Muslims Demand For Pedophilia To Be Legalized

By Theodore Shoebat

The top religious authorities of Pakistan, called The Council of Islamic Ideology, have deemed the prohibition of child marriage, which is really pedophilia, as contrary to Islam.

They attacked Pakistan’s Prohibition of Child Marriages Act as something that goes against Islam.

Tahir Ashrafi, a member of the council, protested with these disturbing words:

There is no specific age limit for marriage in Sharia … Sharia says an individual can marry when he or she reaches puberty and puberty cannot be defined by age …Family members can marry a child if they think he or she has reached puberty.

Tahir also believed that Pakistan’s law that requires a wife to consent before her husband takes another wife, is un-Islamic:

Islam allows to marry four women so there is no question of asking the consent of first wife if a man wants to marry a second time

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Islam leads to the permission of pedophilia, just as the homosexual agenda, once given full indulgence, will lead to the legalization of pederasty.

In Afghanistan, pedophilia of boys and girls is very common. Here is a picture of an Afghan who pimps young boys for a living, joyously explaining what evils are done to the helpless victims:

ted sodomy muslims copy

You can watch the interview of this heathen in this documentary:


Christians are living under these evil and sinister people, and countless Christian girls are being kidnapped and raped by Muslims. We at Rescue Christians have heard the most harrowing of stories of Christians being tormented and raped by these evil satanists. We rescued a Christian teenage girl named Tania Rubecca, who was kidnapped by Muslims, tied to a tree, lacerated with blades, burned with cigarettes, and savagely raped.

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  • Marshall Hare

    I could make a documentary display bad marriages and abusive relationships of any age. Does this mean all relationships should be illegal to protect people? Of course not.

    Rape isn’t age related. It can happen at any age. To make sexuality illegal for certain ages doesn’t make sense. There needs to be a distinction between mutual sexuality and rape and your rights shouldn’t be taken away from you based on age, gender, race etc.

    Radical feminist would make everything illegal that doesn’t benefits them if you let them, and this is where the ageism comes from.

    • Jason Priestley

      In western Judeo-Christian culture/any medical school, minors don’t have the mental faculty to grant consent. Their brains are not formed yet. It’s not just about having a hole to stick your pecker into.

      • marlene

        no, it’s about their little bodies being excruciatingly penetrated by vicious barbarians.

    • JCW

      Go peddle your evil somewhere else.

    • gwsmith

      Your mindset is not only misguided, it’s evil. We all know that children do not have the mental acumen to make major life decisions. They haven’t the experience to know that some decisions can damage them for life. You make it sound as innocent as eating ice cream, which it is not. Yours is an evil ploy to deceive the naïve for your own selfish, psychopathic pleasure. You are the very ones we try to protect our children from. Go away and leave us in peace.

      • Hope

        Exactly what I was thinking. He is trying to make it sound right when we know it is wrong. Like many things in this evil world.

    • GMA213

      Why do you suppose pedophilia has been illegal in civilized nations for centuries, LONG before radical feminism was ever dreamed of?

    • marlene

      BABEL! and you’re full of a tower of it.

  • marlene

    oy! it pains me so much. some of these boys were only looking for a father figure. instead, they get sodomized by perverts. sometimes, and for this reason too, i just hate this world!

    • Connie Alsip

      I simply hate Muslims.

      • Marshall Hare

        These rapists aren’t representing of all muslims.

        In modern society, it’s legal for women to murder…. chop up, their unborn child into little pieces… death… slaughter.. In the same way, not all women in modern society are child murderers.

        • Hope

          I hope you mean illegal, when referring to women “chop” up their unborn children. It certainly is NOT legal. Abortion may be legal (which I do not support) but chopping up children is NOT! Sharia law is a Muslim/ Islamic law and these things are legal. I hope so much for these people.

    • Marshall Hare

      The boy was sold off by parents for money.

      Don’t hate them too much.. In modern society, over 20% murder their unborn child out of convenience. Yes, it’s legal to kill your child if you’re a woman in modern society… but this doesn’t mean all women in modern society feel this way.

    • It’s time to look up……

  • James Edwards

    It’s OK to ‘hate’ – just don’t misdirect it. DON’T hate the Muslim people – hate the evil that makes them do what they do, believe as they are TAUGHT to believe: ISLAM!

    God HATES sin – not the sinner. Same here. You have to ERADICATE the evil. You have to educate the people – that eliminates the creature that dwells within – the EVIL that stems from an evil ideology.

    One day, there will be a confrontation between GOOD, and EVIL – between the forces of Islam, and those of REASON – perhaps, a world-wide confederacy, maybe just a handful of nations, led by America and Israel. Will it be the ‘end-times’? Who knows. In the meantime, try to understand, here in America we still have a chance to save our nation from Islamics – but, the clock is ticking! 10 MILLION here now – in only 25 years, with the government we now have – there will be over 50 MILLION! Think what that will do to America!

    • Hope

      I do not see a world wide confederacy with ANY nations against this evil. God does love all bur He also told the end from the beginning.

  • Marshall Hare

    These men are not pedophiles but rapists. Rape isn’t civilized. Rape isn’t pedophila, homosexual, or any other sexual orientation. It’s rape.

    If a hebephile rapes a young adult, that doesn’t make hebephilia bad.

    If a homosexual rapes a man that doesn’t make homosexuality bad.

    If an indifferent man, rapes an older woman, that doesn’t make ‘straight’ sex bad.

  • Hope

    Nothing decent about this man above you

  • tamimisledus

    The only way in which Ebola can spread is via the Ebola virus. Nobody worries about hating the Ebola virus. The only way in which the evil doctrine of islam can spread is via muslims.

  • tamimisledus

    Sharia is allah’s law. A muslim worships allah and so must follow sharia. As far as allah is concerned, following sharia is non-negotiable. Anyone who does not follow the sharia is a non-muslim and allah has reserved the most hideous torture in hell for non-muslims. That is is at least 4.5% (your figures) of the UK population who support sharia.

  • shoebat

    Thanks for bringing this up. I will ban this sicko NOW. I do not want pedophiles around here.

  • Ethan L.

    Why do most other languages likewise spell it without the extra letter? For instance: French, pédophile; Spanish, pedofil; German, pädo… something.

    Your foot lover is a podophile.

  • Ethan L.

    You must not have read the first part of my statement. The age of consent TODAY varies from at least 12 to 18 in modern, civilized nations. There is no agreement on what is an appropriate age to have sex. It’s pretty naïve to think that 18 is a universal age of consent. I consummated my marriage with my wife when she was 17, and it was perfectly legal.

    The comments here show perfectly how people refuse to think about this, they only react, like brute beasts. And you are no different.

  • Mary Louise

    You need to meet a bus head on.