The Greatest Protestant Crusader In History And How He Resembles Christ In The WAR OF ARMAGEDDON (Eye Opening Read To All Who Love Prophecy)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

As I sit here on my Sabbath rest and contemplate why is it that I know of no one who compared the remarkable resemblance between the biblical narratives that mention Christ’s second coming and His war expeditions to defeat the Antichrist and liberate Jerusalem, how rarely if ever they were compared to how this parallels history’s greatest Protestant crusader, the British General Edmund Allenby. The study will help us unlock much as to Christ’s expedition during His second coming to defeat the Antichrist!

It was Allenby, a Protestant, not a Catholic who conquered Jerusalem taking it from the Muslim Ottoman Turks.


General Edmund Allenby


It is quite remarkable how God chose a militant Protestant to carry out the mission to liberate Jerusalem and I know of no one in the Prophecy arena who even examines Scripture to see, that Christ’s military campaigns when He returns are very Crusader-like paralleling Allenby’s military expeditions:

1) both wars, Christ and Allenby is to repulse the Ottoman Turkish invasion of Jerusalem and Egypt.
2) both conquer Egypt (see Isaiah 19).
3) both conquer Bozra.
4) both defeat an Antichrist at Armageddon.

Allenby was a Christian militant and his victory against the Muslims later paved the way for the creation of a Jewish state despite British errors that was made against the Jews with the White Paper which was a policy paper issued by the British government under Neville Chamberlain in which, among several key provisions, the idea of partitioning Palestine was abandoned. Just as with Catholics, not all Protestants are equal. We all know who Neville Chamberlain was, he was anti-war with Hitler and is why we say, that if one is always anti-war, that person is also anti-ridding the world from evil tyrannies which is evil in itself.

Neville Chamberlain standing with Adolph Hitler

Neville Chamberlain standing with Adolph Hitler

The story begins when the Ottoman Empire called for a military jihad against France, Russia and Great Britain in November 1914. While we know that Muslims say “first Constantinople then Rome” and while we expect the Antichrist to even attempt an invasion against Europe (which sadly the naïve paint Europe as Antichrist) and all of christendom. Daniel also tells us that Antichrist gets bad news from the north, which declares war against him in which he will ultimately be defeated. North of the Ottoman Empire’s headquarters, Turkey, is Russia (which is sadly painted by the naïve as Gog). There is no question as to why God ordained Russia to be converted to Christianity and despite what all dislike about Putin, Russia will be an intricate role in defeating Antichrist. Many believe that Christ defeats Antichrist on His own, but this interpretation excludes what Ezekiel declared (see Ezekiel 28:7-8, Ezekiel 30-32). God has always partnered with man in all the acts of redemption in which God does what God does and man through his obedience to God acts as God’s earthly vessel in whom He desires to mold and eventually perfect.

Many today while they see the threat of Islam and since they are unwilling to let Russia go from there decades old theme of being Gog, they combine a Russian-Turkic-Iranian coalition in reference to Ezekiel 38 unaware they are a-historic: the enmity between Russia and the Ottoman Turks never ended from time immemorial.

Map depicting the Russo-Turkish Wars.

Map depicting the Russo-Turkish Wars.

Today Putin is pro-Bashar who is anti-Turkey and Russia taking over Crimea which sits north of Turkey removing the protective buffer zone for Turkey sets the Ukraine as the stage for a future invasion by Russia against Turkey to regain Hagia-Sophia, Christianity’s most remarkable temple and monument which a Turkish Antichrist will surely sit in as it is being reconverted to a mosque by Erdogan. It is perhaps why the Russian Cross is always mounted on Russian churches with the Cross stepping over the Crescent which is reminiscent to Russia will be the main nation that fulfills the end of Antichrist as Russia has finally become a sheep nation when Christ divides the nations sheep from goats.




It is perhaps why when the Christian League, an ad-hoc coalition of Catholic monarchies ships deployed in the shape of the cross which crushed the Ottomans at Lepanto in which their ships where in the shape of the crescent.

Finally the beginning end of this Islamic beast, the major threat to christendom, came in November 1914, the Ottoman Empire, the world’s greatest independent Islamic power, which is currently reviving again, abandoned its ambivalent neutrality towards the warring parties (as we see today Turkey’s face is neutral towards the west but this is changing) and became belligerent in the conflict, with the sultan declaring a military jihad (holy war) against France, Russia and Great Britain. Antichrist whom we explained for decades to come from the Ottoman Turkey also “declares war against the strongest fortresses” in Daniel 11 and similar to 1914, the strongest military-might today would be the U.S., Europe and Russia.

The Ottoman Empire had recently been humiliated by setbacks in Libya (which Daniel 11 tells us Antichrist also enters) and the Balkans. Participation in what had begun as a European war by the Ottomans to have been suicidal, but key elements in the Turkish government, impressed by German industrial and military power and motivated by dreams of imperial Ottoman glory, just as we see the Turks today, was then greeted by the expanding war as an opportunity to regain Ottoman lost territories and incorporate new lands and nationalities into the Ottoman empire. We already see Turkey interested in Syria and aiding the Muslim Brotherhood to re-invade Egypt.

With Germany as an ally, the Ottoman Empire represented a serious threat to the British Empire, so in a pre-emptive strike, London immediately landed an Anglo-Indian force at Basra (biblical Bosra), near the estuary of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This was done to protect the Anglo-Persian oil pipeline, which was vital to the British navy, and to show the Union Jack in this strategically important area in the Persian Gulf. Christ also comes out victorious from Bosra: “Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah, with his garments stained crimson? Who is this, robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength? “It is I, proclaiming victory, mighty to save.”” (Isaiah 63:1)

Within weeks the Central Powers struck back with a surprise attack against Britain’s ‘jugular vein’, the Suez Canal. This attempt, in early February 1915, to breach British defenses on the Suez Canal and raise an Islamic revolt in Egypt, failed however, and resulted in heavy losses for the Muslim attackers. Convinced that neither side had the means to achieve victory in France in 1918, Prime Minister David Lloyd George sought to make Allenby’s theatre the focus of his country’s military effort. Germany’s massive offensives closer to home during the first half of 1918, however, forced the government to recall most of Allenby’s British soldiers to France. Allenby, who retained his cavalry, received replacements for his infantry in Egypt from many sources, predominately from India but also from many other diverse nations ranging from Burma to the West Indies. In Egypt, too, British forces gained a new commander, General Sir Archibald Murray, and additional resources.

Similarly, Christ in Isaiah 19, goes to war in Egypt: “See, Jehovah rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt. The idols of Egypt tremble before him, and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them” (Isaiah 19:1).

We all know that Zechariah 14 is about rescuing the Jews and converting them to Him, but Isaiah 19 should shock some folks and get us to ask, who and why is Christ coming for in Egypt: “And it will be for a sign and for a witness to the LORD of Hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the LORD because of the oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Mighty One, and He will deliver them.” (Isaiah 19:20)

Here we have the “Mighty One” is the Messiah who fights on the day of the Lord to fight “the oppressors”. Here, Christ comes to rescue the Copts of Egypt from Muslim persecution, our brothers and sisters in Egypt who are currently suffering from the oppressors and calling for Jesus to come down and save them. This will intensify when Turkey invades Egypt under Antichrist (see Daniel 11).

Continuing with the Protestant crusaders, the British, unwilling to commit all of its emerging military resources in 1915 to the Western Front, where trench warfare prevailed, the British leadership embraced a naval offensive against Istanbul to force the Ottoman Empire out of the war. When the Royal Navy in February and March was unable to fight its way through the Dardanelles to place the Ottoman capital under its big guns, the military authorities hastily assembled an expeditionary force to land on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Christ also directly goes and fights Turkey in Zechariah 9: “I will rouse your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Yavan.” In this passage, Israel is seen fighting against Ionia or Yavan led by Christ Himself after their conversion. This in itself debunks the claim that Antichrist is the European Union. In several Bibles, this word is correctly translated as “Greece” but this is ancient Greece (Asia Minor) and “Ionia” or “Yavan” in Hebrew was a province that was located on the western coast of modern Turkey. This is crucial because the clear context of this battle is the return of Christ: “Then Jehovah will appear over them (Israel)” and fight on their behalf “going with the whirlwinds of the South”. He is heading to Ionia (Turkey) and Pergamum which is the seat of Satan (see Revelation 2:13).

So in the End-Times, at the time when Jesus returns, the Jews (Zion) which at the time becomes Christian will unite with other Christian nations to engage in the defining battle in all history, the Battle of Armageddon which also includes Christ’s expedition against Turkey itself (Yavan) after their armies are destroyed at Armageddon in Israel.

By stages the mission of the British forces evolved from a defense of Egypt to an invasion of Jerusalem.

After the British expeditions in Egypt, first, they had to cross the Sinai Desert, with its sand storms and searing temperatures, had to be crossed, a test of endurance heading towards Israel to liberate Jerusalem.

Allenby heeded good biblical advice when he faced the Turks at the biblical village of Michmash mentioned in 1 Samuel 13 ‘And Saul, and Jonathan his son, and the people that were present with them, abode in Gibeah of Benjamin, but the Philistines encamped in Michmash.’

Major Vivian Gilbert of the British army relates the story of an unnamed brigade major who was reading his Bible while contemplating the situation against the Ottoman forces. The brigade major remembered a town by the name of Michmash mentioned somewhere in the Bible. He found the verses, and discovered that there was a secret path around the town. He woke the brigadier general, and they found that the path still existed and was very lightly guarded. The British forces used this path to outmanoeuver the Ottomans, and so took the town.

Christ as we all know, similar to Allenby, crusades against the Turks and takes Jerusalem from the Antichrist and marching into Jerusalem captured from the Turks in 1917, the British general, Sir Edmund Allenby, proudly declared “today the wars of the Crusaders are completed,” and the British press celebrated his victory with cartoons of Richard the Lion-Hearted looking down at Jerusalem above the caption “At last my dream come true.”

The golden rule is that God is no respecter of persons, be it someone who grew up Catholic or grew up Protestant, it is the theology that counts and the Catholic crusading spirit was godly and righteous. We will always find an Abel and we will always find a Cain, regardless that even both were “believers” one of the two “Cain” will end up in hell. Its the same in christendom, it is not who say “its all about Jesus,” but “its all what Jesus is all about” and who obey Him with action wins in the end. Always reverse the mottos of the fool and you will find the nugget of the wise.

In the days of Great Britain, they did not all hate the crusaders as we see today which this will be healed in the coming future and is why we support militancy. When Protestants supported the Muslim Ottomans at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 that amongst the Ottoman forces were to be found Lutheran and Calvinist allies from Holland and England who were defeated by the Catholic Alliance, to later the Protestants rejoiced only when they realized that the Ottomans threatened them as well. It took wars to heal and learn that not everything militant was wrong.

The colonial powers glorified the Crusaders as their ideological forebears when during December, 1917 Allenby had moved upwards from Egypt and captured Jerusalem. As the first Christian conqueror of the Holy City since the Crusades, Allenby ordered his troops to dismount as a mark of respect when they entered the city. The difference between Allenby and Christ is that Allenby refused to ride an entourage with a Rolls-Royce or even a horse since Christ is known to have rode an ass and will be the One coming victorious riding on a white horse. So Allenby chose to walk on foot as Christ’s humble servant.

General Edmund Allenby victory march against the Muslim Ottoman Empire in Jerusalem

General Edmund Allenby victory march against the Muslim Ottoman Empire in Jerusalem

The following year Allenby defeated the remaining Turkish Army in Israel. A final and conclusive strike at the Battle of Megiddo where Armageddon will take place when Christ returns. Allenby also returned to the offensive at the Battle of Megiddo, on 19 September 1918. With a decided advantage in manpower, artillery, air power and morale, he quickly destroyed the Ottoman/Turkish armies facing him. The victory at Megiddo happened in September 1918 which left the road to the invasion of Damascus open for the crusading British empire. Once the enemy front was broken, the British cavalry dominated the campaign. Damascus fell on 1 October, Aleppo, the last city to fall in the campaign, on 26 October. Five days later an armistice with the Ottoman Empire came into effect. Since 19 September Allenby’s forces had advanced hundreds of miles and netted over 75,000 prisoners.

And likewise, Christ destroys Damascus as has been written Damascus will become a “heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be deserted and left to flocks” (Isaiah 17:1–2). Christ also is spoken of in the Psalms: “Gird Your sword upon Your thigh, O Mighty One,” (Psalm 45:3) and that “Lebanon will fall before the Mighty One” in Isaiah 10:34 will be Christ’s expedition to remove all of Islam from Syria and Lebanon and destroy this revived beast empire of the Ottomans.

So what should we learn? It is crucial to understand always, that Prophecy has multiple layers and the story of Allenby is a hint of what is to come, a war with the Ottomans. We must never seclude Prophecy for only the end-times: does Christ not care about the past flock to warn them as well?

For example, the prophecy of Isaiah 17 may date from 735 BC when Damascus and Israel were allied against Judah. Tiglath-Pileser took Damascus in 732. Indeed, while this prophecy had a type of fulfillment, this campaign never reduced the city of Damascus to rubble and there is an ultimate future fulfillment, but God wrote these prophecies so the scoffers can scoff that the Bible is only a historic manuscript. The depiction of Damascus as a “heap of ruins” has not been fulfilled. This is why one needs to beware of scoffers who make the Bible only a historic reference. We need to also beware of all the hype that always make prophecy about the study of end-times only. “Alone” and “only” are words which are usually used as a method to isolate and deceive. The rule of thumb is that The Bible is a study for all times.

Likewise, when Daniel spoke of the King of the North invading Egypt, we can find in history a layer, when the Ottoman Sultan Selim I invaded Syria then marched into Egypt depicting a similar invasion by Antichrist which today we see ISIS are attempting to do at Dabiq. History and Prophecy intertwine in the most amazing ways and the sooner we learn from history the better we are prepared to face the future.


Crusaders who all departed from different countries were supposed to meet in Constantinople and then head to the Holy Land together as one massive army. However, contrary to what the pope commanded, two small bloodthirsty brigands, spearheaded by Walter the Penniless and Peter the Hermit, left early of their own initiative. They led their rebellious armies down the Rhineland to kill the Jews there.

But the charge that the Crusades produced widespread anti-Judaism or were by their nature anti-Jewish has little basis in historical fact. Furthermore, the claim that the Crusades were a rehearsal for the anti-Semitic genocide of the Holocaust is completely without foundation. Those who promote such a view do so to further their agendas, ideologies, and book sales.

To assess the claims of these popular works, a closer examination of the Jewish pogroms during the First Crusade is in order. At the Council of Clermont in 1095, Urban II called for an armed expedition to the East to aid fellow Christians and liberate Jerusalem. The pogroms of 1096 were perversions of crusading zeal; they were definitely not the normal response. Emicho’s contingent and the other anti-Jewish crusading bands did not comprise the major armies, which advanced east in the summer of that year. The anti-Jewish crusaders either dissolved after perpetrating these heinous acts or were destroyed during their march through Hungary. Robert Chazan, one of the foremost scholars on the medieval Jewish experience –particularly the massacres of 1096–believes that “the combination of radical thinking and weak discipline accounts for both the eventual failures of these bands and their anti-Jewish excesses.” (1)

The noted Crusades historian Jonathan Riley-Smith has recently said, “We know it to be a myth that the crusaders targeted the Jewish community in Jerusalem.” The Hebrew populations of Acre, Hebron, and Haifa met with a fate similar to the community in Jerusalem. Again, the brutality was the result of the resistance by these cities to the crusader forces–not because there were Jews in these places. Such tactics were brutal, but typical of both Muslim and Christian armies in the region. The Jewish communities in Tyre and Ascalon, on the other hand, were not harmed when these cities were taken since the leaders chose surrender instead of resistance. (2)

Ironically, the success of the First Crusade actually facilitated wide scale Jewish migration from Europe to the East. Most importantly, there were no anti-Jewish pogroms in the Levant during almost two hundred years of crusader rule. While life in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem was certainly no utopia for the Jews, these examples contradict the notion that the Crusades were inherently anti-Semitic. The evidence indicates that the Latin rulers in the Levant were more lenient than their European counterparts, and in some instances, than the previous Muslim rulers (who were well known for their tolerance).

Finally, the late Israeli scholar Joshua Prawer did the most thorough examination in his The History of the Jews that when Jews were on the receiving end of crusader brutality–as at Jerusalem in 1099 or Acre in 1104–it was within the context of total warfare directed at the resisting population as a whole, of which the Jews were a minor element. (3)

The negative arguments against the Crusades is as if one speaks of how the United States came to be. While there was the Trails of Tears, regarding the mass expulsion of native Indians, there will also be someone who will denounce the United States from its right to exist harping about the Trails of Tears!

Hilaire belloc said regarding such criticism of the Crsaders that he will not waste his time refuting these. One can find all sorts of bad on anything good to denounce it. So here is the question to all Christians who hate the Crusaders: do we condemn King David for what he did to Uriah and say that everything King David did was evil? To answer “yes” would make one a heretic and to answer “no”, in itself refutes the argument including exposing the foolishness of the one who makes it.

Obviously, killing Jews was not part of the Crusades intent and was never authorized, a thing which all the critics will always fail to obtain from original sources. Even when it comes to Peter the Hermit and others, the Catholic Bishops of those provinces in fact tried to protect the Jews by hiding them, even at the risk of their own lives. This line alone has tremendous history which will take pages to fill. Those acts by certain brigands were rightly condemned by the pope. Yet the critics usually fail to mention this because the issue is always an agenda.

But the critics abound in their slander against the Crusaders. In each post we make, in our comment section, we find the lazy, the uneducated, the unwise and the outright slanderer. When Theodore Shoebat wrote an article praising the Crusaders, I had one object on the comment line saying “…Jesus said Jerusalem would be trampled underfoot until the times of the Gentiles were complete. That trampling definitely includes your beloved crusaders …”

To this Protestant, the Crusaders, and just because it was carried out by Catholic was “bad” makes Allenby the Protestant bad as well.

The fools are the ones who can and always post short comments that are void of research and it takes libraries to refute them. It is as we say in the Middle East: “it takes one fool to throw a rock in the well but it takes ten wise men to pull it out”.

Fools always say that “God will always answer prayers” and that “it is not all about knowledge”, yet God clearly says of such simpletons, these fail to read the first instructions in Proverbs chapter 1: “Then they will call to me but I will not answer; they will look for me but will not find me, since they hated knowledge and did not choose to fear the Lord.” God was clear and here it is in full context:

“Out in the open Wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech: “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?”

God sent Wisdom and here is what He says to these folks that are simpletons and do not acquire knowledge:

“I in turn will laugh when disaster strikes you; I will mock when calamity overtakes you—when calamity overtakes you like a storm, when disaster sweeps over you like a whirlwind, when distress and trouble overwhelm you. “Then they will call to me but I will not answer; they will look for me but will not find me, since they hated knowledge and did not choose to fear the Lord.” (See Proverbs chapter 1).

“They will look to Me” seems to be speaking about “believers” who seek God and believe but are foolish and God will not respond to fools. Today we live in a culture that when someone speaks of militarism, they say “its all Old Testament”. It is as if the Old Testament is now obsolete altogether. If so, is the proverb then reversed and God all of the sudden loves also the fools? Even all this talk of the “power of prayer,” will be rendered obsolete to the fool, yet many today argue by even using Scripture to say that all gentiles going to Jerusalem as liberators as “bad”, since the Crusaders were Catholic, so they try to fit any biblical verses to point fingers forgetting that not all Protestants were as naïve as some of the comments I usually get on my blog from anti-Catholic diehards which historians will usually dismiss these arguments outright–and often rightfully so, for these histories are regularly riddled with errors. An even bigger problem, however, is the widespread effect that these deceptive popular narratives have on the historical consciousness of the reading public. That besides working on trying to Rescue Christians from physical danger, we need to also Rescue Christians from all these mental disorders in which Theodore asked “Dad, at times I feel that we are running a mental asylum” in which I responded with “Indeed, but I am by brother’s keeper”. While he knows history, I as a father have to teach him ancient holy-land wisdom.


Were the Crusades Anti-Semitic by Vince Ryan
(1) Robert Chazan, In the Year 1096: the First Crusade and the Jews (Philadelphia: Jerusalem Publication Society, 1996), p. 55.v

(2) Jonathan Riley-Smith, “Rethinking the Crusades,” First Things (March 2000), pp. 20-23.

(3) Details concerning the Jewish experience under crusader rule can be found in many of the works by the late Israeli scholar Joshua Prawer. For the most thorough examination see his The History of the Jews in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1988).

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  • Ray

    This is a great article correlating history and the Bible. I like to keep these to refute those and anti crusades people, atheist or Christian.

  • shoebat



      agreed amen , but we are not the unfaithful the muslims are …

  • shoebat

    Thanks Kamau

  • shoebat

    To serve your country is obedience to God, but to say that “There is only one call for ‘Christian Militancy’ in the entire NT” is like someone saying there is no “call for Christian 10% tithing in the entire NT”.

    No matter how you try to slice and dice the Bible as you do, you end up with a serious problem. You should never use “NT” as a rule to judge everything, but to use “Bible” to make all judgments. Good luck next time contrarian.

    P.S. Are you anti-tithing 10% ? Yes/No?

    • Tom_mcewen

      What! you mean if you the reader take the words of the detective, “The Butler did it” from the first chapter of the novel and make it the very last line “The Butler did it”, it may corrupt your understanding of the mystery. Why that may mean if you move a verse from its natural home in the bible it may corrupt your understanding of the theology of the natural home it was in? Heavens

    • Terrenceor

      Lincoln was a strong Bible believer, which is testified to in his 2nd Inaugural address. If you reconcile his pursuit of a General that would take the fight to the South with bloody determination and relentlessness, with his statement that God could have given victory to either side at any point during the conflict you could come to the conclusion that Lincoln did. I will let you read it and see why no President would deliver a speech like that today and is why we are so lost. Governments are ordained by God to secure their people and sometimes that means going to war.

      • shoebat

        “…why no President would deliver a speech like that today and is why we are so lost …”

        Lets not keep talking on how we are lost, lets talk about how we can get found.

        While I try to help folks on how to get “found” they choose to remain lost.

  • RodK1975

    Super article. I remember this very subject in a documentary I saw some
    time ago. I found it intriguing how they used the Bible to plan their
    operations. The Bible is so very multidimensional. The Bible is full of
    signs, types and foreshadowing of Christ and the end times. And, it’s
    easy to see these “dress rehearsals”, as illustrated in the above
    article, have continued into modern times.

    I’m getting too philosophical, but, I look at Christian Militancy like
    this: It’s pointless to pray for God to help you find a job if you lie
    on the couch all day and make no effort to find one. By the same token,
    it seems pointless to ask God to protect and defend you if you’re
    unwilling to take up arms and shoot at the marauding hoards coming your
    way. Personally, I view Christian militancy, in it’s most basic form, as “self-preservation”. A Christian preserving and defending the Faith is also preserving and defending self. I say let’s leave the pacifism to gurus, tree-huggers and hippies and let’s proudly defend our Faith, ourselves and those that can’t defend themselves.

    • shoebat


      You make sense.

      Why is it when someone makes sense, I write so little and when someone makes no sense, I write a lot?

  • Tom_mcewen

    If he was alive today. Britain would ban him, via the home office, there would be riots if he tried to give a speech in any university in the UK. There not a word said in his defense in any of the media, The BBC would push for a war crime trial. He would be labeled a Christian nutter who would cause fear in the muslim community. He is a colonial villain who would cause nightmares in small children. A racist and even a possible zionist.

    • shoebat

      I did a speech at Oxford, it was rather the most disgusting experience ever. They hated Churchill when I quoted him on Islam. They all elected the Muslim and denounced me. They invited me again in an email telling me of the prestige of Oxford and if I would like to go there again. This was last year. I told them that had Churchill been alive he would spit at Oxford and walk out, and so will I.

      • Tom_mcewen

        It went from the rich idle chattering classes having a bit of fun to the whole self selected intellectual classes committing suicide, taking the subjects of the Queen and the nation with them. Yes he would spit on them for what they have done then weep

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  • shoebat


    I hope you spend time reading what I am about to tell you carefully and contemplate on it. Regarding the “bashing”, I didn’t forget your statement (see below) you were saying in the past that you had thought we were doing the “bashing”. Sometimes you think I ignored a comment, but I don’t. I wait to respond at the proper time. Now is the proper time. You can see clearer.

    Critique is not bashing. At times we could be wrong and we try our best to correct when we err.

    But as I see it, its your patience and endurance that helped you see, not whether you are a good or bad debater. You are on the right track Infidel72.

    You have also asked point blank if we were Catholic.

    Well let me ask you a question. If you were to rescue Jews out of Nazi Germany being on a stealth mission, would you be better off fully dressed like a Jewish rabbi or like a regular German?

    Assume Catholics someday put Protestants in concentration camps, would you not assume I sneak in as a Catholic in order to rescue Protestants from the gas chamber?

    And assume Protestants someday put Catholics i concentration camps, would you not assume I enter as a Protestant …

    The way I see my mission is to save both lives and souls. I’d rather see a born Catholic who never followed Christ to rather be converted to Protestant and have a chance to enter heaven rather than go eternally in hell. But I would rather also see that Protestants stop the centuries of slander as well.

    When you say “bash” is a general term. Anything can be misconstrued as “bashing” but S L A N D E R is a very serious issue.

    When you ask as to why we do not expose Catholics. The answer to this is simple: just plug Catholic in google and you will spend years weeding through so much criticism which MOST OF WHICH IS PURE SLANDER.

    Are you familiar with the anti-Catholic propaganda? Its worse than the anti-Israel propaganda. Plug Israel in google and let me know what you find. Same goes for the Catholic Church.

    When CNN slandered me it was for a reason. God opened my mind to the seriousness of SLANDER.

    Now I am going to yell, but I yell in love not anger. I want you to hear this: DO YOU THINK THAT FOR ALL THE CENTURIES THEY ACCUSED ROME OF BEING HARLOT IS SOME SMALL ISSUE?


    The question is, why is the Catholic Church the MOST slandered entity in history.

    Here, when James White one of the world’s Protestant most noted debater invited me for a debate with him, I insisted that the debate will be on this topic:

    He immediately retreated.

    You know why?

    Because it is not debatable. White, when it comes to history is honest the best way he can. I knew that White knows that type of slander that permeates the churches and for him to start denouncing Macarthur’s claims of 50 millions protestants murdered by Catholics and others would be very bad publicity for him.

    The issue is not an issue of truth, its an issue of politics. We always complain about how the media censors the truth. Truth is, Christian media practices more censorship than secular.

    Than you ask if the reason we do not say what denomination we belong to as for us not to loose our base? If we cared so much about loosing support, do YOU THINK WE WOULD HAVE SAID ALL WHAT WE SAID SO FAR?

    We probably ticked off so many, but so did Jesus. Blessings. Walid. Here, your name Infidel72 reminds me of 41 in the movie Ben Hur:

    “Theodore and walid , you always promote the catholic church and speak so highly of the pope on your websites and youtube vids and you speak against protestants , ect yet you never come out and just say you believe in the true church only church is the catholic one and you believe that the pope us the vicar of Christ on this planet why dont you say this on tbn, cbn, fox news, cnn ??? Why do you play coy or vauge on tv I believe you dont outright say it is because you would hurt your fan base and speaking at confernces would not happen as much I mean if you guys talk alot about truth and honesty I mean God knows who we all are and we should always be clear on our beliefs to do otherwise is deceitful isnt it to omit something is the same as this isnt it I mean many would leave your website or not like it but maybe more would come I dont know I love your islamic take on things but you guys bash at evangelicals and protestants why dont you both ever talk of the misdeeds of the catholic church or the horrors caused in its name ? Be true to God right and honest about the mis steps of the catholic church not just the protestants I mean are you two ok with just implying your catholic but not saying it ? It just seems like you guys are catholic supremacist. Sorry but it bothers me and others I just want you to be equal and honest . Now I know ill be attack by the catholics on here I always am but admit it I make good points .”


      Valid there were several areas here that you went on ” all caps rant ” shopuldnt you then censor this to be consistent with the leftist censoring mechanism to hide the truth ? i agree WITH YOU ” Critique is not bashing. At times we could be wrong and we try our best to correct when we err.” but I am seeing a lot of staying from this … I still ask that you allow me to write an article about the truth oaf Radical islam is that radical islam is a lie … and more dangerous than Isis which the same author I corrected stole and bastardized from its potent context . I also could not agree with you more that being true to missteps .. a lot of your catholics are the ” lazy catholics ” you spoke of not thinking very deeply and quick to draw a sword against protestant crusader bothers … I have actually fought Muslim,s and I resent being constantly attacked ” Protest- ant ” etc on your pages . I call for unity were its needed as well as division whewre its needed these same people bashing protestants are ” uniting ” with Trump who is uniting with traot5ors and enemies . allowing me to slay the Islamic duality heinous farce on your platforms ( something i have devoted years to and know i am efficient in ) would help set the new crusades Trump is stopping from being put in motion I have thought that you were patronizing and belittling me … censoring and saying to tell you about myself;f when i sensed you did not really care . Te point bis a wild fire starts with a single spark 1 blade of grass on a praise but generally needs to be in reach of others . Please allow me this key stone article … already evidenced is your writer changing his position in the title based on my observation then ” borrowing ” my phrase ” more dangerous than IOSIS after divorcing it from its truth cutting to the heart of the matter blade .

  • As I read this good work, what came to my mind is the scripture that we are made in the image of God. We are clearly taught the ways of God and God states plainly that He is a warrior. The armor of God protects us spiritually as we engage physically. To live and die by the sword is a much greater honor than to die in a wet diaper.

    Jesus says that He is God, and He is. Jesus is therefore the King of warriors. All believing men must serve Him, and I believe He calls us to prepare for battle. Check your heart. Is the Holy Spirit urging you to arm yourself? If “yes”, then get to it. Sell what you must to buy what God commanded. We are warriors born in this time at THE WILL OF GOD.

    It was not mere chance that brought you into the end times. You are chosen for this time since the creation of the earth. Rise now. Arm yourselves and listen for the command of the Lord. When it comes, you will know. We all will know.

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  • Tom_mcewen

    Infidel72 There is a conversation and the degree of bashing, I have never since or heard a Catholic

  • AnthonyM

    Great article, yes. Allenby (The Bull) was a remarkable man. But also the father-son dialog at the end of the article is worth remembering!

    • shoebat

      My son is way more educated than I, but I have a few street experiences he doesn’t.

  • AnthonyM

    I had no idea what haka is, had to look it up. Here is a demonstration:

    • Rapheal Sebastian

      All Polynesian nations have their own haka or war cry and rallying cry. The Maoris of New Zealand probably made it famous at their rugby games but Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Tahiti and Hawai’i too have their own hakas. Each one is an oral history that tells of and bravery of their people facing local warring tribes and colonialists.

  • shoebat

    “Jesus, my Lord, is neither Catholic, nor Protestant. He is of the denomination known as Truth.”

    Jesus honored the San Hadrian, even though it was full of corruption. He also told the people to do what the Pharisees say but not to do what they do. He also condemned the theology of the Sadducees. So do we just then ignore this and say “Jesus, my Lord, is neither Catholic, nor Protestant. He is of the denomination known as Truth”?


      Amen .. our God is the Truth

  • susan

    As one of your mental patients who is seeing daily improvement by the washing of the word interpreted in the light of our Lord, Thank You for hanging in there!!! 🙂

  • billobillo54

    Thank you for the great article. IMHO, Many of the Christians, both Catholic and Protestant who bash the Crusades, are genuine believers, but have been subjected to revisionist history via the media and in school. They do this in ignorance and do really believe in Jesus and do love the Saints. The animus between Protestants and Catholics is mostly over theology, and within that specifically justification. Another example of Protestants (since the U.S. was mostly founded by Protestants…not forgetting the great Catholics represented by Bishop John Carroll during the founding period) fighting the Caliphate is the U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy fighting the Barbary Pirates. I wonder if there is an overlap between “ships coming from Kittim” and the U.S. Navy? Again, thank you for the article. God bless the Crusades FOREVER.

    • shoebat

      “both Catholic and Protestant who bash the Crusades, are genuine believers, but have been subjected to revisionist history via the media and in school.”

      It seems that what we should only be concerned then is who is Christian regardless. I wonder what else can “Christians” bash and still be Christians? Can someone bash the pastor, the church, the organ player, the saints, the Church Fathers, the law, their mother, their father … how much bashing can one do?

      Also, what is this word “bash” that I read in every other sentence? Is this like a general term people in America use to kind of denounce someone? Its like “hey you stop bashing homosexuals”. How does one bash homosexuals? In my world, the word “bash” means to bash someones head. Sort of like in Russia, they get the homosexuals and bash their heads. Would that constitute “bashing” in the American street dictionary? Perhaps I need to be educated to learn the lingo, the culture and the “cool” terminology and the “uncool” terminology.

      Another phenomenon I also see, folks use the word “Bible” and “Jesus” for almost anything. Its like a code word, just say Bible and your ok or say “I love Jesus” and your cool. But what does it really mean to love Jesus Billo?

      I don’t know, perhaps I am confused and you are the solution. I am the type of guy when someone tells me something I analyze every word and every jot. I train my mind how to be a filter. I try to use extreme logic. I hate folks who say “its not all about knowledge” or just brush a few words like “its all about Jesus man”. Anyone who tells me something I examine if it is true or false. I am careful to judge things. I know I make mistakes at time and when I do I search for that person even if it takes years to apologize. I try my best not to forget when I do wrong and try to forget when I do right.

      I don’t know Billo, but I read most of these comments here and to be frank about 50% sound like they never got out of the Sunday School kindergarten. It drives me crazy because I care about these too.

      • billobillo54

        You better care about them. God has given you a big job and burden. One thing I was taught many years ago by a little Saint: “If you are going to serve Christ the first place you will be attacked is in YOUR church.” Please be patient and remember you have rescued many of us from ignorance and possibly all of us from Islam and the antichrist. I will FOREVER be grateful to you for your insight. When I asked you in Sarasota FL at the Jewish Federation, “How did you learn all of this” (I had already read “GWOT”) you replied: “The Lord taught me.” You have suffered a lot and will undoubtedly suffer more in betrayal, rejection, slander, hate and misunderstanding. I am sorry for what Evangelicals have done to you. I am ashamed.
        As far as bashing, weren’t the Corinthians bashing each other? Were there not divisions?
        And, yes, I was talking about you to my wife this afternoon. I told her exactly what you just said: “you are too smart and analyze everything and leave most of us in the dust.” But you must continue.
        To show you how deadly serious (I know you know this) is, I attended a meeting at a local church regarding deceased Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn who was killed in Afghanistan due to Obama’s political rules of engagement. Afterwards his father was signing books. His father spoke about the danger of Islam. This was one of the focal points of the meeting. A few hundred people attended, politicians, etc. I asked him, “Do you realize that the body of antichrist is Islam?” He looked at me with uncertainty and just shook his head. The man is a Christian. His deceased son was a strong Christian. He believes in fighting Islam. What if he realized that the antichrist is going to be a Muslim and Islam is his body? I have convinced a few Brothers and Sisters and I have half convinced my pastors (one in the north and one in the south as I live in the south in the winter) that Islam is the body of antichrist. I would have continued to believe the Hal Lindsay, Grant Jeffery, etc. paradigm if it weren’t for you and God’s work in your life. And, I love those guys. They served their purpose.

  • billobillo54

    What David did to Uriah WAS extremely evil. To betray and murder a loyal lieutenant and then to commit adultery and do all with premeditation in a cunning scheme is more evil than anyone I have ever met. Also, it is possible, that many men in Uriah’s company perished with him. It only goes to show that real believers sometimes do very evil things. Isn’t it interesting that God dealt graciously with David, in spite of the off the charts extreme heinous evil he perpetrated, yet had no graciousness to Saul, whose sin seems to be miniscule in comparison?

    • Julie LaBrecque

      David was made to suffer and pay a penalty for his adultery (which happened first) and murder, when Nathan told him that God had forgiven him, but decreed was that the child born to him would die.

      • billobillo54

        Julie: He did not pay the prescribed penalty which was death according to the Law. Neither did Bathsheba. His penalty, was exceedingly less and his sin was off the charts in terms of gradation, extreme evil, deviousness, deception, premeditation, corruption and betrayal, etc. Who is worse, Lee Harvey Oswald or David? Who is worse, James Earl Ray or David? Who is worse, Jeffery Dalmer or David? Imagine if he was exposed for the same today. I can only weep for Uriah the Hittite and probably a whole company of his loyal Israeli soldiers who also died. My point was that true believers can lapse into extreme sin, which is precisely why God prescribes that we confess and repent from sin. Also, God’s grace is great due to the Cross of Jesus since David did not receive what the Law demanded. God bless you Julie.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          We all can fall into grave sin, God’s mercy and love is infinite to forgive the truly contrite of heart, yet He does demand temporal punishment for us to bear for the damage we’ve done. God bless you too Billo.

          • billobillo54

            Yes, you are correct. The wages of sin is death.

  • shoebat


    Perhaps we can switch places and you will feel a lot better. While you deal with the few you argue with, I deal with a litany of attacks continually from pure slanders coming from Protestants who just comment and comment and comment and do zero dialogue or research. They do not answer questions or even ask questions but machine gun the typical of what they grew up with. They take it all as fact without any examination. They quote Scripture like gymnastics and if you do not adhere exactly to their geological nitch they denounce you as heretic, Jesuit spy, infiltrator and things.

    They act as if I do not know Bible and machine gun verses as if I do not believe in Scripture, as if their interpretation is solid. I have Jewish Roots who deny the Trinity, who thing that they are saved because they have the right spelling of Jesus. Some say its Yashua others say its Yahashua while others insist its Yahoshua … endless nonsense.

    After a while of this, I too develop resistance and begin to behave frustrated.

    The Catholics and Orthodox have to deal with this all the time and so what happens is that they view you as one of these without being patient and long suffering.

    Just go to you tube or Google and plug my name and see. They behave totally like Muslims, slander, slander and more slander and they think nothing of it. What do you suppose these folks are? I am concluding its a mindset of heretics. If you were in my shoes, you will see fairly quickly that the Church here is a major problem.

    But we are not here to serve rowdy folks and immature crazies. We simply have to ignore them and search to serve who cares for knowledge.

    Just hang in there. Think of your own search for truth.

  • shoebat

    “This is why it is so important why we lay down our beliefs. ”

    But this is what defines politics El. And what difference do we become then from the cumbaia crowd and the interfaith unity and such? All this because you cannot tolerate the heat in the kitchen?

    So your telling me that the Cathars do not matter? We should not discuss the support by Protestants for Cathar history and their painting such people as Bible believing Christians? Are you saying that we should never mention this because it crates arguments and debates and hurt feelings?

    So tell me El, should we expose the Cathar history?

    Also, who were the real church during the Cathar wars?

    I would like to get a response from you on this question. And please, no pie in the sky, no “they must have been there but we do not have a record of a name of on believer”.

    You simply do not see the deception El.

    El, how does deception work?

  • billobillo54

    The Law clearly demanded death. His temporal punishment was not according to the clear, prescribed Law of God. His sin was so evil and so extreme he deserved the complete rejection and scorn of the entire nation and subsequent death according to the Law. He, instead, received a lesser punishment. Also, remember that Uriah was accompanied by a company of soldiers who also died in all probability. David makes Aaron Burr or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg like an angels.

  • shoebat

    There are two Bosras, one in Syria by the Jordanian Syria border and one in Iraq called Basra, but perhaps I should have positioned the biblical city in Syria. I stated Iraq, but time will tell.

  • Lidia

    So when General Allenby proudly declared, “today the wars of the Crusaders are completed,” he is saying that the Crusaders finally WON!! He completed the Christian mission that was started a long time ago—–to free Jerusalem from the Muslims. But how long will this last? One thing I don’t understand is this, why is America and EU helping the anti-Christ? This makes America evil if we are helping the wrong people. Walid, what is America’s role in the future? Most Americans don’t trust the Russians so how are we going to handle Russia invading Turkey in the future? The news, including FOX news are very anti-Russian. They are reporting that the Russians want to take over the Ukraine and possibly Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and even Poland. They believe Russia is still Communist.
    I see Russia as a country that is returning to its Christian faith.

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  • shoebat


    You really made my day. Today I had some comments the type that is hostile and you really helped. I read your comment to my family and they thank you.

    I had this guy who goes by kool as ice:

    A real smarty with little knowledge and he was hateful and sarcastic.

  • shoebat

    El” Also, who were the real church during the Cathar wars?” Anyone who loved Christ and proved his love through obedience is and always be the “real” Church.”

    Great. Can you give me a name of a Christian from that time who was a believer? What happened to them? They wrote nothing? They said nothing? There isn’t one who was a lighthouse as Christ commanded? Comon El, help me out here.

    • El


      I am sure there were Christians back then. What are you trying to ask from me?

      • shoebat

        If you are sure that there were Christians back then, I ask, why are you so sure?

        Here, I will help you out, you are sure because Jesus promised to build His church.

        Knowing that, I ask what was that Church? Name one of its followers? What did they say and teach?

        There is only two choices:

        A-The Cathars (Bogomils, Paulicians, Albigenzians, Waldensians …) or B-the Catholic. There is really only two choices historically.

        This is why so many of the Protestants defend the Cathars or else Protestantism fails.

        This major dilemma is … well…. a major dilemma.

        What happens is this: folks who would reject the Cathars would make a naive statement “I am sure they were there somewhere”, the ones who realize that such an answer is unsatisfactory would say “they were the Cathars” and they will defend the Cathars for centuries to come. In fact, the British were masters of propaganda painting the Cathars as righteous while the others who can see that the Cathars were evil would make the true church a mystery “they were there somewhere in hiding”.

        This challenge by Catholics has NEVER been met. In fact, it was the basis of the debate I asked of Mr. White when he extended a challenge to debate me. When I responded with this issue I am bringing to you as the format for the debate, he retreated, instantly since he knew that history will not back him up since he is honest about history and would reject the British propaganda about the Cathars (Bogomils, Paulicians, Albigenzians, Waldensians …) . This is why Calvinists park their theology on some Catholic Church fathers like Augustine.

        You see, once you develop Jesus style questions, you will easily find out that the Pharisees will flee, and flee they do.

        Here, this is what I would like you to spend time studying to see the link I sent James White asking him to debate this issue:

        Its impossible to refute. Impossible. Not the best debater will take on this subject of continual centuries of false propaganda.

  • shoebat

    You know a wrong motto when you reverse it. Lets take your motto “Jesus, my Lord, is neither Catholic, nor Protestant. He is of the denomination known as Truth.”

    So in essence the Truth is not about either denomination.

    Lets reverse that, either one of the two denominations is about the Truth.

    This is the fact. Both Cain and Abel were “believers” one of the two was rejected. Its the one who switched meat with fruit.

    I am sure Cain would argue, its not about meat, its about God.

    God is treaters than meat, after all He crated fruits and vegetables.

    While these arguments sound simple, laid in them is the utter rebelliousness.

    So which is it? Meat or Fruit? Which is it? Wine of Grape Juice? Which is it Protestant or Catholic?

    I am sure we will find the Samaritans, but one cannot sand by the anomaly all his life.

    Just a thought brother, just a thought.

  • shoebat

    CNN slandered me because the devil does what the devil does, and FOX stopped using me because I refused to say “Muslim Extremists” but Islam and Muslims.

    Just review my friend Michael Savage. He went through the same persecution having reached million upon millions the devil began to chisel on him.

    You say you want to help, yet you do not explain. You say that you care, but you do not explain.

    Which of the two men are you (start at 1:00):

    In other words, are you here to kill the English? Are you Steven or the other guy?

  • shoebat


    There were only Catholics who were the true Christians. Period. Amen. No historian will refute that.

    As far as the Inquisition. You remind me of me. I was in your shoes too. O yes, the Inquisition. Here:

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  • shoebat

    “But I doubt you would call all “card-carrying” Catholics at that time Christians.”

    El, how could you paint me with such a brush? Its not like you. Your doubt is in error, and I always would say that NOT all “card-carrying” Catholics at that time were Christian. So you err here about me.

    But regardless of errors, why are we diverting here. The issue is still and you have not yet responded to my quest (I always try to respond to ours): Who were the true Christians in these times? I have not gotten a response from you, unless I missed it. So please advise.

  • shoebat

    Just a servant is a funny guy, he thinks history is written by commenters. According to the Protestant from the early Church to the sixteenth century, everyone else was heretic. If someone like me were alive back when the Anglican Church was spreading by the sword (and there were surely a lot of us), I would have been slandered and killed.

    Do you believe the Doctrine of Discovery is valid?

    You see I can reverse your statement and still be correct.

    So what is your statement really about? Any comments on the documentary? Refutation?

    Now, lets take your statement, if you were there at that time, you would have been one of the Cathari movement. Would you or would you not mind being a Cathari? Yes/No?

  • shoebat

    Alright then, can you point to me any Christian who believes in the same theology as you in history prior to the reformation?

    And if not, why not? Why can’t you point to one whom you consider close to your theology?

    You see, no matter how you try to slice and dice it, it will not work. Unless of course, you can show me ONE who was close to the way you interpret theology.

    Still waiting.

  • shoebat

    Just a servant,

    Everything you say parallels arguments made by cults:

    “Do you trust humans?”

    No. I only trust aliens with green blood.

    Do you trust aliens with green blood?


    Your answer would be “I have not see evidence with aliens with green blood”.

    Neither have anyone seen evidence of your faith, regardless of what is it since:
    1-You never fully revealed your faith
    2-There were only certain faiths throughout that era.

    “I believe the Word of God is to be interpreted by the Holy Spirit and believe in the importance of a personal relationship with God not clouded by human precepts. I believe most Scripture has two valid interpretations. True wisdom has two sides and the truth is a double edged sword.”

    Great, now find me Christians during church history who believed that.

    “The Reformation coincided with the spread of the Printing Press to Germany and England. Prior to the Printing Press, there is no way anyone like me could have made it into the history books”.

    Take this statement to a historian and lets see what he will tell you. Here, I will help you. It doesn’t make any sense just as your “do you trust humans” argument.

    From the time of the Gladiator persecutions, we have records, to the time of the catacombs to the time of Constantine to the time of the reformation, we have enough records to fill libraries on how Christians believed.

    Your playing spin?

    • Just a servant

      Am I playing “spin” or were those records written by the spin-men?

      Judging by the Greek Mysteries, which descended from the Babylonian mysteries through the Egyptian mysteries (they are all the same), they were the ones spinning things. Especially in early Rome. Have you ever found it interesting that Revelations was addressed to churches in modern-day Turkey and not Rome? Why would this be? Just as a sign to look at Turkey at the close of the age? Possibly, but I think there was another reason as well.

      I said what I said about the printing press for a reason. Before the printing press, official records were recorded by those who worked for those who were in power. They were the masters of spin in their times. They were A. Humans (bad enough) and B. Humans with power (even worse).

      Hey, if you think me saying don’t trust humans (the opposite of what cults want you to do – trust them) is illogical, and you trust human records kept before the printing press (even after is iffy, but at least there are contradicting accounts. It’s like trying to figure out if CNN or RT is telling the truth. The truth is neither are) that is your choice. I would say it is highly illogical, but so is discussing the color of space-alien blood.

      What we know is that the Word of God is true. If you are happy with interpreting it with a man-made algorithm, and trust the authority of the RC Church, that is your choice. But don’t use invalid arguments about history. Historical record does not indicate what really happened in history.

      I fully revealed my faith, btw. I trust Jesus.

      • shoebat

        “Am I playing “spin” or were those records written by the spin-men?”

        No, the records were not written by spin-men.

        Was Thallus the Palestinian historian spinning when he wrote about Jesus? How about Josephus?

        Actually, there is only one who is spinning-you.

        “Judging by the Greek Mysteries, which descended from the Babylonian mysteries through the Egyptian mysteries (they are all the same), they were the ones spinning things. Especially in early Rome.”

        Yes, but those who spun mythology were revealed by history.

        “Have you ever found it interesting that Revelations was addressed to churches in modern-day Turkey and not Rome?”

        Utter nonsense. There was the Letter to The Romans in which Rome was blessed to e called “City of Saints”.

        Now, can you name any of these “saints”?

        You can’t and you won’t. But you can try.

        ” Why would this be? Just as a sign to look at Turkey at the close of the age? Possibly, but I think there was another reason as well.”

        Asked and answered.

        “I said what I said about the printing press for a reason. Before the printing press, official records were recorded by those who worked for those who were in power. They were the masters of spin in their times. They were A. Humans (bad enough) and B. Humans with power (even worse).”

        This sounds like conspiracy theory. Did the U.S. have hidden alien bodies?

        “What we know is that the Word of God is true.”

        Indeed, but is your interpretations true? Have you found any who interpreted the way you do from the church era?

        So far you haven’t. You did not answer my questions about the aliens with green blood. Do you believe they exist?

        “If you are happy with interpreting it with a man-made algorithm, and trust the authority of the RC Church, that is your choice.”

        No one talked about the RC Church. Show me where did I ask you about that. We were talking about YOUR CHURCH. THE MYSTERIOUS CHURCH.

        “But don’t use invalid arguments about history. Historical record does not indicate what really happened in history.”

        This statement reverses itself, on one hand you say “don’t say things invalid about history” and the other half of your statement you say “history is invalid” since “Historical record does not indicate what really happened in history”.

        “I fully revealed my faith, btw. I trust Jesus.”

        The Mormon says he trusts Jesus too. Is he right? And why is he right? Or why is he wrong? Please explain, why should I not be Mormon?

  • shoebat

    Look at my dialogue with “just a servant” and you will know precisely what I am asking.

  • shoebat

    I believe, “Truth denomination” is a denomination nevertheless. Never heard of such a denomination. Any history when and where it started?


      It started with the God of Israel who later reaffirms ” I am the Truth … “

  • shoebat

    To profile is to project who the other person is. I never did that.

    I simply asked questions which so far you did not answer a single question.

    No, I am not even interested in profiling you. I am not the government so stop the paranoia. I am interested in helping you make sense.

    When someone says “It would appear you do not know what Mystery Babylon actually is” I know that this is an issue of pride. Sir, I wrote a book on Mystery Babylon which went global.
    However, if you had something to share about the subject you could of, I can learn from anyone. But me being humble seems unappreciated.

    But now that I have enough experience on your ability to reason logically, I will let you swim in the tank all you want since I find dialoguing with you didn’t offer much in matter of learning.

    Therefore, I am ending our dialogue, no need to reply.

  • shoebat

    I believe, I didn’t expect a lecture on truth. I have heard this lecture before. You stated:

    “I imagine there is no formal denomination known by this name because I coined it in response to what I perceived as denominational bickering…lack of unity of the Spirit.”

    So there are denominations. Question is who created them?

    You and others like you. Yet you complain about denominations.

    At the time of Jesus there were also denominations. There were Pharisees, Sadducees and Samaritans. The last two broke off from the original.

    Jesus and the apostles were in the Pharisee denomination despite that all three reeked with corruption. It wasn’t the denomination that Jesus was condemning, it was the corruption. Now we have two mainline denominations which both reek with corruption: 1) Catholic 2) Protestant.

    Which has the correct theology?

    • I Believe

      You asked the question of me about truth, so I gave you my short answer. I apologize if I offended you with an unwanted lecture. Forgive me.

      Man created denominations as a result of improperly understanding God’s teaching. Error divides producing division in truth….this is denomination….a subdivision of a whole.

      Others like me…… what ? Complain about denominations.

      I am unprepared to answer your theology question. It would require a thesis. I am only prepared with a Daniel 9:27 thesis.

      • shoebat

        I Believe, you did not offend me and perhaps no sound communication is the worst type. My point is that there is one denomination, Christ’s Church. The Catholic says his is the one, the Protestant says that the thousands collectively are the one. But my point is, denomination is not the enemy since a denomination brings people in unity. If we are in unity without denominations, why are we then in such disarray?

  • shoebat

    “I agree… denomination, Christ’s Church.”

    But here then is my question, where do I find “Christ’s Church” prior to the reformation? For example, name one person whom you consider to be of “Christ’s Church” PRIOR to the reformation?

  • shoebat

    “I cannot answer your question in a Reformation context.”

    But what made me seek God and find him, was that when someone asks, I search … and I find.

    God bless

    • I Believe

      Indeed, a lovely response to God’s call. John 6:44

      I am not called to study the Reformation, but Daniel 9:27. My time is very limited.

      May the LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you Walid.

      Sincerely, Greg W.

      • shoebat

        “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Pet 3:15)

        Give an “answer to EVERYONE who asks you to give reason for the hope that you have”.

        I asked, you did not answer.

        I never asked you about reformation history. I asked you about yourself. Your truth.

        And my time is also limited and I never mentioned my time, did I?

        I think I should end this dialogue.

        God bless.

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  • shoebat


    “To outlaw laughter as the Puritans did calling it “sin” made me laugh.” (Walid Shoebat)

    We both agree that tithing is biblical and I have no problem with 10% to e applied from the OT, but as I said the argument goes both ways. But to dismiss the huge portion of the Old Testament of the wars conducted by Joshua, Abraham, Moses, Gideon, David … as Old Testament no longer applies is and has always been ludicrous in Church history.


    Unless you get into the puritanical interpretations, the Church has always supported Christian militancy as we see in Russia today.

    The reason we are arguing is simple: you are an American and your set of standards stem from your Americanized views.

    This is fine. I am not disrespecting the United States. But my modus operandi is not man’s view since Christ’s kingdom is not a democracy but a theocracy.

    Having said that, I am by no means to reject the laws of the land I will follow them, so I stand against anyone who wants to start militias and revolutions in this country and I will fight on the side of the United States, regardless how Christian such a revolution is. Of course, that is if the United States does not turn Nazi Germany (which I rout it will).

    You say:

    “I never said the Puritans were pure and or flawless.What I did say, and what I stand by, is that the Puritans were pillars in promoting the Church of Christ and establishing was what soon to evolve into America’s Christian Heritage.”

    I see the American patriot speaking here and I do not mind that, but such views need some truth and balance. I am not ignorant of the Puritan history. They were vicious. For even the Puritans justified violence, although in error and they were not so pure and nice as most portray them.

    The teachings of Frenchman John Calvin, in particular, began to become popular in England, and many groups, collectively called Puritans began to reject the elaborate rituals, decoration and hierarchy of the Anglican Church and wanted to move it further away from its Catholic roots. They sought to simplify religious practice and abandon traditions that according to them, were not grounded in scripture and the Catholic Church was no longer Enemy No. 1, the focus now was on a schism within a schism which ended in civil war in which King Charles I was beheaded in 1649 and Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan leader of the Parliamentary army, became Lord Protector of England.

    Does this sound peaceful?

    During this period a series of Penal Laws were passed against Roman Catholics (a significant minority in England and Scotland but the vast majority in Ireland), and a substantial amount of their land was confiscated and after 10 years of puritanical, militaristic government by a self-styled Puritan Moses, Oliver Cromwell and his son, the English people finally revolted and restored the monarchy and the Anglican Church, crowning Charles II as king and reversing the reforms that the Puritans had made to the church. The Royalists returned to power in 1660 they had his corpse dug up, hung in chains, and beheaded. *What Is the Conflict Between Puritans & Anglicans in England?, by Amy Wilde, Demand Media*

    Now I ask, and please answer, had you lived in England at the time: Which side would you have taken, the Puritan? Or the people finally revolting against them?

    Choose wisely, especially since you state that you believe in the Bible.

    I choose the people revolting against the Puritans who always looked towards the Albiginsians (The Perfects) and is why they called themselves Puritans (Pure/Perfect). Is anyone pure? Can anyone become perfect? And what do you know of the Albeginsians? Its a question NO ONE so far, who portrayed them as Bible believing Christians was ale to refute. Go ahead, make my day. And there is so much Puritan support for the Albeginsians that its not even funny which all trickled down to the liked of John Macarthur and others who paint them with a Christian brush. Truly the Albeginsians were the Muslims of the day, violent, evil, heretical …

    While most English Puritans were integrated back into the Church of England, either willingly or with resistance, the influence of Puritanism is seen in England’s later Methodist and evangelical movements, and in the establishment of England’s American colonies. *Ibid* It was this culture that still influences evangelicals in which Rome is still blamed.

    This is the fountain of which you drink, and I say drink of the fountain of the Lord instead, for all the governments of the world will end when Christ returns since NONE OF THEM WORKS, including EQUALITY of RELIGION. And if in doubt just look around what equality of religion is doing to this great nation.

    The reason you had equality of religion is because of all the schisms and denominations. So when one on this forum complains of denominations they should look into the mirror, it was not the Catholic who caused them. Was it? Was it Contrarian? Please reply to that question.

    I am no Puritan. I am a Christian. PERIOD. To outlaw laughter as the puritans did calling it sin made me laugh.

    P.S the usage of “you seem to be building a straw man” and “you are applying word semantics here” is a typical method to tell folks to write off your opponent. I see it all the time. First argue than conclude. Do not paint brush an arguments with such methods.

  • shoebat

    I believe,

    I appreciate your research. In one of your statements you stated:

    “I cannot name a church or a person during this time. I would need to study more, but surely, they existed because the true word of God does not return empty.”

    You see this I Believe:

    “I cannot name a church or a person during this time.”

    And it is this which for years I have been asking. Why no one can name a church or a person, especially when Christ said that the Church will be a lighthouse on a hill and is not hidden.

    But your statement makes that Church you speak of hidden.

    It is this that was my quest for two decades.

    “I would need to study more”

    Well, let me know what you will find.

    “but surely, they existed because the true word of God does not return empty.”

    When we challenge the Mormon to produce his history of the Lamenites and the Nephites, we correctly ask them to prove the existence of these people who they claim they came to the Americas. When they cannot prove it, we tell the that there faith lacks evidence. Yet when it comes to this issue I asked, I am troubled since here I have a problem. I can ask the Mormon to show something that I do not have?

    Well, I Believe, we will be around for a long time. Once you find the answer to this question, please do let me know.

  • Curtis,

    You brought to my attention:

    ” ironically a faith that when followed has provided us with the greatest of things SO it is a question in earnest and verses you think are relevant . That trump is protecting the Jihadist homeland turkey and all the most Vile terrorist states suing from should be more troubling to the low info masses than it is .”

    It is a valid point so I will prepare a response for this Sunday Special which answers scripturally as to why we see Trump doing this. But the task will take me a few days and I will post it for your read for the Sunday Special.

    Fair enough?


      What would really be fair WEalid is admitting that radical islam nor ” islamphobia ” exist at all and are just a false nationalist enabling our enemies . of course I will read your piece , but I still ask that you allow me 1 piece to attack this lie of ” radicalization ” leftist opposite speak is prevalent now ” infidel ” ” politically correct ” ” radical islam ” things that describe the opposite of reality and need to be slain … Their is no explaining away trumps betrayals nor his ” friends ” I donated to you and have had a lot of comments censored and a lot of questions unanswered Walid , i still have an intuitive faith in you inspire of these things The continuation of describing leftists as the right is work … In Trumps lies you will notice he claims all lands that are a threat … he names 911 and orlando later yet none of those lands even in his pretend ban intended to fail . It would bet fair to allow me to write the piece your author scalped and subtracted the most freeing part . Fair to answer my questions about the muslim brotherhood ( perhaps i just have not located answers yet ? ) The only way to be fair to our Lords priorities are to honor the truth , I beg for the sake of Christ and his ” little ones ” that buyout allow me to swing that sword … I did not set out to “m expose ” Walid but to work with you Brother … I respect the bridge to the Protestants you began and I have amount my goals to help further that bridge … The greatest fairness is in accurate reporting … ” radicalized muslim ” is not accurate and it5t is a lie being told often and often believed and retold … It would be fair that since your author I corrected the title of then scalped another title from my writings if you would allow me to submit that piece … ” Radical islam ” is the most horrific islam enabling lie going and it is humorous as well as gravely disheartening Trump is fighting islmaphobia while lecturing terrorist leaders about helping ” fight terrorism ” . Side note : I have appreciated Theordores lack of cursing and courage in articulating accuracy about diversions like the Confederate flag

      • I hope you understand that I cannot spend much time answering one individual while I have hundreds of comments brother Curtis. I think you could understand I only have ten fingers and can’t use my toes for typing.

        • PARKS CURTIS

          well at least do not Censor my comments after I have funded you brother Walid , Some of the questions I am asking are priority Questions some to make a point and So0me because I need important information for you on things i am not certain of … i just noticed the student killed was at UT a freshman in a service fraternity just like BELOVED CRUSADER CATTLEMAN AND hISTORIAN uncle Bill was when he went of to fight terrorism … the news skipped over that THE U T life attacker was a Muslim which i can verify connections to be valid … My greatest priority question is this 1.) Is Muhammad Bin Laden’s son a muslim or is he a radical muslim ? ( apologize for being the grumpy patriot ) that is my PRIORITY question big brother Valid Walid ( meant not Sarcastically but to emphasize that amid the other issues I am having problem with there is still a lot of Validity … idea the Papers report , i believe falsely about ” proud fascist ” and clam that even the greatest “haters” of islam and its following say your M B former ties are ” un true ” I am that of the greatest “haters ” I I tend to believe your narrative .) In any event my greatest question and the biggest priority is if Muhammad Bin Ladens son is a radicalized Muslim or just a muslim ?

          • “well at least do not Censor my comments after I have funded you brother Walid ”

            Funding rescue christians or not funding it does not change how I treat folks Curtis. I try to treat everyone fairly and equally.

          • PARKS CURTIS

            . Are you intentionally misconstruing the point that I pointed out to you prior to this I went through the same thing with gellers leftist forums worshipping a leftist posing as the ” right ” when you challenge the false and lucrative notions the excuses kick in to censor … that I fund you is just adding insult tjhere was no vileness just unwanted truth … repeatedly now you have ducked my primary question : is Muhammad’s Bin Laden’s son a Muslim or a Radicalized Muslim … INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW .

          • PARKS CURTIS

            Recep Tayyip Erdoğan‏
            Verified account


            Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Retweeted Donald J. Trump
            Thanks for your hospitality, Mr President. I believe today’s meeting will strengthen our longstanding alliance and strategic partnership

        • PARKS CURTIS

          OK I suppose it is reasonable that you not be required to type with your toes but some of our wonder warriors have managed and its not nearly impossible . I merely/ most of all request that you answer the Question of is Muhammad and the first muslim,s ( the best example according to Islam ) Was a “radicalized muslims” or just a muslims and if he founded Islam or radical islam ? Can you please make time to address that issue . Thank You ( I am awaiting where to send my article on this matter )


      Just call me Parks brother WALID it is a name i wear proudly that has a long military history in my family back to the early days of our land and I believe back to the undefeated Norwegian crusaders / it was an Iranian American Catholic Crusaders cause I used to write while he was in prison that focused my attention more on understanding our enemies and to your site , interestingly and amusingly enough I thought was a Protestant page ,,, we serve the same God who prepares our fingers for war (LOL I know there is a benevolent key broad warrior joke off the fingertips in their somewhere but I’m to sleepless to put it together right now )I

      • Thanks again for writing without caps. While some critique you for constantly changing the subject to Trump, I will give you the benefit of the doubt since your heart is on the right direction.

        • PARKS CURTIS

          Conventions are not the issue TRUTH is , Caps are not a Valid issue Brother Walid i noted you had periods of consecutive capital letters yourself , sever sentences . One of my diverting insulting self contradicting critics seeking censorship of reality he cant face is as well ironically posting wall to wall camps only moments ” yelling ” by his own definition for me to stand down Some Hills are worth Fighting living and dying for as Most Suribachi ( the True Crusader you 1st asked of and his God that has connected us Walid ) Calgary and Zion … I will never bow to trump as he bows and I will not fail to establish this priority Truth … as Trump bows down and kisses the blood stained feet of Muhammad’s peso-terrorist sandals Geller too polishes Trumps ill bought Bushiness shoes with her greedy pandering stop the crowd Stockholm syndrome tongue … not even long after Trump lashed her with his appeasing tongue over Cartoons of Muhammad the puppy blaming perosexual terrorist deceiver ” prophet in Texas in the Very town My Beloved Crusader CATTLEMAN aUTHOR AND hISTORIAN uNCLE MET HIS bRilliant writer model wife : Garland Texas … Trump began his Campaign appeasing and hushing in objection to exposing Muhammad.Trump protests as I cartoon and i seek to drag this perverted ( not that his teachings are being perverted one bit they just are perverted ) false prophet out into the light for accurate identification … Trump keeps shoving the character Of Muhammad and HIS Islam / his followers back into the closet … This never really stopped Walid Trump just used Charlatan tactics leading from behind pandering and if you notice has the narrative not of Crusading against Estrogen ( Snarkasm alert / as Muslims values Hate women ) but to ” work with ” Jihadist kings … the farce is now in such Quranic promotions He is putting on this show later this month to go to Jihad central headquarters of 911 land he admits ” did ” and lecture jihadist kings about helping fight terrorism ? ” RADICAL IDEOLOGY ” SPEECH … YOU KNOW THESE MOON GOD SAVAGES ARE LAUGHING THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIVE TRUMP IS GOING TO GIVE THESE MUSLIMS A LECTURE ON ” RADICAL IDEOLOGY ” and ” fighting terrorism together ” … what useful global taqiyya PUBLICITY … other than god’s jUDGMENT FOR HIS pedophile enabling unfailing funding / deceiving for / facilitating with aid even promoting jihadist entities /leftists … Trump is talking about ” Muslim partners ” … be careful advised Mr President ,because if the wrong Muslim hot head misunderstands in translation he might get thrown off a roof . Can I submit an article to the email I receive my receipt for funds I sent you Walid ? I don’t think you see the devotion to the truth in depth and in quantity of time abiding in it that justifies dressing my Questions Still the pressing one ?: Is Muhammad Bin Laden’s Son (crying out to destroy America )a Muslim or is he a Radical Muslim ? (BOVE all other Questions please do not avoid this one One thing I treasure is your research Walid , also that you said that the Truth must prevail rather than our egos … a lesser question is in my connection of ” Pales ” to Palestine ” Barack to the Mythological beast Muhammad trumps on top of Is-real (Serendipity of Dislexia for the God of Is-real calling us to Crusade ) ) Israel with the hoof of as connected to the Kenyan name … i feel like there has been hidden information much like the verse about allah being the greatest of all deliver/ shimmers and translations omitting that as an act of pitman appeasers pitman . The most daring connection of Muslim Brotherhood to nazism thats conclusive . Trumps not Designating the M B a Terrorist org , verses that show the Muslim Brotherhood is really just all muslims according to islamic texts ( non genre specific like we use man kind ) ? Here is Trumps fellow ” muslim partners ” philosophy socialist :

        • PARKS CURTIS

          Trump as the leader of our Christendom who is being overlooked for constant lies broken promises , enabling traitors and enemies is actually not changing the subject at all … its entirely relevant … I wonder since the title is of the greatest protestant crusader … do you consider trump great , a protestant or a crusader ? I think Pinko doper Brannon being catholic is an intentional pandering devise … I have death with many sociopaths like trump and most don’t even believe in god … his little shiney trinkets he speaks of constantly are his god his Muslim rappers call their false idol
          ‘ bling bling ” …much like the kaba stone … woryghless elemental material to kiss pet rock idols …IF Trumps heart were in the right place don’t you think he would take his billions and go back and pay all the carpenters etc he ripped off ? This was one of his lawsuits … I have been keeping track of articles and videos incriminating trump the best that just disappear Putin HAS ALLIOED HIMSELF WITH THE MUSLIMS AND SO HAS TRUMP BUT TRUMPS AREB THE MORE GOLIATH … Do you think Crusaders have ” Muslim partners ” of the lands that have most victimized their kingdoms ? anyway I praise you not because I am a protestant but because we need this acknowledgement in this article that crusading is a Christian thing … and the mustard seed of faith and belief in Christ makes me believe the catholilics are my Christian brothers even if your leader has sold his soul … you must admit walid the description of the anti Christ seems it foits the pope . you never answered if you thought he was a traitor nor if you think Estrogen ( another hooker of Satan ) is the anti-jesus ? NOTICE THE HILL UNCLE BILL ALMOST DIED ON IS IN THIS PROTESTSNT CRUSADER PAGE ,,, BILL FOUGHTB SIDECBY SIDE WITH NAVAJO AND PUMA / OTHER NATIVE AMERICANS … IOra Hasys is in the staged pictiurte ( Bill was mad because he was still fighting when they were doing bthis pr gig ( few know this about the staged flag but he told me personally )Ira died of Drinking like so many of our vets do … Parks the great grandfather ww1 was a teetotaler as I am ( like john the batiser ) and I very much appreciated your stance that you don’t drink scotch ( hopefully none of the poisons / bitter fruits ) in my community which is ironically jihad central / crusader training central and leftist home of desecrating marriage , people are constantly finish then selves off … anyway here is a site to further bridge the gap there are more of us protestants ready to rise up then you think Walid and I would like to be instrumental in the gathering ( just as front page allowed you an article , I think the bridge of inclusion amongst Judea crusaders is highly valid … ) note the art and iwo shot , I stand by my true crusader comment which was a catalyst leading me back to the man I thought more honest and being cast in a false light of doubt in the legitimacy issue … again regardless of what can be proven or not your articles stuck our to me as not diverting just to a specific organization and not watering down the evil and the call for expedient and ferocious action … let me know if you think I could be useful as an armed journalist in some region and sending correspondence