German Politician Declares: ‘Hitler, Please Come Back To Germany. We Need You.’

By Theodore Shoebat

A German politician has recently declared her desire for Hitler to return to Germany. The story reflects the increasingly changing political climate towards fascism in Europe. I did a whole video on this:

  • Higlac

    God Almighty, Have Mercy upon us all!!!!!

    ANY AND ALL totalitarianism – be it Bonapartism, Fascism, Islam, Marxism (Communism, Socialism, “Democratic-Socialism”, “Social-Democracy” and all such) or Nazism – is ipso facto EVIL!!!!!

    This also makes a premonition my late father had about Germans just waiting to have another excuse to start up their Deutschland über alles modes of evil behaviour (which they manifested in both World Wars as well as the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71) into a prophecy…

  • infowolf1

    The solution to this mess is break up Germany. I read somewhere about at least one or two separatist inclined provinces the various sections of Germany have very different cultures and sometimes rivalries to each other and dialect differences, nothing extreme but this could be played on. Restore their little kingdoms and duchies and give Schleswig-Holstein back to Denmark, undo what bismark did.

    • Nan

      Katolisch Bayern.

  • HolyFire


    You are absolutely correct. There will always be globalisation. The real question of globalisation we should be asking is whose brand do we want, Satan’s or Christ’s, Catholic Universality, or Communism/Islamism?

    “Matthew 12:25-26

    25 And Jesus knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate: and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.

    26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself: how then shall his kingdom stand?”

    Satan does NOT cast our Satan. These are Christ’s very own words. The left is Satan and the right is Satan. What area does Satan thrive in? The ‘grey’ / compromise.

    Has the liberal left progressively become more conservative ‘right’ or the ‘conservative’ right progressively become more liberal left since we adopted this false left-right paradigm as nations?

    The answer is obvious, and it’s being done by ‘design.’

  • susan

    I’m learning to listen to these videos twice. There’s a lot packed into them and it rewards to go back and find the other gems. People should try it once and hear what i’ve learned…what i hear from you. You grabbed hold of of bad people. There’s a lot of bad people. And we shouldn’t listen to them.

    Enjoyed the music…needed it. 🙂

  • KiddBlast

    The book Sellner was holding – Righteous Indignation – wouldn’t be of much use to revolutionaries; it’s Andrew Breitbart’s reckoning with leftist consensus journalism in the United States.

  • Trevor

    Is there a source for this? I’m shocked at this.

    • Trevor,

      He gave you the name “elena roon” Google is a great tool. Its all over the place.

      • Trevor

        Don’t forget I’m deaf so I can’t hear what Theo says in the video.

        Will look it up.

        • Ahhh, got it, sorry Trevor. I was wondering why you did not get that name. My bad. Please forgive. I keep forgetting the ones who do not hear by sense hear by spirit more than the ones who hear by sense 😉

          • Trevor

            No sweat, my friend.

            After reading at least three news sources, I am stunned over this.

            What’s more, the third article I’ve read also spoke of another AfD leader who said Germany needs to stop looking at the past.


            Whatever Theo said in the video, the fact there are politicians who are openly talking and using this to advance their agenda is well on the mark.

            I also noticed the party leadership were irritated because they didn’t want to have their reputation tattered just yet. They are trying to gain seats in the upcoming September election.

            So in other words, they scold and expel while crossing their fingers behind their back hoping it will appease the mob whose ears are easily tickled.

            I hope I got the gist of what Theo is trying to warn us of.

          • “the third article I’ve read also spoke of another AfD leader who said Germany needs to stop looking at the past.”

            “stop looking at the past.”


          • Trevor

            Sometimes, the past give us a barometer of the future.

            I’m currently gathering research material on the Euphrates River. Right now, I’m accessing academic journal articles, and I think I may have stumbled on why Turkey is in Syria right now.

            Water policy is one aspect in why Turkey is expanding their political and military power. The other is grudges against Syria for supporting the PKK during the conflicts between Turkey and the PKKs. What’s the saying about grudges in the Middle East, Constantine?

          • concerned american

            I may have stumbled on why Turkey is in Syria right now.

            Also, don’t forget what Walid said about the “pincer” effect.

          • Now there is one who retains the seed and it grows and produces fruit.

          • Dan

            Thanks Walid, I was wondering who this lady was ; I’m not deaf but I don’t have the patience to sit through videos.

          • “I don’t have the patience to sit through videos.”

            You can always go and play in the sandbox. Don’t forget to take the bucket and the shovel with you.

  • Renato Steri

    I fully agree with you Ted. Nobody can persuade me that the Muslim invasion of Europe was not wanted. The German elites are not so stupid as not to know that if they flood the ultramodern and developed Germans with medieval Asian/African Muslim thugs it will lead to unrest.
    This invasion was provoked to present Nazism as its antidote. The end times are close, be prepared.

    • Higlac

      I’ll second you over everything you posted above; however, one question strikes me as well worth pondering. What do we Christians need to do in order to be truly prepared for these end-times?

      I’m not out to insult or hurt you in the least: this is something we all need to consider very seriously. In my case I’m particularly worried given my being almost totally alone where I live, with very little interaction with society (much of which has cut me off) both of fellow-Christians and otherwise…

      • “What do we Christians need to do in order to be truly prepared for these end-times?”

        Easy. Go to comments where folks do not believe in Jesus and witness to them. Thats one technique.

        Higlac. All I do is try to change hearts to save souls. A soul is everything to me these days. That is it.

        At times I look at the comment sections where Christians comment and they love to debate over all sorts of things. While that is good and fun, its more important to think about the souls of many who are on their way to hell.

        • Kamau41

          “Higlac. All I do is try to change hearts to save souls. A soul is everything to me these days. That is it.” Keep on keeping on, I believe you are changing more hearts than you realize.

          • Higlac

            I can only hope so: I’m horrifically aware of those people (at least 7 on Facebook, of whom 4 were also known to me personally – and 1 thereof was at one time a “brotherly friend” together with his wife) who instead have accused me of “spreading hate” and unwisely hating an entire people (of course, it didn’t help that they all were leftist-indoctrinated) and who consequently parted ways with me, apparently forever!!!!

            Now, much as I can and do fall into error and worse (and I have to question myself when I find myself at the point of advocating arson, murder and other such things needing to be used in order to evict Moslems from our communities!!!!), I can only lean on God and aim to repent both relative to individuals and with those small groups that can be converted to Christianity…

      • Renato Steri

        You share the destiny of many Christians. Once you choose to follow the way of Christ, usually everyone cuts you off. Losing your country, family, property, education, not speaking of having any money at all is common consequence of this choice. Stay strong and look for precious prayers and God will always help you to survive and to have enough to live on. Don’t lose hope because faith is real and the Bible reveals 100% literal truth. Once one comprehends this it’s shocking to digest full consequences on real life. But sooner you get in terms with reality of afterlife the better for you also in this earthly life. You lose fear, and the feeling of being desperate because you start to see the light and bright future for you. This is a long process that takes years to accomplish, suffering comes as a part of it, but in the end you come out as a winner because you defeat the senselessness of an atheistic, selfish life shich is aimed at consumption and gives no satisfaction to the soul at all.

        • Brenda

          Higlac was just blessed by you far as I am concerned, for this comment alone could save years of unnecessary confusion.

    • Someone who agrees. A rare commodity 😉

      • Renato Steri

        Haha Walid that’s why I love your website. I think we both have a little insight in the black demonic shadows, that is why we hate evil and appreciate our Savior Christ the Son of God and his Catholic Church. They protect us from falling into the pit of fire and demons. Hell is real and you know it too. Anyway, the hell on earth is nothing compared to the eternal hell in the afterlife.
        Also Padre Pio said on some topics that they smell of heresy. It’s a good thing to have an allergy to the signs of evil.

  • MicahJames

    If Islam is the 4th beast of Daniel 7, which I believe it is, we do not need to fret over all of these other movements. The 4th beast will eventually trample the “remainder” which would be the rest of the planet outside of the first 3 beasts. Right now, in the west, Islam has taken a ride into our culture on the coat tails of the social justice movement. People are unaware that the political climate created by the social justice movement in America mirrors what was going on in Germany in the early 1930’s. The reason that Bonhoeffer couldn’t get Karl Barth elected to a theology chair position at Berlin University in 1932-1933 is the same reason we here in America are seeing our sportscasters & public figures lose their jobs for making “politically incorrect” statements . EVERYTHING is being politicized by this “social justice” movement sweeping accross America and the west. The political and cultural climate was exactly the same in pre-Nazi Germany in 1933. Although there are differences in the doctrines of the German Reichkanzler’s political party and the social justice movement in America, their affects on culture are/were staggeringly similar. The social justice movement is the train that Islam is riding into its powerful end-time position. At least that’s what we’re seeing here in the west.

  • Higlac

    My solution? Is there something that can be properly said would be one man’s solution if it is to really work, especially under these circumstances?

    I think that the problem has to be tackled on a community-directed basis relative to the natives of the area prior to Moslems coming in. [Naturally, the Moslems (if they remain Moslems &/or recent arrivals as immigrants) would be ineligible to participate in the process.]

    A small grass-roots’ gathering of locals will be the most effective: they’ll be best in terms of knowing who to trust and who NOT to trust. [All too often it’s the governments and their agencies (e.g., police, military) that must NEVER be trusted; especially if it comes to countering violence with violence – which is what I most strongly fear!!!] It’s the local communities who will be best able to decide which stranger families need to be merely watched, downright pressured to leave or, in an emergency, be forcibly expelled, even killed (MOST unfortunately) – and how to dispose of the remains so that the authorities will have as hard a time as possible to catch those who’ve had to undertake such actions.

    Here I must confess my great worry about civil wars and consequent massacres à la St.Bartholomew in 1572/08/24 in France being the only way to really get rid of Moslems from communities. As a Christian, I most categorically hate the thought of having to kill people; particularly if it means even the deaths of women and children. MOST unfortunately, I most strongly fear that we’ll have positively ZERO choice; particularly when we remember that one of the weapons they use is out-breeding us so as to destroy us with greater numbers over the long-term. [Another is rapidly grow colonies of their own by large-scale settlement of a given area – which is why prevention is better than curing.]

    Furthermore, doing all this on a community level is something that not only will bind the native residents together (and have the best chance of defeating any Marxist Quislings from the governments in their quest to force the Moslems down our throats to boot!!!!); it also is something that can be undertaken anywhere by any group of native people in any country. This will be especially necessary until the governments and other arms of the élitist traitors start being purged…

    I know that this might not make the best sense; however, it’s the best I can foresee…

  • lewjac3

    It is too late, europe is doomed, there is nothing they can do short of mass deportation, and everyone knows that will not happen. By By europe, hello muslims.

    • Higlac

      Enough people in the days immediately following the fall of Norway and Denmark plus France and the Low Countries in April and May 1940 were saying the same thing of the UK during World War II. Most fortunately there emerged Sir Winston Churchill – to whom the entire British nation rallied without delay.

      Furthermore, until Pearl Harbour came to pass, the USA was most pacifistic and reluctant to get involved; however, virtually all the pacifists fell into line once Roosevelt, calling that day “a day that will live in infamy”, asked Congress to declare war against Japan.

      Now I’ll promptly grant you that no such leaders have yet emerged in any of France or Germany; however, one DOES have Geert Wilders in the Netherlands (and to a lesser extent Filip DeWinter in Belgium), who’s becoming quite popular. Furthermore, wherever strength emerges, people will be attracted to it. I suspect that it will be the Vishegrad Four who’ll be the leaders of the anti-Nazi revolution on a political level; while in the truly-occupied countries of France, Germany, the UK and Sweden, it will be up to the people to respond at community level as discussed in an earlier posting on this thread. IF too many people remain quiescent, THEN they’ll be doomed; however, I still am not without hope as far as those in rural areas are concerned…

  • During WWI and WWII Europe had 100 million people killed. So you propose this to solve an immigration issue cause by the very Germans who produced Hitler.

    • AZ gal

      The Germans aren’t the cause of the Muslum invasion. They are victims of it. Brainwashed.
      A bloodbath is coming anyway as the Muslums seize control & Europeans finally fight back.
      What’s coming has nothing to do with Hitler or Nazism.

      • Renato Steri

        Merkel was advertising Germany and invited any qualified worker from tge third world to come to Germany. Germany has seen the greatest influx of immigrants in the whole Europe and all so called refugees want to go there because they get most money there. Germans are in no way victim, their leaders call for more newcomers under the excuse that they need them for their economy.

  • Higlac

    Did you read my earlier posting in response to “KiddBlast”? If so, you’d then realise just what steps INDIVIDUAL communities will have to take to save themselves. If communities bind together individually, there’s much more that can be done BY THEM than by our Quisling governments!!!

    Mind you, it will mean the communities’ disregarding normal Christian ethics in addition to transgressing normal allegiances to federal and regional (state/provincial/district) governments, especially if it comes to anti-Moslem genocide. [It’s this genocide on Western soil which I truly see as the ONLY true solution, MOST UNFORTUNATELY – the Moslems by and large won’t leave on their own, and the Marxists will be standing by and rejoicing in the civil wars that will thereby erupt as that is part of their plan!!!! The Marxists want wholesale population reduction, and that’s one of the reasons they’ve been bringing them into the West (whose civilisation they hate every bit as much as the Moslems!!!!!).]

  • Renato Steri

    I agree that Germans are brainwashed to accept leftist, globalist nonsense, as you say, but it doesn’t make them victims. How many of them are chanting “Welcome refugees”?