Pope Francis Releases This Statement: I Only Have A Few Years Left To Live (THE CRUSADES ARE RETURNING VERY SOON)

By Theodore Shoebat

Pope Francis, in a recent interview, just said that he has only a few years left to live, saying:

I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief, 4 or 5 years; I do not know, even 2 or 3… Two have already passed. It’s a somewhat strange sensation… I feel that the Lord has placed me here for a short time, and nothing more.

Its possible that Francis knows that his death is coming on account of all the death threats he has been receiving from Islamic fundamentalist such as ISIS.

Pope Francis was recently asked by Father Jose Maria “Pepe” di Paola of the Argentinian news outlet, La Carcova, about “fanatics who want to kill you”, that is, on the death threats made by ISIS towards him, and he responded that he told God that if ISIS does kill him, to please make it a painless death. His quote is:

I have said to the Lord: take care of me. But if your will is that I should die or that they do something to me, I ask you one favour: that they don’t hurt me… I’m a real scaredy cat when it comes to physical pain

There is actually a prophecy in the Catholic Church, called the prophecy of Fatima, in which the murder of a pope done by the persecutors of the Church is foretold:

And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it’ a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father’. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.

Sister Lucia, the one who had the vision

Sister Lucia, the one who had the vision

The pope here is killed, and then after him clergy and laymen are slaughtered, which signifies a mass persecution of Catholics after the pope’s martyrdom. The pope being killed in the prophecy just could be referring to Pope Francis, but this is only a possibility and not an affirmation.

ISIS is targeting Pope Francis, calling him the “bearer of false truth.” According to an Italian source, ISIS is not only setting their sites on the Vatican, but more specifically, on Pope Francis himself.

Italian authorities have already issued an alert giving warnings on places that our potential targets to terrorist, and one on the list, being very significant, was “places of worship,” which would include the Vatican.

It has been reported that at least 50 people from Italy are now fighting for ISIS, 80% of whom are native Italians who converted to Islam. One of the reasons for their conversion, according to one Italian newspaper, was “distrust in the Catholic Church,” indicating the connection between Islam and anti-Catholicism.

Most interestingly, the goal to force the Vatican to become Muslim was recently stated by an ISIS agent in Italy named Imam Ismar Mesinovic, a Bosnian Muslim who stationed himself in the country to recruit Italian converts to fight for ISIS. He said:

We Muslims believe that one day the whole world will be an Islamic state. Our goal is to make sure that even the Vatican will be Muslim. Maybe I will not be able to see it, but that time will come.


Shoebat.com was the first to find a video in which ISIS declared that they are going to take over the Vatican:

The Italians have also restricted airspace above Vatican City, and have even increased security for St. Peter’s Basilica, a place the Muslims would love to sack. In fact, in the year 849, the Muslims did indeed pillage and plunder St. Peter’s Basilica, stealing the altars and the chalices, and spilling Christian blood, but thank God Pope Leo IV drove them out, with God’s intervention.

Speaking on these security measures, interior minister Filippo Bubbico said:

ISIS poses an international and European security threat and we in Italy feel particularly exposed

The alert by Italian authorities came after Italy approved a measure to send weapons to Kurdish fighters combating ISIS. Ships exporting the weapons from Sicily into the Middle East have been under heavy security, as we read from an Italian report:

Italy’s national security authorities last Wednesday issued an alert for possible terrorist attacks on “sensitive targets” after receiving unspecified “threats”. The advisory came after parliament OK’d plans to arm Iraqi Kurds battling an Islamic State (ISIS) fundamentalist offensive in northern Iraq. As a result, authorities are ramping up security at all ports with connections to North Africa and the Middle East, most of which are located in Sicily.

This must be one of the reasons as to why one ISIS jihadist called Obama “the dog of the Romans,” before slaughtering a Kurdish militiaman, since Italy is sending weapons to Kurdish fighters in order to combat ISIS. The video of this can be watched here:

The Muslims want to kill the Pope, they want to conquer Rome and destroy all of the lands of Christianity. This reality brings us to one realization: we are returning back to history, in which Islam arose to invade and conquer Christendom, and to vanquish and obliterate the Vatican.

This leads us to another realization: the Crusades are coming back, and that means a strong Church — which is the true Church — is going to arise from the weak and crumbling ruins of the decayed church of the masses.

So let the Christians of the true Church, that is, the Church that wants to fight, learn some things about the Crusades, and compare it to the current useless fat that we call “church” today.

The Crusades are one major event, made up of smaller events, only to make a whole, very significant, concatenation. Each occurrence is attributed to another event, which soon becomes a series of incidences that ultimately form a part of the great cause we call the Crusades. It is impossible to talk about Islamic expansion and tyranny, and Muhammad’s utopian ideology, without describing the Crusades, since it was they who posed the greatest threat from the eleventh century all the way to the thirteenth century.


You cannot discuss the Crusades without knowing about the conquest of Jerusalem by Umar, nor is there room for efficient dialogue without making mention of the Turkish empowering of the Islamic empire. It is also inadequate to mention Islam’s war with Christianity without giving much attention to the Crusades.

It was the Crusades that hindered the Muslims from accomplishing the world empire they desired in the Middle Ages, and it was in this great struggle, between Christian knights and Muslim cavaliers, that illustrated just how deep, profound, and eternal, this war between the Umma and Christendom clearly is. If Islam arose in the fourteenth century, this is only because the crusading spirit died down. (See Moczar, Seven Lies about Catholic History, ch. iii, p. 70)


But yet, in our frivolous times many people wish to belittle and downplay the Crusades, seeing it only as a mere dark smudge on the annals of Christian history only to wiped away by the murky waters of modern insanity, and some even harbor this vague hatred for the old knights and the Catholic church to the point that they will introduce all kinds of dangerous heresies.

Well known church planter enthusiast and contemporary thinking Christian Darrel Whiteman, writes that:

one can enter the kingdom of God and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior without necessarily changing one’s religion. At first blush this may sound scandalous to us consecrative Evangelical Christians. Nevertheless, many Muslims today are attracted to Jesus but turned off to Christianity, which for them conjures up negative images of the Crusades, colonialism, a foreign religion, and the ‘Christian’ West where we eat pork, drink alcohol, and watch R-rated movies. (Darrell L. Whiteman, Response to Paul G. Hierbert, in MissionShift: Global Mission Issues in the Third Millennium, ed. David John Hesselgrave and Ed Stetzer ch. 10, p. 123 (2010))

This deception on the Crusades and favoring to Islam can go back to Protestant propaganda against the Catholic Church. The seventeenth century historian Thomas Fuller went so far as to write that perhaps God granted the Muslims with the right to hold the Holy Land, since they had lived there for so long a time. (Moczar, Seven Lies about Catholic History, ch. iii, p. 55)

Famous pastor (and I don’t write this as a compliment) Andy Stanley, whose jejune, vague, and empty books and sermons have overran the souls of the nation, has also given his wisdom on the Crusades, as though he has exhaustively studied the subject:

Religious authorities have been misusing the name of God to serve their own ends for centuries, often resulting in the most appalling atrocities in history. The crusades. The Inquisition. Ethnic Cleansing. Terrorism. Abortion clinic bombings. (Andy Stanley, The Grace of God, ch. 4, p. 61 (2010))

Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley

If Stanley had done any in depth study on the subject, he would of at least mentioned the massacres done by the Turks, be they Seljuk or Ottoman, if he wanted to really list an example of “the most appalling atrocities in history.” It does not surprise me that the name of the book in which these ridiculous words are written is called “The Grace of God”, since so many today have isolated “grace” to mean tolerance, and thats exactly what the modern church elite is using to create a useless and compliant church which will recline as the world gets inundated by evil, and sit comfortably to talk trivially about “love” and focus ever so much on that words which they have into an idol: grace. This obsession on grace, and I will affirm this without apology, is the most pernicious thing that has seeped into the church.

Seljuk Turk

Seljuk Turk

They have made grace from meaning God’s salvation, into loving all, never showing anger before wickedness, discernment before deception. The modern church tells us to spurn affronting the dark and sinister forces which have so creeped into our sanctuaries, and like pestiferous germs in the fresh fruit of a well rooted tree, it has beguiled men into believing that decay is better than preservation.

Islam is at our gates, the modern Christian says “do not mention this since it will make Christianity look intolerant.” Heretics abound saying that Islam can be adapted with Christianity, the modern Christian responds, “say nothing of it, those heretics are men of God, how dare you question a brother in Christ.”

Another example of this current fragile church is Philip Yancey, the perfect prophet for today’s cult of tolerance and worship of grace. He writes that “to our everlasting shame, the watching world judges God by a church whose history also includes the Crusades, the Inquisition, anti-Semitism, suppression of women, and support of the slave trade.” (Philip Yancey, Grace Notes: Daily Readings with a Fellow Pilgrim, May 6, p. 158, Someone Cares Charitable Trust (2009))


It is not coincidence that the book which carries this pathetic statement is similar to that of Andy Stanley: “Grace Notes.” Again, this is all for the goal of neutralizing the Church, enabling Islam (whether directly or indirectly, it does not matter) to rise. The power of Islam grows stronger as the Church grows weaker.

The Church was not weak in the time of the Crusades, but strong and influential. And some today may bring the common objection that it is not the purpose of the Church to start wars, that the secular monarchs of Europe should have been the ones behind the wars against the Muslims, and that the Emperor Alexius should not have appealed to Pope Urban II, but the kings of the West. But such a protest is lunacy. Alexius had no other choice but to appeal to the Pope, since the ones who cared and still care the least are politicians. When Nicholas V urged a crusade long before the fall of Constantinople, the Christian princes ignored him.

crusaders copy

After Constantinople was conquered, it was Pope Calixtus III who raised an army and commenced the crusade against Mehmet II. Pius II too tried to start a crusade only to receive the apathy of kings. When it comes to fighting evil, the biggest hinderances are politicians, and so truly the failure to war with Islam came from the monarchs, not the popes. (See Belloc, How the Reformation Happened, info, p. 57)

Pope Calixtus III

Pope Calixtus III

Certainly there were monarch who attempted crusades, and just look how they turned out. King Philip IV of France attempted a crusade in 1313, but died before it could occur. Henry V of England expressed his desire for a crusade but wasted all of his time fighting fellow Christians, the French. Philip VI of France endeavored to do a crusade, but it never happened. (Jonathan Harris, The Ottoman Threat, in Thomas F. Madden’s Crusades, part 8, p. 175)

King Philip IV

King Philip IV

The Church, being the light of the world, was the greatest enemy to Islam; no institution has fought against the Muslims more than the Catholic Church. Therefore, if we had the modern Christian mindset alive and well in the old days of Christendom, and affirmed that it wasn’t the Church’s part to start wars against heretics, then we would have allowed Islam to overrun much of the Christian world, and there would have been no war until the last moment when the barbarians would be at are doors.

This new worship of uselessness is much more appealing than direct and open blasphemy; it looks delightful to the eyes of most men, and obviously evil to the eyes of a few. It does not say, “worship Satan,” but that “we should not focus on Satan.” It does not say, “Christ is not God,” but, “the Trinity is a non-issue.” It does not unmask its ugly face and reveal its true intentions, and say, “the church should be useless,” but that “the church should stop criticizing other cultures, and being judgmental on others of different faiths.” The Church, to today’s contemporary heretics, should just focus on “love” and turn away from the command of Saint Paul to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

The Church, to the modern Christian, should stop being the Church. You cannot talk about Christianity without talking about the Crusades. In every debate, every discourse, every discussion, on Christianity, the Crusades are brought up. It is time for Christians to stop being ashamed of the Crusades, and to start exclaiming with honor and confidence, that they are a part of the Christian spirit. The Crusades are of the Christian Faith, and if one does not want to accept this, then he should simply leave the Christian Faith.

The militant spirit of Christianity is what I strive to spread. This is why I wrote a book on Christian militancy, which will be the most extensive and exhaustive study on the subject of Holy War, and it will be coming out within this year (a release date has not been determined yet).

But before the book comes out, you can learn so much from our 2-disk dvd special on Christian militancy. After watching this DVD, I guarantee you will never see Christianity the same again, and Bible studies will never be the same again.


  • theophorus

    There is a reason the Catholic church calls its Christians still on earth “the church militant”

  • koolmom21

    I pray for the pope and for all of God’s children. We need to put on the full armor of God and trust in Him. Right now, I am a prayer warrior in God’s army what I will become is up to God. Keep your lamps lit and your guns loaded.

    • Fhr68

      As I said to the bishop all Catholics need to know and discuss this, and we need to prepare in spiritual battle and strengthen our faith. A dark storm is coming upon us, and we are not ready for it. It’s good to hear Pope Frances talk about the Crusades I’ve been praying for this.

      • koolmom21

        God warned us this day would come but it’s still hard to be prepared for such evil. We are the lucky ones; God put it in our hearts to keep our lamps filled. We would not stay here at shoebat.com otherwise. I pray for the people who are spiritually asleep now because when they wake up it may be too late. God’s blessings Fhr68

        • Fhr68

          and God Bless you as well.

  • susan

    I too believe we have little time left.

    • koolmom21


    • Julie

      The habit of the papacy is actually a Dominican habit that was started by either a Dominican pope or that who decided to put on the Dominican habit.

      At Mass, the liturgy of the year is also divided up by the seasons….ordinary time…no holidays…green. Lent is purple for 6 weeks. White is worn for the ‘Feast’…Christ…at Christmas and Easter. Red is worn only on Pentecost Sunday….red/fire/blood….A deep purple more like night is worn for the 3 weeks of Advent and the rose color is worn the third Sunday of Advent but forget right now what it means.

      On weekdays the continuation of the liturgical year’s color. But if it is Blessed Virgin Mary…it is white and blue. If it is a feast for martyrs…red. Otherwise the priest continues what is worn on Sunday’s.

  • Fhr68

    Father Gruner, my favourite Priest and crusader for Fatima. You won’t hear any comfort gospel coming out of him. Sadly he’s being persecuted by liberal political ( clerics ) in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II , blessed him and consecrated him to his life’s mission of Fatima. Ask him any question about Fatima and he can answer it. He dedicated his life to Our Lady’s message. He is Canadian and lives in Canada, but that don’t matter to Our Lady. She chooses whom ever she wants.


    • susan

      I watched it. Did he say Russia had been consecrated? I look at Russia and I see them trying to stop the moral decay. I look at the US and I see the opposite. We are aiding evil. I look at the sun and I wonder…. He has a very interesting interpretation of the verses in Revelation.

      • Julie

        Well…..Russia is now setting up nuke deployment at the border of Crimea. Interesting I worked with a Jewish lady whose family was from Crimea…she said her father, who became communist simply to earn a living, said the Russians are so rich in resources but inept in managing them and thus they are what they are. I find they are most devout who were martyred under communism or lived their faith underground. Or they are the nationalistic type, paranoid and pathological envy of the rest of the world’s productivity, esp America.

        Yes Russia was consecrated by John Paul II in 1984…but he did not say Russia directly in fear of offending those Orthodox Christians who endured so much in the past century…he referred to them and everyone knew what he was talking about.

        Sr Lucia said that the consecration was fulfilled…her life prolonged to be witness to when it would be done right. Pope Pius XII also consecrated Russia…and was very afraid of communism.

        Sr Lucia does not support Fr Gruner.

        However I have read other sources that it will take another pope to finally say out loud, ‘Russia’…

        And the better knews and least controversial is that Mary of Fatima said, ‘In the end my immaculate heart will triumph.’

        I speak Portuguese, had a roommate in Lisbon from Leiria, I stayed at their farm in 1973 and went with the family to nearby Fatima…and the dad got out of the car at the plaza there to speaking to a benevolent elderly man. He came back to the car and said the old man had witnessed the miracle of the sun in 1917.

        John Paul II was born on the eclipse of the sun and died on the day of another solar eclipse. I witnessed his funeral on tv…and throughout the service it was somewhat distracting seeing the wind finger through the pages, passing them over.

        But at the end of the funeral…the wind came up and shut the Gospel book shut.

        We always saw JPII full of the Holy Spirit.

        • susan

          Amazing! Thank you. 🙂

      • Steve Smith

        susan, As a Russian and Orthodox ,I personally find the” consecration of Russia” very arrogant and preposterous bickering if the Pope did this or that. Why does the Pope have to do any thing? we have our own Holy Father, he is called the Patriarch of all the Russias Are not the 20 million Christian Martyrs sufficient and the Repentance of the Russian Nation.

        The church in Russia is now free, and in 2,000 the Patriarch canonized the Royal Family and all those martyred for the Orthodox faith.

        God never abandoned us The Mother of God appeared numerous times in Russia.


        • susan

          Thank you for that enlightening article. There is much confusion over this consecration issue. I wonder why. I suppose because of the secretive way in which it was handled. Did Lucia say that it met Mother’s requirements? Why is this priest continuing to say otherwise?

        • Julie

          That is just why the Pope would not say Russia….we all know how much the Orthodox suffered.

          The prayer for conversion is not the ORthodox…who are exemplary Christians on par with the Middle EAst Christians.

          It is those who are preparing for war…the communists…the disinformation….

          • Steve Smith

            Thanks again Julie, you clarified this for me. I was informed by a Catholic co- worker that it was the conversion of Russia to Catholicism She thinks we are all ”pinko- commies”

            Here are some links, hope this explains why we get puffed up over misunderstandings about the role of the Mother of God in Russia, because she is so dear to us.




          • Julie

            Thanks, Steve…we were always made aware of the suffering of the Orthodox by the nuns in the 1950’s.

            When I see reaction by English speaking Orthodox…my social worker friend on Catholic Answers tells me he wonders if those are former protestants…always so quick to take offense about everything.

            Ignorance….no Orthodox are like us…just the issue of the papacy and different manner of saying same things.

            Never was it meant for conversion of Russia…and where things were diplomatically….the Holy Father did not say, Russia for that very reason.

          • Steve Smith

            Julie, I lived in a real Orthodox environment, believe me when I say the americans have the most half-baked orthodox these days they are fundies with a very thin veneer of Orthodoxy. The nutters love playing ”dress-up” and come up with the weirdest shat to pass as Orthodoxy.

            I can spot them a mile away look for a prayer rope on the wrist or dress like 19th cnt peasants. This bunch will wreck a parish.

            Like Catholics Julie, we have the fight off the ignorance.

            Orthodox tradition preserves divinely revealed teaching in its unaltered form, fills our lives with meaning, and allows us to establish good relations with all the peoples of Russia and historical Rus’, with everyone who is ready to live with us in peace and mutual association.

            ”And that Russia is a great, multi-national state is to a large extent determined by moral and spiritual established practices of Orthodoxy, which categorically forbade the suppression of freedoms of those who confess another faith. Orthodoxy always stood in defense of its people against various forms of external spiritual aggression, be it from Teutonic knights or from some more subtle propaganda of other views, including religious views. Orthodoxy stood in defense against so-called proselytism, but it never incited its people, never pushed them to deprive other peoples of their freedom of religious confession. And this experience of religious tolerance was placed in the foundation of the formation of a multinational state.”
            Patriarch Kiril, of Moscow and all the Russias.

          • Julie

            Thanks so much for the input….we have so much in Latin Church…always adopting to new people, new conditions…that we I think…and not my bishop….people forget the centrality of the Eucharistic life…here in America.

            Very interesting your comments about half baked Orthodoxy…thanks…who can wreck a parish here….ultra traditionalists or neophyte congregationalists who dissent and pick fights, malign…but this peaked in 1990’s…much settling down after all the infection of clergy abuse came out 2003 to past ten years or so.

            Now cardinals and my own bishop….seeking the authentic renewal of the liturgy….because it never happened with all the trevail that came out of false and deliberate distortion of Vatican II…bishops in the fog…as Ven Catherine emmerich alluded to in a prophetic vision of a future council…I think she meant the one in the early 60’s….only meant to be a minor council but all the false priests, etc…..took it by storm….

            I am following Patriarch Kiril…Krill…?…have read some of his writings…very holy….he is in my mind also working for reunification…tremendous feat….but would love to see the liturgy after such a restoration of our ancient Christian unityi as one universal church.

            Thanks again…

          • Very sobering comments Steve. I am glad you are direct like that and I hope you continue to do so. While sobering, your comments touch on the very issues I myself have. Everything about me is western I’ve come to realize. I was raised Catholic and remained so for 25 years. When I went to protestant/evangelicalism, that too is really western too, as it grew out of the western/Catholic side of the Roman empire. This is how I see it in my mind, that bishop in the west (Catholic) and subsequently all of the reformation came out of the western thinking, culture, etc. Today, I am just a western guy with western comforts and a western point of view. I am not ashamed of this, it is just the way it is.

            So when it comes to eastern Orthodoxy, I can honestly say I feel totally and completely like a fish out of water. Even as there are some similarities with Catholicism, there are so many differences. Even as the father told me, don’t try to over lay Orthodoxy over Catholicism or overlay Catholicism over Orthodoxy, because its not going to fit. I was trying to compare and relate my questions to him from Catholicism, and he has shown me how far apart they are on so many issues. Anyway, it makes me think about in Acts, early after Jesus’ resurrection, Peter and the disciples were meeting daily at the Temple, but no one dared join them. I’ve always felt there was something unique and holy about them, that the outsiders didn’t dare try to be pretenders, or dare try to latch on to them. Their walk and faith must have been so pure, fakers couldn’t make it.

            So this is one of my struggles, I don’t want to be pretending or faking it when I am in an Orthodox church. When I went to the monastery and stayed for the vespers service, I wasn’t even allowed in past the Narthex. Again, I just kind of felt like an outcast standing back there trying to listen and follow the service through one open window.

            If I talk orthodoxy with anyone, again it is a strange awkward conversation and I feel I cannot even share everything I’ve learned. My wife listens more and more, but honestly I doubt she’d attend an orthodox vespers or divine liturgy more than once, (although the father says I should not say that and he is right!)

            But even with attending, I’ve had to check myself. As a bible student and protestant seminary graduate, do I just want to attend an orthodox church because it is clear how much knowledge and history is there and finally I can be where the theology and doctrine is correct? Am I just looking for a badge of “honor” to finally demolish those arguments against “outsiders” and those not in “apostolic succession?” You know, I think this is one of the struggles us westerners have, being right, being in the know, being on top, etc. These are all the WRONG reasons to be orthodox. However, these things are all the things that make it attractive too. Therefore I do not want to be a half-baked orthodox either. But being a westerner, I don’t think any of us will ever be able to say as you said, “I lived in a real orthodox environment.” Where does that even exist in America? I’m assuming you speak Russian? If so, I’m assuming you can follow a Russian Orthodox service. I have a quasi-grasp on Greek. But I quickly gloss over when the service is sung or spoken in all Greek.

            I’m thankful for guys like Clark Carlton and Michael Hyatt (and a few other protestant converts to Orthodoxy) who have helped and talked about the western mindset as it has converted into Orthodoxy. They struggles have been my struggles. I’ve also learned you can’t actually learn or study your way into orthodoxy. To become orthodox is to live and practice orthodoxy. That is the struggle, as far as I can see, for those of us who never lived in a real orthodox environment or the ones around us have no plans on living in a real orthodox environment. Just trying to do 2 fast days a week during great lent has been an immense struggle and utter failure.

            So again, your comments are right on, but I think they speak truly to the struggle Orthodox, particularly orthodox converts in the west will always face. Oh and by the way, the Orthodox priest I’ve been meeting and discussing with wears a prayer rope on his wrist! Not sure what all that means for you.

          • Steve Smith

            Vinny, brother let me say I am appalled!!!!!!! THAT YOU WERE KEEPED IN THE NARTHEX …. What kind of PLACE IS THIS ?

            No one does this kind of thing these day and time. At the Liturgy of the faithful, yes if you are not baptized, some still do this, but at Vespers? this is cracked.


            As far as the priest goes if he is a monastic under an obedience, Ok, that is fine but laymen do not, nor do they have a cross on the outside of the clothing, I smell a HOOM CULT IN THIS BUNCH…..Holy Order of Mans.

            Take your time to study Orthodoxy, don’t rush it takes a lifetime.

            here is some good advice Vinny. http://www.orthodoxengland.org.uk/brorthoc.htm
            Look over Fr Phillips blog it may help Just ask me or Rudy we are here for you. On the fasting it is better to eat a hot dog in humility than to have potato and prunes in pride. The fasting rules are made for monks what you put in your mouth is between you and God.

          • Steve Smith

            As far as the priest goes if he has a prayer rope (chotki) if he is a monastic under an obedience, Ok, that is fine but laymen do not, nor do they have a cross on the outside of the clothing, I smell a HOOM CULT IN THIS BUNCH…..Holy Order of Mans.

          • Thanks Steve. It was a Greek Orthodox monastery that I visited. It was a beautiful place. However, even their pamphlet asks non-Orthodox to participate from the narthex. I mean I was fin with it, that was their rules and one should be respectful of what they are asking. However, it was kind of this dual feeling of “I’m a Christian but am I truly a Christian?”

            The father that I have met and been talking with is also Greek Orthodox. I believe he himself is also Greek. I have not seen or felt anything deceptive in his approach or theology. He’s been very welcoming and has even met me out for coffee. On an interesting side note, I’ve been having interesting conversations with my pastor. I am having lunch with my pastor next week. My church has over 4000 members, so its rare to meet one on one, but we’ve been having some great conversations about orthodoxy, the early church, church councils, creeds, etc. I explained this also to the Greek Orthodox priest and he requested if some day in the future he could join us.

            See for me, I see a great thing here. How long has the pastor been the pastor at my church? How long has the priest been the priest of the Greek Orthodox church? How long have both churches existed in the same city and no one from either side has ever talked to the other? Probably the entire existence of both churches in the same city! Therefore, if at some point I can bring the two together at the same table to meet, what a wonderful thing for the Kingdom of God.

            I do reflect on the fact that when I was Catholic (20 years) I was probably more devout and willing to participate in what was sacred, but I was severely famished in the realm of theological knowledge and understanding. I studied for 5 years after when I came to know Christ personally as my savior. Then I felt it was time to move on from Catholicism (though I never lost my love for my brothers and sisters there.) Now I reflect on 20 years in Protestant/Evangelicalism and I feel as though I am more well rounded and learned theologically but severely famished in the devout, spiritual practices. Along comes Orthodoxy, something I knew nothing about, that has both; deep theological roots and deep spiritual roots. I do not want to become Orthodox and be lazy. I also worry if I’m too lazy to become orthodox. Of course, one of the marks of evangelicalism is “freedom” which I know mostly as being able to be lazy and “under grace.” This becomes a very difficult state to get out of. In some regards I see a way of life in Orthodoxy that I worry I may not be able to fulfill properly. So there are some of my struggles.

            Yes I was at the triumph of Orthodoxy service. The priest gave a wonderful explanation of the icons and why they are in the church. It was also interesting because when he saw me there that day he told the congregation he had been praying for me because he knew the icons were one of the things I had struggles with and he was glad I was there to here the explanation and celebrate with them. However, at the end, when he told the congregation to line up and venerate the icon, my inner heart and reaction was, “No. No, I am not going to be told what to do and when. I am not going to be told to come forward and venerate the icon.” So it is that notion of, “I am not going to be directed or told,” which is so prevalent in evangelicalism. No one can tell you anything because ultimately you can justify everything scripturally and one is not to judge the other, etc. When I was catholic, I would not question if the priest said to do something. Now, we question everything and it becomes something very difficult to get out of! So this is my struggle and I need you to pray for me, because I know that is the area where I am the weakest, with authority (spiritual authority.)

          • Steve Smith

            The west is not totally lost Vinny. http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/58815.htm

          • You’re already orthodox by heart, Vinny

          • Thank you my friend. Those are encouraging words. My struggle is all the other things in my heart. I probably struggle with that more in my Christian walk than anything else. So friend, pray for me!

          • Vinny, you have my prayers, brother. We’re all struggling. I went through a rough patch that finally ended with confession. Now, the load is off, and I can move on cleanly. You can do this, too.

          • Julie

            Thanks…I will look at these…Stella Maris…means alot to me..the title…wasn’t it the first title given Our Mother Theotokis?

            Do you know many North American parishes are inclining towards icons over statues? I am partial to neither…but love both….

            Anyway yes, will look at these later this week…this is the type of material I am drawn to…
            I am an active contemplative…was with Carmelites for about 2 years and love the Carmelite Digest…actually they could no longer afford to publish it…

          • susan

            Thank you Steve. I meant no harm. Just trying to understand the things I’m told. Like I’ve said before….Russia is a Christian nation. 🙂

          • Steve Smith

            susan, dear. you did no harm. so don’t say sorry

        • You actually took the words out of my mouth. I’m glad I kept reading and saw your reply to this and I would prefer your comments on this rather than mine as you are both Russian and Orthodox. It was the first time I’d ever heard of the pope “consecrating” a country. My next thought was, “what does that mean?” There are what, about 268 countries in the world? A pope could consecrate the entire world in about an 8 hour work day. Then what? Anyway, I found the who thing confusing so glad you addressed it.

          • Steve Smith

            Did you read the link/ JULIE, made it clear what is intended in her reply. I do notice some do not know this.

          • Steve Smith
  • Trevor

    Is it possible for two popes to have their reign cut short? I know many don’t give heed to Malachi’s prophecy about the succession of popes, but you have to admit it does make one pause.

    The Church as whole, be it Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestants are fractured more than ever. It is going to take a miracle for a unity between the factions, and I strongly suspect that God will rise up a man like King David and his band of 400 mighty men who would lead battles against the kingdom of the Antichrist in the future. Seven shepherds and eight princely men? Sounds like it.

    • Julie

      Well….some say there were things added to the Malachy prophecies…and most clerics disregard them.

      I know when I read them…on the very day P John Paul II was shot…they represented the popes…and John Paul II is supposed to be of the ‘Labor of the Sun’….he was born and I am pretty sure, died on days of solar eclipses.

      It is incredible to read some Catholics’ comments he didn’t do much.

      I am drawing more to Rev 12…to become more contemplative and unite with Mary….seeking God’s will and being nourished at Mass….

    • Grandmere

      It will be a nuclear fusion of true believers.

  • koolmom21

    I like the way you think and I agree.

  • Ignacio

    Just one little correction. The picture of Philip IV you have posted is of Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665) not Philip IV of France (1268-1314).

  • AnthonyM

    Good article, ted. You correctly said ‘When it comes to fighting evil, the biggest hinderances are politicians..’ Yes, that may be because the politicians are vying for the votes of the one’s doing evil.

  • Trevor

    Curious comment.

    One thing, though, when Jesus returns, He will assume the burden of governance upon His shoulders, and in turn, will entrust the task of ruling the nations with rod of iron to the faithful few (Rev. 2:26-27), which mean that the Constitution of the United States will be superseded by the Law of God. Democracy will cease. Dictatorship will cease. Monarchy will cease. Christ will be the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Have you considered 1 Cor 15:24?

      • Trevor

        Then I am ignorant.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          Don’t say your ignorant – I’m asking how that verse fits in with pre-millennial beliefs, also 2 Peter 3:10-13.

          • Trevor

            Ok. That lines up with Paul’s declaration the Lord will destroys the Antichrist with the brightness of His coming.

            It still seem there’s more details to play out.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            So, if He is destroyed at Jesus’ coming, how is he going to pop up again in a thousand years for yet another Gog/Magog war?

          • Trevor

            It will be Satan leading the charge.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            So when all the enemies of Jesus Christ have been put under his feet, there is still an enemy left?

          • Trevor

            I give up. Can’t seem to reason. So I’m moving on.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            1 Cor 15:26 states that the last enemy to be destroyed is death – I assume that means the absolute last enemy. What about all the verses that state ‘on the last day’; how can there be more ‘days’ after the last day?

          • Trevor

            I dunno. Yes, the last enemy to be defeated is death, I am in agreement.

            I just find it curious that taking seriously the 1,000 years reign isn’t 1,000 years but merely symbolic of eternity. To me, what is 1,000 years of Christ reigning on earth before it gives away to eternity?

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Numbers in the Bible are symbolic – 1,000 means an indeterminate yet complete amount, such as the cattle on the ‘thousand’ hills – we aren’t expecting ‘666’ to be written on foreheads. Look at a summary of the numbers used in the Bible and what each number means, it might make sense then.

          • Trevor

            That’s true. I was thinking about the 70 Weeks prophecy. It couldn’t mean exactly 70 Weeks. Because the prophecy of Daniel was sealed up, not many could figure it out until the wise began to piece it together. So I suspect we will know more as we get closer to Christ’s return.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            So true.

  • susan

    The weak Christians criticize Christianity. The brave and strong Christians criticize islam.

    • Well said, Susan.

      • susan

        Thank you. I’m learning from the best 😉

  • theophorus

    Of course not, everyone knows Joyce Meyer’s church is the ‘true’ church. Or maybe Mark Driscoll. Does he have a church anymore? Oh that’s right Mars hill is gone. Hmmm…maybe it’s the Baptist church down the street that’s the true church…

    • Julie

      Have you done a search to see the personal property of tv evangelists?

      Nobody owns anything of the Church. The bishop has his name as jurisdiction. If he fails in his duty as bishop he is held most accountable to God in the next life.

      I am glad I am not called to the priesthood. They are the ones most accountable to God and judged most severely, especially the bishops.

    • And so on, and so on. These people are dolts.

  • susan

    I’m not sure. Russia is bearing much better fruit than the US. I was told that the consecration was made and approved by Mother Mary.

    • I have a funny feeling that the Third Prophecy is not quite what was released. Russia always had the Theotokos, even during the worst of Communism. We never lost her.

      What I always wondered was if, perhaps, the Theotokos wanted Rome to settle differences with the Orthodox and go back to how the relationship was for the first 1,000 years. It’s the only thing that would make sense, and it is, at least from our point-of-view, why the Pontiffs of Rome have refused to release this information.

      • susan

        That makes perfect sense! As Ted says, We need to UNITE now!
        Evil has United. I’m just waiting for him to step out…any day now.

      • Julie

        There is that suspicion as well…JPII said it has already been mentioned…he said this in Germany about the seas covering many lands…I trust in His mercy….

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Who do you consider to be those dressed in ‘clown’ suits?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    In case you didn’t know, all landlords are subject to the Fair Housing Act of 1988 which does not allow discrimination in housing based on religion – rather than passing judgment on this landlord and his family, why don’t you suggest that he work on planting seeds of Christianity to the Muslims that rented an apartment from him? I think it is ludicrous for you to assert that Mama contracted cancer due to them renting an apartment to a Muslim – could please inform me the cause of innocent children that are afflicted with cancer or any other lethal disease? If you become stricken with cancer should we assume it is because you rented property to a Muslim?

    • Julie

      Agree…it is Jesus Christ Who we must adore in our homes and pray for others.

      We cannot condemn lest we condemn and bring curses on ourselves.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Absolute lunacy to ascribe someone having cancer to something her son did. No wonder so many people are turned of by modern Christianity.

        • Julie

          So true…

    • This is such a grotesque and sickening way of thinking. When did God become the Destroyer? The Church has always taught it was a hospital for sinners. God does not ’cause’ cancer. Fools open themselves up to disease by rejecting God, but also because we are the products of a fallen world, we have to face death and sickness. God didn’t promise an easy ride – only the grace to survive rough patches in this life.

      • Trevor

        Thank you!

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Notice the Rev hasn’t responded with a reason as to why babies are afflicted with disease – he must not have an answer. How stupid to tell a member of your ‘church’ that they are afflicted with cancer because of who they rented property to.

        • He won’t, because they believe in a weird Gnostic God. A boogey man. Not God.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Make God a monster – author of evil – shameful.

    • My independent study with my professor before graduating college; Fair Housing and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. His research was the FHA and HMDA under Johnson and Nixon. Long after my degree was hanging on my wall, I sat up numerous beautiful summer nights finishing up the final research work I promised him. About 10 years later he finally finished his 1000 page behemoth, and somehow my name was not listed in the names of all the students and graduate research assistants who helped him. Can you tell I’m bitter? Ha ha! The Lord sees all. There’s only one book I’m worried about my name being written in!

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Your professor wronged you – but, you know what book counts!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Where is the ‘true’ church, and just when did it appear?

    • Tom_mcewen

      The true church was started on Thursday in the room above the gas station at 1st and Post. It has cookies made by the pastor’s wife, He was selected by a show of hands to be the pastor.

      • Heretic! It was started at the local tire shop (no, really).

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Isn’t it a sign of the times -the mega churches, all claim to be NON-denominational (as if that exempts them as not being a division) have billboards lining the city streets, and is ALWAYS a picture of a man and a woman.

  • Julie

    Francis’ possible murder does look more like the message of Fatima brought out to the public, rather than JPII’s assasination attempt — by a Turkish Muslim. The description does sound more like Islam than communism.

    It was a Muslim who killed Robert Kennedy, and I remember reading cryptic statements about the future and Islam…Sirhan Sirhan. It finally came out some Bulgarians were behind Agca.

    • Robert Kennedy was killed by Sirhan Sirhan, who was actually a Protestant Christian. Ironic, isn’t it?

      As for Mehmet Agca, he has since converted to Roman Catholicism after meeting with the Pope. Good on him.

      • Julie

        Really! I always thought Sirhan was Muslim.

        • Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sirhan_Sirhan#Early_life

          To the person who mentioned the Rosicrucians, they are Protestant like the rest of you.

          • Julie

            Thanks for the info….now he sounds more like an individual…but having that fratricidal relationship with the Jews.

            I have had social contacts with humanist Jews who lost faith in God because of religious wars…humanitarians. One told me the whole thing regarding Israel and rest of Middle East was essentially fratricidal.

  • Julie

    I am not a believer in Christ coming back in person to rule the earth. then there would be no need for faith or hope.
    Rather, I see Christ returning to the hearts of people…and this interior kingdom manifesting a new form of government which is something I believe will be revealed when the day comes.

    I have read some Catholic scholars believe a Christian monarchy is the best….problem with democracy…as we see in USA…when the majority is corrupted..they vote corruption.

    • susan

      Very interesting. Didn’t Jesus say He would return?

      • Julie

        Yes….and we don’t know when. But He would come in glory and provide us a new heaven and a new earth.

        So it is saying to me..right now…tomorrow, who knows?….that He will not come back in person to rule this earth…then there would be no need to believe in Him or hope for Him…heaven on earth…this is what we would have but the earth and all of it is slowly passing away…

    • Trevor

      Julie, I respectfully disagree. I believe that Christ will indeed return as He promised and He will reign for 1,000 years which would be a True Golden Age. There are several verses I can use to justify my opinion and at the moment I don’t have access to my Bible, but I do believe Christ will return and physically rule the world.

      One proclamation from the angel of the Lord said the kingdoms of this world has become the kingdom of God and of His Christ, and His dominion will be an everlasting one.

      • The problem is that most Church Fathers would not agree with that assessment, Trevor. Numbers have a potent influence in both Hebrew and Greek, and are symbolic in use. For example, in the Chinese culture, 40 is usually used for thousands (or scores) of people.

        I refer you to a couple of links to explain the Orthodox position on what we call Chiliasm, or that Western Churches call Millenialism, something not too many Early Christians would have agreed with:




        • Trevor

          Ok. Here’s my issue. In Revelation 20:4-6, it spoke of those who were beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. Continuing, “But the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousands were finished. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with Him a thousand years.”

          I mean, just looking at the first few verses before the one I quoted, Satan is bounded for a thousand years, and he cannot deceive the nations anymore until his “sentence” is up.

          If there is no physical return of Jesus, then why should I hold onto the promise of His Second Coming? I care more about the Second Coming than the rapture.

          • Trevor;

            First, I’d offer this as reading to explain our position. If there are troubling issues, we’ll go through them at your leisure:


          • Julie LaBrecque

            Christians have lost the heads for the entirety of the time since Jesus ascended into Heaven- in Rome, they had to make a choice to burn incense to Caesar, deny Christ, or lose their lives. I think people make a grave error making that apply only to the martyrs at the end of the age.

          • Trevor

            I do believe that Christians will suffer. I have abandoned the pre-trib rapture in light of how constient God’s word is.

            Tough part is trying to figure out the squence of events but I am now thinking its a lost cause.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            I think we should always be ready- He said He will come at an hour we do not expect – Luke 12:40.

          • Trevor

            Absolutely. For those who have denied Christ, His coming would be a complete shock. For us who longs for the coming, it will be a day of rejoicing.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Amen to that!

          • Julie

            About the thousand years….I heard a priest give a talk at the end of the Liturgical Year…Christ the King is our last celebration…Christ the King crowning the whole past year.

            Fr is a scriptural theologian.

            He talked about people thinking the world was this earth, half a dome with chandeliers working as stars…and the sun would go back and forth….then people thought the world flat…

            In all of this…in Scripture…a thousand years to the Lord is one day.

            And in Einstein’s time in the 1920’s the world knew of only one galaxy…the Milky Way. Then scientists found out there are 100 billion galaxies.

            So then we have the atheists who want to exclude God as Creator of the universe and onward with science.

            Science in meantime measures the speed of light….110,000 light years in one second…so if you were to leave your house and go around the world with the speed of light, you would go around the world seven times in a second.

            Then if you want to travel across to the end of 100 billion galaxies as we know at the present moment, it would take you 1,000 years! the speed of light….so in an inverted way science is now proving God seeing a thousand years as one.

            What I am getting at is that it doesn’t matter what year or linear time this and that happens….because the more we grow in the Lord, we are growing into His Eternal Being…we are becoming more unified with Him…where a day, a thousand years mean nothing because there is so much of Him living in us….and we in Him…

          • Tom_mcewen

            JULIE The speed of light is 300,000 Km per second or 186,000 miles per second. The american Billion is a thousand million or 10 x to the ninth. the Universe is 13.7 thousand million years old. Space and Time as is death is a fact of this physical universe, God is outside Space and Time and this physical universe

          • Julie

            You are right on regarding the numbers. I heard this at daily Mass by our in residence priest scripture scholar. So I couldn’t remember exactly…

            Yes…the Lord created time and space….but I am referring to the phrase in the Scriptures how one day to the Lord is as a thousand years….I think it is in the OT and read recently the same reference by St. Peter in the Liturgy of the Hours.

            God is Light….so in some ways….give or take a billion years American style….one can say science is coming around to the existence of God in reference to Biblical metaphors.

          • Tom_mcewen

            julie i was not trying to correct you, it is just people may not accept your msg if any part is wrong. good job tom

          • Julie

            It was a light muse…no problem…didn’t take you wrong way at all…knew my math was off…I was half asleep during most of sermon until he got to how you can go around the world 7 times in a light second….see my math terms are up in the air……..

          • Tom_mcewen

            take care tom

          • Julie

            A new one….do you recall in the New Testament how the Lord will cause the heaven and earth to fold up and we will be given a new heaven and new earth?

            Well…now scientists are observing the universe and there are indication that some mechanism will cause the universe to fold up…it is somewhere in cyber space….my computer area is shared so it is hard for me to write down links as I am not computer savvy….

          • Julie LaBrecque

            That is where Protestants get tripped up – the do not understand that God is outside Space and Time – and is why (partially) they do not believe in the Eucharist – yet oddly enough, I hear them constantly claim they are covered by the blood of Jesus: Jesus blood was shed 2,000 yrs ago – how can it cover them now?

          • Trevor

            I was thinking about this today. Peter said that 1,000 years is like a day to God, and vice versa. I take it to mean that time doesn’t mean anything to God, because in Genesis 1, God established time for us, for our behalf.

            Without having a calendar, we can know the seasons. We can know when it is time to plant and when it’s time to pluck what was planted. Salmons, for example, travels upstream, racing against time and current to reach their spawning ground, doing what God programmed them to do from Genesis 1. We know that time is for us because when it’s dark, it’s time to lie down. When it’s light, it is time to get up.

            We know through science that God, in His awesome creativity, have created creatures that comes out at night, even in the ocean where moonlight brings out all sort of strange, wonderful creatures at night.

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Too many people can’t wrap their heads around the concept that God is outside of space and time. He was not created, he has always existed, he is not ‘trapped’ into what he created; but, he can enter into it – and stills does, for our sake.

          • Trevor

            Yeah I know. People have a hard time accepting that God has always exist before heaven was made and all that. It’s not just atheists who stumble over it, misguided Christians too.

            For example, I remember watching “The Ten Commandments ” and it shows the Red Sea being parted almost immediately. However the Scriptures showed that God had the wind blow at a specific speed for a specific length of time until the Red Sea parted. Napoleon was reportedly to have said to experience something similar and almost lost his life in the process when the Red Sea came back together. Scientists have confirmed that it is possible.

            Also, when we consider the miracle of transforming water into wine, Jesus had physics bent to His will to localize and speed up fermination until it was perfectly a wine. God is the creator, therefore, He can and will utilize the known laws of quantum mechanics and physics to His advantage.

          • Julie

            Correct in this context I would think, Julie. I mean, every generation has its martyrs, its great unknown saints. They reign with the Lord right now.

        • Julie LaBrecque

          According to 1 Cor 15:24, at His return, Jesus delivers the Kingdom to the Father – I think people miss such verses that dispel pre-millennial doctrine.

    • Lidia

      The minor chastisement sounds just as bad as the major chastisement. If a comet (the Great Earthquake) does hit the Earth soon, most of the human population will vanish. Nature’s power can be so destructive. The great coastal cities of the world will be wiped out. I noticed that a lot of people here don’t mention any kind of natural disaster happening in the future, they only focus on the antichrist. The antichrist is in the distant future but the comet is in our near future and so is WW3, the Great Monarch and the angelic Pope.

      • Julie

        I have heard of these…pray and do penance…

    • Julie LaBrecque

      According to 1 Cor 15:24, when Jesus returns, he hands over the Kingdom to the Father, and 2 Peter 3:10-13 states that when Jesus returns, the heavens and the earth are burned up in fire. These verses, as well as other, make it hard for me to believe in premillenialism.

      • Julie

        The Church does not believe in…premillenialism..that is the correct word, Julie. Thanks!

        The Catholic faith is based on Scripture and the teachings of Christ through the Apostles.

  • Julie

    Thank you Curtis…I am a cradle Catholic. My parents decided not to ‘keep up with the Joneses’…and thus lived a most simple and frugal life. Sometimes I wished we had a nicer house and car. My father studied at local seminary for 2 years, saw he had no vocation…met my mother, who was a Catholic convert and they married. We had a little book case by the fireplace…Bishop Fulton Sheen, G K Chesteron…our home filled with good and holy material.

    We had blacks move in and whites move out. My dad said we were not leaving the house based on other peoples’ skin color and he helped people in jail. People told me my mother was the most forgiving person.

    My friend took me to the Coast to her ocean house to tell me my mother is a saint and is concerned for me…and how others have treated me. I have survived my own tribulation in the Church and do not look to men but to God alone.

    • Chesterton. He should be nominated for sainthood. We read him a lot in the East.

      • Julie

        I watch him sometimes on TV…

  • Julie

    A polish priest told me the same. He is already here but works in background.

  • Julie

    You don’t know any history. Go to Catholic Answers….but be Christian in spirit. I mean be respectful or else they will not allow you to dialogue.


    We have people coming in all the time with such backgrounds…Those who survive keeping their misgivings to themselves…learn and then find out, admitting after some time publicly all that they have learned about Catholics, etc. is false.

    You have to step back and ask yourself why you are being led to such information. Jack Chick is not a former Jesuit…there are a number of them.

    Nobody owns anything of the Catholic Church. I laughed to myself when my loving Baptist watchman tried to help me by saying the Catholic Church owns Bank of America and I could find out on the internet.

    Next time he told me we all have truth, no matter the congregation, when we are in the Lord. We are good friends.

    • Lidia

      Hi Julie, I just read an article from Catholic Answers, “They sang all the way to the Guillotine.” An article about Christian martyrs in France. The “Reign of Terror” during the French Revolution was a time of great persecution of the Catholic Church— mass executions of priests and nuns. The pope at the time was removed from the Vatican and imprisoned by French troops and the Vatican was looted and many works of art was taken–all because he condemned the French Revolution. The story about the Carmelites in France made me cry. The French Revolution resulted in the “De-christianisation of France” and Communism (Russian Revolution) which has its roots from the French Revolution turned into “De-christianisation of Russia.” Now that Communism is world wide and IN America-we will now have “De-christianisation of America.” Islamism, Nazism, Communism, Liberalism all work hand in hand to destroy Christianity. Pope Francis has TOO MANY enemies, not just ISIS.
      I don’t know if the story about the “goddess of reason” is true (maybe you or Tom m heard of this story)— the celebration of “reason” in Paris during the French Revolution, they placed a prostitute holding a torch on the altar of Notre Dame. It was to mock the Catholic Church or show that the church was replaced by another belief system or both. Even if it wasn’t a prostitute, maybe an ordinary French woman, it’s still wrong.
      It’s amazing that the Catholic Church is still in existence today despite all the frequent attacks the church experienced in history. The Orthodox Church too has remained strong.
      France has a very large Muslim population and they want to turn France into an Islamic country. I don’t think “Lady Liberty” can save France now, only God can save France!!! They need to return to their roots like Russia!!!

      • Julie

        Thank you for your sharing…yes, it is so tragic what happened to France. I saw this tall mannequin representing Lady Liberty in protest to the shooting of the journalists…it was a spooky looking specter as it arms and legs moved along in the parade…

  • Julie

    That is what John Paul II said, the rosary and fasting.

    St. Francis of Assisi asked all Catholics in his letter of 1231 to abstain from meat on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. You should read the letter on penance….most sobering.

  • Julie

    You can go to Brothers and Sisters of Penance….www.bsp.org…they have his full letter to all Catholics after he came out of a bad sickness and felt it was meant for every Catholic.

  • Julie

    Not sure….alot of theologians have discussed the Millenium…including Early Church Fathers…who believed there would be those who never lied who would rise from the dead to help lead the Church again…implying now i think, that practically all our clergy could be liquidated.

  • Julie

    Really….some times I think it is George Soros:)

    • susan

      Definitely a spirit of greed in that one.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Sorry you have no sense of history, the Bible came out of the Catholic church, not the church out of the Bible. Why the Church first, because it is the pillar and foundation of truth. The Traditions are what gave you the bible. I noticed that protestants use the greek word for traditions, if they do not like it they translate the word as Tradition, if the like the tradition they translate the greek work as teachings. Read some history

  • Tom_mcewen

    I do not agree with you and do not want to walk with you, go your own way

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The True Church is the Church with an unbroken line of succession from the Apostles: Polycarp, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Clement of Rome, Tertullian… do you have any Church Fathers whose doctrines agree with Protestant beliefs? Why is there no agreement of doctrine within Protestant sects? If faith alone saves, then why are branches cut off from the vine? You must have forgotten the verses where Paul said to KEEP THE TRADITIONS. How did the early Christians who had NO BIBLE adhere to your man-made tradition of the Bible alone? Why does scripture tell us that THE CHURCH IS THE PILLAR AND BULWARK OF TRUTH? Wake up – the Church preceded the Bible, it was the CATHOLIC CHURCH that decided which books belonged in the Bible – it is OUR book, not yours.

    • Lidia

      Julie L, your comment is the best comment I ever heard!!!! You are the BEST!!!

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I chuckle at these pretenders that have always have a nebulous answer – well, it started in Jerusalem ….. insert doctrinal beliefs, end of story.

    • Trevor

      Hey, Julie, can I ask you a very honest question? This was something I was thinking about early this morning.

      If the Catholic Church is a true Church, what do you make of the Coptic Christians? Do they too make up the true church as well?

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I would say yes – history records that Peter sent Mark there to start a Church – so they have Apostolic lineage, and from what I know, their beliefs are near identical to Catholic beliefs, which Mark would have learned from Peter.

        • Trevor

          Didn’t the Book of Acts recorded that Paul and Barnabas had a contentious dispute over Mark?

          • Julie LaBrecque

            Yes- Mark ended up going with Barnabas to Cyprus.

      • Dan Knight

        Good question Trevor. I’m sure Julie has a great answer, but a simple answer is to refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Church is mostly explained in CCC 748-975. The simplest answer is CCC 805.

        805: “The Church is the Body of Christ. Through the Spirit and his action in
        the sacraments, above all the Eucharist, Christ, who once was dead and
        is now risen, establishes the community of believers as his own Body.”

        This is by no means complete. One can ‘get in’ without any sacraments under certain circumstances. If someone is called by the Holy Spirit in Saudi Arabia, one’s in. Especially if one dies before receiving any of the “prerequisites” such as baptism.

        For example, an online friend of ours is a secret convert to Christ
        living in Saudi Arabia. He has been baptized by a secret house Church.
        This guy is clearly ‘in’ the Body of Christ even though he’s not
        Catholic. He couldn’t be Catholic. He’d be dead. We know him through the Catholic Answers forums.

        ‘Membership’ so to speak is 836-838. The best (simple) Catholic answer to your question is in 838:

        “The Church knows that she is joined in many ways to the baptized who
        are honored by the name of Christian, but do not profess the Catholic
        faith in its entirety or have not preserved unity or communion under the
        successor of Peter.” Those “who
        believe in Christ and have been properly baptized are put in a certain,
        although imperfect, communion with the Catholic Church.” With the Orthodox Churches,
        this communion is so profound “that it lacks little to attain the
        fullness that would permit a common celebration of the Lord’s

        Ergo, we can guess the Copt’s would have little difficulty being counted as Catholic on this plane if the Churches could ‘kiss and make up.’ The politics and bad blood though weigh heavy.

        One ‘elephant in the room’ (excluding tribal biases on any and/or all sides, which come and go with the players) is that union with Rome for the last several centuries would likely entail a blood bath for the Copt’s.

        A high official with one of the Orthodox churches in the Middle East admitted during a private presentation that he thought a union with Rome or other Orthodox Churches, as with building Churches, revivals, evangelism, passing out Bibles, etc., would incite a blood-bath. He was very clear that they would love to bridge the gap with Rome, and everyone else, but they were worried that it would literally lead to violence and terrorism. These statements were made nearly 30 years ago, and the person making them gave us several horrific examples. (Albeit, he didn’t mention raping or burying children or crucifixion … but back then merely murdering people for being Christian seemed horrible enough.)

        BTW: Cherry picking a few paragraphs: Some are embarrassingly ambiguous and touchy-feelie. The CCC was written by a committee and it shows in spots. But the hand of the Holy Spirit is on it too, though the CCC can be a bit difficult read at times.

        Although the CCC never departs from the primacy of Rome, Rome is never counted as the sole or only earthly home of Christians – just the first. The distinction is fine, but it’s important: Rome is supposed to be the Captain of the Team. They are the leader, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the other Churches in communion and joined to the body of Christ are necessarily to be mistreated. A good analogy is marriage or family. Everyone is supposed to obey the head, but that doesn’t mean the head should abuse his authority.

        Protestants actually fall into a different category since their origin is in disobedience to Rome. That Rome had some political problems and housekeeping to do does not negate the fact that Rome was supposed to be in charge. In theory, if we all believed as we should, no housekeeping would be needed. Most Protestants are not supposed to fall under the burden of this origin since few of us Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox recall any of the old issues.

        One last point: This answer is by no means complete.

  • Lidia

    “He is coming SOON! And when He returns, will He find faith in the earth? I sincerely hope so.” I hope so too. But if we don’t fight physically against evil people, they will wipe us off this planet and Jesus won’t find any good people. That is how I look at it. For example, look at what ISIS is doing to the Christians in the Middle East. Christians in Mosul, Iraq have been either killed or fled the land, the land that they lived on for thousands of years. There are zero Christians left in Mosul. One day, there will no Christians left in the Middle East and Africa. Europe will be next and so on. If the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church didn’t physically fight the Muslims in the past, you would be quoting from Koran instead of the Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go read some history!!!

    • Lidia

      Oh and let us not forget the forced conversions that have been going on for 1400 years and still happening today!!

    • Julie LaBrecque

      They are intentionally ‘clueless’ lest their charade be exposed.

  • Lidia

    Hi Lilyrose! Your last sentence can also apply in the future except instead of saying the decline of the Western Roman Empire, it will be the decline of Western Civilization. When you read articles about how corrupt our government is today and in the recent past, it is very frightening. Sometimes I wonder could all this be really happening.
    However the future may be, God is in control!

  • Trevor

    If you are going to criticize someone who I consider to be a sister in the same faith as I am (no, I am not catholic), then at least get your scripture reference right.

    Nowhere in the Book of Revelation did Jesus set foot on the Mount of Olives. That is in Zechariah 14:4!

  • These people are frauds, and you know it. They have the same credibility as the clowns Jack Chick used to peddle to his comic-book-reading flock as ‘former’ Catholics.

  • Trevor

    Sir, what you do not understand was the book we hold in our hands, the Bible, was not put together until much, much later.

    According to my quick and dirty research, the first church council established to put together a “canon” in A.D. 170. During that time, they had to combat the rise of heresy known as gnosticism which were circulating their own distorted version of Christ, so in order to unify the Christian faith, they proceed to painstaking evaluate each writings, debated, and ironed until we have it.

    I have heard it being said that a military emperor who converted to Christianity ordered the council to be put together with him presiding over it. I am going off memory, so I may not be accurate, but according to the historians, the emperor, being a military tactician who was obsessed with details, helped shape the process of investigating thoroughly the Scripture. In the process of placing together the canon, they rejected the gnosticism books, such as the so-called Gospel of Thomas for example. Throughout the early church history, there were numerous of church councils who convened again and again to reaffirm their doctrine which were passed on from the first apostles down to their bishops, and again, they did this in order in fight against heresy.

    God alone have inspired men to write the Scripture under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and it was the partnership with the early church councils that they hammered out the theology we hold.

    The problem is the Protestant Reformation have destroyed much of the integrity of the Scripture by applying their own version and their own interpretation, and today, we continue to see the ramification of the reformation movement with the Protestants continuing to splinter further and further away from the sound doctrine of the Faith. John Calvin, for example, was known to have written and presented his own gospel, and imposed it upon the people of Geneva under the penalty of death. He had his own best friend burned at stake using the greenest wood to prolong his friend’s suffering. He would have made any Muslim proud. Martin Luther also unknowingly inspired a sinister dictator to systemically murder the Jews using his book, “The Jews and Their Lies,” and that will be one of his legacies.

    • Trevor, a fine response. Unfortunately, the weird close-minded cultists are beginning to show up again. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

      • Trevor

        If only people knew the origin of “Ignorance is bliss.” 🙂

  • He never did. He doesn’t serve like some cheap American diplomat, but has to deal with the Catholic flock worldwide, and has to do what he can to protect them, especially those who live in hostile areas.

    Think less regarding theology and more as a hostage negotiator, and you can understand that Pope Francis is doing a good thing by appealing to many Muslims’ better angels and not getting his flock murdered.

  • Actually, no it’s not. This is something peddled in Protestant circles. The book may well have been written down by the 5th Century BC. Yes, that’s it. Only 500 years before Christ.

    The damage Protestants have done to Biblical archaeology is staggering.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    At Jesus return, doesn’t He deliver the Kingdom to the Father?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I missed the last part of your sentence- sorry.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “Is any among you sick? Let him call the elders of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.” James 5:14 – obviously, Jesus left healing for sickness – why would he cure something He caused? Please explain why babies suffer terrible diseases – what did they do to bring this on? You have no idea what doctrine the early Church taught, it sure wasn’t the garbled chaos that passes as doctrine today. In your eyes, what are my rebellious ways?

  • Julie

    Let me know what you think…I am a beginning novice…it is for isolates…about 200 around the world…but it is very difficult..and I am getting so much opposition to prayer of the Hours…the fasting is easy…because it is so healthy.

  • Julie

    So true…I am praying while on these sites…to know how much to say….You are Franciscan in spirit.

  • Julie

    Bereans make claims that they are most diligent and sincere in understanding the Bible to the point that they make out to be like minded descedants of those Paul Bereans encountered in his mission.

    I think you are totally misunderstanding the Council of Trent which also re affirmed that the books in Scripture we have used for 2000 years — are indeed inspired by the Holy Spirit for public revelation.

    This dispute came about by Luther and the Reformers who wanted to remove books that would fit their theology. What you don’t know what Catholics have truly believed and what the Reformers truly believed…

    I am sorry but the attitude by American self proclaimed Bereans towards Catholics and others not like themselves — would Not be the same attitude Paul witnessed with the ancient Bereans so a long time ago.

    There is no connection between them and this American based group.

    It is preposterous to think the early Church Fathers, the countless people who contributed to Sacred Scripture were not as diligent as you, for we have their written testimony of faith going back to the beginning.

    Yours has no documentation except the record of your group….you are losing out on the knowledge of Scripture by countless Catholics and Scholars.

  • Julie

    You are led astray…you don’t know what Catholics believe. It is the CHurch that assembled the Bible, not your preachers.

  • Higlac

    That picture of Felipe (Philip) IV was painted – if I recall correctly – by Diego Velázquez. It’s that master’s individuality and technique that immediately made me realise that it couldn’t be Philippe IV “Le Bel” of France…

  • Tom_mcewen

    wrong the church was started in 33AD, History

  • Dan Knight

    Brilliant Theodore. Great essay.

    Anti-Anti-Evil, even in the name of Jesus … is still just Evil. We need to pray for the false prophets you’ve named lest we share any of the blame if they’re lost.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    No dear, there is no reincarnation; what there is, is a changing of our earth suit into a glorified body that never dies.

    • Amazing that they can’t tell between typology and reincarnation. This is where Oriental hogwash tries to pollute the faith to the gullible.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Unfortunate result of individuals reading a Bible and thinking themselves capable of proper interpretation.

        • They’re night bright enough to figure out this most bizarre of ironies.

          • susan


  • Julie LaBrecque

    ‘to everything there is a season … a time to kill, and a time to heal…’ Ecclesiastes 3:3. Jesus is the author of the entire Word of God.

  • Yes. Catholic as in complete or universal. Or correct (the Greek term would be Orthodox).

    Please study authentic history, rather than the prepackaged sludge peddled by heretics who wouldn’t know Christianity if it slapped them in the head.

    • Julie

      These concepts are essentially what happens so many years and lands away from the source of the Reformation….they lose all their roots of faith.

    • Julie

      Get tired of hearing those kind of statements…from folks who are so sure of their education.
      Last night I saw on CNN the residue of the Northern Irish against the Catholic Irish…i didn’t realize the Protestants build these huge bonfires and then light them after a meal to show the Catholics they are the ones who run that country…An American team had two released from prison representing both sides of the conflict sit down to dinner….in the same prison. Most don’t want to go back to the violence.

      • The dumb are usually the most cocksure about everything. This is why they need to be met head-on, so that their ill-thought-out ideas get thrown into the rubbish heap as quickly as possible, for the sake of those who really don’t know any better.

  • Read the rest of the bible instead of typical Protesant pull-quotes. By the way, I’m not Roman Catholic, though they defend themselves admirably.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    So are you an Unitarian? “Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to his God and Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.” 1 Cor 15:24

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Nope – not at all, and here is proof: “While all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her swift course, Thine Almighty Word leaped off Thy royal throne, as a fierce man of war, into the midst of a land of destruction.” Wisdom 18:14-15

    • susan

      I agree Julie. Perfect. 🙂

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Is it not a sad state of affairs that people let the protestant reformers throw out 7 books of the Bible – and agree with it?

  • Dan Knight

    Amen Trevor.

  • Julie

    St. Ignatius of Antioch named the Church in 107 AD….the Universal Christian Church…universal in Greek said as Katholic…my spelling not correct….but hope you now understand better.

    There are 5 patriarchs founded by Christ through His apostles: Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Rome, Constantinople. We are comprising the Universal/Catholic Church.

  • Julie

    We are members of the Holy Christian Universal Church…Catholic and Orthodox and in all 2000 years the HOly Spirit has never revealed such a thing through Christ to us.

  • Julie

    Good point!

  • Julie

    I didn’t say that. Look at Julie LaBrecque’s Gospel references. Many are anticipating a chastisement that will be akin to the Last Judgment…I am tending to fall in this area and don’t know if I will live to see it..if it does happen.

    Christ will come at the end of the world in person…to provide us a New Heavens and New Earth…the New Jerusalem.

    The Early Church Fathers saw the Millenium as having Christ return to the hearts of men, the world different than now…and those who were chaste and never lied would be resurrected to rule with Him…but we would still have faith and hope…meaning He would rule from heaven through the hierarchy. This prospect implies many perfected priests totally consecrated to God will be martyred but resurrected…this again, Early Church Fathers.

    I have also read that we are now coming to the Age of Mary..the Great Sign Rev 12…the Woman and Church…apostolic…12 stars around her head…that will usher in the last era of time, the Glorification of the Holy Trinity. The triumph of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary…..

    Faith is essentially mystery and we must live in faith not knowing God’s work of redemption.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    They are one,. ( as the Creed states, ‘consubstantial’ with the Father) yet 3 distinct persons.

  • susan

    Are you familiar with the Rabbi who met the Messiah?

  • We know something about being murdered, Gayle. We have had to deal with it since the beginning, and continue to be subjugated to it in Orthodox and Eastern Catholic lands.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Are these cripples not capable of reading history?

  • By what authority?

    by chalcedon451

    In the final analysis it seems to me we have only two choices in matters of authority: we either take ourselves as the measure of all things, or we take some external authority.When we say that we take the Bible as our authority, in reality we don’t. The Bible does not interpret itself, and the first Christians did not even know it existed – by Scripture they understood what we call the Old Testament. If the Bible cannot tell us what books should be in it, or what the New Testament books are, then it seems unwise to assume that it interprets itself for us. In fact it was not until relatively modern times that men imagined it could do so. That is not to say that the head as no part in our faith, but it is to say that for the Catholics and the Orthodox, one’s own reason has been only a part of the way we apprehend what God wants from us: the second is the heart, through prayer, and the the third is the external authority of the Church which Christ founded.

    There is a natural desire in us for certainty, but that is to be had only by personal infallibility. If we believe our own reading of Scripture is inspired, then we shall believe in our own reading, even if we attribute it to the Holy Spirit. But for those who ask with the Ethiopian, ‘how shall be we know what it means unless someone shall teach us?” – then we know we need guidance. That comes in a variety of forms. Prayer before reading Scripture seldom goes unrewarded, and good commentaries are a great aid too. But what to do if one’s own reading and the commentaries do not quite square up? That is where the authority of the Church is invaluable.

    One of the many half-truths which emerge from those convinced of their own infallible reading of the Bible, is that the Catholic Church discourages people from reading the Bible. That is not so. What the does is to encourage us to read the Bible within the tradition which produced it. It is perfectly possible to read the Bible by the light of one’s own authority and go badly astray. Arius read ‘only-begotten Son’ to mean that Jesus was a separate, created being, and that is certainly a reading which one can adopt and defend, just as one can adopt and defend the reading preferred by Athanasius; how are we to know which reading is correct? Well, for an Orthodox or Catholic Christian, the answer is plain – by the authority of the Church.

    Thus, one’s own reasoned reading might, or might not, lead one to an orthodox position; the same is true of the promptings of the heart, but only the balance of all three elements – head, heart and Church – can lead one to a secure rock. This is not least because the only other real hermeneutical tool is the spirit of the one’s own age. The fact is that no one reads Scripture in a vacuum. You either read it influenced by the intellectual fashions of your own age, or you read it in the tradition of the Church.

  • You obviously didn’t read. We’re done.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    John the Baptists was the ‘spirit’ of Elijah – you need to learn what typology is.

    • susan

      One thing I’ve always wondered is why he was taken up to heaven alive.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I think we assume that he was taken up alive .

  • Julie LaBrecque

    God is omniscient – that means He knows all and guides all of human history and can so speak as knitting Jeremiah in his mother’s womb.

  • Julie

    Nothing we can be or do atone for our sins before God. Only of God Himself can sin be atoned.

    How can Christ be conceived nurtured in a womb of sin?

    The parents of Mary, as she herself, were descendants of Adam and Eve…the Latin concept of Original Sin passed down.

    But Mary, to be the Mother of Christ, could not bear Him in a sinful body…Thus God especially made Mary to become the Mother of Christ, and by being chosen for this, was that much more need of salvation and redemption by God…Her parents, Joachim and Anna, were of Original Sin and passed it to Mary.

    But Mary was chosen to become the Mother of the Messiah, the Atonement for sin.

    Her entire being is of grace…enabling her very being….irregardless of time of her conception….to fully assent in her will to God’s will. It is through the Living Word of God, Christ, in which the carnate world was created, Christ likewise the form into which Mary was formed…that at her conception, she assented likewise to Christ as Savior and Redeemer. Thus Christ in the Holy Spirit saved Mary in her conception….Her being the fruit of the Holy Trinity.

    To become the Mother of Christ, Mary was in that much more need of salvation and redemption, and she created full of grace, assented by her very soul, ‘yes’ to God…to Christ…to the Holy Spirit.

    –Duns Scotus.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You are sick, or have been deceived, please seek help. The Church, the real Church, is the pillar and ground of truth, 1 Tim 3:15.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Translate ‘Kecharitomene’ – you will have the answer.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Absolutely not, and not one person in all of Church (real Church) ever taught it- John Nelson Darby is the author of this false teaching. And I do not believe in reincarnation so quit trying.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You wouldn’t know ‘Biblical Christianity’ if it hit you in the face.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Why don’t you search Church History to discover what ‘faith’ was delivered to the Saints? Do you have any doctrinal connection to people such as St. Ignatius, St. Irenaeus, St. Justin Martyr, Clement of Rome, Augustine of Hippo, St. Cyril, St. Cyprian, St. Hippolytus – any connection? Any connection to the Church that canonized the Bible? No – all you have is man-made churches full of differing man-made doctrines. Which of the 40,000 denominations do you belong to – perhaps you made your own church as most do?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Do you ‘Bereans’ understand what binding and loosing are? Do you understand the Royal Steward of the Davidic Kingdom is an office with successors, and he has, with the King, the Keys to the Kingdom? Do you Bereans know that Mother of the King is the Queen Mother, as Rev 12 so portrays- and she sits on a throne to the right of her son, she wears a crown, and intercedes for the citizens of the Kingdom? Do you Bereans know that Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant, which was prophesied to rise to heaven with the Lord, Psalm 132:8, fulfilled in Rev 11:19? Do you Bereans fulfill Malachi 1:11, Isaiah 56:7? Do you Bereans know that the Church canonized 73 books? Maybe you should be labeled pseudo-Bereans.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    A big AMEN to that.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You are your own Pope – ours was divinely instituted, you made yourself one.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    The Church is the Pillar and Bulwark of Truth – 1 Tim 3:15. If you so-called Bible Christians know the whole Bible and not just the NT, you would know that Jesus quoted from Isaiah 22:22 when he instituted Peter as the Father over the house, gave HIM the Keys to the Kingdom, and gave him the power to loose and to bind.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Wisdom 18:14-16 has the answer.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “While all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her swift course, thine Almighty Word leaped off of Thy royal throne, as a fierce man of war, into the midst of a land of destruction.” Wisdom 18:14-16. Not quite the picture you paint.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    According to the Bible, the Church is the Pillar and Bulwark of truth – 1 Tim 3:15

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Depending on the dating of John scribing the Book of Revelation, the Church had its 2nd or 3rd successor to Peter. You might remind yourself that John penned The Book of Revelation 1400+ years before the protestant church existed.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Do you not know what happened after Mit brennender Sorge was read in the German Churches?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    According to the Bible, we are commanded to keep the traditions: 2 Thess 2:15, 2 Thess 3:6, 2 Tim 2:2, 1 Cor 11:2.

  • Fhr68

    And satan loves to play with holy scripture

  • Fhr68

    Aye that he does, he don’t know the book of revelations as Mr Shoebat does, but you must see the strong connection between them as well. And your very right about Pope John Paul II , although he very much wanted to, but his advisors would not allow him to do so.

    Confirmation about the Vision of Fatima by pope Benedict XVI in May 2010 on the anniversary pilgrimage celebrations, he publicly reversed the scandalous claims of Cardinal Bertone , the Pope affirmed that the (Third Secret of Fatima involves much more than the open assaults against the Church made by her external enemies ( such as those described in the Vision published in June 2000. He said ” in addition to this great Vision” there are also “spoken ” warnings from Our Lady of Fatima of a ” passion of the Church ” yet to be suffered In a ” terrifying ” future. This ” greatest persecution of the church” will be occasioned the pope said by attacks not from the outside but ” precisely from within the church,” he also said ” he ( meaning believers ) deceives himself, who thinks that the prophetic mission of Fatima is concluded.”

    Ted posted only one part of the vision laced with Cardinal Bertones deception that was claimed to be the message of Fatima in 2000, and the strange thing about it is, they released this after Father Martin passed away in 1999. We still don’t know Our Lady’s actual message.

    I also learned that Putin visit with Pope Frances , the pope sternly said to him, there will be no discussion of Fatima. Putin knows a lot about Fatima, and to be honest with the way the west is treating Russia at the moment, Putin could use spiritual help from the Holy mothers request. I suspect that Russia could help us with this passion as well, if only the pope would obey God. The Lord said as well when he visited in 1931, after Our Ladys visit when she called for the consecration Of Russia in 1929 , Our Lord said we need to pray for the Holy Father, and that it will be done but it would be late, and because they did not heed to his request from the holy mother like the king of France they will repent and do it. But it will be late, the pope has much to suffer. I know one thing , satan has the throne of St Peter in chains, Pope John Paul II suffered, Pope Benedict suffered, have you seen him recently ? He’s looking so much better now. And now you can to see Pope Frances is suffering it’s on his face.

    Have you ever studied about the prophesy concerning the French King and the consecration of his monarchy to Our Lords Sacred Heart. Is a very interesting read. I believe but needs to be confirmed for sure that the French Monarch blood line still exists today through the survival of his daughter, she was spared execution. This links back to Marie Julie and her prophesy as well. It’s incredible how all these prophesies are all linked together. Sr Lucia third secret and Rev 13, Mr Shoebat and the details of the beast, King Louie tied to Marie Julie and the third secret , St Pio also possibly linking Pope Frances to the third secret. Plus much more, if Protestants like Mr Shoebat and Catholic seers like Sister Lucia got together, we’d have so much from Heaven to help guide us, what a blessing it would be for everyone. But sadly it’s all divided.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    There is only one future coming of Jesus Christ – one. “But if I cast outs devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you. Or how else can one enter into a stong man’s house and spoil his goods except HE FIRST BIND THE STRONG MAN.” Matt 12:29-30. “Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast out.” John 12:31. “Do not be amazed at this, because the hour is coming in which all who are in the tombs will hear his voice and will come out, those who have done good deeds to the resurrection of life, but hose who have done wicked deeds to the resurrection of condemnation.” According to Jesus, everyone will be judged at his coming – Matt 25:31-46

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You missed something vital in John 14:26 – He was speaking to his Apostles – the Holy Spirit would teach THEM all that Christ had said unto them. I don’t recall an apostle named Nick. Try asking the Bible to interpret a passage for you – it doesn’t work and neither does Protestantism.

    • Mel Scharf

      Hello Julie L.
      You are missing something even more obvious it this, Who is it who interprets your interpreter? Any way around it the hearer must interpret that is why the word says “he who has ears to hear let him hear” again a very bad argument you use.
      Who interprets what you hear?

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Protestants do NOT agree, from on sect to another, what baptism means or does. I’ll rely on 2,000 years of CONSTANT WITNESS to what baptism IS and what it DOES. You can believe the phony-baloney crap.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        This is why the CHURCH has the power to bind and to loose – whatever THEY say – Heaven says.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Why did Gabriel address Mary as “Kecharitomene”? And why was Mary disturbed at this manner of greeting?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    If God saves a person prior to their birth, He is still their savior. Was not Jeremiah sanctified from his mother’s womb? What about John the Baptist?

  • Julie LaBrecque

    FYI- Paul is quoting Psalm 14, please read Psalm 15.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    So is scripture lying when it states that Zechariah and Elizabeth were both righteous in the eyes of God?

  • Fhr68
  • Julie

    Boy….you really took off so far from my understanding….and the Church’s.

    You are projecting alot on with ideas that I don’t even believe in or anybody else.

    Mary was and is a creature. But she was chosen by God to be Christ’s mother…and Christ is God. It was Mary’s carnate humanity that was provided to Our Lord…and there was no sin in her flesh to pass on to Him.

    Enough said…

    • Mel Scharf

      I never said catholics worshiped her read again and show me the place? you make false statements about what I have written then declare my your statement as mine?? she is sinless? Show me scripture please?

      You realize Jesus had two natures correct? Mary was the Mother of Jesus the son of man. ie: his human side she had nothing do to with his Godhood since he is eternal. God is the Father of the Son of God and his “holy seed” see the Gospels.

      Of course there was no sin in Marys seed since sin is passed on by the mans seed. “In adam all sin and die” in Christ all are made alive.

      You pretend that belief in the sinless Mary is 2000 years old? please friend show me the oldest church father who taught that you wont find that teaching in scripture anywhere give a verse that even hints at it please?

      • Julie

        She most certainly had alot to do with God…she was the means through which Christ came into this world..not you or any person….why is that?

        You are talking nonsense…really…you are misconstruing. You are misunderstanding ‘seed’….and to say Mary is 2000 years old…is ridiculous. S he has been in heaven a long time ago and isn’t living in your time zone any more so you cannot count her age as such…or any one else for that matter…when you speak of the Kingdom of Christ….that is not of this world.

        In Scripture….Mary….full of grace….think…No Sin.

        You cannot grasp that Our Lord cannot dwell and draw from sinful flesh…contradiction.

        You also have to realize it took the Church one thousand, eight hundred and fifty six years to finally discern the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, a state of grace theologians have debated for centuries…not to take away from Mary but perceived as possible detraction from Christ.

        So the dogma of the Immaculate Conception came about by the concensus of the entire Church….this a tradition of belief passed down for 2000 years….Mary, Theotokos…Mary, Mother of God…Jesus is God, Jesus is Son of Mary. The other ancient title of the Virgin is Maris Stella…Star of the Sea….the Sea…

        Before, ‘Miryam’…meaning bitter…but after Pentecost…Maria…Sea of Grace…the North Star who guides us on stormy seas to Christ and His will for us.

        You put too much confidence in your own interpretation in the face of over a billion Catholics and the millions before who always knew Mary as Perpetual Virgin.

        • Dan Knight

          Julie may I suggest: When an anti-Christian faker attacks the Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, the immaculate conception, sinless, and ever-virgin, quote John 1:14 :

          the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory,
          the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and
          truth.” KJV

          I suggest KJV since these radicals always think their man-edited version is the ‘inspired’ version. As we can see: In one sentence John explains why Mary is special, and deserves our respect and all of her titles. To get around it, they have to deny Scripture in their own KJV version.

          I’d just leave it at that. The last time I wrote a clear post answering one of these, the fellow had the audacity to simply dismiss dozens of verses in several chapters of the Bible on his own authority. They believe what their Guardian Demon tells them to believe.

          John 1:14 however leaves no doubt: Mary is all that we say she is, or Jesus is just a charlatan, and John is one of his P.R. shills. There’s no compromise. It’s gotta be one or the other.

          Obviously, this response is not appropriate to most of our Protestant friends who are still somewhere on the trail with the rest of us.

          God Bless you!

          • Julie

            Thanks so much, Dan.

            I have kept silent for over 60 years with Protestant protestors, remember them coming up to me once they knew I attended Catholic school, they would protest and say nasty things to me.

            On these types of threads, they seem to single me out and then when I defend…then it is like I am attacking them. It is a spiritual sickness…and when I see preachers going about indoctrinating people to the point they are so afraid to find out what we truly believe…and keep them away from the Word and Sacrament of the Blood, I see that the Evil One is behind all of it…

            I mean to say, you are dealing with principalities and today as you know, the Evil One is coming to his apex, he knows his time is short. So yes…it is demonic.

            I was also trying to say, when they single meor any other Catholic with their spin attacks…it really hurts my whole being to the depth of my heart that it goes beyond me…it is on the level of sacrilege and blasphemy…not that they intend to do this….but the effect is what it is. They are in essence committing sacrilege against the Lord, blaspheming Him and His Church.

            Today is Palm Sunday. How the Gospel and priest exhorts us to always keep Our Lord before us as our only true need, and to be patient in suffering.

            And yesterday I was reflecting on Mr Savage and Mr Shoebat’s dialogue on the radio. It was also Mr Savage who is Jewish, stating he could not undertand what was going on with the Christians in our country.

            Savage stated the Christians are the greatest voting bloc in our country but where is our stance? This concept of one man, Luther, who wanted some of the letters of the apostles be put at the end of the bible because he alone did not agree with them, but the apostles, the early church fathers, popes, bishops, lay … millions before Luther….could understand and see the unity of the Lord speaking to us in His Word.

            If Protestants could truly research Luther, his character..which could have been the reason his jurisdiction may not have wanted to take him seriously and communicate with him, the actual beliefs of Jan Hus — who was executed by a small handful of English bishops and a small number of others at the Council of Constance, which was not suppported by the anti pope at the time, and later abrogated by the lawful pope. The Council was invalidated. Another is John Wycliff who imposed politics into the Word of God, Calvin and his thoughts on predestination where other parts of Scripture contradict…if protestants could look at Catholic faith and compare it to the individual beliefs of the reformers…some were good points as well….they would see the truth of our religion.

            They accuse Catholics of making up man made laws but are totally blind to their sources. There are writings by Luther his followers had to expunge…and won’t go any further here. But he was also part of the nationalist movement sweeping Germany…and this also for England and later France…and also an issue with the Eastern Orthodox who do not want to be united with the Pope…this nationalist, worldly view of faith that causes so much selfishness and fighting and self interest that wounds Christ Himself.

            So last night, in regards to our country, to the world and Islam…and those who defy and refuse to seek the truth, I must put all in God’s hand. In the end the Lord will win and I believe that prayer and penance can reduce the chastisement that is coming upon the Church and the entire world. The Church will go through her crucifixion and outward death. We don’t know how it will all play out, but in the end Christ will come in victory…either to bring us a new earth and heaven…or…a resplendent and victorious Church where we will no longer have divisive sects and other beliefs….but be with One Shepherd and One Body!

            I need to protect my being more against the attacks of the enemy!

            Your passage from King James is so beautiful…so tremendous….we bow our heads at its wording in our Nicene Creed…

            God bless you and may you increase in Christ this Holy Week! Deeply appreciate your time for me. I must also see my own calling….to be Mary’s heel…if you know what that means!:)

          • Dan Knight

            Hi Julie, yes I understand. Well put.

          • Dan Knight

            P.S. Happy Palm Sunday!

      • Julie LaBrecque

        Gabriel announced her as sinless – that is exactly what Kecharitomene means – FULL OF GRACE – sorry, no room for sin if one is ‘kecharitomene’.

  • Julie

    I would also add that the Church assembled the books of the bible for public revelation, most completed by 100 AD.

    You are coming across as being absorbed in anti history anti truth conspiracy groups.

    Christ is the atonement for sin…and He is all forgiving of all sinfulness….including the sins of those in the Catholic Church who humbly and truly seek His forgiveness. Do you believe Christ will forgive any Catholic?…I am being a little humorous here.

  • Julie

    Good point….most insightful.

  • Julie

    She was saved at her conception. You didn’t grasp anything of theology presented to you. Go back and re read it. It is difficult to grasp for anyone reading it first time.

    And both Adam and Eve sinned. We are all conceived with Original Sin…women included.

  • Julie

    The Lord said that exactly in the Bible.

    He is the Good Fruit of the Tree of Life…the only good fruit Adam and Eve could eat.

    We are called not only to reflect on the Word of God…but to consume the Word in the Eucharist….Jesus Himself teaching us what the Word means..so we can go out and live in Him and serve others in Him….His grace, power and presence…not ours.

  • Tom_mcewen

    The Catholic Church started in 33AD, Mark was written in about 60 AD, a part of Mark was found inside a building sacked by the Romans during the revolt in 66-70 AD, The old testament protestants use was re-written in 97AD by a Jewish council who took out books pointing to Christ.To a protestant the bible is five verses pulled out of history and context.

  • Julie

    You going through the back door to call Mary God. Nobody believes that…you think we do. We call her the Mother of God…but she is not God…Again…you are basing all your personal interpretation on your thinking apparatus…not the apostles, the Holy Spirit at work in believers, the Early Church fathers, the saints.

    Without the Church …. all those people who have shared the same faith in the Lord and who lived from the event down through the ages…this the Tradition of faith…you are not taking into account other perspectives beyond you….

  • Tom_mcewen

    a “converted”, “born again” believer and follower of my “Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”, “the head of the church”, “the Word of life” who inspired to be written in “the truth” of “the word of the LORD”, the Holy Bible [KJV]: does not seemed to be favored by God with Eucharist miracles, the body and blood does not equal wonderbread and grape juice. We had protestants under communism, the communists said they are like a fart, they may smell bad but they can not harm us, they will find a verse and stay safe and they did. they don’t fight evil they are saved. The Catholics they killed, the communists knew who their enemy was and who the cowards were. I know who the cowards are too.

  • Julie

    Yours is a good example why Christ did not make an invisible church where it is what you say it is…man made church, I mean…this kind of thinking of what church is didn’t come about until Luther…and he was a most highly scrupulous person who had to have it written down God essentially loved him.

    Such ideas are actually the fruit of scrupulosity…we hear the same things at Church…but we understand them in such a totally different context….

  • Tom_mcewen

    No, I didn’t quote, I find quoting to be dishonest, when you strip off history and culture, the paragraph, chapter, book, its whole base and make the quote universal covering all cases. It has no base but your theology. It is dishonest.

  • Fhr68

    your missing the whole point. the word of God existed long before we ever put pen to paper. but thats OK, I did not claim im the root, I said im deep into my roots, the roots of the Church for the past 2000 years, that of which you are disconnected from. if the Pope is so false and faulty in your belief, then so should the Bible, after all the Popes of the past canonized it, so maybe you shouldn’t read our book, to follow the Bible is to accept the Authority of the Papal see. which also includes the Church Fathers. The early Church Fathers taught by the Apostles are right, so Luther comes along in 1517AD and claims they are all wrong? even the Apostles who taught the early Church Fathers are wrong? the Apostles who were personally taught by Our Lord is wrong? even the Lord is wrong? foolish foolish personal opinion of Luther which he founded his Sola Scriptoria principles upon. and the day the Lord stops giving the Church miracles then Ill reconsider. we are in the last times of living out a 100 year old prophesy. lets see what happens im sure Jesus is right on the matter as he clearly stated, but then again you do not have a clue about what im talking about, but you will see the outcome of it. Mr Shoebat comes from a world beyond yours or mind comprehension. and I believe we are blessed to have him, regardless if he is Protestant or Catholic. He loves and believes in Jesus, and never once puts a Catholic down just because they are Catholic. hes not a bigot. the 7 churches research them are any of them Protestant from the reform? each of these churches housed a Tabernacle. what is that a Tabernacle each Church with a Tabernacle has an angel over it what does that mean? does your church house a Tabernacle? does it have and angel? some Bible study for you, go find out about this Tabernacle in a Christian Church. each church has its very own angel in the days of St John divine how many churches were there? remember Jesus placed his churches with authorative heads as they are still in this formation today but you could not understand this you dont belong to any. “come let us reason together” by what authority do you choose to reason with? sola Scriptoria alone?, yeah even Sola Scriptoria buff Binny Hinn is that his name? claims Jesus is going upon stage with him during his big show, really? last time I checked Jesus comes to EGYPT when he comes down not to Benny Hinns stage show, so he can sell Him like a boxed up product to make his Calvinist economic money and buy a shiny new suite with flashy patten leather shoes. and you say I stand on sand. it is obivious you didnt read a anything I posted. there are two Popes by the way, did you know that as well? yup good ol Sola Scriptoria like Luther said after he saw what he had produced ” There are as many theologies as there are heads.” his last regret before he died. Sola Scriptoria. Poor Sinner! the very thing St Ignatius warned about and Jesus as well. and Like St Frances said to the Sultan, very well then peace be with you. and off he went.
    God Bless You.
    I will suffer for my Church and I will die for my Church. just like Poor Antipas if needs be. and you can curse me and redicule me and accuse me and do whatever. Im not ashamed of being Catholic. do you know what Catholic means?

    • Mel Scharf

      Can you please just stop telling me what I believe, first of all Catholic means universal and no you are no root , no deep root , not a shallow root, you are NO root at all the church is a Branch. with many “branches” that are trimmed and pruned the bad ones cut off and thrown into the fire (you may want to consider that) again See Gods word Oh I forgot the tradition of men outway that.
      We are grafted in so please stop telling how you I feel and what I believe.
      I accept the early church all the way to the modern one. all of them they are all Branches, I just don’t accept all they teach and neither should you the word warns ALL “Test the spirits to see if they are from God” You might try that. Seeing you get all your teachings from a church you can hardly shake a stick without hitting a homosexual heretic lying thief in sheeps clothing.
      Just saying.
      Thx Mel

      • Fhr68

        You are a fool with no substance for argument, you have no idea what your talking about, go attend a gay wedding seeing they are practiced in your churches now. You might something.

      • Fhr68

        We don’t have 50 000 denominations, branches of the one church isn’t denominations. Our Church is massive the worlds largest in all of Christianity with one doctrine. Where as your 50 000 denominations have many doctrines just like Luther said ” there are as many theologies as there are heads. His mistake which he regretted. If one priest is exposed some of you guys have a tendency to blame the entire church. The Apostolic Church Jesus founded. Do you not know we are glad that a infected priest is exposed ? And they can be weeded out ! Many have. Which I for one am very glad of. Unlike some of your denominations who are even now debating to remove all scripture on sodomy, because it’s damaging and condemning to the gay soul in your churches. Yet another diabolical movement of Luther’s sola scriptoria. Gee I taught you guys claimed that the Holy Bible founded by my church is the living Word of God. Is it only living as long as it suits you? Why don’t you guys just leave our bible alone and stop changing it. Go write your own book. The Catholic Church will always preserve the Bible and traditions regardless of what anyone else does. It’s has been it’s purpose since it’s founding. We will be attacked and have been attacked for the past 2000 years. But she always prevails just like Our Lord promised. Protestant movement has always tried to destroy her since they formed, but they always failed and will do so u til The Lord returns. The faithful will never bend to sola scriptoria. Even if you blow up the Vatican.

        I’m off to say the Rosary now. And the stations of the cross. The most power prayers given to us from Heaven aside from the Holy Mass which is the honouring of the sacrifice of the Cross the greatest prayer we can honour our Lord with.
        Here’s a prayer from Heaven given to us from Our Lord :

        Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. Amen.
        This holy prayer was given to us for our day. Because there are more souls lost now then ever since out Lords first coming.

        And by the way I’m not teaching you what to believe, I’m telling you what I believe and live by. You can’t touch it.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    How does this jive with the theory that there will continue to be births and deaths during the future 1,000 yr reign?

  • Fhr68

    You have to come to the foot of the cross. It is where the church began, where Jesus started the church with his Blessed Mother, you have to die in the old man to be born again in Christ, it can be a very painful experience in the heart because the sword will pass through. And the old Adam nature dies, and the new Adam nature is born, the born again of the nature of Christ, followed with baptism, and partaking of the new covenant.

    By the word of God do you mean ; as in the Creation of the world who is Jesus who went upon the Cross for us ? Or the Bible the teachings of God written down for us to learn?

  • Fhr68

    I think Mr Warner is great, his teaching tools on islam are wonderful.I’ve learned alot from him. he once tried buddist and islam as a religion. you feel the need to always badger my church all the time. Luther is where sola scriptoria comes from a historical fact if you read actual historical accounts about him and Calvin you would see what I mean, but like I said we have one thing going for us and that is we both strongly believe in the Holy Trinity. so lets leave it at that, shall we. and pray for the diabolical movements and there are many, to come to an end thats infected everywhere including society, governments, schools, businesses. its not just in churches. which is something that both has us concerned over. brother Walid is not God and neither is you nor myself. but dont think for one second think I can be converted out of a 2000 year old doctrine established by the Apostles. not gonna happen. I respect Mr Shoebat, he knows and understands things about the Bible because he was once a Muslim. his knowledge far exceeds ours when it come to the beast, and does not try to read into the Bible, he allows the Bible to read to him, which is very un-sola scriptoria. and his studies are very much linked to prophesies we have in our church. but the devil is also running around in other places as well. his work causes me to go wow! God picks and chooses who he wants which is a blessing for Mr Shoebat. and we are blessed to have him. doesnt matter if he’s protestant or Catholic.and the reality is God will even choose even a Athiest/ Pagan if it suits his purpose. heck look at King Clovis who was a pagen converted to Christianity which gave way to the conversion of his entire country. Mr Shoebat has the beast down to a fine wine. the days are here where christians and jews have the world coming against us, and we only have each other. best to get over the differences and like Jesus said in order to get through the great tribluation we have to unite. and he also advised to read the book of revelations, in it we will find comfort to help us get through it. gotta love Jesus. A prophesy given to us nearly 100 years ago the seer warned about the beast, the message from heaven referred to revelations chapter 8 n 13. read those chapters and you will see what I mean when it comes to Mr shoebats linked to prophesy. chapter 8 is nearly fulfilled already which Mr Shoebats study doesnt apply to and chapter 13 where Mr Shoebats work applies to, is well on its way to being fulfilled.

  • Fhr68

    Something for you to ponder on, to grasp some of the understanding what Catholics are facing n placed under stress about: google Fr Malachi Martin. I assure you we don’t need your help to harm us. We have the devil doing that already. you believe yes but how strong is your faith? How many of the warnings from Heaven are you aware of, and is your faith strong enough to accept those warnings?based how things are moving at a the speed it is. My advise to you which you don’t have to follow, because it is merely a suggestion is get yourself some blessed wax candles for the darkness that’s coming, you may very well see these days in your lifetime.

  • Fhr68

    How can Catholics trust reformers? Since it’s beginnings, the reforms goal was always to destroy the Church . Nay there is only one to trust and that is The Lord. With reformers we are always having to look over our shoulders watching for the knife. Guess you don’t read what is in front of you, but then again that is expected, sola scriptoria. Your way. The ironic thing is the devil is attacking your thousands of denominations as well. So He must really want Christians destroyed altogether. I’ll not discuss God with you any further. You have belief and that’s a great place to start. But it’s gonna take more than belief to get us through with what’s coming. God Bless You ! And good luck, watch the skies for changes.


  • Julie LaBrecque

    How can you state that there are still people in mortal bodies? “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of any archangel, and with the trump of God: and dead in Christ shall rise FIRST; Then WE which are alive and remain shall be caught up TOGETHER WITH THEM in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we EVER BE with the Lord.” 1 Thess 4:16-17 – Only one return of Christ left to occur. 1 Thess 4:16-17 “Whosoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood, hath eternal life, and I will raise him up ON THE LAST DAY.” John 6:54 “..I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection AT THE LAST DAY.” John 11:24. There is only ONE LAST DAY – time as we know it, ends. “And these shall go away into everlasting punishment; but the righteous into life eternal.” Matt 25:46 – ALL people are judged when He returns.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    How is it that the Holy Spirit is completely confused and telling everybody different interpretations? All these different and competing interpretations amongst protestants CANNOT have their origins from the Holy Spirit.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Jesus being touched by the body of a sinner as opposed to being INSIDE a body of someone else is the same as the difference in night and day- that is why some people had DIED from receiving His body and blood – they were in a state of sin- had not DISCERNED THE BODY.

    • Dan Knight

      Even more: Jesus took her flesh. Both biologically and for nourishment. For the Jesus ‘touching’ Mary to be compared to external touching requires Mel to dismiss or discount the fully human and fully divine nature in one. One must postulate a distinction between the human nature and the divine nature. Yet no distinction exists according to John.

      Julie, you’re doing a great job! You don’t need my help, but I just thought I’d add that additional observation just for this particular post. I’m pretty sure you made the same point somewhere on your thread.

      Happy Palm Sunday to you, and to Mel! LOL

  • Julie LaBrecque

    James, the brother of Jesus, parent’s name are listed in the Bible, and they aren’t Joseph and Mary. James parents were Mary ‘of Clopas’ and Clopas. Sorry, you lose again.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I will not stop saying we are the True Ones because we are and history bears this out.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Excuse me? What does ‘sanctified’ mean – ‘they were both righteous before God, WALKING IN ALL COMMANDMENTS AND ORDINANCES OF THE LORD BLAMELESS?’

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You don’t drink or eat, so where do you have room to speak? He is fully present under either species – and we have miracles to prove it – the flesh is bloody.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    #1 – just because something ISN”T in the Bible does NOT mean it did not happen – so off you go on Tonto charging into the desert – how do you know that Mary didn’t partake of communion – of which she would not need because she was already FULL OF GRACE – and that Greek word which you will NOT interpret, states that she was, is, and always WILL BE full of grace.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    #1 – An empty cross can be any cross that every existed in the world, even ones that no one ever hung on #2 His DEATH ON THE CROSS is what bought our salvation #3 He did NOT ascend from the Cross; he was taken down from the cross. #4 “For as often as you eat of the bread, and drink this cup, you proclaim THE LORD’S DEATH until He comes.” 1 Cor 11:26. #5 – “I beheld, in the midst of the throne, A LAMB, STANDING AS THOUGH SLAIN’ Rev 5:6. The Book of Revelations refers to Jesus as a LAMB 28 times. You should ponder why – and why the lamb is standing in the midst of the throne. Paul reminds the Galatians that Christ had been publicly PORTRAYED TO THEM as crucified.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I think you miss the prophecies and ‘types’ of Mary, and that prevents you to see what/why the Church fathers interpreted what they did about Mary – #1 The proto-evangelium, Gen 3:15 – both the Woman and the Woman’s seed, are in ‘enmity’ with Satan – and God is the one that put the enmity between them – Mary is the Woman, Jesus is her seed. These same 3 characters appear again in Rev 12. If you will notice, Jesus never speaks to her as Mother, but as Woman (John 2:4, John 19:26). In all antiquity, there is no occurrence of a Jewish child addressing their mother as ‘Woman’. Woman’ was the name of Eve before she sinned. Mary is blessed amongst women, therefore, she is greater than Eve, whom was born immaculate, as was Adam. The Ark was a type/shadow of Mary, the 3 items inside the Ark were types/shadows of Jesus. Luke’s gospel is replete with references to the Ark from 2 Samuel 6 in his description of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth- journeyed to the hill country of Judah, remained 3 months, John jumped in his mother’s womb at Mary’s voice, Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit upon hearing Mary speak, Elizabeth (descendant of Aaron- a Levite) spoke ‘in a loud voice’, same rare Greek word is used ‘episkiasei’ with the Levites and the Ark, etc. Rev 11:19 declares that the Ark is in the Heavenly Temple- the Temple is Jesus Body, Mary is the Ark in the Temple, then John describes the ‘Woman’ after he saw the ‘Ark’. Psalm 132:8 prophesied that the Ark would arise to heaven, as would the Lord, Rev 11:19 confirms this is fulfilled. Mary is also prophesied of in Psalm 45:9-17, in verse 17, God declares Himself to be the source of her being called blessed in all generations, the Daughter whom the King desires because of her ‘beauty’, the Queen in gold of Ophir- ties in again to Rev 12, where the woman is ‘clothed with the sun’, and wearing a crown, ergo, a Queen, as were all the Mothers of the Davidic Kings, whom had a seat in the throne room to the right of their son. ( 1 Kings 2:19), and interceded for the King’s subjects. Jesus is the ‘Son of David’, and sits on David’s throne. From the cross, Jesus gave us HIs mother as our mother, to all his beloved disciples, John 19:27. It is all there, you have to piece it together, as you have to do with all the writings of the Bible.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Why do you let your pre-conceived ideas to cloud your interpretation? Jesus CLEARLY SAID ‘This IS MY BODY’- He CLEARLY SAID ‘ Amen, Amen, (hope you know what that means), except you EAT the FLESH of the Son of Man, and DRINK His BLOOD, you have no life in you.” Yet you disbelieve! Why don’t you agree with ‘sinful’ nature? Did not Adam pass this down? Does not Paul state that through ONE man, sin entered the world? Does he not state that we are born ‘children of wrath’? The Word ‘Trinity’ and ‘Rapture’ is not found once in the original language of the Bible – but I bet you believe in them – do you? What makes you think that Augustine was the first to speak of this? Are you reading re-hashed garbage from a protestant?

  • Julie

    The foundation of Protestantism is anti Catholic, anti unity.

    You need to get hold of a Catholic catechism that will teach you what we truly believe. There is quite an enormous section on Who God is….and Mary is not part of it. You accused us of worshipping Mary in one of your posts.

    The Church is the one who prays for our separated Brethren at Mass.
    See what the sacrament of baptism is. Realize that if one receives the Trinitarian baptism one is in the broadest terms a member of the universal Catholic/Orthodox Church….which leads to another.

    Why are your sects constantly attacking the Catholic Church and never the Orthodox?

    When do I go around attacking other Protestant sects? I am only responding to their own bias and profound misinformation.

    Our unity does not come from personal opinion. That is the motivating power behind Sola Scriptura that was never once stated in Scripture…in fact…the apostles forewarned us never to fall into personal interpretation.

    The personal interpretation of Sacred Scripture is the tool used by Satan…and Luther himself was visited by an angel who told him not to go through with his 95 theses….to destroy Christianity from within.

    A good example is our USA. We are supposedly enjoying the greatest voting bloc in the country….Christianity….but it is totally useless because of Sola Scriptura….our congregations are totally separated from one another. There divisions within even Lutheranism.

    If you would spend time studying what Catholics truly believe instead of this continual and prejudice spin of what you are indoctrinated to think….it would help in subduing the Christian divisions.

    The very center and life of the Church is Christ. The seat of Peter holds the Keys to the Blood.

    If you reduce congregations to councils….you will have people still following personal interpretation because they will pick and choose who they want to follow for the moment…instead of the Holy Spirit.

    It took hundreds of years and many people….not one lone ranger….to complete and canonize the books of Scripture for public revelation, checks and balances.

    If you read Luther’s 95 theses….you will see it was a complete annihilation of Christ establishing only one Church and He Himself the life of the Church provided and handed down by the apostles…both teachings and traditions.

    If you look at the practices of early Christianity…you will see that the Liturgy is truly the form of worship…not bible fellowship. The liturgy’s parts, spirit, and tone is the same today as 2000 years ago.

    Two most important characteristics of God is His Eternal Being and His love.

    I cannot compromise my faith for any heresy or faith based on paper…text….personal interpretation. Our basic faith in Christ may be the same…but in context of faith and practice….and worship….ours are extremely different and far removed from one another.

    You go to my Church, you don’t see any preacher getting up and denouncing other human beings and making the congregation think they are better than other Christians.

    In essence…what I see all the time and experience all the time in this country is the continual put downs and invalidations and gross…to the point of falsehoods…of how various protestants think of my religion.

  • Julie

    I read some more of your posts…the protestants were the ones that burned others at the stake. The Council of Constance was later abrogated, and even the anti pope at the time did not condone the execution of Jan Hus.

    But you should take a time out and spend time reading what Jan Hus actually believed.

    If you would only get a catechism….you will see all the Scriptural references.

    You do not know the sacraments….and how they are not man made….you do not believe in penance because you are already saved…? I hope not.

    Luther was a mentally imbalanced man who was highly scrupulous, who had to have it written down that he was saved. His scrupulosity could not allow him….irregardless of any church he was in that was not of his making…to see God’s love for him. Scrupulous people are very afraid of God and His judgments…they say they believe Christ is True G od and True Man…but have no concept of the Humanity of Christ and what it means for them.

    Protestantism is riddled with heresy and heresy destroys families and cultures.

    And you don’t know the hurt we feel when your project your false and even sacriligious concepts of our faith. Indulgences are still practiced.

    You show me our catechism and you show me where it says we pay our want into heaven.

  • Dan Knight

    Very good point. We / I forget that sometimes.

  • Corrected. Thank you sir.