Archive | March 23, 2014

Sister Hatune Dogan Speaks of Unspeakable Atrocities after returning from Trip to Syria

Sister Hatune Dogan is a very brave woman. She recently returned from a trip to help persecuted Christians in Syria. What she saw and heard consisted of unspeakable and inhuman atrocities you can read about here. She is eager to tell as many people as she can, what is happening to innocent Christians all across […]

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Muslims Gun Down Two Innocent People

By Theodore Shoebat A man was gunned down by Muslims in Pakistan just after being acquitted for blasphemy law. The man’s name was Ashraf Gola, and when he and his friend Iftikhar Ahmed were driving, a number of unidentified men approached them and sprayed the car with bullets, killing both of them. As Business Standard […]

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CNN (Crazed News Network) Promotes ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Zombie Plane’ Theories to explain missing Plane

You know it’s bad when the theories CNN is promoting relative to missing Malaysia Flight 370 are actually worse than the plot in a bad Hollywood movie entitled Snakes on a Plane. In this exchange, CNN’s Don Lemon actually entertains the ‘Black Hole’ theory before asking former Inspector General for the Department of Transportation Mary […]

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