JUST CAME OUT Muslims Conduct Mass Beheading Session, And Create A Huge Puddle Of Blood

By Theodore Shoebat

A new video just came out showing a mass beheading session. Shoebat.com has not yet found the location, but according to the poster of the video it is most likely in Syria:


People doubt Cortez and the Conquistadors, that the Aztecs sacrificed thousands within days, but seeing this savagery, we now witness the very things that they saw with their own eyes.


This is part of Islam, as the Koran says,

The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter (Koran 5:33)

I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off. (8:12)


The Scripture says to pray “for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” (1 Timothy 2:2) tell me, reader, how can the Christians of these lands live quite and peaceably with such savages roaming about their midst? They cannot. And so where are you, kings and rulers? Where are the righteous kings who “are not a terror to good works, but to evil” and who “does not bear the sword in vain” (Romans 13:3-4)? When will such righteous rulers arise to slay these evildoers?

When will this generation have a pious and righteous emperor, a Constantine, a Theodosius, a Justinian, who will not be afraid, who will not hesitate, to gives these evil devils their just dues?

Read the words of Solomon when he wrote that “A wise king sifts out the wicked, and brings the threshing wheel over them” (Proverbs 20:26), and tell me that it is unbiblical for rulers to take away the lives of these callous heathens!

A pious and righteous ruler must seize these wicked people and say with the holy Samuel, “As your sword has made women childless, so shall your mother be childless among women” (1 Samuel 15:33) before hacking to pieces as this prophet did unto this tyrant. Let the righteous king stand before these pagans, and say with the holy Gideon, “They were my brothers, the sons of my mother. As the Lord lives, if you had let them live, I would not kill you.” (Judges 8:19) And let the pious sovereign strike these Zeebahs and Zalmunnas and take “the crescent ornaments that were on their camels’ necks.” (Judges 8:21)

Let their idols be destroyed, and let their temples be sacked, let the helpless be defended and the Church kept intact, in the midst of this holy war. We will soon have Christendom, and Christ will be our General and our Emperor, and will praise him with prose such as:

he pursued the wicked and sought them out, and them that troubled his people he burnt with fire: And his enemies were driven away for fear of him, and all the workers of iniquity were troubled: and salvation prospered in his hand. And he grieved many kings, and made Jacob glad with his works, and his memory is blessed for ever. And he went through the cities of Juda, and destroyed the wicked out of them, and turned away wrath from Israel. And he was renowned even to the utmost part of the earth, and he gathered them that were perishing. (1 Maccabees 3:5-9)

St. Paul, the holy Apostle, tells us, “If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” (Romans 12:18) Notice that he says, “If it is possible,” meaning that there are times when peace is not option. But, because peace must always be in our will, for as the blessed Augustine said, “The will must want peace, only necessity should bring war”, then even when the Christian knight strikes, he does so with charity. He approached the enemy and says with Christ,

My soul has dwelt too long
With one who hates peace.
I am for peace;
But when I speak, they are for war. (Psalm 12:6-7)

The true peace of Holy War is not that superficial peace that we hear about so much today; it is not the peace of Antiochus who spoke “peaceable words in deceit” (1 Maccabees 1:31); it is the peace of the prophet Jeremiah who, from high Heaven gave to Judas Maccabeus “this holy sword a gift from God, wherewith thou shalt overthrow the adversaries of my people Israel.” (2 Maccabees 15:16) It is the sword that establishes the true peace, not vain compromises and empty claims of “love” and “dialogue.”

The modern mind says, “how is this peace?” It is peace because it destroys those who are to peace. Holy war unleashes the sword, destroys false peace and brings true peace. The Holy One said, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” (Matthew 5:9) And who will deny that in many occasions peace is established through combat? Therefore, those righteous soldiers to bring peace by using force and arms against a tyrannical and persecuting enemy, “shall be called children of God.” It is this false peace that David spoke of when he wrote:

Let them not rejoice over me who are wrongfully my enemies;
Nor let them wink with the eye who hate me without a cause.
For they do not speak peace,
But they devise deceitful matters
Against the quiet ones in the land. (Psalm 35:19-20)

There is the mercy of the just, and there is the mercy of the deceptive, who desire mercy on wicked people who deserve none. In one passage David urges God to show no mercy to evil transgressors:

You therefore, O Lord God of hosts, the God of Israel,
Awake to punish all the nations;
Do not be merciful to any wicked transgressors. (Psalm 59:5)

When the righteous ruler slaughters the wicked, and decrees that they are to punished, it is not just him that does the action, but Christ working through him. The Lord says, “By me kings reign, and princes decree justice.” (Proverbs 8:15) Thus when the king unsheathes the sword of justice, it is Christ using him as an instrument of His holy justice and wrath, and anyone who resists “resisteth the ordinance of God.” (Romans 13:2) This is what St. Augustine said when he praised the Christian emperors’ persecution of the Donatist heretics, saying

The emperors command this, and it is what Christ also commands, because, when they command what is good, Christ gives the command through them. (Augustine, letter 105)

So when will a Christian ruler rise up and work with His King, Christ, in administering justice; when will the kings of the earth become “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4) and partake in the justice of God? Soon will kings arise to be as that king of whom Christ spoke, “sending his armies, he destroyed those murderers, and burnt their city.” (Matthew 22:7) They will arise to fight the Antichrist and his wicked armies.

The Lord “will raise against him Seven shepherds and eight princely men” (Micah 5:5) and And “the galleys and the Romans shall come upon him” (Daniel 11:30). These are the nations of Christendom, which will revive in the near future, to destroy these evildoers who slaughter the flock. A great restoration will arise, and it will be unlike anything we have ever seen; it will be the restoration of Christendom, the unsheathing of St. Peter’s sword, and final retribution unleashed on the sons of Belial.

The Scriptures say that St. Paul “was permitted to dwell by himself with the soldier who guarded him” (Acts 28:16), and where are the soldiers who will protect the churches from these sanguinary barbarians? Arise, O emperors! Arise and strike these evildoers so “that we may lead a quiet and a peaceable life in all piety and chastity.” (1 Timothy 2:2)

The persecution against Christians will be more horrific in the future than it is how. A great dark cloud will flood the earth, and oceans of blood will form. We must be prepared for the greatest anti-persecution the world will ever see. We must prepare both our minds and our souls. This is why I spent over five years on a book on Christian holy war. The name of the book is Christianity is At War, and it is the most exhaustive study ever done in history on the reality of Christian holy war, with its history and spiritual beauties. Read the book and prepare your soul for the coming great war!


  • “I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.” – Revelation 20:4

    • About as perfect a quote for this story as one could ever hope to find, Vinny.

      • My friend, always good to hear from you. I had not seen you around in a while. I was checking in on your website last week. Sounds like you had some cool stuff going on. Hope all is well.

        • Besides things a bit busy, all is well otherwise. I’m a bit too swamped to bother with some of the rubbish I read in the comments section, but it’s always good to see friends here.

          • This had been my concern too. No real discussions anymore. Last night I was very thankful I made it to this site when I did and met you and Steve Smith and a few others. I felt like had I just found it now, I would not have met anyone and been helped along. It was the reason I went over to your website, because I myself had been staying away too because there are a few who are now hijacking all of the comments. An article will post and a few hours later there are almost 200 comments and it is very hard to navigate. So I go back and find historical stuff and I found one from about 6 months ago you were having with another guy. It was very interesting, so I’ve learned some stuff that way. Anyway, now, I’ll peruse a post and then if I don’t see you or Steve around at all I just move on. If I see you guys around I will read the threads and follow the discussions. Take care and see ya around!

          • I’m in the same boat, man. I’ve become bored of armchair atheists who would be laughed out of a real philosophy circle if they put such stupid arguments in front of actual scholars. It’s even worse when you have hicks continually lie about your faith and expect to be treated seriously. I’ve done enough. I prefer to peek in when friends are commenting, and if I have the time to do so. Walid and Ted I’ll always make time for, as well as the good friends I’ve made here. The rest? I’ll take them as they come and decide on a case-by-case basis.

          • I just finished reading the Didache and after I finished reading the Epistle of Diognetus and the fragments of Papias, I put them down and said, “I have so much to learn.” All the years of theological study and when I discovered the early church’s writings, I realized I’ve only begun to scratch the surface. However, I am thankful we have thousands of years of theology that have been maintained. What I found most interesting is the early church views of Chiliasm and millenarianism and how what they criticized as wrong regarding them is exactly what is taught today regarding the millennium. I then realized what I was taught about the millennium is exactly what the early church criticized as wrong. It was what made me say “I have so much to learn.” It is interesting how you can trust those who teach you things and many of them don’t teach it wrong out of maliciousness just out of ignorance. Then I have to deal with who many heresies have I taught out of ignorance, believing I was teaching the truth because I thought I was faithfully passing on what was taught to me. I feel like I have to relearn after all the years I thought I was relearning what I was originally taught (if that makes any sense).

            Anyway, I try to follow my favorite commentators here and then comment with them after the smoke has cleared and people can’t but into the conversation. Glad you’re still around.

          • You have truly become a deep student of theology, and you were, already. It was fun clashing at first, but I see how much you’ve taken digging into the History of our beloved Christianity with earnestness. It’s a tribute to your intellectual tenacity, something woefully lacking with many Western Christians (and, most certainly, lazy Orthodox).

            And the feeling’s mutual. I’ll always poke about here. There are gems to be found.

          • interesting you mention our discussions at first. I was actually looking for them last night and was going through some of the first articles I read and commented on. I wasn’t yet able to find our first discussions as I got side tracked in some of the articles and all the awesome comments that were made. That is what I missed. You could go back after a week or two and see some of the threads and see the awesome discussions and learn so much. So that is what happened I started reading and re-reading the threads and was amazed at all so many were able to share and RESPECTFULLY debate. I think Walid’s site will correct itself and eventually the posers will fall off and the fruitful discussions will continue again. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t remember us clashing, ha ah, but now I’m curious to go back and find the early ones. I am sure I have them saved in my in box.

            So anyway I don’t mind hiding out in this thread and having a discussion. So anyway, what do you understand about how old Christ was when he was crucified? I am sure you are familiar with Irenaeus view but do you hold to his view? I was blown awa y reading his view on this in Against Heresies. As I said before this is something I’m working through. It’s a massive volume, some of it is a little archaic and it is shocking how strang e some of use gnostic heresies were that he addressed. However, I have never ever heard it suggested Christ was almost 50 when he was crucified. However, as after he gives full explanation he does close with the passage in John that actually always puzzled me, “you are not yet 50 years old and you have seen Abraham …” I never questioned the explanations Jesus was 33 or so when he was crucified and his public ministry was 3 years, until about an hour ago. As I said earlier I have said, I have so much to learn. I will be going to vespers tonight and I am going to ask the priest what his view is. I of course want to ask you and Steve too when I have a chance. But what an interesting perspective. Irenaeus said that the elders testified to this and those who were “conversant in Asia with John and tho set hat heard the accounts of he other apostles.” So according to Irenaeus this was the common perspectives at Jesus was with them until he was almost 50. Coupled with Luke’s account that Jesus was almost 30 when he began his public ministry this would put Christ on earth over 10 years. Irenaeus stated the Pharisees would not have stated “you are not yet 50” if he was in his 30’s. They would have said you are not yet 40. Now he was challenging the Gnostic heresy that Jesus was only on earth 1 year. However it is a common teaching that he was only here 3. Even in the footnotes it is questioned, but Irenaeus seems to have no question. And he of course is closer in time to John than we are.

            Well let’s take up this if you don’t mind. It is almost mind blowing right now to think in fact Christ ministry on earth could have been longer. Anyways father this we can take up another issue. I stumped the orthodox priest, he stated he’d never been asked it before nor had he ever considered it before. I asked him if the Protestant reformation was e great falling away Paul warned about? He was stumped and said he had no answer. I can find no answer. Maybe there is no answer. I ask itin. Light of the fact that if we consider a lot of this Christian militancy and the fact at he church was able to respond to the threat of Islam and Islam is the beast. Paul said that man can’t be revealed until the great falling away happens first. We’ll with the fragmented church, spurned by the reformation, we are now impotent and can no longer assemble en mass the way the church into e 8th century could. We even now call segments of the church the anti-Christ and we’re backbiting each other. So now I ask myself, was the Protestant reformation the great falling a way Paul warned about. again I always saw this as people falling front he church and certainly it is not a warning to unbelievers; they’re not even in the church. But I guess we can consider that at a later point. Take care.

          • Hi, Vinny;

            I tend to stick to normal orthodoxy regarding Christ’s age, as numbers were and are highly symbolic, loaded with meaning. 33 is extremely powerful to Jewish thought, which of course transferred over to Hellenic Jews and Christians.

            As for your theory about Protestantism being the great falling away, I would say ‘yes’. That doesn’t excuse Orthodox from being ethnic idiots at times. However, we started with one church. The Oriental Orthodox Communion broke off due to the nature of Christ, though there was also a lot of politicking thanks to the mess in Egypt, as well as interference from the Persian Empire. Rome, next, though my Catholic friends might have a different opinion on how things shattered. But Protestantism made a massive mountain out of a proverbial molehill. Rome were doing horrid things, but nothing warrants breaking the church up. Nothing.

            The good thing is that, now, after a few centuries, the wise men of the Protestant world are going back to the original sources, and finding out that things drifted. They’re trying to right the ship. These are the people I am thrilled to discourse with, not the Gnostic boobs who wouldn’t know Christian history if it goosed them.

          • Also sorry for the typos I’m on my iPad. Touch screen not as accurate as keyboard!

  • The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. – Proverbs 15:3

  • Julie

    Their blood cries out to the Lord…the day is coming when Islam will be annihilated….the vast majority of the Muslim world is silent.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Yes, The religion of Peace.

  • royal

    Your pictures are, getting more gruesome as time goes on with each post or is this something that you are doing on purpose or are these pictures coming in with the story, we need to be careful that we dont promote the Devils works , in what we see

    • shoebat

      Even if ISIS commits atrocities, and to let you know about it, we get the blame. Tell me, are you really worth dying for? I think not. Now you can put the poison in my tea, I am ready to drink it.

      • Fhr68

        lol Churchill a man if vision 🙂

        • shoebat

          You know Fhr38, we cal all probably build a vision together, all of us, but the question, is there any good ideas?

          • Fhr68

            I chuckle because I know the story about the tea, and you made me smile because of Mr Churchill, I wish he was with us today. He is greatly admired, and he spoke his mind, was rebuked like you, and he never gave up the fight. A vision I hold on to that he believed in is ” all nations under God” it’s a vision of unity from the WW2 to stand for God and countries together

          • theophorus

            Hitler admired the “mohammedans” Churchill despised the religion.

          • Fhr68

            My hunch is if Hitler would have won, which God didn’t allow, we’d be all Mohammedans now and our lands would be desolate.
            ” how dreadful are the curses which mohammedanism lays on its votaries which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the prophet rule or live”
            Sir Winston Churchill

      • royal

        Jesus through I was worth dying for………I am just glad that you not Jesus, your doing just fine poisoning you self,…… ROYAL

  • royal

    ★ ★ ★ ★

    • shoebat

      ★ ★ ★ ★
      I guess we all unite on that one

      • royal


  • shoebat

    Ahhh finally, a thankful heart. You made my day. Its been rough.

    • royal

      Walid you have so much insight , into the mind of the( terrorist) Muslim, could you explain the three stages of jihad.

      • shoebat

        The ultimate goal is Jihad-ul-Saif (Jihad by the Sword). Period. This is the last stage.

        Everything else besides violence, from Islamic information centers, books and websites are simply propaganda tools following the two first forms of Jihad: Jihad-ul-lisan (Jihad by the tongue or the “talking slick willies”) and Jihad-ul-Qalam (Jihad by the Pen, or the writing slick willies).

        If a Muslim does not truly believe in aggressive violence he is truly not a Muslim in the first place and is naïve. These are much fewer in number than you think.

        To read more on it click below:


        • royal

          Thank you

        • royal

          Can you tell me why the Pope statement is the same as Obama and all the other deceived Leaders, around the world. “That Islam is a religion of peace, and that ISIL is not Islamic”. And reaching out to the Islam world …..

  • Paula

    OMG those people or sick how can somebody be so mean and cruel to another human . God give us life and it’s gods choice when he wants us to die not another humans decision . That man and the rest have no rights to do that it’s just not right . God please help those people over there do not let those sicko come to America . Home of the free and the brave .

    • Fhr68

      This is very normal for them! America like every country in the west has infiltration of stealth jihad, if you have been believing that Islam is a religion of peace, then I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s a lie. You should see what they are doing to women and children. I couldn’t eat for days, but the shock of it is starting to wear off. People need to wake up so we can put a stop to it, or there won’t be a Christian or innocent soul left in the Middle East, and they are threatening citizens everywhere in Europe.

  • Fhr68

    Go Canucks go, Canadian bacon style 🙂 that’s a game I don’t want to miss! New Jerseys needed Canadian ice crusaders. Let’s see how sharp they are on the ice!,, all penalty shots voided. Ruffing Gets double points, and a hat trick wacking their skulls into the goal post ! Fans get free bacon to wave in the crowds, wrapped in plastic of course.

  • shoebat
  • royal

    Thanks for your 2cents

  • royal

    I think that what you say is true ★ ★ ★ ★

  • royal

    Are you kidden!…if the leftist p**k is not aware of what’s going on , then he must be dead lol…..

  • shoebat

    Thank you for your kind words Theo and God bless you.

  • shoebat

    God bless your heart.

  • shoebat


  • shoebat

    “Walid is always right”

    Correct, except that your wrong on only one, the statement above.

  • Julie

    They don’t believe He was crucified and they don’t realize Mohammed drew on Islam to fit the Arabic mindset…witnessing the monks who prayed throughout various times of the day.
    They make claims all the time…

    They do admit He is the Living Word of God…that Christ’s mother was sinless virgin throughout her life….and that Christ is mentioned more times in the Koran than Mohammed…

    There is a former Muslim who began to see the truth of Christ in the Koran…and almost was killed for doing so..by his own father…

    So they think all sorts of things, full of contradictions because Islam was actually drawn from Judaism and Christianity but from the surface level…except for Mary…who could be the bridge for them some day to come fully to Christ…

  • John McMickle

    Just rub those hockey sticks down with pork fat first. That will keep them from getting to heaven.

  • John McMickle

    Just rub those hockey sticks down with pork fat first. That will keep them from getting to heaven.

  • royal

    : (

  • Julie

    I couldn’t watch but could see that from the still photo.

  • Julie

    I would also add that their perceptions of things are not grounded on the reality of authentic salvation history spanning 5600 years. Mohammed copied from both Judaism and Christianity, but came out with an increasingly perverted praxis.

  • Julie

    Do you live in the USA? I wonder because alot of young people are being drawn into this but not given the facts.

    You look at the Middle East..it is no place to find work because of the mistreatment, abuse and even enslavement throughout the entire region.

  • Julie

    No…he is placating those who are peaceful…but as a monsignor said who lost his faithful at his diocese in the MIddle East….moderates who seek reason and faith are a tiny minority.

  • Julie

    The conquistadors..?….which ones.

    They made the New World a center of learning of which America was 300 years behind, universities in the 1500’s with Indian professors…

    must come out of America….

  • Julie

    Talita, please study the history of this belief system and how decapitation has been used as the means to terrify their subjects.

  • shoebat

    Atheism s the most effective form of mind control EVER invented

  • shoebat

    Amazing insight. So tell me what happened to Sati in India? You know, the process where your pretty women were burned alive after their creepy looking husbands like you crocked?

    I know, it was these nasty Christians that removed that wonderful ritual.

    A day will come when Pakistan will nuke India and India will nuke Pakistan and both of you would wish to have Christianity. Some civilizations do not deserve to exist because they are simply not civil.

  • Fhr68

    My darlin he has put the world at risk! He’s pro Islam all the way, was listening to some of his speeches. I’m amazed he’s still walking around, but God is in control

  • Roy rhodes

    No they believe he was just a prophet and not the messiah there saviour Part of there belief is to decieve and lie to turn you to this religion,Look at obama .He even says he is a christian but a real christian dont believe in homosexuality,Lies and deception .The bible says satan is the father of all lies and also a deciever.This religion is influenced bt satanic spirits and until they come out and shake themselves it will continue but on that note jesus loves muslims too and are coming to them in dreams and such ,He dont want them to be decieved and wake up in hell ,He is so merciful and patient,Praise his holy name ,he died that we might have life and more abundantly have it more abundantly ,Hallejuah

  • sad. sad that the world sits idly by while this happens. sad that the world focuses all it’s energy on the hatred of Israel. If the world would stop baseless hating this would all end…

  • Arjun Pandav

    Your words are similar to the words of ISIS equally blind and equally ignorant.
    who is having even a little knowledge can say that Monotheistic
    religion cannot be peaceful. Two monotheistic religions Christianity and
    Islam are having same basic principle, that is that followers gets
    rewards with heaven and non followers sent to hell.
    This very
    principle in itself is evil, cause it creates exclusion, which by
    default means inclusion of some and hatred towards others.

    and other eastern faith like Budhism, Sikhism, Jainism are neither
    monotheist nor exclusive. Hinduism in its very core is inclusive
    religion which provides human to choose his path of self realization. It
    is based upon the law of Karma, renunciation, self purification and
    service. Hinduism can not be dangerous no matter how much it is
    Let me give you very simple example of how God in Hinduism talk:
    Lord Shri Krishna, the God as per Hinduism speaks thise:


    I regard every living being with equality. For me, no human beings is hateful
    or dear.

    Wise men associate the learned and humble, a cow, an
    elephant, a dog and a dog eater with equal vision.


    O Ajuna! A devotee of God, who regards happiness and
    sorrow of other being in equality with the pleasure and pain of his own self is
    regarded as Supreme.


    One who has no animosity with for any being, who is
    friend of everyone, who is compassionate to all., free from egoism, and
    maintain equanimity of mind, even in joy and sorrow, forgiving, ever satisfied,
    united with yoga, have a strong determination in God and have consecrated his
    mind and intellect to me. Such a devotee of mine is very dear to me.

    Talk as much as you know.. else you would certainly display your ignorance if you talk without thinking.

    • shoebat

      Rubbish. We always go full circle on your type who picks and chooses alkaline verses from their demonic book until it takes a while when someone shows the acid reality. Comparing Troy Savary to ISIS is simply a tactic used be demons who worship six armed demonic looking deities and have bizzare rituals with fire and ring bells in those hellholes they call temples. All of them are so strange and primitive. the Vedas justify the beastly act of incest as a `sacred act’ and is why India has the biggest problem with incest. This was no doubt an outcome of the strict practice of `brahmacharya’ which produced hoards of sexually starved psychopathic sadhus. It is these mad sadhu Brahmins, the authors of the concocted Vedas, who justified and legalized incest. Indeed, the Vedas enjoin incest as a kind of marriage. This fact was utilised by Brahma when convincing his daughter Sarasvati (also known as Padma) to succumb to his unlimited lust :

      ” 8. On seeing his beautiful daughter Padma, Brahma was sexually excited. He wooed his daughter and wanted to copulate with her. How could a daughter give consent to her own father? Padma refused. Brahma could not give up his desire. He began to quote the Vedas to convince her that there was nothing wrong in having sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere for the sake of giving birth to a child. ”

      — ( Puran )
      This is the Vedic verse in Sanskrit which justifies incest and which was quoted by Brahma :
      “Mathara Mupathya, susara Mupatithe, Puthrartheetha.

      Sagamarthi, Napathra loka, nasthee thath.
      Saravam paravo vindu ha, dasmath Puthrar tham.
      Matharam suransathee Rehathee”
      – ( Veda, cited in Puran )
      Tranlated this verse means
      ” For the sake of a child one can enjoy his own sister or daughter, without any sin attached to it. ”

      ( Puran )
      There are other abundant examples of incest from the Vedic age. These prove that the Vedic Aryans regularly practiced incest of the father-daughter type and the brother-sister type ( Sita ). Moreover, the Vedas fully legalise this abominable practice. These evil practices continued right throughout the Brahmanic Dark Ages of 2599 years (1500 BC – 1000 AD). Thus, for example, Rama maried his sister Sita when she was still only 6 years old ( Sitaram ).

      • RodK1975

        Wow… This is absolutely foul and disgusting… Satan’s obsession with disturbing and filthy sexual practices is the dead give-away. Examine a religious movements ideas and attitudes toward what is and is not acceptable sexuality and you’ll find out quickly who is the author of it.

        Thanks, Mr Shoebat, not only am I getting an education on Islam, but the rest of the worlds false religions as well! Christ’s Blessings!

        • koolmom21

          I was just about to leave the same comment. I never knew how sick some peoples beliefs were until I came here. I am learning a lot also.

          • RodK1975

            Not that we needed any convincing ;-)… but, the line does becomes clearer and clearer.

      • Kshatriya

        just copying and pasting what you find on the internet isnt Hinduism.u chistians are the most selfish and ugly breed of humans on this planet.may all your christians be slaugtered for whom u are seeking help by begging for donations.

      • canuckistan666

        No Hindu is committing incest in India quoting these scripture with the consent of the Hindu majority BJP party. You are going on a tangent. Hinduism predates Christianity by thousands of years and Hindus have suffered 80 million deaths due to Islam. The problem is ISLAM. Not other religions. You have a very limited knowledge of Hinduism.

    • TroySavary

      Hinduism, by nature, is the most exclusive religion that exists, as under Hindu belief, everyone is born where they deserve to be. Hinduism does not allow upward mobility. The concept of charity is foreign to Hinduism. It took the work of a Christian woman to bring the most basic of care to lepers and beggars in India. Hinduism teaches that these people deserved to suffer because of the flawed concept of past lives and not following their assigned role in said past life. How can such an evil concept be called inclusive?

  • koolmom21

    FYI No one worships Mary and everyone knows you are aware of that fact so stop saying it. As far as the rest of your comment, other people already explained it to you. Have a good day.

    • Cheryl Webb Clair

      Really? Everyone knows that I am aware of some “fact”? Wow. Didn’t know that everyone knows me. If no one worships Mary, why is everything in this country ( a very Catholic country) named for her. No where have I seen Jesus Hospital for Children. It’s Our Lady’s this or Our Lady’s that. There are some other Saints thrown in too, but nothing about Jesus. Peter and Paul, Oliver (who ever he was) Mary (of course) Padre’ Pio and others too numerous to count. But nothing that says Jesus on it. So just FYI that Miss Kool.

      • koolmom21

        Wow I guess I hit a nerve.
        No need to be condescending.
        Yes, we know you are aware no one worships Mary. You are not young and naïve you just spit that out to try and put people down. You are the one who is misinformed. We hear it all the time and I for one am sick of it. I do not say this in anger, I say this so you would know not to pull that here.
        Do you call Mary blessed?
        Read more articles on shoebat.com and you will understand more. God’s blessings Cheryl

      • shoebat

        “why is everything in this country ( a very Catholic country) named for her.”

        If everything was named after my mother’s name in my honor I would love it. Try meeting Jesus one day and tell him that his mom was an “incubator” and lets see what he does.

      • shoebat

        Ever heard of the Hospitalers? Do you know where the word “hospital” came from? And since I can tell a very learned lady, I am sure you could tell us.

  • koolmom21

    For you to say that, you do not know much about islam.

  • 777Concerned777

    I hope from the bottom of my heart that the children of the futue will one day look back at history, shake their heads in disbelieve about the stupidity of religions of this world and wonder how on earth could people believe in imaginary gods and ruled their people by these stupid senseless believes.

    We are suppose to live in the 21st century, yet the elders who still cling to these stupid believes, still manage to indoctrinate their children with their poisonous religions, killing our world.

    Young people should now stand up for themselves and stop this shit and help to build a better future for the world. I am sure that just about every other country in the world will agree that the Muslim religion is now seriously threatening peace all over the world.

    Stop waiting for some god to come down to earth and save you. Start realising thay we are living in a very realistic world and everything that happens is done by our own will and actions. Every action has a reaction, good or bad and it is only up to mankind to create the results.

    The Muslim religion SHOULD NOW AT ANY AND ALL COST be stopped to spread further violence in the world.

    If you care for the future of the children of this world, stop another Muslim to be let into your country. They flee from their violence infested poor countries as they are so stuck in the past that they can’t make good progress economy wise and once they are settled in another country they carry on with their senseless believes and then want to force their religion onto others.

    If you care for the future of your children, your country, this world……. stop them and keep your children away from them.

    I think we can look at England as an example and realise how over the years they have creeped into England, seeking and begged for asylum and then slowly but surely taken parts of England from right under the nose of the Queen, indoctrinated the English with their so called peaceful religion and now? England my friend, as so many other countries in the world has a problem, an infestation, that they don’t now how to stop.

    • shoebat

      “The Muslim religion SHOULD NOW AT ANY AND ALL COST be stopped to spread further violence in the world.”

      I get this type of comment all the time “what should happen” and rarely do I get much on what the commenter is doing to make it happen except cheap talk. Do you suppose you, the useless person who would give your life for nothing to do anything? And why would you fight and die in combating the Islamists. You believe in no heaven or hell and have no higher purpose to offer your life for. This is why you get my typical reply: go to hell.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      “Killing OUR world?” Did man create the universe? You are quite deluded. We are only stewards of what God created. Our universe was created by an intelligent creator and that universe adheres to the laws that govern the universe, elsewise it falls apart and becomes unintelligible. Tell me how many BABIES have been KILLED by your atheist laws that now govern the USA since the child killers got their stupid “It’s OK to kill babies” law passed.

  • Pingback: Muselmama not happy with sons 12-year sentence of prison da’awa | Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami()

  • koolmom21

    We ask The Blessed Mother Mary to pray for us, big difference. Read the bible and know we ALL are to call her blessed. You have a lot to learn. Why don’t you ask Walid about it. He can explain it better. P.S. No, I don’t know you but I met your spirit a thousand times.

    • shoebat

      You see koolmom21, you just have to do what I do and complement these folks and tell them something like “amazing, never knew that”. This way they buy their falafels, they put a tip in the cup and off they go on their merry way. Haven’t you hear it said that “the customer is always right?” even if they are dead wrong.

      • Cheryl Webb Clair

        I don’t eat falafel. Nasty stuff. And what a condescending little person you are. Who needs your fake compliments anyway? I know I don’t.

        • shoebat

          You can tell a bigot but you can’t tell them much.

          Falafel and Hummus was Daniel’s main diet while he was in Babylon. Ever notice he ate “pulse” which is exactly that type of food which was common.

          Now, since you do not like falafel, here, take some hot sauce and squat it in your eyes and get the heck out of my falafel stand, your not pleasant to look at.

      • koolmom21

        You are so right sir. I just have such a hard time with letting someone get by with all their hate in the form of lies. I first try to talk with them but soon find out I can’t talk with them. I have a hard time knowing who is here (like me) to learn from you and who is here to cause trouble.
        I will try from now on to just sell them a falafel and say good day. I can not promise but I will try.
        Yes, count me in to go to China at least they want falafels there! I never knew their were that many. Thank God!
        I read your comments to Cheryl and she is the condescending little person and I already told her so. I am happy you told her to get the heck out of your falafel stand. LOL 🙂
        God’s blessing

        • shoebat

          “I will try from now on to just sell them a falafel and say good day. I can not promise but I will try. ”

          We like you just the way you are koolmom. I was just kidding with you.

          “Yes, count me in to go to China at least they want falafels there! I never knew their were that many.”

          Great, I already picked the name for the new business, The Wok Falafel.

          You know falafel is cooked in a wok:

          • koolmom21

            Thank you!
            The name is perfect and no I never knew falafel was cooked in a wok. It looks like fun. 🙂

    • shoebat

      No I can’t explain it. She is a breathing living genius, can’t you tell? wink wink.

      • koolmom21

        She is something that’s for sure. I am too much of a lady to say what I believe she is but it’s not genius. wink

        • shoebat

          She is a happy meal with a few french fries missing. I have been doing this for 20 some years and I can tell pretty quick who is honestly dialoging and who is here to hurt you. The problem is that folks pay attention to mockers. I instantly spot them, reverse logic, tell them that they are “brilliant” and they see that as an insult and they disappear. They actually intend to make you angry because they enjoy hurting folks. She wanted you upset. Lest just say, this lady was not right in the head:

          • koolmom21

            You are the expert. I don’t know how you do it but I am glad you do.

  • shoebat

    Thank for letting us know. I will ban them.

  • Very interesting points, thank you.. I am personally convinced that while many Muslims can and will come to Christ, the nations in which Islam is dominant today (middle east for one) are lost to Islam forever. There is still a remnant there to be gathered into the harvest, but unfortunately they exist among thorns and thistles and will continue to do so after their conversions. Thank you for your thoughts.

  • shoebat

    Wow, never knew that.

  • shoebat

    Wow, never knew that..

  • shoebat

    Wow, never knew that…

  • shoebat

    The problem james is that the links have the word “catholic” and these people have been trained since childhood that “catholic” means “boggy man”. That and your too educated. These folks want to tell you stuff we all know as if we are in kindergarten. Its amazing how kindergartners treat the learned as they treat themselves. Your wasting your time with these.

  • shoebat

    “The Bible refers to James the brother of Jesus. ”

    Wow, never knew that.

  • shoebat

    Wow, never knew that, amazing.

  • shoebat

    “Met my spirit? Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father but by ME”

    Wow, never knew that. Amazing. Thank you. Have a nice day.

    Next, next in line please.

  • TroySavary

    That is why Hinduism has turned India into a cesspool, right?

  • Don’t use the word apocryphal on this site or you will get beat up. Use the word “deuterocanonical” and everyone will be your friend, let you play on the play ground and maybe sit at the lunch table. Good insight on your comments. Thanks for that.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Mohammed was born in 570, not 680.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You need the rest of the Koran to get the verses where the Muslims are ordered to kill Jews and Christians.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, abortion.

  • H95H

    Godless bastards from hell and that worthless piece of shit of a president you GODDAMN Liberals voted in, just to have a black person in office, is giving them an open door to this country. I so hope this will be YOUR children going through this you demonic Liberal sons of bitches. You will deserve it, just wait.

  • Radical Muslim nations are becoming murderous Muslim nations. Moderate Muslim nations are becoming radical Muslim nations. Atheistic and Communistic nations will eventually become Muslim nations. As far as the Middle East, at this point and time, I just do not see it. There may be massive changes, but I do not believe that means Islam will be erased from these nations. The West has failed to stop the rise of the United States of Islam.

  • shoebat

    Anna, there are rules on how to behead. If it is a Muslim the head is to be chopped and if it is not Muslim (Shiites are not Muslim in accordance to Sunni Muslims or if the victim is Christian) then its slicing.

    Even the beheading part is supposed to be done with pleasure as one sees this imam saying that a Muslim is to “enjoy” (see 1:00-1:-05):


    Its not the beheading that the students in this mosque are to focus on, but the methodology (slicing instead of chopping) and the pleasure since they are taught as if beheading provides an orgasmic pleasure.

  • madman101

    Mankind has rejected God.

  • educated

    You are so ignorant and disgusting. Wake up and smell the coffee, see the world outside the walls of your country. Bloody barbarians…

  • Igneel

    holy fuck they should’ve put a warning that the video was graphic

  • Delta Rain

    This morning, during my prayer and scripture time, praying for our nation and Christians all over the world being slaughtered. And, I admit, feeling angry that we are being massively infiltrated with Muslim refugees instead of Christians. Thinking of how Christ will return and how God has waited because He wants to have as many saved as possible. Why can’t our persecuted Christians be sent to America? Why only these who believe in the teaching of antichrist… Obama and cohorts are responsible because they have an evil agenda. But, God is allowing it? Maybe because we have fallen from His grace? But, here comes all these Muslims from countries where Bibles and Christians weren’t so available because they were 2nd or 3rd class citizens with death sentences for any Muslim they converted. They come here making demands for Halal and other amenities to which they are accustomed to. CAIR and other groups are working against America’s rights in order to make these changes. Hmmmmm.. Me thinks CAIR might be just a little bit scared of Muslims in our country becoming Christians? It’s always good to know your enemies’ goals, but also their strengths and their weaknesses. What does God want us to do? Be tolerant and understanding as we submit to their rights against our own? Or standing up for Christ and speaking out His truth? Something to think about…. Probably wouldn’t hurt to have prayer 5 times daily, so as they pray their enslavement to allah, we could be praying for God’s powerful Truth to slap ’em full force. Wouldn’t this also strengthen us in our faith and revive us in God’s grace? Well….It certainly couldn’t hurt. Of course, we must also keep our wits about us, as well as our guns because we also have ISIS among us.

  • Please cite your sources for this. I’m curious to see how a religion founded in 632 AD was around before the closure of the Biblical Canon, which happened in the 4th Century, three hundred years before the itinerant Bedouin merchant had his seizure and claimed it to be a visit from Jibril (Gabriel).

  • Well, yes, and no. Scholars have little doubt that Mohammad had contact with Nestorian Christians who were all over the Arabian Peninsula during those years, living as outcasts from the Orthodox world because of their choosing to follow Nestorius’ heretical views. Islam, as we properly understand it today, as a distinct religion, was more the creation of Caliphs near about the 10th Century. Most of this was really done to consolidate power.

    For an interesting view of what the Orthodox saw in Mohammad’s faith, read these words by St John of Damascus and his critique of Islam.

  • Read my previous post on St John of Damascus. People really need to be better educated about Islam and lay off the moon god rubbish. It would be like a Spaniard or Greek using the word Dios/Theos and associating it with Zeus/Jupiter throwing lightning bolts.

    • VikingCelt

      Allah was indeed the moon god of the polytheistic Arabs. But those gods actually go back further to the baals of ancient mesopotamia.

      • Yes, but not under that name. We get into all sorts of trouble once people play with linguistics. They come up with false leads. This is why I caution on this. The Arab Christians know about God. Muslims came late, and essentially hijacked that tradition. They may have sprinkled weird cult crap from their pagan past into it, but even St John of Damascus saw Mohammad as essentially heading yet another Christian heresy floating around in the desert. Little did he know…

        • VikingCelt

          I guess my position on this is from countering people who keep saying that Allah is the same god as the one the Jews and Christians worship. It isn’t the same god at all. I know that Arab Christians call God Allah, as that name has become the word for God in that respect. But I remember reading years ago, in my studies in Islam and its origins, that there is another generic word for God in Arabic – Eil, I believe it is (I’d have to go back and verify), that is more equivalent linguistically to the Hebrew word for referencing God. And that word was not the same as Allah, that Allah was a distinctly separate deity – coming back from the pagan moon god. And that over time, because of similarities in the sounds of Allah and Eil, they were considered to mean the same thing. That’s why I argue with people who come on here and try to say “Muslims worship the same god as you Christians and Jews”. Even one of my friends who was a Muslim when I lived in the Middle East, and he later converted to Christianity, even he says it’s not the same god.

  • Don’t find the troll. He’s here to stir the pot and that’s all.

  • Al, here’s some supplemental reading for you: Bahira, the alleged monk who may have inspired Mohammad.

  • The sorts of cretins who come here boggle the mind, really…

    Phony Jews, Islamic supporters, atheists, Pentecostals who don’t know anything but what their blubbering pastors, who know nothing of what the Bible says, actually does say, and others who have absolutely no grounding in their faith.

    May God help us all.

  • Allah is not a ‘sun god’. There was a moon deity bearing a similar name. In Arabic Christianity, which never left the Western Flank of the Middle East, nor Iraq, not the Arab-speaking communities of Iran, Allah is the name used for God, as would be Theos for the Greek, Bog for the Russians, or Dios for the Spanish. The ‘name’ is really an act of what He is doing, not a literal name like Bob or Joe.

  • It is indeed a religion. This heretical idea of it not being a religion is a new invention by Pentecostal cults. The word religio is an obligation, the bond between man and God. Do you actually think ancient Jews were running around with “Jesus is my Homeboy” t-shirts or other offensive garbage people wear around here? There were rites, customs and religions, which CHRIST NEVER GOT RID OF. He was against the hypocrites in the ranks of the Pharisees, but never cast them out on their own (look at Nicodemus or rabbis like Gamaliel, the instructor of St Paul of Tarsus, for examples).

    There really needs to be a catechizing movement for Christians now. It’s no wonder the faith is falling apart in the U.S. They believe fantasy as opposed to actual, verifiable, documented history.

  • They aren’t buying it because most of what is believed is from the Evangelical circles, which is absolute trash intellectually (and they’re proud of it – their roots come from the English Baptist movement which hated scholarship).

    When they are confronted with theologians who are well-versed in philosophy, rhetoric and science, they change their tune. There is a level of discourse that far exceeds anything you’d find in a comment pool. We have quite a few Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics who are working in either the sciences or philosophies, and they do wonders with kids who listen.

    Still, I do see your point. If American Protestantism was all I had to go by, I would have been an atheist.

  • That’s because that’s a Western idea proposed by Augustine, and horribly expounded upon by fools like John Calvin and fat TV preachers who like to scare people into throwing money at them out of ignorance.

    You might want to look further East for actual Christian thinking.

  • Not true at all, Thinker. This is the issue of free choice. Were you a former Calvinist? If so, I can then understand how you came to your logic. It is foreign to Orthodox thinking. Then again, 90% of Western Christianity, outside of the conservative elements of Rome, are as well.

  • How hard have you looked? Go to a local Orthodox Church, bring a massive list of questions, and study. If you feel that you have no answers after this, then you honestly searched. Even if you decide that faith doesn’t work for you, you did the commendable thing and tried to wrestle with it.

  • Go to a church. Sit in the pew. You have all manner of people there, and for that service, when God is there, you find peace and commonality. We should be doing that at all times, and if we don’t, we are our own executioners, not God.

  • VikingCelt

    Dude, you need to do YOUR homework. The Muslim faith was NOT around long before the Bible. The Muslim faith came about in the 600 ‘ s AD. That’s 600 years AFTER Christ, and several centuries after the first writings of the Tanach and Torah. Muhammed founded a whole new religion based off of one deity from the polytheistic Arab religion – his favourite deity, Allah. Arabs believed in many gods. Muhammed encountered Jews and Christians and decided that there only being one god appealed to him. But instead of looking to the real God, the God of the Jews and Christians, he tried to convince Jews and Christians that Allah was the same god. It isn’t the same god. The Bible called the gods of the Arabs demons. The gods of the Arabs were the same gods of the early mesopotamians, the ones the Bible refers to as the baals and Baal. Satan is Baal, and the baals are demons. God told the Israelites not to worship them because they are demons.

  • VikingCelt

    No, not the aid of the monks at all. Those monks were trying to convert him to their brand of Christianity, which was a sect of Christianity not true to the Bible. Muhammed was influenced by them, but they didn’t help him write the Quran.

  • Drewtazy .

    Good Grief ! do these people not tire of all this violence ? Murder ?

  • Skip Smith

    They stand around and watch atrocities like a bunch of idiots…They just wait for someone to tell them what to do and what to think. No guts , No glory. I have no sympathy nor respect for anyone that is Muslim or practice Islam. To hell with all these countries and it’s people. Stop forge aid, stop American travel to these countries, and stop all travel to America from any of these countries.

  • Ticklemestupid

    The Bible proves itself correct only to people who:
    1) Know sufficiently little about the thing they’re trying to prove
    2) Already assume its correctness, so that you will actually believe far-fetched, twisted, nonsense interpretations of Bible verses.
    3) Ignore or hand-wave all the parts that are blatantly wrong.
    4) Don’t demand predictive power from ideas

    That last one is especially important. It is the thing that separates science from mythology. If your idea cannot unambiguously tell us something about the universe **and give us a way to figure out if it is true**, then the idea is worthless and no more useful than a work of fiction.

    The Bible is not predictive. The “truths” you talk about being in the Bible are only ever discovered by other means, and the Bible is then re-interpreted by apologists LATER to take them into account. The Bible holds no knowledge; its only remarkable quality is that it is sufficiently vague so that it can be re-interpreted to offer weak support to virtually any belief you care to have.

    In other words, The Bible essentially has the same function and value as the horoscope in your local newspaper.

    Christians were as bad 100’s of years ago as muslims are today, why do you think your any better now? Your all a bunch of brainwashed tools.

  • Alex Macintyre Gore

    Of the 1.2 billion so-called peaceful Muslims worldwide its estimated by security services that 15-25% are radicalised that between 180-300 million Islamic fruitcakes roughly the population of the USA wanting to kill everyone that does not bow to Islam.

  • Doug Todd

    You sound very full of yourself, Danny!

  • I am trying to run a falafel stand here and your insulting my customers. Please stop.

  • Proof?

  • Sure, kid.

  • Darryle Shelley

    I say that we worry about our own soil ? as far as them invading us ? are they going to row on over here ? let them hate us for free , we have no friends over there , they hate us more than they hate each other .

  • TaterSalad

    ……………..and here is liberalism at its best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=9d4mIaINKqo

  • Leon Hostad

    These people are pure evil, how can we be sat here in the west and not putting them to the sword, the fact humanity permits this, and that is exactly what we’re doing, is a shame on us all.

  • Kim T. Curtis

    It is a noble thing to bring the WORD to those who have not heard it, but it is a major sin to FORCE those who want to keep their ways and their own cultures and reject what you bring them.
    Case in point: A form of Christians comes to the North American Continent and encounters people who have not heard of Jesus Christ. These Christians begin to teach and preach and are rebuffed by the Native people who have lived for thousands of years without the word of God!
    The Christians decide to FORCE the Natives to accept what they are selling, by killing a few and demanding that the Natives believe or end up like those they have killed!
    By anyone’s sin book, this is the wrong way to go about teaching Christianity. It is a sinful and decidedly UNChristian like thing to do.
    Fast forward a few years and the United States of America is formed! They continue with the same kinds of policies that failed when the first Christians tried to bring the word of God to the Native population, only with worse things for the Indians. They are scalped, starved, enslaved, raped, killed, beaten and eventually, through the great CHRISTIAN slogan of MANIFEST DESTINY, convince the American populace that it is their GOD GIVEN RIGHT to steal the land from those who have the legal title. Not only do they steal the land, but they decide that ALL INDIANS will submit to the US way of doing things OR they will be exterminated like lice! Remember Colonel John Chivington’s favorite saying, when asked, “What about the children and babies?” He said, “Kill them all, nits make lice!” One MUST remember that Chivington was a minister, a Christian!
    It amazes me how supposed Christians USE the word of God to justify killing, raping, starving, enslaving, beating and stealing, not to mention not dealing fairly (as still happens, today) in Treaties with a People that just wants to be left alone, to live their lives as their ancestors have for thousands of years! These People got along with Nature, they didn’t rpe Mother Earth for her treasures, because they didn’t need them!
    The European-White man comes here, to a new continent and thinks only of how to get all of this land and to get at all the things she holds deep within her so that they can become rich!
    Their greed is unstoppable and their misuse of the word of God to suit their purposes is well played!
    Fast forward to the 21st Century!
    We now face an enemy of mankind, ISLAM, that is using the same tactics on US! SUBMIT TO ISLAM OR DIE!!
    So now we are getting what we have given and we don’t like it very much!
    The correlation of the 2 differing religions, (and by the way, Islam is not a religion any more than it is a government) doing the same thing to an (basically) unarmed populace is starkly amazing!
    How can this kind of thing, on both side be allowed to continue? If it continues, it will only bring about World War III! This WILL be the war to end all wars! It WILL be the apocalypse!
    The question I have is, Do we sit idly by and allow it to take its course, simply because it is foretold in the Christian Bible, or do we try to avert the War? Do we say, “It was prophesied, so we MUST allow it to happen? OR do we say, to one another, “We MUST NOT allow this to happen! God gave us the right to self defense and defense of our loved ones and our property so we MUST fight and keep this monstrous mess from happening!”

  • Kim T. Curtis

    If you are an American, all of us have been brainwashed to one degree or another. Not just on the different religions, but on political policies, legalities of various parts of our Constitution and in general, even what is right and wrong! Over the last 3 decades, the brainwashing our government has foisted upon us begins in our schools and how and WHAT our children are taught! The things we were taught in the 60s and 70s are no longer being taught! If they are taught at all, they are in a different form with different TRUTHS than what we were taught! Even common things we did in our years of grade, junior high and high school are no longer acceptable. The National Anthem is no longer a requisite, no prayer in schools, except Muslim Prayer is OK?? The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer acceptable! These things helped to hold us together, as Americans! Our president, who IS a Muslim, whether he admits it or not, has decreed many of these things and our Supreme has gone along with him! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS has DESTROYED societies across the globe and it continues to divide people, even families with it’s permissive parts fighting with the parts it decrees as BAD things to do or say! Being nice and polite used to be the watchword of the day, but now, we can’t do this or say that without being looked upon as racist or bigoted! This is especially, WRONG, when one’s comment or statement has NOTHING to do with anything even remotely approaching racism or bigotry!
    Our country has led the world with advances, and the world has begun to use political correctness, as well! It creates division among the populations and causes riots and killings!
    It also has come between religions and distorted what the meanings and ideals of these different religions stand for!
    If there were no political correctness in our world and we were back where we were 30 years ago, much of the marchings, gatherings, riots and killings would not be happening because this wrong headed idea would not have created the divisions and the thoughts, because of HEARING certain words, that racism is ACTUALLY happening! When no racism or bigotry is happening with someone’s comment or statement, it SHOULD NOT be viewed as such, just because someone uttered certain words!
    It has come to the point that certain words should be deleted from the dictionaries of the world because common usage of JUST THESE WORDS has almost become a crime! What ridiculousness!
    The brainwashing of a country’s citizens SHOULD be viewed as a crime against the people! It has done nothing except cause murder, rape, beatings, being viewed as racist or bigoted, riots and shootings of police officers, even calls to kill ALL police officers and/or ALL Whites! These kinds of divisive things spill over into linguistics and the thinking of those who practice this wonderful and enlightening sill/art!
    The peoples of the world sometimes do not see that something as innocuous looking as political correctness is a vile and divisive call to action against those who don’t NECESSARILY believe or think as you/we do!
    It should be banned in all countries of the world as criminal for what it causes people to perceive!

  • “The xtians are just as bad as the muzzies.”

    Okay, so Christians and Muzzies are equally bad according to you.


    Had you been lost in Cairo as a tourist, would you prefer being lost in a Coptic or Muslim neighborhood?

    Now watch how you will not answer the question and instead you change the subject because you are simply a dummy who abbreviates his spelling because he is also a lazy piece of Shiite.

  • I was right on the money, you changed the subject, plus why would I have to jump to get to your ass, the Khazouk will do the job for me.

    listen asshole. The person who is going to outsmart me has not been born yet. You made a stupid statement and you were caught. You act as if an ISIS terrorist is equivalent to a Bible Christian. I don’t let stupidity pass on my blog. So when it comes to your stupidity, live with it, harness it, accept it and enjoy it. You are plainly a STUPID DUMASS typical worthless piece of Shiite.

  • Mike MacDougall

    These people are about as Muslim as the KKK is Christian

  • Smedrow

    The Fix Radio Show w Smitty
    On Youtube and Facebook and now on Instagram. Shows Air on Weds at 6 pm and on Friday. Click on it and subscribe and call in with your comments. Studio Hot Line 239 791 7002 or email us [email protected]

  • Jonathan T Newsom

    Praying for the gospel of the good news of Jesus Christ to spread throughout this region of the middle East and for these people to rise up and take the land that the lord had promised them.

  • So is that stupid photo.

  • The dumb photo says ‘millions’ but is too dumb to provide any evidence or any tally because its just that: dumb.

  • racarrera

    What’s worse is that some of the leadership are NOT Persian, but Azerbaijani. Yet across the border in Azerbaijan proper, there is more sanity.