Muslims Force Christian To Convert To Islam, Then Brutally Behead Him

By Theodore Shoebat

Beheading of Christian in Syria

Beheading of Christian in Syria

A Christian man was captured by Muslims in Syria, and forced him to declare the Shahadatan (“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger). After he stated the heretical creed, they deemed him an infidel anyway and brutally beheaded him.

Rescue Christians is now working on the ground in Syria and Iraq as we are partners with Sister Hatune Dogan who already has saved thousands of Christians from death. We can save and protect many more Christians in Syria and Iraq with your help. Sister Hatune has been awarded the Order of Merit by the German Government for her work (equivalent to Congressional Medal of Honor). Please click here to partner with us to save thousands more from the Islamic oppressors. All donations are fully Tax deductible.

Our contact from Syria found the video of the beheading, which has never been exposed in the Western media until now, and provided the translation for it. You can watch it here:

As a lesson, if you ever find yourself in such a situation as this, do not say the Islamic creed, but the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

The Syrian Christians are being persecuted every sing day, with rape, beheading, kidnapping, and all sorts of other horrific violence.



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  • Hope l do not get kicked off Twitters cause l been tweeting please donate to save the Christians with the link to the donation page….

    • sumsrent

      Google owns Twitter & You Tube… sources for terrorist motivation.
      And if we recall… it was a Google CEO that sparked the so called “Arab Spring” in Tunisia… which should be more adequately called…
      “The Springboard to Advance satanic Islam”
      Therefore… with the NSA’s Data storage… we can all rest at ease knowing we’re all already labeled as anti-Islamists.

      • Google doesn’t own Twitter, but does own YouTube.

        • sumsrent

          Oops my bad… I didn’t know the deal fell through…

  • Natural Law

    The U.S. Govt are arming these murderous Devils ! If you voted McCain thinking him a patriot, this is what you voted for.

    • Don Illuminati

      But…Obama can do what he wants, because he’s President??

    • Darren Wilkens

      Obama is the one who originally armed and gave money to these animals without going through congress first. McCain followed along with it. And nobody tried to stop them. Don’t just target McCain, target Obama, Hitlery, Biden and Holder as well. FYI: I didn’t vote for either McCain or Obama!

      They’re all guilty of tyranny, treason and traitorous acts!

      • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

        What about 911? Wasn’t that very strange especially considering how much freedom we lost because of it?

        • ziggyman911

          We did not lose freedom freedom. We have set back and allowed Obama and bush to just take it when we open up our hearts and our minds I’m return back to the God and who gave us our liberty and freedom through charity and hope He will give it back may God bless America. I will not turn my back upon the love of Christ God first Yahweh is Christ. Better pray for revival

      • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

        ….AND he is getting ready to arm them again in EGYPT!

    • BigDogJunction

      And WTF do you think Obama is doing?

      He’s the one that has point blank said, in a conflict with Islam, HE WILL SIDE with Muslims.

    • Greg Tyler

      Its not so much the US Government as it is the Skull & Bones Devil Worshipers and the Secret Service and the CIA … they do what they want. They are not under anyones control other than Bilderberg and Satan!

      Its over everyone, time to get right with Jesus and let these misled savages do all the evil they can. Im going to Heaven by the grace of Jesus … and these poor bastards better get some 5,000,000,000 sun block !!!

      Praise Jesus, Glory to God in the Highest!

      • Mark Hamilton

        Well spoken Greg Tyler your right. You have to know when to fight and when not to fight( physically). Most people don’t understand spiritual warfare. God has blessed those with spiritual insight to shoot their point across to strike the very chord of the heart. Loud & clear.

        Misled savages is exactly what they are. I am going to heaven as well by the grace of God and these bastards will suffer the wrath for being deceitful and do not try to escape death if a muslim or anyone does try to behead or kill you off. Watch the movie the black death. That poor bastard gave his life as a warrior and then denied God. They killed him. They should have made a part to show where his spirit went. Just trying to get people to understand there is a consequence for denying Jesus.
        We must understand that NO MATTER WHAT, KEEP YOUR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST who redeems, gives life and brings us to everlasting life. See you in heaven.

        • Mary Taylor

          So true. Jesus simple said if you deny me before men, I will deny you before my Father. Saying something whether you mean it or not. It doesn’t matter, by your mouth you denied Christ before men.

  • joseph mazz

    When will we know exactly what this twisted faith is? Pray

  • yahshua love’s you

    Our politicians will pay for this they will for the blood of this brother and many others are on their hands and they will pay for these evil wicked atrocities committed by them and their Islamic friends

  • JCW

    “Sorry to say, but Xtians deserve it!” I refuse to listen to anyone who would say such a thing! Shame on you!

    • Rohit Gupta

      JCW, do you understand the fact that we hindus get killed and mutilated by these muslims everyday, we had to divide our country because of them, leave our homes and run away for safety! you won’t understand the pain we had to go through because of these fanatic muslims! But on the other hand, instead of abusing me, why don’t you question your president obozo who is on his mission of spreading the islam far and wide? why don’t you question your european union leaders who are giving them free entry into europe and they r on the verge of taking over the Vatican? And till christans understand and unite against these people, it would continue!

      if you run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, this is you are going to get bro, in the long run.

      • JCW

        I am NOT your brother – let’s get that perfectly straight! You are filled with the same hate of those fanatics you so despise. To wish death upon all Christians is evidence of your hate. So again, Shame on you! To blame the Christians for the evil done by the western leaders (whom we DO NOT support and who themselves despise the followers of Christ Jesus) is pure ignorance on your part.

        • sumsrent

          Nicely said…

        • Susheel

          [email protected] relax man … and Rohit your comment on the first part is also wrong.. who can u say Christians deserve it? If u feel so then even Hindus deserve it…. fight for peace and watch ur words. By the way stop saying Hinduism and Islam resemble the same…. Your statement is wrong. I am not here to represent any religion …for a matter of fact Hinduism never encouraged WAR or killing of human being. know the facts before u comment …

          • sumsrent

            Learn the history then…

          • Susheel

            what history u want? ask me and i will share with links so u can enlighten urself with it

          • sumsrent

            OK… research how the Hindu Vedic culture influenced Islamic astronomy…
            Then get back with me…

        • Rohit Gupta

          what’s wrong with you guys, i wonder! you are born irritated or taken a course on how to be always irritated and insane! I never wished death upon all christans or any other race in that case. What I said is that you cannot be in coalition with these morons and yet thinking that you would be spared by them. Either you fight with them or you and I would be killed. Have some logic pill in the morning, it helps! And if you DO NOT support your leaders, how do they get elected? I thought you elect your leaders, or have you gone the taliban way already?

          • JCW

            “Sorry to say, but Xtians deserve it!” — Your words

            Good day Sir!

          • Greg Tyler

            Enjoy burning and screaming and nashing your teethe for 999,999,999,999,999,999,999 BILLION YEARS !!!
            (and then DAY 2 begins)

            Ill say a prayer that you come to your senses, lost soul!

          • JCW

            Did you even read the thread? Those were not my words. So much for critical thinking and reading comprehension wierdo.
            (Thank God above you are not my judge!)

          • Greg Tyler

            my apologies. you should still calm down a bit tho.

          • JCW

            Accepted. My intensity regarding the subject is justified I think. I cannot wrap my mind around what our Brothers and Sisters in parts of the world must endure. Truly it wounds my soul. Western Christians sit in relative comfort and safety and argue over the meaning of this verse or that. It does not seem fair IMHO.

          • Greg Tyler

            I am Greg from Indiana, USA, currently in Florida, USA. Where are you? I want to learn more about you. Do you want to chat?

          • sumsrent

            In a Democracy 51% wins… the other 49% suck it up…
            In fact… we could legalize cannibalism… if the majority chose it.
            Tell ya what… you get the Christians over there in India to come here on this website… and we’ll teach them how satanic Islam is.
            In the mean time… will Christians remain as lower class citizens in India… or are you and your government gonna give them equal rights?

          • tina0011

            they are placed in office now.Its just a big song and dance to make people think they elected a leader we havent had a voted in prez in probly 45 years or so.All the prez since then have been baught and paid for!! We are scewed! We are not a free country like many want to think!

  • Maegan


    • Rohit Gupta

      ha ha! we hate muslims more than you do! we fight with them everyday, we are getting bombed every now and then. Stop generalizing and thinking that anything apart from west is vile and muslim! If you do not understand the nuances of geopolitics and religious fault lines, stay in your wardrobe and spare us!

      • sumsrent

        Actually you have it wrong…
        The fact stands… these are NOT Christian movements.
        The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand across this globe.
        If you take notice… you’ll see the pattern of how Christians and other Infidels are being exterminated and cleansed from these Islamic nations.
        You’ll also notice how the Sunni majority are pushing the Shiite minority into Western nations for saturation purposes towards laying the groundwork for Sharia Law.
        Also… your Caste system persecutes the Christians and muslims… even though Christians unite with Hindus against Islamic terrorism.
        All this proves… what you say is false.

        In other words… you’re brainwashed.

        • Susheel

          LOL [email protected] dig ur history books or google … USA always trusted Muslims more… We hindus r always in good books with Christians but not sure why Christians trust Muslims more.. We belong to a democratic country where many religion people live together.. i know u will never understand what that means ….CASTE system is something that is in India before Christianity was born. can you tell me why few people are treated with racism by whites even though they belong to Christianity? i can put 1000 questions for which u can’t answer.. stop hating …it’s not we that are brainwashed it’s u that is washed into believing what ur politicians say.. last question everyone in this world know what Pakistan is famous for. we have been shouting to the West to stop funding as they r mis utilizing the funds.. but did the west listen to it? Now half of the world terrorists r sitting in pakistan and yet today USA released funds …what is the point in believing people that do satanic worshiping and getting killed by the same? think and comment please stop commenting just to show ur hatred

          • sumsrent

            Didn’t you say you grew up in a Christian missionary? And you don’t know Prophecy?
            Get this through your thick headed skull…
            The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand! This is NOT a Christian movement!
            Luciferian are satan worshippers… Islam is satanic…
            They both serve the same master… satan.

          • Susheel

            lol .. first chill … ur BP level will zoom up … i am not pointing any figure at Christians …so who r the so called luciferian globalists? where r they born from? please don’t answer like a arrogant jerk … be normal

          • sumsrent

            OK… let’s be civil…
            First off… the Luciferian [satan worshippers] aren’t born Luciferian.
            They choose to worship satan who is bent on fighting against the True God of all creation… The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob… the Father of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.
            Do you still have your Bible?

          • Susheel

            Yes i have. I understand what you are saying. My question is who in the current political words r part of luciferian globalists? i hate Obama from the beginning .. so many lies still he won 2nd time…

          • sumsrent

            You’re right… Obama was unfortunately elected for reasons which the Luciferian had implemented decades ago.
            But… he serves multiple purposes… Globalism… Babylonian Paganism… Luciferian… and Islam.
            The majority who voted for him didn’t know or hear about his agendas and associations. In fact…, it’s still difficult to get people to grasp it.
            My recommendation is to read the books of Genesis first and then the book of Matthew.
            If you have an open mind… to understand… then you can see from these two books how… [in short]
            1) satan rebelled against God
            2) satan caused Adam & Eve to rebel and became separated from God
            3) Which caused all mankind to be born in sin and their struggles living on earth separated from God.
            4) Which caused God to have a plan for Salvation
            5) Where Christ Jesus becomes that Savior
            6) And satan still tries to undermine that by distracting the world from obtaining that Salvation. Even killing Christ Jesus…
            7) Which culminates during the end times, our time now… when Christ Jesus returns, gathers His people and sets up His Kingdom.
            Islam is satan’s death army… to come against Christianity… to keep people from Salvation… to kill everyone who speaks of this Salvation in Christ Jesus…

          • Greg Tyler

            Osama Obama didn’t win The Skull & Bones RIGS EVERY ELECTION !!!!

          • tina0011

            aman to that!!

  • Gary Cunningham

    Islam eh ? The religion of peace eh ? Well call me Mr Cynical but when ye see beautiful little pieces of phone footage like this don’t ye wish that Islam and all that is Islamic would just cease to be any part of the modern world? .. But hey ….am I just behind insensitive to the Neanderthalistic values of the disgusting disciples of Islam ? Nope I’m just right right right …..

    • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

      Don’t forget that christianity has a similar legacy to Islam back in medieval Europe.

      • Mary Taylor

        It was Rome and pagans that killed Christians and then the Roman Catholic church that went after Jews, Christians and Muslims.

      • Kim Lambert

        Naaah it doesnt……they were Catholic Zealots….not Christian at all…..why do people keep harping on about the friggin crusades….nothing to do with Christ !!!! Christian !!!!

  • Darren Wilkens

    It is our duty to take matters into our own hands if we see something like this in our country. I will not hesitate to shoot any of these wastes of life if I see them hurting one of our own.

    • Buy your guns now darren and stock up on ammunition…I have yet to but I plan on purchasing some very long range rifles with scopes and some very nice handguns…

      • Darren Wilkens

        Kel-Tec SU 16 with scope and Luger C9. Just need to stock up on ammo. Buying a Mossberg 410 pump soon.

        • John Bibb

          HI DW–trade in the .410 for a 12 gauge. With #00 Buckshot it makes heap bad Jihadi “medicine”! Git stocked up while the gitten is still reasonably priced, and ample supplies are available.

          • Paul M

            I take it then that you two heroes are heading to Syria…?

          • John Bibb

            HI PAUL M–No way, Jose! I did my time as a U.S. Army draftee 50 years ago. My comment is based on what works best for self defense. Go big!–Like the Air Force says, “Overkill–isn’t always a bad thing!”
            Part of a rational security strategy for your home and family is to make your humble abode a harder target. Bars on the windows, barred security doors, an outside dog, and an inside dog are a good start. Slows down any home invaders a tad, and gives you time to git your gun and protect yourself if necessary.
            Like the cops say–if you don’t protect yourself, you will become an easy victim. Typical 911 call response times are 10 to 30 minutes. Or never during a Watts style riot! An eternity if you’re the victim. Too bad the Christian in the video didn’t meet his end with a blazing AK-47 in his hands as he mowed down a bunch of his murderers.

          • Paul M

            I kinda meant it was stretching things; no way are muslims in the US going to behead anybody for being Christian!

          • dscottv

            Just happened in Oklahoma.

        • alnga

          That mossberg will care the the day for you.

    • Drifanwulf

      I’m with you Darren.

    • The Oppo Man

      These cockroaches are more than welcome to my house. I have a few lead friends that would love to meet them.

    • disqus_mo8ewPYVck

      They are in our country now, even as we speak.

  • Dan

    Anyone supporting them ought to be exterminated.

    • Darren Wilkens

      Obama gave them money and weapons. He should be the first to go.

  • JustaMom

    They are subhuman beasts from the pits of hell. May they burn there with their Allah, Satan!

  • Our Elites are bringing these monsters into the West, very soon we will have to decide what to do about this situation.

    • LeDa88

      Who’s more of a problem, the elites….

  • Cutenu2

    Hindu is not a race, but a belief. So is islam, for that matter. Why would you write Xtian instead of the correct Christian? Your hate is more than evident for anyone that is not hindu. By the way, you don´t know what you´re talking about.

    • Rohit Gupta

      I wrote xtian as it is short! not to derive an unnecessary meaning, which your crooked mind is suggesting you as. And what am I talking about and how is it wrong? You encourage these mo**ns, make them strong and dangerous, and then when they kill you, you feel bad! There are many many leaders all across the globe who are trying hard to bring a sanity and control this islamic epidemic. You won’t support them and then expect the result to be otherwise. Come out of this foolishness, abusing others won’t help. That is very easy

      • sumsrent

        Which exposes your ignorance…
        Using the term “xtian”… is an insult to Christianity. It deletes Christ from the entire meaning.
        As far as the rest of your comment… my reply above addresses these.

        • Susheel

          [email protected] i get ur tone … hate only gives back hate … this is a 21st century and using short words in chats and forums is common.. i don’t mean to hurt anyone … but still u want to take in hatred sense then i can’t help.. Islam is also doing the same thing .. they r just 100 times faster than u r …. Understand … following a religion is ok but considering religion over mankind and destroying mankind is stupid …

          • sumsrent

            Get this… most here completely understand what satanic Islam is and what it is doing to this world.
            Christianity is NOT about conquering the world… satanic Islam is. Apparently you have a distorted concept of what is going on.

            Your problems in India are self induced. You’ve created your own problems. You Master Class Caste System is no different than what satanic Islam is.

          • Susheel

            [email protected] our caste system is slowly dying … and more over it’s not barbaric …. nothing is self induced, few idiots says even Christianity self induced the hatred that Muslims r showing on them … .. our system is far better than what u understand.. so stop pointing at my country…

          • sumsrent

            Are you confused? You’re point is about how Christians are uniting with satanic muslims against Hindus?
            And… the reason for that is… caused from your Master Class society which discriminates.
            I never claimed it to be “barbaric”…
            You’re grasping at straws now… exposing more of your ignorance…

          • Susheel

            i would say it’s not caused from caste based system… just don’t go with what’s written in media.. Media always hides something important or the other .. i have seen many video’s in you tube by BBC that r totally wrong in what they say…. u seems to be following that .. it’s u that is blindfolded by stupid media. understand Media always shows what it wants, it never shows the truth …. what ever u r referring too in India is born from poverty, not from religion or caste… If u want u can directly interact with many Indians and they will say the same…. enlighten urself with other approaches 😛

          • sumsrent

            On the contrary.. I have a very dear Christian friend that lives in India.
            And… I enjoy having discussions with those from India when I call for Tech support on various issues…
            India’s Caste system is not good… plain & simple. It’s nice for the wealthy and upper class but not the poor…
            And the problems y’all are having with the Christians & muslims stems from this discriminatory practice…

          • Drifanwulf

            Good Lord, you two need to get the chips off your shoulders and agree to disagree on certain points long enough for us all to defeat this danger called Islam. Do we not have a common enemy? United we stand, divided we fall. Take your ego’s and shelve them!!!

          • sumsrent

            Why are you so stupid?
            In the Divide & Conquer Scheme… someone is being conquered while the other is doing the conquering.
            Should the Christians unite with Islam to defeat discrimination in India?

          • Drifanwulf

            I’m the one being stupid? Religion causes division as much as caste systems. They are both destructive and unnecessary.

          • sumsrent

            And you fear satanic Islam for what reasons?
            PS… now you’re really being stupid.

        • Rohit Gupta

          If I have hurt your sentiment writing it as xtian, I am sorry! I never intended to. I love Christianity, a religion which is based on helping others. I got treated at a Christan hospital in India, and I love the way they treat the poor and the downtrodden at a minimal cost. I even know the resentment in the hindu community, saying that christans are converting their poor by giving them money. I always fought against those hindus asking them to do the same, help the poor. If a christan does help a poor person, one should be appreciative. And if someone changes his/her religion because of that, we should not feel bad either. Who doesn’t want to live a better life? I have severe feeling against the hindu community for they do not help/support their fellow hindus. So don’t think that I was trying to demean by writing it that way, but yes, if you tie up and sleep with the islam, this is going to happen. Peace!

          • sumsrent

            Thank you Rohit…
            I hope the day will come that you ask Christ Jesus into your heart.
            All the events in this world are surrounded by satanic Islam… which is bent on keeping people from Salvation… [the asking of Christ Jesus into their hearts.]
            When the entire world is focused on keeping people from accepting their Salvation… you know something must be very important in that.
            Know this… Christ Jesus will hear you when you call upon Him…
            Never forget that… never…

      • Susheel

        [email protected] what sumsrent says about the ‘X’ part is right… It might hurt few people so even i would request u to stop using it

        • David Willyams Ciang

          It’s already written in the Bible.
          John 16 : 2 in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.
          Please, don’t reply to any provocative comments so you will not be tempted. Just pray for christians in syria

  • Darren Wilkens

    You Muslim pieces of s–t will all burn in hell! YOU PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE INFIDELS! Go f–k your camel! That’s all your good for!

  • BobInBpt

    If this is what Islam stands for , and I don’t hear any so called “Moderate Muslims” speaking out against it, then may the name of Allah and his Prophet be cursed for all eternity !!!!!

    • Barry Rooney

      the only difference between an extremist and a moderate is that the moderate has ran out of ammunition. Jokes aside, moderates NEVER condemn the actions of their own.

      • MannieP

        They’re not allowed to. Islam requires mohammdans to take the side of their own kind against kuffirs. Right and wrong does not enter into it.
        They cannot be integrated into civilized society.

  • BigDogJunction

    I would love to embed my 12 gauge up that guys ass, with the knife and unload several 00 buck in him.

  • JCW

    And yet your defense of Rohit seems to suggest it is okay to say the Christians deserve it. Monstrous!

  • sumsrent

    Using “xtian” is disrespect.

    Think… just think for once…

    satanic Islam is all about anti-Christian.

    In fact… your Vedic culture is what influenced the astronomy aspects of Islam. Doubt what I say… then consider the minarets of India.
    If anything… Hinduism is more aligned with satanic Islam than anything.
    Q: Do you find that disrespecting?

    • Susheel

      [email protected] i don’t find it disrespecting especially when i know u r filled with hatred.. If u really want to know from where Islam was born then read Quran and understand …. Islam is the brother of Christianity.. this is a fact and a truth that can’t be hidden.. only difference Christianity stands for brotherhood and peace and Islam believe in violence.. I again tell u i am not disrespecting any religion, i am a hindu but brought up in a Christianity missionary school. i respect both and love people from both the sides ….

      • sumsrent

        You are so wrong… it’s shameful…
        satanic Islam is NOT an extension of Judaism & Christianity!
        That is pure brainwashing… misinformation… propaganda…
        Obviously… you don’t understand that by using “xtian” it is disrespect.
        Obviously you aren’t very knowledgeable of things…
        For you to “respect both” is stupid… Islam wants you & me either enslaved or converted to satanic Islam or killed.
        You can’t sensibly respect that? I don’t.

        • Susheel

          LOL …. this clearly shows who is brainwashed… Get a life man …. for me humanity is more important than any religion … hate only attracts hate … i can’t comment more …. and yes i again say i respect both Christianity and Hinduism. try brainwashing some jerk… not me

          • sumsrent

            Are you saying you respect Islam or not? That’s what I was referring to.
            And yes… I hate satanic Islam… it kills people. So if you’re all about humanity… then you hate Islam also. Especially since it hates you!
            Quit with the hypocrisy…

          • Susheel

            cheese ….. i never told i respect islam … read my comments …

          • sumsrent

            My apologies… when you said…

            “Christianity stands for brotherhood and peace and Islam believe in violence.. I again tell u i am not disrespecting any religion, i am a hindu but brought up in a Christianity missionary school. i respect both and love people from both the sides ….”
            I took it to mean you respected both Christianity and Islam… I automatically assumed you would respect Hinduism.

          • Susheel

            lol … when i said both i was saying i respect both Christianity and Hinduism.

          • sumsrent


            But the problem with discrimination against the Christians & satanic muslims still exists…

            I hate that Christians are uniting with satanic worshipping muslims… it is sad…

  • pipjake

    What the hell is wrong with these people? They are savages.

  • deborah kurata

    BS ppl… there is so less time to love, then why war.. why kill..why religion.,

    • sumsrent

      OK… then you go love the satanic worshipping muslims.
      Except realize this… no muslim will ever consider the world at peace until the entire world is under Islamic control.
      Do you have a problem with becoming a muslim?
      You should… it is satanic.

      • deborah kurata

        Just hug every muslim and hug every christian. spread peace. spread warmth. your hug can change the world. peace will follow you.

        • sumsrent

          Evidently you are not street smart…
          The easiest way to defeat an enemy is to get them to lay down and be docile.

          You go hug a muslim, as a non-innocent, and they’ll take it as a sign of weakness. You’ll be enslaved and raped…

          Remember… “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”
          Why do I get the feeling you’ll be one of them that falls for this fake peace?

  • trevwinters

    Here is a fact that no one seems to get, As long as there is Religion, no matter what it is and what you believe, it will always cause hatred and strive in the world. The reason?? Because everyone’s Religion is the one true correct religion. I say Love everyone as you would want to be loved and there would never be any conflict in this world ever, ever again. The Beatles had it right when they sang, “All you Need is Love, Love is all you need.”

    • sumsrent

      Your philosophy doesn’t work… there’s some point that you draw the line and have to oppose some others distorted beliefs…
      Unless you approve of raping little Children… like NAMBLA & Bachi Bazi … for instance…
      Are you gonna love and accept their beliefs? Probably not…
      Thus… loving everyone and everything won’t work.
      PS… The Beatles were anti-Christian…

      • trevwinters

        You aren’t getting what i am saying…as long as there are differing beliefs in the world, there will never be peace. If everyone loved everyone else, there would be no violence and no hate, only the love of one another, hence there would be no distored beliefs either…

        • sumsrent

          Then why write it pertaining to religion?
          Obviously; differing opinions extend beyond religion…
          And since NAMBLA & Bachi Bazi are not religions… but peoples beliefs… then you still aren’t getting it.
          Are you for or against abortion?
          Are you for or against the Bigoted Homosexual agenda?
          Are you for or against pedophilia?
          Are you for or against bestiality?
          Are you for or against sex with the dead?
          Are you for or against welfare entitlements?
          Are you for or against satanic Islam’s god being the same god of Christianity?
          You can’t just simply say we love them? You love who’s side?
          There will always remain differing beliefs? Unless you cause everyone to be stupid and not think for themselves?

          I think firemen are overpaid government protected workers!
          Thus; you can’t disagree with me… you have to love me and agree.

          • trevwinters

            You still don’t get what I am saying…if and I say if everyone loved everyone else there would be no strive in this world. Hence there would be no disagreements and everyone would get along. But because this is reality, that will never be because we humans can never love unconditionally. That is what I was getting at. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • sumsrent

            Silly you… I understood all along…

            You would like to fantasize about everyone walking around in love… flowers in their hair… dancing with little finger timbrels… and huge pockets of smiles…

            Except… darkness exists.

            See… It would be easier if you lived up to your dreams and did as I told you. Never disagree with me… and then… you wouldn’t be so messed up in the head doing any thinking on your own.

            In other words… you’re being hypocritical to your own beliefs/wishes… don’t you get it?

            You said… “no matter what it is and what you believe, it will always cause hatred and strife in the world…”

            Religion isn’t the problem… stupid people are.

          • trevwinters

            Religion has been the cause of countless wars on this earth and will continue to be. Stupid people are just that, but religion has killed more people in the name of their own God, whomever it may be.

          • sumsrent

            Trev… you are actually quite ignorant. Parroting the propaganda which you’ve heard from other Bigoted demented Homosexuals.

            If I were to ask you name one war which was the result of religion… [considering you said… “been the cause of countless wars”]… you would say what?
            PS… Now be careful how you answer that.
            Because what you’ll find is that satanic Islam has been the source of “countless wars”.
            But go ahead… dig yourself deeper…

          • trevwinters

            Crusades, The French Wars of Religion, The Thirty Years War, The Reconquista, The Troubles (N.Ireland), Or do you need more??? And what exactly is satanic Islam?

  • Drifanwulf

    Convert and they will kill you any way because they are murderers. Better to die fighting them.

  • chip griffin

    this just proves there is a time for war…i bring war…

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  • Julie L. Swanson

    Makes me physically ill. This is demonic. Pray, people, pray! Help financially if you can do so!

  • EricM

    Isn’t it comforting to witness this example of how Islam is a religion of peace?

  • Licentia

    WOW.. I am simply amazed by the level of arrogance and ignorance in these rants. I am a Christian. I believe Jesus is the one true son of God and is the path to salvation and the escape from eternal damnation.

    That being said, all of you who say Islam is religion or belief of terror/killing/death are simply uneducated. The people in is this video are extremists, JUST as we have extremist Christians (wasn’t it a Baptist preacher burning the Koran in Florida?) or extremist Jews; NOTHING more. Islam, like the vast majority of religions teach peace, love, harmony. Instead of believing everything you read on the Internet, pick up a book, grow your mind and become educated. I’m NOT saying I am pro Islam and anti-Christian, I’m saying open your small minds and judge not lest ye be judged. I completely disagree with the Islamic belief but I don’t judge them for it; it is how they were raised. I’ve served my time in Afghanistan, I’ve seen crap like this posted in other places, don’t believe something just because someone put some words on a translator.

    Learn tolerance, but do not allow it to affect your beliefs; stand fast.

    • Glenn Peoples

      Licentia, I think it speaks volumes (not against you, but about Islam and Christianity) that you say that these people (who are doing the same as a disturbingly high number of Muslims) are extremists, and in your effort to find a Christian extremist, you manage to find – One man who set fire to a book.

      • Jack Off


      • Darren Wilkens

        “and in your effort to find a Christian extremist, you manage to find – One man who set fire to a book.”

        She was just pointing out that there ARE Christian extremists. She was using it as an EXAMPLE! Or do you not understand that?

        • sumsrent

          Burning a friggin satanic Quran is nowhere close to slicing the throat of a Christian.

          She says… “Islam, like the vast majority of religions teach peace, love, harmony.”

          Which is a twisted lie!

          The peace they speak of only applies to other muslims… and particularly… satanic worshipping muslims of the same sect. That’s why we see & hear about muslims killing muslims.

          She also says… “Learn tolerance”
          What a distorted concept!
          In other words… we’re to learn to be tolerant of satanic Islam’s intolerance?
          What’s apparent here is… Even Christians are deceived.

          • Darren Wilkens

            I never said that burning a book isn’t as bad as slicing a throat. I was just merely pointing out the example she used and your attack on it.

            I’m sure there’s other examples of Christian extremists. Like the Westboro Baptist Church. With all the hate in that church, they can’t even call themselves Christians. Let alone Baptists. It’s groups like that that give Christians a bad name.

          • sumsrent

            And if I may add… The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob hates sin… I believe it’s OK for Christians to do the same.
            Years ago I was taught… “Hate the sin… but love the person”.

    • Jack Off

      You are an educated idiot. All muslims are complicit or the extremists wouldn’t exist. Christians do not go around killing innocents people, blowing up airplanes and beheaded people for no good reason …. until all muslims speak out against these hundred million or so ‘extremists’ they are all guilty and you are a fool.

      • Licentia

        You’re right, the over 200 years of the “Christian” crusades sanctioned by the POPE to reclaim the Holy Land from non-believers (including Muslims) which took over 250,000 lives doesn’t count; we should completely discount that.

        Again, I’m NOT advocating Islam over Christianity; I’m saying it’s easy for people to get excited over the acts of extremists from ANY religion and then jump to the conclusion that says “oh, that religion teaches / supports / believes in the killing of non-believers (aka infidels).” *MY* point is merely don’t base your decision making on what you see/read/hear from the news. Go educate yourself on what different religions ACTUALLY support and you’ll find that NONE of them preach killing; unless you want to take passages out of context; the Old Testament is LAW, the New testament is Gospel or “good news”. If you believe and follow the LAW to an extreme, you wouldn’t cut your hair, shave or eat pork.

        Learn for yourself and don’t take what others tell you as FACT unless you’ve seen/read it first hand; i.e. don’t judge a mass group of peoples based on the actions of 5 or 6; that’s ALL I’m saying.

        • Acethecat

          What matters is what’s being done today – not 200 yrs ago.

          Islam is a death cult – TODAY.

        • DaveM12

          You truly are a misguided fool. The koran is filled with instructions to kill the kaffir. Imams are preaching hatred and death to us here in Canada from Calgary to Toronto.

          • Licentia

            Have you even read it? I suspect the answer is the same based on all of the uneducated and ignorant responses here; a resounding no.

            I’ve not called anyone names or been rude and have been respectful of everyone’s opinion yet I continued to be called an idiot, a fool, stupid, etc. Its a shame that’s the limit of everyone’s intelligence.

        • sumsrent

          You act as if you’re the all educated wise one… and actually… you’re ignorant.
          The satanic Quran explicitly commands muslims to terrorize, enslave, rape, maim, mutilate, behead, crucify and kill other humans who are not of the same satanic Islamic sect!
          It seems… you need to learn a few things…

          • Rey

            you lied , you NEVER read Qur’an

    • sumsrent

      A devout to the satanic Quran muslim… enslaves, rapes, maims, mutilates, bombs, beheads and kills other humans!

      Get this through your thick headed skull !!! Can’t you grasp what this article is about!? You think this is an isolated incident?

      Where were you serving in Afghanistan? The Latrine?

      It has been proven that moderate Islam is impossible! Otherwise they’ll have to rip out half the pages of their satanic Quran…

      Any satanic worshipping muslim who appears peaceful is…
      1) Not devout to their satanic Quran
      2) Awaiting for their numbers to increase so they can wager Jihad

      WAKE UP!

  • jhsif

    Uh, no that’s a misprint, what they MEANT to say is that they TOLERANTLY beheaded the Christian, just like they TOLERANTLY slaughter homosexuals on AmeriKan soil, and ANY ‘gay’ couples wishing to be joined in a union in a mosque, it MUST be tolerant becuase the ACLU terrorists and the animals at GLAAD and LBGT say NOTHING about it, and they care SOOO much! Or how about when they TOLERANTLY rape their child brides in AmeriKa without going on predator lists?! Muslims need to start having seminars on how they do these things so TOLERANTLY, that other people would be called cruel for!

  • David Willyams Ciang

    It’s already written in the Bible.
    John 16 : 2 in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.

  • trevwinters

    I sure hope you are not saying that 9/11 was faked, if so you are an idiot.

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  • Greg Tyler

    YOU ARE AN IDIOT. CHRISTIANS WOULD NOT DO ANY SUCH THING! Its the Satan Worshippers running the American Government!

    Every Christian I know is ASHAMED OF THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. Please Destroy Washington … NOT AMERICA !!!

  • Brenda Lewis


    • Jack Off


  • argenis

    Jesus said we are not to use sword because you will died by the sword.. did Jesus use any weapons to fight back? no he stayed calmed till the death. we are to do the same way

  • tina0011

    i just cringged seeing this my heart hurts for that poor man
    I pray he didnt go to hell for this please Jesus show mercy on his soul

    • Jack Off

      There is no hell … that is an imaginary place that we think our enemies will go when they die …. it’s just a fantasy … no one has every been there and back, well … perhaps my first marriage qualifies , but … :0)

  • tina0011

    i to pray that he was forgiven.In his mind im sure he was just going along with the program just to save his life.But in his heart im sure he didnt convert to anything I pray in the name of Jesus the Lord knew his heart and allowed him to enter into the kinkdom of heaven

  • These bastards, after death they will burn in the eternal fire in hell. When every muslim is gone i will celebrate 3 days, hopefully the times here soon

    • Jack Off

      Keep dreaming …. this nightmare is not going away anytime soon … and grow up … there is no hell. That is something made up to scare kids with so they will behave when there are no adults to supervise them, or for people like you to believe that there is some sort of eternal justice when we fail to kill the monsters ourselves.

      • So you are an atheist? Well, thats ok by me. Just as my christianity should be for you, eh? I think we all have to fight radical islam together and not make enemies within our “area”. I know that the muslims will lose again, its in their DNA, they lost in Spain and Portugal and run home as newly spanked kids! So from me to you, have a nice weekend and god bless you!

    • Reverse

      And you think ALL muslims are like the people shown in this video? lol.

  • LeDa88

    They have to keep showing videos like this until the delusional leftists get it, if that’s possible. All Muslims who do not denounce this barbarism must be treated with suspicion.

  • Jack Off

    Ya Right. That’s the attitude that gets Christians killed …. why no do what the muslims do and start fighting back.

  • Jack Off

    If … you happen to have your gun handy at the time and if there is only one of them .. and if he doesn’t have a gun too.

  • Jack Off

    I read through several of the comments here … I read many that talk about god and hell and magical retribution etc …. Last evening I listened to the radio show “Coast to Coast” … the folks there believe that there are several alien species living among us. There were those believe in time travel, in remote viewing (seeing things that are happening elsewhere) . No one has any proof of anything, just a belief. Muslims are operating on beliefs as well.

    What is bad here in the human race are …. BELIEFS. That is what is and always has been getting so many people killed.

    If we all operated on facts and not beliefs … we would live in a saner more peaceful world world. But hey, we are so used to living lies, it might impossible to deal with truth and reality at this point.

    All powerful deity who created all the universe and cares about our personal problems and desires every day if we just pray to him/it ….. or Al Gore’s Global Warming …. Unicorns … all the same …. fantasy while the orcs slay us.

    If you are going to have a belief, how about having one that include aggressively killing our enemies with our superior technology …. while we still have it …. and start by not letting anymore of them into our country.

    • Darren Wilkens

      I’ll keep my religious beliefs! I’ve seen too much happen in my life for me not to believe in God.

  • Jack Off

    Why don’t YOU go get them.

    • jason

      would love too, I say nuke em all and just be done with it 🙂

  • The Oppo Man

    I would fill these cockroaches with lead and shove pulled pork down their throat before they got to me.

  • BigDogJunction

    You don’t need to explain anything to me, Sparky. I’m well-aware.

    I’m not a republican, either. Scratch on the libertarian, if that was your next guess.

    I don’t trust any of them. But, I’m not so stupid as to make some asinine comment about some guy that ISN’T and HASN’T ever been president and what the possible mind-think, might have been… when we have the reality in front of us.

    But, you don’t want to discuss that, because you opened up, like the typical Liberal. Deflect, Dismiss, Belittle, Ignore and followed it up, with more of the same.

    Out of your league, Sport.

  • Acethecat

    I don’t base my opinion on one video but by all the Muslims actions all over the globe since 911.

    ISLAM is a death cult – period.
    Can you name ONE islamic ruled country that upholds human rights?

  • Acethecat

    I hate islam.

  • Darren Wilkens

    The video is real! Before my unit was sent to Kuwait, I saw numerous videos like this. In each of the videos, none of them were restrained. Some died before their head was completely cut off. And some were still breathing for a few seconds after. Don’t doubt the validity of this video!

  • Darren Wilkens

    You really think we’ve had worse presidents? How delusional can you possibly be? Carter and Nixon were saints compared to Obama.

  • sumsrent

    muslims are some of the most filthy humans on the face of the earth… they actually have laws that restrict when they can wash their hands. So sharpening a sword is not something they consider…
    In fact… they brag about dull swords which torture their victims…

  • Rey

    This is not ISLAM

  • The Lord’s Resistance Army and other Christian fundamentalist agendas in sub-Saharan Africa have killed or mutilated millions in the past years. Why no crusade against them?

    Don’t blame religion in either case — blame a power-hungry militancy which would exist regardless of faith. Their ultimate goal is to grab land and power in their respective countries; they only use selective interpretation of religion (whether Islam or Christianity) to further their political agenda.

  • WalterBannon

    the only good muslim is a dead one

  • Mick

    There’s no way…how do you sit there, hands unbound at that, and let someone cut your head off. Even a sheep would have tried to resist. I would have stood up and violently resisted and made them shoot me and the mutherfuker behind me. Someone else would have died too, had their fingers bitten off, eyes crushed in their sockets like grapes…something. You know it’s the end…give yourself a meaningful death. SMDH

  • BigDogJunction

    Still doing it, Sport.

    Out of your league.

    Just because you TRY to project, your behavior… buddy, I’ve been with my wife for over two decades and plenty of women before that. You’re a @#$%ing amateur with projection.

    You’ve been owned, little man. I know it hurts.. and yeah, I did just belittle and consider yourself dismissed, twerp.

    • Mistborn

      Hi, I know this is old, but I stumbled across it and just have a quick question.

      So I read the comments, and then re-read them, but I am having trouble locating the part where the other poster, Natural Law, “got owned.” If you could point out for me the posts where you owned him so bad that you were convinced that he would experience physical pain as a result, I would really appreciate it.

      It sounds quite impressive really, so I am very interested in reading it, but I am having a very hard time finding it in the posts. Thanks.

      • BigDogJunction

        Guess you’ll have to look harder then.

        Your welcome.

        • Mistborn

          Haha, clearly you couldn’t find it either.

          • BigDogJunction

            No, Mistborn. I just don’t feel like playing your stupid game.

            You came in with nothing, I’m leaving you with nothing. You’re not worth, more than this.

          • Mistborn

            Whatever you say pal. I had asked a simple question. If you had owned him so bad like you said, you would think you could find a quote of it. The fact that I couldn’t find it, and you won’t point it out, it tells the whole story. To paraphrase a line from you, you have definitely been dismissed.

          • BigDogJunction

            No, not really, “pal”. What you’re trying to do, is start a fight. Nobody gives two $hits about what your perception is, least of all me. Though, I do find it interesting, 2 months after the fact you’re here to “set the record straight”, right?

            We both know what that’s about. I walked away from moderating fools like you, almost 10 years ago.

            You’re more than welcome to keep jerking yourself around over it, however.

          • Mistborn

            This “fight”(I had no idea that was what this is) is entirely your doing. I had simply asked a question. If you had replied with a quote of what I was looking for, it would have ended right there, but you didn’t. You had indicated that you “owned” that other poster. I had read the comments twice, and couldn’t find it. So there were two possibilities. One, that even though I read through them twice, I had somehow missed it(unlikely now, based on your response) The second is that you didn’t really “own” him, and simply were deluded in to thinking you had.(more likely, based on your unwillingness to point it out)

            So I asked for clarification. Your replies were very illuminating. Your unwillingness to provide the location of your pain inducing “owning” shows that you can’t point it out, because it is not there. It is as simple as that. Since you can’t point it out, it’s really the end of the story. You can pretend you won’t point it out for other reasons, but in reality it is because you can’t.

            Amusingly, what you find “interesting” is something I explained with my very first sentence. I have no idea what record you think I am trying to set straight. I just was just interested in reading an internet comment that was so powerful that it created physical pain in the person it was directed at, as you claimed.The paranoia in your last reply is an interesting development though. But as I had already told you, you were dismissed. But go ahead and reply, in order to get the last word in. I certainly don’t care, and I am sure it will make you feel better. I’m sure you could use that.

          • BigDogJunction

            I didn’t bother to read any of that, beyond. “So I asked for clarification” (it was the first thing that caught my eye).


            Because I really don’t care enough, Mistborn.

            I’ve only been clicking back on this link to string you along.

            You’re spinning your wheels, over a non-issue. You’re trying to stir up @#$%. In the process, you got trolled.

            Bye, Mist.

  • Aliel The Heretic

    Makes a point – don’t convert at gunpoint.

    They will kill you anyways, and you will end up in hell for denying Jesus on the very hour you should have kept it.

  • Rey

    this is NOT islam, they’re just FAKE

    • sumsrent

      You’re a liar.

      • OMG

        may allah open your heart

        • sumsrent

          WHO? The fake god allah? Who can’t do anything? Who is dependent upon muslim humans to expand satanic Islam and kill for it?
          Silly you… allah doesn’t even exist.

          • OMG

            debate with you who doesn’t want to know the truth won’t take me anywhere and it’s pointless.

  • sumsrent

    You say… “9/11 was orcastrated by the us Gov…”

    “orcastrated” <<< SEE… you have mutilating on your mind and you don't even realize it! Bwhaaahhaaaahaa!

    Seriously though… Why would you want to deny your fake god allah such a victory and insult Islam? Insulting Islam like is worthy of death!

    you say…
    "United States have killed millions in the last decade and I mean civilians.."


    I'd like to see your Islamic source for such lies…

    The Truth is… muslims kill more muslims than anyone!

    You say… "muslims on every continent and they do not behave like this…"
    A true and devout to the satanic Quran terrorizes, enslaves, rapes, maims, mutilates, bombs, beheads and kills other humans…
    You must not be devout?

  • sumsrent

    “This is not what being Muslim or Islam is about.”

    A true and devout to the satanic Quran… lies, distorts facts, terrorizes, enslaves, rapes, maims, mutilates, bombs, beheads and kills other humans…

    You must not be devout either? But your day will come… when you will be expected to become devout or face execution.

  • sumsrent

    You’re a ignorant Catholic…

    allah is no more a god than the steam rising off a pile of dung in a cow pasture.

    Understand this… Judaism and Christianity do NOT serve the same god of satanic Islam !!!

    Those stories are lies!


    Muslims are NOT allowed to make friends with Christians, Jews or other non-Muslims…

    The Qur’an:

    Qur’an (5:51) – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

    Qur’an (5:80) – “You will see many of them befriending those who disbelieve; certainly evil is that which their souls have sent before for them, that Allah became displeased with them and in chastisement shall they abide.” Those Muslims who befriend unbelievers will abide in hell.

    WAKE UP !!!

  • sumsrent

    Wow! You are lousy at telling lies!
    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

    Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.” Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was obviously not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that this verse was narrated at a time that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding merchant caravans for loot.

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be ‘joining companions to Allah’).

    Quran (4:89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

    Quran (4:95) – “Not equal are those believers who sit (at home) and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,-” This passage criticizes “peaceful” Muslims who do not join in the violence, letting them know that they are less worthy in Allah’s eyes. It also demolishes the modern myth that “Jihad” doesn’t mean holy war in the Quran, but rather a spiritual struggle. Not only is the Arabic word used in this passage, but it is clearly not referring to anything spiritual, since the physically disabled are given exemption. (The Hadith reveals the context of the passage to be in response to a blind man’s protest that he is unable to engage in Jihad and this is reflected in other translations of the verse).
    Q: Why does allah need muslims to kill? Is it not a god who can do everything?
    Apparently not!

  • sumsrent

    Ah… finally, someone who speaks the Truth!
    FOLKS>>> satanic Islam denies the Trinity… Islam denies Christ Jesus as the Son of God!

  • sumsrent

    satanic Islam is the opposite of Christianity! There are no similarities beyond Islam being satanic.

    • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

      Like they say opposites attract each other so whats the difference between opposites? Think about it a strong alkaline substance will burn in the same manner as an acidic substance so its best to avoid both don’t you think? A magnet has two polar oposites but both will attract iron nails and damage electronics in the same manner so whats the difference between em? Maybe you should think about those things first and realise that some things are best left alone.

      • sumsrent

        Well… I have a big problem with that…
        I don’t care for Sharia Law and Islam’s inhumane bloodthirsty satanic ways.
        Maybe you should just try thinking…

  • sumsrent

    As we await you comment in moderation…

    What is this a copy and paste? I never mentioned anything about the Rockefellers.

    You’re numbers are fake, hyped up exaggerations of the Truth…
    You tally the deaths of Japan… but neglect the American deaths caused by Japan!
    OK… so America put a stop to their killing and it took a Nuclear bomb to do that… apparently you still harbor feelings of sympathy for the Axis powers…
    Which doesn’t surprise me since Germany was aligned with the satanic Ottoman Empire in WWI.
    Also… your stats on Iraq include the deaths committed by muslims… why is that?
    I’ll tell ya… to feed the propaganda on the unknowing…

    But remember this… The Luciferian Globalists are aiding, funding and helping satanic Islam expand.
    Your last paragraph shows your ignorance! Do you not look forward to the Caliphate uniting the satanic Islamic world during a seven year period of victory?
    See… that NWO government will be the One World Islamic Economic System…
    Evidently you don’t know your satanic Quran… and satanic Islamic prophecy…

  • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

    Oh grow up their all responsible and you know it.

  • Why Go Nine When You Can Goten

    Yeah we lost all of our freedom because of that horrific event.

  • Lyn Warnes

    These people are completely mad. What evil god would ask it followers to massacre human beings. Utterly from the pits of hell. Jesus help these Christian believers.

  • Laura S.

    But then, all of the apostles and early Christians and more died for nothing if they only had to outwardly say it and not really believe it. I don’t know that duress matters.
    Regardless, most Americans are stupid and think these people can be reasoned with and any Muslims that don’t get in line with these terrorists will either be killed or join them so, I don’t trust them either. The religion of pieces.

  • Laura S.

    I do believe that the Lord has been long suffering with them (and us). They’ve been around for quite some time. God only puts up for so long then He too, runs out of patience. That also is in there.

  • Paul M

    The Koran actually says that “People of the Book” are not idolators, and that many are as acceptable to Allah as any good muslim.

    I know this, and I’m a filthy godless heathen.

    Religions, all of them, get twisted to suit the whims of people.

  • Andre

    Pure evil..
    It’s has become time for the good, God fearing man to stand up, stand strong, and be counted..

  • Armèn Amatuni

    A life lived for others is a life worth living. So yes, give it up if it will save lives.

  • Mary Taylor

    Yes, it could happen here. I bet the cowards all cover their faces, too.

  • Colt_Commander_45

    Where is ABC, CBS and NBC, et al???? This should be put on TV so people understand what islam is all about!!!!!!!!!!!


    Same difference… Christians have murdered and maimed countless more than Muslims throughout history!! Though this barbaric act of inhumanity is no less heinous, lets not forget how Christians continue to validate their heinous acts through politics, ethnic cleansing, military dominance, and an overzealous sense of entitlement (racially & economically).

    • RPT34

      The truth shows that the people throughout the world being murdered, pillaged, and raped are us who are Christians. The Syrian rebels and muslims throughout the world are murdering and raping Christian girls, and the world, for the most part, silently watches.

  • RPT34

    islam is not, and has never been, a peaceful religion. The words of the koran have not been twisted, and violence from muslims has occurred since before 1000 A.D. Please do research through books and the Internet so that you understand that this violence from muslims is not new.

  • Dianna Petrosyan

    After seeing this video can you call Islam as a peaceful religion, I see that it supports killing of people, especially innocent and not Muslim?

    I hope these people will not die to go to their Allah as they shout but to devil.

  • It’s already happenjng on Britain’s streets. The leadership on Britain may need to be taken out in order to prevent it spreading. And no, I don;t really give a fuck if our useless security services are monitoring this. It’s their duty to protect Britain and the Britush people, fail in that duty and it becomes My/Our duty..

  • alnga

    MUSLIMS are the tools of Satan and nothing more. This young man is with His Jesus today, but the Muslim slime have only one fate to burn in eternal flames of hell.

  • sumsrent

    Evidently you missed the point…

    If you and Trev plan on eliminating all the “strife” in the world… then you’re gonna have to give up your beliefs/differences. Because I’m not!

    As Trev says… “as long as there are differing beliefs in the world, there will never be peace.”

    So I ask you the same… Do you want peace? Then do as I tell you and… never, ever write anything in opposition to what I say.

    Q: See how stupid your thinking is?

    You say that you’re a Christian… but Trev says: “As long as there is Religion, no matter what it is and what you believe, it will always cause hatred and strive in the world.”

    So then… you’re also Trev’s problem. Are you willing to give up your religious beliefs in order to have peace with Trev?

    I’m not… I expect him to conform to mine if he wants peace.

    PS… I see you don’t think very well… aye?

  • OMG

    this is just media conspiracy and y all don’t know the truth at all

  • sumsrent

    [Evidently my first reply never posted… so I’ll make this short and sweet…]

    Q: Who gives in?

    Remember trevwinters said above… “As long as there is Religion, no matter what it is and what you believe, it will always cause hatred and strive in the world.”

    So I guess you’re willing to give up your religion… aye? To appease trevwinters?

    If you believe everyone should just get along and be all lovey dovey… then… you should sacrifice and give up your beliefs and do as I want. Because I am not gonna give up mine.

    You do practice what you preach… aye?

    Now let me present the next question…

    satanic worshipping muslims believe it just fine to enslave, rape, maim, mutilate and kill other humans… I disagree.

    So who’s side will you take? Mine?

    Thus you haven’t achieved harmony with the muslims…

    If you side with them… you’re obviously one sick person.

  • john

    But they did behead someone in the UK for being christian…

  • To allow Muslims into America is a “treasonable alliance” because they consider secular and Christian value oaths as not valid. They believe in a conceptual nation called “Ummah Islam” or the nation of Islam, as their citizenship is called brotherhood and only come to colonize for future conquest. Europe after the reconquest had to literally entertain a mass population transfer of Muslims back to Africa and tit for tat – forced them to covert to Christianity or be deported – which was better than the Muslims who stripped Christians naked, then beheaded the men, then plundered their homes and livestock, enslaved the women and girls as well as castrated the Christian boys. A very sick ideology that is far more dangerous than Communism or any other fanatical ideology.

  • Patrick Rhea

    So you are saying since he made the last statement this christian is now being tortured in hell?

  • thandekile dlamini

    First of all I must admit that we are living in the end of age but there is one thing that we ought to do is to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because he always shows up remeber the children of I srael when they were being enslaved by pharoh of Egypt the Lord came down to save them so even now he has given us authority over all principalities and rulers of darkness because this is not a physical war but a spiritual warfare.As the fulfilment of Mathews24 and the revelations of our Lord Jesus Christ scriptures are being fulfilled and unfolding.The confusion ,the rumours of wars,the brutal killings ,the improsonment of christians ,the persecutions of christians is all but the birth pangs of the coming of Christ which shall usher us to the millenium reign of our Lord and to the beautiful and Glorious New Jerusalem.Our Master has put it clear that we must overcome and that He will be with us till the end of time His promises are yea and amen because he is Faithful and Trustworthy.What I can say is that all people who do not acknoledge Christ Jesus as God are practising idolatory which is the worst thing that God hates.So between a person who worship something that does not exist and a person who serves the living God there will always be a conflict because idolatory goes hand in hand with worshipping the Devil.Remember in Babylon when Nebuchadnezzar threw Meshack,Shedrack an Abednigo in the furnace because they did not bow down to ythe idol then the King of Glory gave them a devine protection he appeared in his Glory with them in the fire.God is faithful all those who have an unwavering faith will inherit all of Gods promises lets hold on srongly to our faith Christianity because before we know it we shall be taken up in Glory and all the dead mataryers will be risen from their graves to join in the glory of our Majesty the Lord Jesus Chirst who is God the Father,THE Son and tte Holy Spirit

  • Gowron

    So, your response to this brutal religious-motivated murder, is to enforce your own religion, aiding only in prolonging this mindless war? WOW!

    Get this straight: You’re no better than the Syrians in this video.

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  • Jeanette Fonseca

    So true. No one is listening.

  • Naysayers


    I have seen many people online ask questions about the stories on the Illuminati. Most have asked how they can join, while others prefered to comprehend the phenomenon further. Today, I’ll take a gander at how to join this mysterious social order.

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