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Walmart Selling Islamic Crescent Moon and Star Ornament for Tops of Christmas Trees

In light of the recent edict from a Muslim scholar that saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than drinking alcohol, fornication and murder, it’s difficult to reconcile this latest development. According to an an account relayed by a certain Walmart shopper – who appears to have provided a photo – the superstore is selling Islamic crescents […]

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The Muslim Antichrist Will Unite With Japan And Will Create The Most Powerful And Greatest Threat America And Christian Civilization Will Ever Face

SHOEBAT EXCLUSVE By Theodore Shoebat   THE COMING WAR BETWEEN CHRISTENDOM AND GNOSTIC HERETICS When it comes to the Antichrist, what so few know is that besides the fact that the Antichrist is one who denies Father and Son (1 John 2:22), he is also a gnostic who believes that the body and all matter […]

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