim men…later about 20 or so came to me to hear more because they were married to Catholic women…I am sure these types of stories happen daily to those Christians who take a stand against the demonic religion…the silent take over of America by islam is being helped by the “progressive liberal apostate churches”!

    • Jen Smith

      “But later I found out he wanted to brag about the Christians allah sends to him to be servant to him…this to him proves allah is greater then Jesus. ”
      It does seem they can twist any circumstance to fit their beliefs. What they believe isn’t that firm, so it can be easily self-serving.

      As Christians, we need to know who we believe and what His truths are. Instead, there are many who call themselves saved, without knowing they were sinners. (To paraphrase David Jeremiah’s message that I heard yesterday.) Nothing changes in their lives.

  • rnot

    islamic prayers curse the Jews and Christians and then the salat includes a call for sharia law – they will translate it to mean ‘allah’s laws/path/course/way’ rather than tell the truth and just say sharia laws. And those laws outright say to war against the non-moslems and to kill us or subjugate us under their despicable laws that make the non-moslem 3rd class citizens – nothing but dirt (kufar) with very few rights. The right to be killed, molested, abused, tortured, raped, etc – that is what moslems think that rights are under sharia.

  • binvst

    The point is she was alone! What happened to all other Christians????

  • Disciples Ministries Internati

    “Heidi Mund”, my sister in Christ, I am praying for you, praise God for your boldness and zeal for the Lord. pray for those who are dead faith running Church, so God may open their eyes. for those dead Church leaders. I have verse for you and you are the one Bible talk about.
    Phil 3:18-19
    18 For, as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ.
    19 Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things.
    shame on you enemies of Cross, repent and God can forgive you, otherwise know your destiny.

  • Proudvet56

    Way to go lady. Little by little it is happening. Do you see it non doormat, real Christians.?Like our Jewish Brothers, and sisters more, and more are fighting back! Finally dumping the pathetic idea that Jesus ordered us to stand down, and be silent. I mean really, stop ,and think of what the end result would be if we all went along with these jellyfish (mostly western) pastors, and focused on not offending anyone. The wicked would already rule the earth. I’m talking full control here. So what would that mean? No bibles, no churches, no synagogs, no human rights, or civil rights, no laws against rape of women, and children. There would no freedom of speech, as a matter of fact there would be no constitution. Each day people would be thrown into prison, or shot, or hung in public. In the end Islam would turn on itself, and God would look at us with utter disgust, and say when did I preach selfish cowardice?! Fortunately God won’t let that happen!Walid was talking about the ten brides a little while ago, and we are seeing this now. 5 are to be with our lord, and 5 out in darkness, or those who had the most to lose did nothing! Keep up the good work Walid, and Ted! Keep bringing us stories of unselfish non coward REAL CHRISTIANS! God bless, and protect that brave sister. Amen!

  • James Sundquist

    Compare Heidi Mund’s righteous fire of indignation to Rick Warren’s Global Peace Plan that includes Muslims, religion of the AntiChrist, as the Apostle John defined it.

    • Alansaralhaq

      How confused you are Sir may God help you find the light and appreciate Al Masih’s teachings.

      Is it your lack of travel or refusal to learn about others that is at the heart of your problem.

      Or has hate manifested so much so in you that you ate now blinded from God’ s light.

      Recommend you come to Muslim world’s and study the history and peaceful Co existence of Christianity under Islam.

  • Mansour

    completely false and ignorant. To use “NEVER EVER” would be wrong, look it up there have been multiple events where both a Christian priest and Imam sing together, one singing for Christ and one for Mohammed God be with them both. Stop staying OUR God, stop leaving Muslims out of the circle by calling him OUR God. God is God, you cannot worship anyone but God himself. Allah only means God in Arabic. A very uneducated way to say what you have said. Unfortunately no one cares to research what Allah translates and what Muslims believe which is 99% related to the Holy Bible.
    Keep in mine this, I am Muslim, and I said NOTHING insulting towards Christians because we are all the same. Because we believe in one difference we are now not allowed to enjoy each other? I am truly sorry you feel this way and I ask you to research more about this Religion before you do anything more.
    Peace be with you.

  • Alansaralhaq

    Yet the Jesus may God be pleased with him and I send him my peace and blessing that you believe in has nothing in common with you.

    He pbuh would be more home in the Middle East than any Anglo Saxon land. Apologies if this is offensive hut I am trying to engage introspection and by know lean to offend unlike many ignorant Christian posters.

    Jesus pbuh would eat Kosher meat no different to Halal in fact the prayer when preparing the animal is very similar in meaning.

    Jesus pbuh would be circumcised as he upheld the law before him and the covenant made with our father Abraham pbuh.

    Jesus pbuh spoke a semitic language and Aramaic was his native tongue and closest to Arabic. Hebrew too is very similar to Aramaic and Arabic and root word edymology is one and the same. Therefore Jesus would be more comfortable talking to an Aramaic or Arabic person who are found in Arab lands.

    Jesus pbuh wore clothes very similar to Arab people and would fit right in.

    Jesus pbuh was NOT blue eyed and blonde but would look middle eastern and his hair was said to be wooly. He would have brown or black eyes and an olive complexion.

    Jesus pbuh would prostrate when praying.

    Jesus pbuh would never answer to any prays but prayed to our father our creator The Lord God Who is One.

    Jesus pbuh did not drink alcohol contrary to the Roman innovation. Wine was the blood of a Roman pagan God.

    Jesus pbuh would spend 40 days and nighats in obedience and total devotion to our father The Lord God who is one. He Jesus pbuh would fast and that month has been reclaimed by Muslims as Ramadan.

    Jesus pbuh came to the Israel it’s not with a new LAW but to uphold the LAWS sent unto Moses and remain within the covenant of Abraham as do Muslims.

    We are very similar to Jesus.

    Jesus pbuh referred to our father The Lord God who is One as elahi this is not an Anglo Saxon nor Latin word but semitic.

    El lah i meaning One God this exactly pronounced the same in Arabic Elahi which can be written as Alahi.

    Semitic languages is defined by the root words and El LAH defines El Lahi which defines Allah which if you really wanted to be picky can be written as ELAH or ELLAH.

    Same meanings same pronunciation same semitic root words as islamic Allah.

    The Arabic bible has the word Allah for God and if you studied words you will realise why the Arabic Allah is unique as it is neiher:

    Masculine nor Feminine
    it is the world’s only singular word as in you can not make a plural word from it.

    It is defined as simply The One God which is neither male or female nor can you attribute graven images or idols to this name.

    Unlike elah which means and pronounced he same as Allah can become Elohim and you can attribute other than god to it.

    The One True God is unlike any thing we can imagine neither does he beget nor begotten and no graven images can be attributed to our Lord and above all no partner. Therefore he Arabic name for God is most fitting to The One True God.

    I am nor heat to judge or teach just felt I had to explain to people who appear to be genuinely uncertain and confused.

    Regarding the interfaith PR stunt it is very rude to invite someone to your home to have him kicked out. If the adhan is offensive you should have struck it from the itinerary and not attempted a PR stunt to scapegoat Muslims again and humiliate Muslims in your house.

    Once you get over the meaning of Allah which is no different to Aramaic Allah or ELLAH the language of Christ Al Masih the Islamic Adhan is a gently poetic reminder to the believer on the monotheist nature of true belief and approach to worship God alone.

    I am not here to dialogue or debate just felt very hurt by the pre mediated humiliation of Islam under the guise of interfaith dialogue something Islam has afforded Christians for 1400 years with honour, integrity.

    Western Christiandom is a brand of Christianity that aserfs itself as the only for of Christianity belittling Arab and middle eastern Christians whose forefathers have lived on the very sands and soil that he great prophets of Israel preached on.

    It is you who are truly offensive.

    Leave you in the universal message of ALL semitic prophets.

    AShalom Aleykom

    It’s Arabic reply would be…

    Walaykum Assalam.

    PEACE be with you.

    This peace or Shalom or Salaam in Arabic is knowing and praising the One True Lord God.

    Those who find this peace are practicing Peace in Arabic or Aramaic it begins with Mu’ Mu’salaam or Mu’Shalom in Hebrew.

    Other wise known as a Muslim.

    A lot can be learnt through honourable and respectful dialogue for me the lady represents the same views of Nazi Christian Germany and nothing to be admired.

    But then who am I to even have an opinion right because I am “just another Moselm”.

    Truly sad in a modern connected world where true knowledge is available at our fingertips we remain more ignorant and spiteful.

  • Alansaralhaq

    THOMAS JEFFERY ON a great great man and philosopher used to keep a Qurbani in his draw and felt if America wanted to be fair and show equality the message of Christ one must look at the Muslim faith and idea of multi cultural ism and acceptance of all.

    Not a lie look it up…

    Even it is said Islamic inscription is painted on the walls of the or ceiling of the White House.

    He was a great man Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln’s more was said to be of Mooriscan heritage. The proud highly educated and advanced last Islamic civilisation of Al And a Lucia who escaped persecution from the Spanish inquisitors and went in search of a new world fearing big shunned by Damasks Caliphate.

  • Alansaralhaq

    There you are correct I would never appreciate Trinitarian views in a masjid during prayer BUT for interfaith dialogue you can have a discussion inside a masjid as this has always been the case in the past.

    A masjid is the hub of a community so respectful dialogue should be encouraged. And if discouraged the Muslims will have wronged you.

  • Alansaralhaq

    Works both ways does it not then..

    Remove yourselves from Muslim lands entirely create an invisible curtain and STOP all iteration, dialogue and trade between America and All ISLAMIC world.

    Is this what Jesus pbuh teaches you isolation policies or to be inclusive.

    You can not be a follower of Jesus pbuh and hate 1.5 billion people something is fundamentally wrong with your brand of Christianity and YOU need to fix it.

  • shoebat

    Well put Higlac.

  • shoebat

    Another good point.But he’s one of these rock throwers who throws a rock and runs and never returns. I usually know them by throwing a quick question and see if they come back. They want us to put effort in responding to them and to waste our time.

  • Linda

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