Heroic Man Purchases Women Who Are Sex Slaves To ISIS, And Sets Them Free (THE VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU WEEP)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)

This unnamed Iraqi man buys Yezidi, Muslim or Christian women.

A crime, you think?


He buys them then unites them with their husbands and fathers and family. Here is one example that will touch any human heart. In this story a Yezidi girl who was taken as a sex slave by ISIS. The man acts as a dealer, infiltrates ISIS and purchases the girl and then unites the girl to her father as you see in this scene:

It’s the story of you, all the gracious loving partners with Rescue Christians. You would read the story of Moses and the Hebrews enslaved by Pharaoh and at times wonder where you stand in the big picture in God’s magnificent plan. How will you rescue all these Hebrews out of slavery?

Well, you already are. You are Moses. You are Aaron. You are Joshua. Just think about it for a moment.

You have supported the release and security of thousands of Christians, especially in Pakistan where Christians are enslaved in brick kilns. Kilns are the very operations the Egyptians forced the Hebrew slaves to labor in ancient Egypt and today the very operations that enslaved the Hebrews in ancient Egypt are happening as we speak to your very Christian family in Pakistan. These are your brothers and sisters in the faith. They are part of the kingdom and bride of Christ. They are whom Christ, the final Moses speaks about in Matthew 25 “for I was hungry and you gave me food, in prison and you visited me …” Imagine the day you meet Christ, the master and Lord of the Church. What a wonderful day will it be.

A Kiln worker is paid 450 Pakistani Rupees, the equivalent of $7 U.S. dollars per 1,000 bricks. Just imagine. And in some areas of Punjab the rate is even lower, at 230 rupees per 1,000 bricks which is about $3 U.S. dollars regardless of how long and how many members of the family it takes to complete the task. The tasks include fetching mud, soaking it in water, molding it into bricks, transporting the finished product to the kiln and finally baking and grading each brick. This is not much but there is another issue – “credit line acts as a noose”.

In case of severe weather or illness, workers earn nothing and are forced deeper into debt, begging for loans from their employers who are happy to extend the line of credit, which tie the laborer more tightly.

Our directors for Rescue Christians you partner with in Pakistan, purchases these slaves and unties families from other kilns and releases them form slavery.

Indeed, just think about it, the irony that you are in the slave trade business, yet at the same time, you are Moses.

According to our partners in Pakistan, the kiln owners usually extends loans for occasions such as marriage, births and deaths, in an effort to tie the laborers more tightly into servitude. This action is totally illegal and under the law, a kiln owner can only release an advance equal to or less than two weeks’ wages. But then there are slave owners and then there are slave owners; you.

Our director also informed us that women workers are usually trapped and sexually harassed. Rescue Christians have shared several testimonies showing the type of horror Christians endure.

Is it good enough just to be informed? Consider being a partner in saving the lives of Christians in Muslim countries, click here for details.

You – our donors – have provided the money for safe houses and the ability for the families to regain their freedom and dignity. Thank you Rescue Christian Donors and partners; we could not have helped without your support.

God bless you all. We, the Middle Eastern and Pakistani Christians love you.

  • Marco Vincent

    It definitely restores my faith in humanity.

    • shoebat

      Indeed, Moses.

  • RodK1975

    Praise God for this. This is a fitting story for the Christmas season.

  • Owen Schumacher

    I’m thankful to be a part of this project, Walid! It would be nice to see a followup of how some of the freed Christians have been living since escaping captivity. I hope they’re all in great safety now.

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    Love you very much my brothers and sisters. Can’t stay around these posts man, I weep too much. I will say it again: We CANNOT stop.

  • Trevor

    If I was wealthy, I would have done the same thing, but I am more than happy to support Rescue Christians. Finally, I know of an organization where I can put my hard earned money to good use.

  • shoebat

    Just make sure it does not go beyond your means, Okay?

  • shoebat

    Don’t go beyond your means SuzyQ but we already appreciate your kind heart.

  • shoebat

    Bless your heart sister Adriana. It is important that it does not become a popular thing where Americans show so much interest, it will only increase the phenomenon of kidnapping. It is important to keep it stealth. I will try to search this man. Pray I find him.

    • Adriana Gibson

      Praying for this Iraqui man and that you may find him,

      • shoebat

        I looked the case up, he paid $280 for her and I wrote the newspaper to see if I can find him.

    • michelletherese

      Praying, Mr. Walid! May God let us purchase many slaves and set them free!

  • 1Bobby8

    God Bless Rescue Christians in this most worthy cause.

  • susan

    Thank you Rescue Christians for bringing this to light and for all the tireless hours you pour into these endeavors! Without you, we wouldn’t know. We used to have missionaries that would visit the churches and bear witness to these type of conditions and atrocities. I don’t know where they are anymore.

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  • shoebat

    And if we prove ourselves, what will you offer? Your lifetime commitment? I did. I offered my lifetime commitment. And what will prove to us that you will fulfill your promise if you decide to commit?

    I have always believed in deals. A deal with God a deal with man, both deals are fine with me.

    So what will it be? I’m serious. Are you?

  • dovari

    That’s good news amidst all the bad news we have been hearing from the middle east.

  • Tom_mcewen

    One thing I have learned is money disappears like dew in the sun, If you only believe in Pascal’s wager, you do not fool around with God. I hope I get into purgatory by my fingertips, which will be far more then I deserve. I expect to see Walid in Heaven, not many politicians or others of note to this world, but Walid sure.

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  • shoebat

    Why is it that as soon as I see the name Khalil, Muhammad, Mustafa …whatever, its usually 99% of the time a jerk with some stupid comment?

    Are Hanan Ashrawi and George Habash “Christians” or communists like you who say they are “Christian”? Anybody ever tell you you look like George Habash? You know what Habash means don’t you? It means “a turkey”, except your not fit for a thanksgiving dinner so do me a favor and get lost, okay?

    • richinnameonly

      I pray for your patience and your ability to continue your work in light of some of the posts that you get.

  • shoebat

    Well Amy your a most awesome woman 🙂 thank you for your kind comment.

    • Trevor

      Would you mind explaining that? The last sentence really intrigued me. Is it the half-tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh?

  • shoebat

    Bless you too Mary. Love that name.

  • shoebat

    What are your qualifications Natalie? Any experience? Speak Urdu? Arabic? Turkish?

  • shoebat

    And thank you Lia.

  • shoebat


    Its a blessing to have you with us Ticker. I disagree, its one thing to be on the ground, but its another thing not being able to do anything for short of funds to do it. When they say that Solomon built a temple, did he build it himself with his bare hands? No. It was all the others, the nameless who truly built the temple, but Solomon got all the credit. Blessed are you Ticker, perhaps your name won’t appear anywhere now, but it will in heaven and thats what counts. Can we switch places so I can get more of the real blessings? God bless you and have a merry xmas.

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  • shoebat

    “Lol a fraudster”

    To call me a “fraudster” with no evidence is as if I questioned whether your father was truly your father. After all, how could Khalil Know?

    Listen Khalil, the person who is going to intimidate me will not be born out of wedlock. Therefore, it can’t be you.

    So stop trying to outwit you already sound as dumb as you look.

    • ويلسون بيسونج

      My Dear Shoebat, please forget about the fool “Khalil Knows”. They are all the same and maybe the idiot is recognized somewhere as a moderate. They are all of the Devil because there is a legal aspect of every evil in Islam. God Speed & Continue exposing them.

      • shoebat

        Much appreciated Wilson 😉

  • shoebat

    Candi, seriously if you like I can arrange you to examine in detail our finances. What you will find will probably shock you since we rarely share it. Very little overhead NGO has two bullet holes from trying to save a girl and he has heart trouble, NGO for Iraq has a hernia neither want us to pay for surgeries because they believe that its God’s money. I mostly get paid from book royalties. I am well off I must admit but that is mostly from book royalties, real estate and inheritance. You know, your investigation would probably make an excellent documentary and case study.

    The best way to give is to give directly to the person in need. The question is how can one sift and find the true needy.

    Always remember rule #1, people who talk without evidence just love to talk.

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  • shoebat

    I think your right.

  • shoebat

    Yes, see “slander”.

  • shoebat

    He doesn’t trust me but he wants me to trust him. Interesting I offer folks to review my finances on conditions they also commit, but they want a one sided commitment.

  • shoebat

    Actually thank you for allowing us to be part of your ministry. Remember, you are a Moses. God bless you so much.

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  • shoebat

    You know your right aversa, about gnats flying around, but sometimes I have an urge to squish them.


  • Lida Mendoza Hill

    I’m not able to help at this time Walid, but I thank you so much for what you have done and for what you have been doing to rescue our Christian brothers & sisters. Y’varekhekha Adonai, V’yishmerekha. Numbers 6:24-26.

  • Proudvet56

    Are you as stupid, as you look,and speak? Molest any little girls lately? Islam does encourage that sort of thing. Another muslim maggot. Lol, what a joke.

  • Proudvet56

    Learn how to spell turd for brains!

  • Behnam

    There may have been wolves in sheep’s clothing but that doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the church itself.

  • Marco Vincent

    And you ,sir,….are full of camel’s “manure”.

  • Marco Vincent

    “I am not afraid of dying”

    Go to your local mosque during their Friday prayer and start preaching about Christ and see how long can you last.

  • Marco Vincent

    Aah…now you just unmask yourself as a Catholic hater. This means that your’re the wolf.

  • shoebat

    Thank you osas. I will complete the marathon. It would be nice if you come along and run with us.

  • Marco Vincent

    Where in GOD’s name did you get all those “horse manure” of a theory? This is BAD science. Stop it. Go read real archaeology and history books instead of conspiracy theory crap and rely of your own understanding.
    Jeez, did you even read the Bible and learn the history of the Church–ALL churches?
    Stop throwing “horse manure” and start reading books..REAL BOOKS….in the LIBRARY, instead of updating your twitter/instagram “timeline”.

  • shoebat

    Much appreciated Khristian. Blessings to you too.

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  • sharon oliveria

    Mr Shoebat, The Enemy, Satan Who Uses These That Speak Against You,God Say’s “The Devil Mean’s It For Bad But God Turn’s It To Good” Your Brethren Love You & Say, You Bring Much Wisdom & Teaching,”And They Over Came Them By The Blood Of The Lamb & Word Of Their Testimony’s, & They Loved Not Their Lives Unto The Death”. Their Is Power In The Name Of Jesus, He Called You Out Given You A Gift To Speak The Word Of God, To Reveal Darkness In The Land, We Can’t In Spirit Fight Our Enemy If We Don’t Know What Were Fighting, & That Is A Spiritual Battle,Not Of Flesh & Blood But Spirit Of Evil In High Place’s, We Put On The Full Armor Of God That We Can Stand Against The Wales Of Evil Enemy Satan,& Those That Follow After Him, We Have Heard The Watcher’s Call, We Come To Stand With You & Make The Wall’s Of Our Heart’s Strong With You We Will See Victory, & Have A New Song Of Victory To Sing Together.Thank You For UR Work May Jesus Bless You Put A Hedge Of Protection Around You