ISIS And The Islamic Caliphate: All Roads Lead To Turkey (Not Rome)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

As we enter further into the ISIS Caliphate problem, what is becoming obvious is this; when it comes to the greatest threat to Christendom, all roads are not leading to Rome, but to Turkey in which it’s true colors is being revealed by the day.


Today Istanbul has become the mecca, hub and the destination for all Caliphate connoisseurs and pilgrims from China’s Uyghur from the Xinjiang, the Caucasus (even Indonesia), the Muslim Brotherhood who fled Egypt, North Africa (especially Tunisia), Europe, and all the way to even Los Angeles California, Muslims are on a pilgrim to Turkey to give allegiance and join the Islamic Caliphate known as ISIS.


And this week we have seen protests throughout Turkey which erupted accusing Turkey’s government of collaborating with ISIS and at least a dozen people were killed in clashes between protesters and police as demonstrations broke out in the eastern and southeastern provinces as well as the capital Ankara and in Istanbul. Demonstrators objected ISIS’s advance at the Syrian-Turkish border to occupy the Kurdish city Kobane. Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party had called for citizens to protest the assault on Kobane, where the situation turned ‘extremely critical’ overnight. Kobane is a central city that was built to establish the Kurdish plan to have a kurdish state which Turkey and Iran wants to prevent.

As projected, Turkey is actually positioning its military to insure that ISIS wins since facts on the ground reveal that Ankara is not allowing the Kurdish People’s Defense Forces (YPG) to cross Turkish territory to join the fight against ISIS while the Kurdish forces capture recruits allowed entry from Turkey to fight on the side of ISIS to take Kobane.

So how is ISIS recruiting these fighters?

From across the globe, today they join ISIS gathering in Turkey. Even for American and European Muslims bent on joining ISIS, it takes less than a few days and $1,000, and the terror group even has a blogging tour guide — a female Scottish jihadist — to smooth the journey.

“Prepare your pristine feet to get covered with dust,” urges 20-year-old Aqsa Mahmood, who left her family in Glasgow last November to travel to Syria to “become a martyr.” From Raqqa, she has published a series of advice pieces on Tumblr for Westerners who want to follow in her footsteps.


Aqsa Mahmood

The beaten path goes through Istanbul, an international hub in a country that straddles – both geographically and culturally – the West and the Middle East. Thousands of Muslim men and even some Muslim women have dropped out of Western society to join the bloodbath, their way well-marked by predecessors to fulfill the prophecy of Dabiq in which Muhammad predicted an Armageddon-like scenario to be fulfilled when the Romans (European/Western coalition) will come to fight near Aleppo at Dabiq which is how they view the U.S.-led coalition.

“A large majority of foreigners joining the Islamic State are arriving in Iraq and Syria via Turkey,” said Ryan Mauro, national security analyst. “A flight to Turkey doesn’t usually arouse suspicion because there is so much travel between Europe and Turkey.”

The U.S. was hopeful with Turkey’s entry to the march against ISIS but as warned, that to Turkey ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and is one reason it sees ISIS as; firstly helping dismantle the Kurdish plan to establish a state and secondly help dismantle the Syrian regime in order to advance the grand Caliphate agenda of Erdogan.

Turkey is currently experiencing what Europe went through prior to Germany’s nazification when Hitler promised not invade the Sudetenland (annexation of Czechoslovakia’s northern and western border regions) when in reality the plan was the incorporation of the Sudetenland into Nazi Germany. Likewise, Turkey’s plan is the incorporation of Syria and Iraq and later Egypt and North Africa into the greater Turkish plan. This will fulfill Daniel 11, but first they need to complete the mission and reverse what Sykes Picot established when Great Britain, France and Russia fragmented the Ottoman Empire.

What we will also see is the continual deterioration of relations between the U.S. and Turkey. The U.S is becoming increasingly frustrated over Turkey’s inaction against ISIS, in particular its failure to intervene to prevent the jihadis overrunning the Syrian border town of Kobani.

Such interests is why Turkey plays a game claiming to intervene while it indirectly recruits ISIS as Aqsa Mahmoud referred Muslim visitors to call what she termed the “acquaintance” which organizes the logistics for getting to and crossing the border into Syria with the help of Islamic State’s “Madrassat al-Hudud,” (Border Bootcamp) a quasi-official border bureau.

“Call the number, let them know that you’re in Turkey and that you want to make hijra (immigration) to al-Dawlah (Islamic State)” Mahmoud wrote in another recent post, using an Arabic phrase for migrating to the border region.

According to Mauro, whatever steps Turkey claims to have taken to shut off the jihadist pipeline are simply for show. Erdogan’s administration has supported the multi-fronted effort to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad, the fight that spawned Islamic State.

“It has not stopped this flow of fighters,” Mauro said. “It is common to see ISIS members boasting on social media about their open presence in Turkey, including Istanbul.

Istanbul has become the mecca, hub and the destination for all Caliphate connoisseur and pilgrims  from China’s Xinjiang to Los Angeles California. As Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt declared that:

“Turkey is the Caliphate State, and Istanbul is its capital … Turkey unites religion and the world, Arab (Wahhabist Sunnis) and Persian (Shiites), Asia and Africa, and it (the Caliphate) should be based upon this nation (Turkey)”.

Addressing the Turkish people regarding the election of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the head of state, Qaradawi said:

“Erdogan is man of the State, a leader who knows his Lord.”

And then he added a very crucial comment:

Erdogan will succeed because Allah, Gabriel, Salih Al-Muminin (the Righteous of the Faithful) are with him and after that the Angelic Host will appear


This “Gabriel” Qaradawi is speaking of is not the same biblical angel Gabriel but is the most beautiful of all angels and he was the one who visited Muhammad in Ghar Hira in the cursed desert of Arabia disguising himself as the Buraq.

It’s not Rome or the Vicar of Christ in the Vatican that is the center of evil as so many Protestants believe in the prophecy circles in the west; Qaradawi gave the title of “Salih Al-Mumin” to Erdogan, such title is the Vicar of Muhammad who would represent him on earth and only when he is established as Caliph would “the angelic host,” as he proclaims “will appear”.

In Islam, especially since the battle is at Kobani and Dabiq near Aleppo, this is a sign of the end of the world to Muslims when the angelic host descend on earth after the Muslim Armageddon at Dabiq begins with fighting the Romans. Yet from a Christian perspective this is the antithesis of what is in Scripture; the casting of the fallen angels which Daniel the prophet spoke about.

Islam’s angels seem to even have resemblances of The Luminous One’s minion. In the Qur’ân’s Night of Vision (Muhammad’s visitation):

“The angelic hosts descend [to earth] in it with the spirit by command of the their Lord. Peace shall it be until the rising of the Dawn (Morning star).” (Q 97)

Who is this ‘spirit’ and how is Allah the lord of angels and spirits? According to Muslims this ‘spirit’ or ‘the holy spirit’ is an Arch Angel, the most beautiful of all cherubs who resided in the Garden of God (Ezekiel 28:14).

“But you are a mere mortal and not a god, though you think you are as wise as a god.” (Ezekiel 28:2b)

This is Antichrist who is finally defeated:

“I am going to bring foreigners against you,
the most ruthless of nations;
they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom
and pierce your shining splendor. They will bring you down to the pit,
and you will die a violent death
in the heart of the seas.”

Many still reject what has become obvious, that when it comes to evil; all roads do not lead to Rome, but to Turkey. They read their own limited version of the Bible, not as if the Bible has not warned about it, but they use selected verses and chapters thinking that Christ will destroy Antichrist personally forgetting that God loves to partner with mankind to accomplish His will just as God partnered with David, even a smooth stone, to kill Goliath who blasphemed the God of Israel.
Few study the theme and apt to only focus on Ezekiel 38 while ignoring that the entire theme is not regarding Russia but is regarding the destruction of Antichrist which starts from Ezekiel 28 to 39. Ezekiel even proclaims the coming of Christ “The Holy One” who is “in Israel”:

“‘I will make known my holy name among my people Israel. I will no longer let my holy name be profaned, and the nations will know that I the LORD am the Holy One in Israel.” (Ezekiel 39:7)

It’s rarely addressed by Protestant writers; that Antichrist and the fallen angels will possess the Muslim minions who follow Antichrist (see Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28) in which his confederacy of nations (see Ezekiel 30, “league”) that are all specifically mentioned by name are finally thrown “into the pit”. These are Sudan (Cush) and North African states(Phut) Lydia (Turkey) and all Arabia and Egypt (see Ezekiel 30:5). They also include Asshur (Iraq – Syria), (see Ezekiel 32:22-23) and Elam (Iran) (see Ezekiel 32:24-25) and Meshech & Tubal (Asia minor which includes the Southern Russian Muslim states) (see Ezekiel 32:26) and the harlot (Arabia) (see Ezekiel 32:29, also see Ezekiel 25).

The sooner Christians see this, the better they can unite and fight this arising beast, the threat to the church and to all of humanity. And if they think they see beheadings now, just wait to witness the millions of Christians beheaded soon.

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  • billobillo54

    What a sobering article. First, I want to admit my mistake of using a bogus secondary source in my objection to purgatory. I apologize to all and especially Julie. The error was not dishonest, but was rash. Secondly, thank you for the great article and for the tolerance of, being Catholic and tolerating Protestants on the site. I agree with its main idea. The “Russian” (i.e. ‘The Controversy Over Rosh”) and the Harlot of Babylon misinterpretation by my beloved Protestant brothers is, I believe, even more deadly than we can imagine in its effects since the Protestants must stand against the antichrist and not against fellow Christians. And, Catholics need to wake up and stand against Islam and the antichrist in Turkey and in Ramallah and Bethlehem (i.e. The Palestinian Authority).

    • 1Bobby8

      God bless you billobillo54, yes, we’re all Christians in the same boat together fighting the same enemy, (Islam) together.

      • billobillo54

        Thank you Bobby. I love you guys in the Lord.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Billo, you’re a bigger man than most and are very deserving of a sincere ‘hat’s off’ and thanks from me. Oddly enough, my ‘education’ about Islam began while reading reading Daniel 11 in the Douay-Rheims version, I was fascinated at the phrase ‘the god Maozim’, where most versions say ‘the god of forces’ or ‘strongholds.’ I googled the term ‘Maozim’, and found a link to a book written in 1855 by a Catholic priest named Ambrose Lisle Phillips, downloaded the book and read it. It is very similar in interpretation to Walid’s book “God’s War on Terror”. Walid has a particular advantage that is crucial for us because he is well versed in Islam and Arabic. I thank God for all at and pray every night for God’s protection over them and their families. I also read “Refutation of the Koran”, written in the 1300’s by Riccoldo Pennini, Martin Luther read it in 1530 and in 1542 produced a German translation of it. Robert Spencer, a Melkite Catholic and founder of Jihad Watch wrote a book a few years ago named “What every Catholic needs to know about Islam”, it too is enlightening. I pray for all of us to become one. You’re an awesome man. Thanks again.

      • Thanks Julie for that gold nugget of knowledge! The book you are talking about I take it is “Mahometanism in Its Relation to Prophecy: Or, an Inquiry Into the Prophecies …by Ambrose Lisle Phillipps”? And for those wondering, you can read it free of charge on Google books!

        I’ve been looking into the book and what strikes me most is that antichrist as the bible says will honor the god ‘Maozim’ which Phillipps notes is a word that linguistically is related to ‘Muezzin’ which to this day signifies the minaret of mosques. Also the word Maozim is in use to this day to describe fortified towers in a stronghold. So clearly Daniel talking about the god Maozim was referring to the god of minarets. Which is interesting because Isaiah describing the day of the Lord says on that day the towers will fall! (Isaiah 3:25).

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Yes, that is the book and it is free to download and print. Had it not been for the Douay Rheims rendering of ‘god of Maozim’, I would never have discovered the book.

      • billobillo54

        Thanks Julie. And God bless you in the Name of our Savior, Jesus.

      • Karen Honick Ortwein

        What’s the title of Phillips book? I searched Guggenheim and they have almost everything but nothing by that author. Thanks

        • Karen Honick Ortwein

          just now saw title above, thanks anyway

          • Karen Honick Ortwein

            well that’s what I get when I type at 3 a.m. Gutenberg, not the museum Guggenheim, martial not Marshall as in islands. Got to get to bed earlier.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          “Mahometism in its Relation to Prophecy”

          • Karen Honick Ortwein

            You’re a peach, a very smart peach! Thanks

          • Julie LaBrecque

            I just read a lot.

      • DANG. I was researching Ambrose Lisle Phillips as I was reading his works and your comment 2 year old comment came up. I never knew that my interpretations were so close to Ambrose’s works since I have been studying his works for the last few days.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          How awesome to see how everything lines up — and awesome how God brought you in from the dark to help expose the dark – thanks again for all you do – tell Maria hello.

    • susan

      I’m so glad we’re all on this journey together!!! We need you! Like Paton said “and knowledge shall increase” isn’t debating with Julie and Walid great? I’ve learned so much just by reading what others say. Have a wonderful blessing enriched day 🙂

      • billobillo54

        God bless you Susan. Thank you for the grace.

        • susan

          G-d.’ Blessings gently, softly raining upon you from on high 🙂

  • koolmom21

    It’s becoming clearer that all roads do lead to Turkey. I am a catholic so I knew it was not Rome but I thought it was mecca.

    • shoebat

      It is Mecca koolmom, the beast is Turkey the whore is Mecca

      • koolmom21

        Thank you for clarifying; I was a bit confused.

  • shoebat

    Anthony, your getting better at putting the puzzle 😉

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Here is a tid-bit that might be illuminating in your quest, something that I recently came across on the website; the face cloth which was found neatly folded in the tomb was a sign that He would return, based on Jewish table etiquette. When someone at table was leaving but planned to return, they would fold their ‘napkin’ and neatly lay it down, (I believe it is called the ‘serviette’) as opposed to crumpling it up and throwing it at random on the table which indicated that they were not returning. I know this might sound corny, but I believe the similarities in our flag (white and blue colors and the stars) to Israel’s flag mean something, while the difference is the color red, the color of blood, that their flag doesn’t have indicating they haven’t accepted His blood yet.

    • Karen Honick Ortwein

      Love it!!

  • richinnameonly

    Yes, Christians must unify. I believe it will happen for many as we move through time, witnessing more “islamic” events that SHOULD be eye opening.

  • Vernon

    It’s no longer a mystery why Obama was so eager to build a coalition of nations to fight against one group. The Sunni Muslim in the White House undoubtedly believes this Armageddon prophecy as well.

  • Sorry I probably was to fast with saying it meant minarets. But yes the connection is there.

  • billobillo54

    Thank you Fhr68. In Jesus’ Name.

  • shoebat

    Hmmm, we don’t need folks like you discovering our dirty little secret do we? That we are “agents” of Rome. We do need all the “fools” that we can find and we must ensure we cast out all the “wise” like yourself and for that I must ban you. We do need to keep “selling” and you truth teller are an obstacle so please keep our dirty little secret lies between us on this forum since we are indeed involved at a very high level espionage with the CIA, FBI and the Vatican … of course. And by painting you a lunatic we cover our tracts … shshshsh quite now.

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  • Julie LaBrecque

    I’ll check that one out. Very interesting.

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  • Rapheal Sebastian

    A perfect example of little or no education, coupled with incessant watching of youtube conspiracy videos, liberally washed down with rabid slanderous Protestantism. But forgetting to take the prescribed medication for obvious mental problems.

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  • Lea

    Which makes muslims the enemy since they are the product of islam.

  • What group does Obama belong ion, what was his early years of Islam taught by what group of Muslims ?