The Muslim Antichrist Is Rising Up, Major Muslim Leaders Are Declaring The Coming Of A Divine Leader Who Will Lead An Islamic Empire, The Islamic Antichrist Will Declare Himself To Be God And War Against Christendom

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

As the date of the Turkish constitutional referendum to make Erdoğan supreme ruler approaches, each day continues to come with surprises. This time its a prophecy predicted by MP Şevki Yılmaz, a columnist for Erdoğan’s pro-government mouthpiece Yeni Akit TV. It caused quite a stir amongst secularists watching Yilmaz switch from a politician/columnist to false prophet uttering some strange aberrations.

“Whatever the ‘no’ camp does, the ‘yes’ camp will emerge victorious in the referendum on April 16 next month” he predicted Turkey’s switch to an executive presidency claiming that his prediction stems from a prophecy by Muhammad himself. Yilmaz continued:

“… all oppressed people on earth needs Turkey … Turkey has become ‘the house of Allah’ while Turks will become [the war-like ] Ababeel”.

It was a message of mystery to the secular media, but a clear message to the Muslim Sufi world. These can comprehend that Turkey will become the temple of Allah who will be Erdoğan, while the Turks will transfer to becoming these warrior “Ababeel” birds defending Erdoğan’s temple.

Yılmaz kicked off his utterances weeping and lamenting the loss of Abdulhamid II, the last Caliph of Islam prophesying that the outcome of the referendum on April 16 next month will fulfill a hadith:

“The Hadith by prophet Muhammad is about to be fulfilled with victory on April 16”.

A portion of the clip was translated by Turkish Minute:

The “head” according to Yilmaz, is to be revived and the wound healed. While the above video is but a small clip, was able to review the whole interview where Yilmaz was weeping in front of the camera saying: “Those who want to take Turkey back [to secularism], neither their vassals, nor their lives can save them.” “Turkey will become Beit-u-Allah. On April 16, vote ‘YES’ to the referendum means to be an Ababeel bird in Beit-u-Allah” said Yilmaz.

Allow me to explain all this. Beit-u-Allah is none other than the Kaaba, the House of Allah himself. But this is located in Saudi Arabia. Yilmaz is now saying that it will be symbolically or even literally re-stationed in Turkey. “Türkiye gitti mi Beytullah gider” he said in Turkish, which literally means: “Yes, Beit-u-Allah goes to Turkey”.

This goes back to what we said years ago: that the Kaaba will be transferred from Mecca to the leader of the Islamic world. Instead of Muslims bowing towards Mecca, they will bow towards their Mahdi. This is in accordance to the Sufi Islamic religion. Unlike the Wahhabi school of Islam, with all of its mechanical religion, the Sufis don’t mind being extremely charismatic, they don’t mind openly worshipping human beings. In the Sufi tradition there is the belief that one can reach a state of godhood, in which the Sufi mystic can declare, “I am god,” and his followers bow down to him as a human incarnation of the Kaaba.

Jalal al-Din Rumi, by far the most prestigious sufi in Islam’s entire history, explained this concept as such:

Remember the famous utterance of al-Hallaj, “I am God.” People think that to say “I am God” is a claim of great pretense and spiritual arrogance. It is actually a claim of extreme humility. “I am God” means “I do not exist.” He is all, everything is He, existence is God’s alone. I am without existence, pure non-existence. I am nothing.” “I am God” is not a claim of great pretension, it is a claim of extreme humility. There is more humility in this than any supposed claim to greatness, but people do not understand the inner meaning. When a man acknowledges his servitude to God, he is aware of his being a servant. He may see himself as a devoted servant of God, but he still sees himself and his own actions as apart from the one reality of God. He is not drowned in the Ocean of Divine Unity. Drowned is he in whom there is not separate motion or mobility. Drowned is he whose movement is the movement of the water. And so it is with the enlightenment ones, those who declares, “I am God.” Anyone who says “I am the servant of God” asserts the reality of two existences, one for himself and the other for God. But he who says “I am God” — and has realized the deepest levels of unity within his being — has seen through the illusion of his existence. He knows from the experience of unity that his own separate existence is nothing but an illusion. Knowing that, he casts its former selfhood upon the winds of oblivion. (Rumi, Hearts bear witness one to another, in The Complete Discourses of Jalal al-Din Rumi, discourse 11, p. 75, ed. Louis Rogers)

Rumi recounts a story in which a sufi sheikh named Mawlana Baha’ al-Haqq wa’l-Din, becomes the light of God and “the soul of the Kiblah” (the Ka’ba’s Black Stone in Mecca) to which Muslim pray. Rumi relates:

The Shaikh had lost all ego-consciousness and had long since passed away from the sense of personal identity. Having been consumed in the Light of God, his self no longer remained. This is the meaning of the prophetic saying, “Die before you die.” The Shaikh had become the Light of God. And whoever turns his back on the Light of God to face the wall of the prayer niche has assuredly turned his back on Mecca, since God’s Light is the soul of the Kiblah [the Ka’bah] (Rumi, Service done for God is proof of divine favor, in The Complete Discourses of Jalal al-Din Rumi, discourse 3, p. 17, ed. Louis Rogers)

As we wrote back in 2014 in regards to this statement by Rumi:

This is quite telling; what its saying is that the sheikh became the Kiblah, or the person to whom Muslims would pray toward. Therefore, an Antichrist Muslim leader in Turkey, who is a practicing sufi, can declare that he is the light of God, and Muslims from all over the world will pray towards him; he will become the new Kiblah [direction of prayer as in the Kaaba], with the multitudes of Muslims praying to his direction.

Mind you, Yilmaz is no quack, which is why this was so shocking to many. He was the son of the former Karamürsel Mufti Ali Efendi. In 1982, the European National Vision Organization appointed him as the Austrian Regional Director and he served as Deputy Chairperson of the European National Vision Organization and served in The Welfare Party when it became the second party in Turkey.

Anyone can see the shocking response by secular Turks by clicking here when Yilmaz was participating in the National Resurrection Program on Akit TV this Wednesday to only proclaim “Yes, Beit-u-Allah goes to Turkey” and “On the 16th of April, it means to be an Ababeel Bird in Beit-u-Allah“?

Turkey becoming “Beit-u-Allah,” (the House of Allah) while these flying “Ababeel” creatures protecting and defending Erdoğan needs an interpreter which only the seasoned Muslim Sufi understands what this prophecy packs. This would mean that Erdoğan has become Allah himself and Turkey will become his temple (house) at some point in time after April 16th.

The Ababeel stems from when the birds of Ababeel defended the Kaaba from when the Christian king Abraha came with complete war equipment, armour, and the elephants to knock down the Kaaba (Beit-u-Allah or the House of Allah) in Mecca before Islam. The Christian Abraha was convinced that he will easily be able to destroy the Kaaba, but what happens next, according to Muslim legend in the Quran, was that Allah’s help arrived according to the Koran in Sura Al-Fil (The Elephant) where Allah sent “Birds of Ababeel to throw stones of Sejjil” on the elephants and the army, which led to their defeat and destruction.

In other words, the coup against Erdoğan’s efforts last year’s July 15th, only had Erdoğan flying around Istanbul like the Ababeel bird in victory and now all of Turkey must say “yes” to Erdoğan’s referendum so they too can join together to become the Ababeel flying birds, the protectors of Erdoğan who is Allah himself, and Turkey then becomes Erdoğan’s temple.

The Hadith, Yılmaz was referring to, was expressed by Erdoğan in a speech from May 30th last year, saying in classical Arabic “Latuftahhanna al-Qustantiniyyeh” (Constantinople will be conquered). Listen at 00:33:

Erdoğan cited revelations from the Quran and the Hadith in classical Arabic in which the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad predicted “Constantinople will be conquered, the best prince is its prince and the best army is that army”.

The prophecy is when Muslims in end-times fight the west and then they “will conquer Constantinople” after which Rome will also be conquered by Turkey’s “prince” (the Caliph) just as Daniel predicted Antichrist will be called “prince”.

According to history Constantinople has already been conquered by the Ottomans, but the prophecy in Islam has a dual-fulfillment, which according to Erdoğan, needs to be re-conquered from the westernized secularists. To Erdoğan, there is an apocalyptic re-fulfillment of when Muhammad II the Conqueror, conquered Constantinople, which Erdoğan now becomes this revived conqueror who took it from western secularism.

On his Facebook, Yılmaz even displays the symbol of this Muslim invasion, in an image of a ship. The hull of the ship is the shape of a Muslim sword pointed Westwards (left) towards Europe, where the sword spells out Bismillah (In the Name of Allah), the mark of Islam to be enforced on all of Europe. This is the mark “Bismillah” we have been speaking about for two decades.
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The two sails (also in the shape of swords) stems from the Turkish Tughra which represent the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, the two are to be ruled and protected by the Ottomans, which the Tughra Analysis and Form explains the emblem represents a ship “going westward to invade and conquer the west.”

So according to Yilmaz, Erdoğan’s referendum is to catapult Erdoğan as a Caliph who becomes Allah himself, and Turkey which sits on the two seas, then becomes Erdoğan’s temple, his throne, ruling the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Even God addresses the Antichrist as such:

“ … In the pride of your heart you say, “I am a god; I sit on the throne of a god in the heart of the seas [Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea] But you are a mere mortal and not a god, though you think you are as wise as a god. Are you wiser than Daniel? … (Ezekiel 28:1-3)

Erdoğan says that the conquerer of Constantinople will become “the best prince” and the Caliph in Islam is “the prince of the faithful”. explains these prophecies here and how Antichrist is called “prince”.

Now that Turkey is finished with the July 15th coup and it is turning fully Islamist, it becomes obvious that “allegiance” will be required from all Turkish citizens were one has to conform with Islamist uniformity. This will also include the dreaded Mark of the Beast as you will see that Turkey’s society is being set up for some shocking realities where the Bismillah (in the name of Allah) and the Crescent are mandated to becoming permanent symbols for Erdogan’s Islamists movement.

As a matter of fact, we have etched this prior to its happening. Over a decade ago, in 2005 in my book Why I Left Jihad (page 319-326) and for the first time in history, I laid out my discovery to what flavors will encompass this Mark of The Beast. I even repeated it in my other book God’s War on Terror in 2010. In these books I suggested that the Arabic Bismillah as well as the red dragon’s Crescent symbol will be some of the flavors that compose the mark which gives allegiance to Antichrist.

So many laughed off my proposal sighting that because I used the wrong codex that this makes my theory null-and-void. This while no one denied that the Greek Stigma and Xi does exactly read in Arabic the word Bismillah while the Chi (X) is the symbol of Islam’s two crossed swords.

bism copy

On the right: Bismillah with two swords On the left: the letters translated to 666.

Now that Bismillah (Arabic for In the name of Allah) has become the symbol of July 15th Islamist takeover in Turkey and is seen in their symbolism even a ship in a sword-shaped written Bismillah, this theory becomes more plausible. Here watch and read the words in this chant in Turkey marking this historic transformation:

bism2 copy

The story of Ababeel and such symbolism has another meaning: the defeat of Christianity. In the legend, Ababeel threw Sejjil, the fiery missiles from Allah which these Ababeel, the heavenly birds, delivered them and Abraha Al-Ashram‘s elephants, the tanks of the day were destroyed by Allah’s Sejjil. Abraha was a zealous Christian ruler of Yemen, which was subject to the Kingdom of Aksum of Ethiopia, marched upon the Kaaba with a large army, which included war elephants, intending to demolish the Kaaba. However, the Muslim legend by the Arabs has the story that the lead elephant was Muslim, known as Mahmud, is said to have stopped at the boundary around Mecca, and refused to enter.

While such detail is legend, it has been theorized by historians that an epidemic such as by smallpox could have caused such a failed invasion of Mecca. The war was launched as a campaign to destroy Makkah in Arabia and end the pilgrim to the Kaaba and divert Arab worshippers instead towards Christian Yemen at the time, which had a large church built by Abraha.

And today, Turkey becoming the House of Allah (Erdoğan is Allah) and that all the attempts to divert Turkey towards the West (Christianity) will fail according to this false prophet.

This forced replacement of holy places from Mecca to Turkey is similar to what Iran wants to do proclaiming Karbala over Mecca. Sejjil is the name of Iran’s baby pet missile. Iran’s naming their missile, Sejjil, is to succeed where Abraha failed to destroy the Kaaba. Iran also sends a prophetic message to Arabia that your Kaaba will be no more and that they will fulfill where Abraha failed.

But Yılmaz says that Turkey will become the house of the temple of Allah, that Erdoğan is now Allah. If the Kaaba is destroyed then this would not matter.

This Sejjil rock thrown by the Ababeel birds, became a symbol of Arabia’s pride, Karballah wants to become Iran’s pride and now Erdoğan wants Turkey to become Islam’s pride.

Yılmaz’s words are easily interpreted “All oppressed geography needs Turkey. Turkey will be the home now, it is being tried.”
The Mahdi responds to all the needy of all clay nations (oppressed geography) and weak Muslim nations which soon will be under the “Ummah’s Mother” as Yilmaz calls it. Ummah is global Islam and Turkey will be the mother of all Muslims where Erdoğan will be Caliph.

Co-writer: Hadith on April 16th that there will be victory

“Underlining that a saying of the Prophet Muhammad points out that the “yes” votes will win in the referendum,” Yılmaz noted that “good news was promised that Allah decided to nominate Turkey to be the mother of humankind”.

“… there is a hadith, there is good news promised that tells how [yes votes] will emerge with a victory in the April 16 [referendum]… This is destiny. Allah has decided to nominate Turkey to be the mother of humankind. No one can stop it,” he said.

Turkey will hold a referendum on a constitutional amendment package on April 16 to switch from a parliamentary system of governance to an executive presidency that will enormously expand the powers of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This is not some secular decision. Hayrettin Karaman, Erdoğan’s main Fatwa giver declared what we were saying all along they will do; that Erdogan will soon become the Caliph for all Muslims where he wrote:

“During the debate on the presidential system, here is what everyone must do so while taking into account the direction of the world’s national interest and the future of the country and not focus on the party or a particular person. What this [presidential system] looks like is the Islamic caliphate system in terms of its mechanism. In this system the people choose the leader,  the Prince, and then all will pledge the Bay’ah [allegiance] and then the chosen  president appoints the high government bureaucracy and he cannot interfere in the judiciary where the Committee will audit legislation independent of the president. ” Hayrettin Karaman

Everyone in Turkey will then give allegiance to Erdogan. Several members of ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), pro-Erdoğan columnists and people in government circles have loudly voiced that Erdoğan will be the caliph of the Muslim world after Turkey implements the executive presidency.

Right now we are working on an in depth investigation on the relationship between governments and the present day eugenist movement. We will show how big major banking systems and industries in Turkey are interconnected with the Alt-Right movement in the West, and how the Islamic agenda and the eugenist Social-Darwinist movement are in fact deeply associated, as opposed to the common perception that is commonly held, that the Alt-Right is anti-Islamic. So, be prepared for this coming investigation that will show connections no one else is making.


  • Shane Bass

    As only Walid can say it. Looking forward to the analysis of the connection to the 5 part Sunday series you wrote about the alt right in Europe. Long Live Walid the Wise and Theodore the Bold!

  • AnthonyM

    Very interesting developments in Turkey. April 16 is not that far away, and Erdogan has momentum and is ‘on a roll’, for the moment.
    I’m really looking forward to your upcoming promised analysis. No doubt it will be great, and reveal new information to us readers.

  • March 1, for Roman Catholics and Anglicans, it mark the first day of Lent. The Orthodox will join in at a later day. The Lenten seasons end on April 16.

    I have but one suggestion. During Lent, pray that President Donald Trump is truly the Cyrus to thwart Balthasar who dishonor the true God.

    • AnthonyM

      Exactly. Trump won the election, but the battle still rages. So frequent prayers for God’s guidance are prudent.
      Looking forward to Lent also, and to make the most of it.

      • Kamau41

        Absolutely Anthony.

    • Okay, Trump Cyrus or not Cyrus. That is the question. You take he is Cyrus and I take he is not Cyrus and lets see in time which of the two is right.


      • Стефан Евгений

        He is not Cyrus, he has Haman (Mike Pence)working against his policies.

        • Kamau41

          Yep!! You have nailed it. Most don’t seem to even realize that very fact.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Trump, picked the worst people to surround himself with. they are cutting the feet out from under him. May be i’m too Russian, I never put much trust in Trump to start with.

          • Craig A. Mouldey

            You are so right on. He is surrounded by traitors, globalists and criminal bankers. They are in the white house and every agency. I had hopes for Trump because the alternative, Clinton, was unthinkable. But Pence will do. Trump was warned to go after some of these people, including Clinton and Obama. He must surely be aware of their seditious actions, yet he seems to be floundering, wasting his time fighting with the press. I think the real fun will begin this spring. If they don’t kill Trump, I expect at some point he will resign.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Graig, Pence is the one i see the most problem with.

        • Grandmere

          Where is Esther when we need her?

          • Стефан Евгений

            You got that right, 🙂

      • Kamau41

        I too stand with you on that one. He is not Cyrus.

      • Actually, I have doubt that Trump is a Cyrus.

        Anyway, this article you wrote above is a bombshell all right. I’m real curious, like Anthony, on how all of this is related to the eugenics movement worldwide.

      • Question for you.

        I’m rereading the article and the mention of the House of Allah…since its currently in Mecca, could it be possible the Hagia Sophia be turned into a new House of Allah?

        • Well, there’s this then, “which the Sufi mystic can declare, “I am god,” and his followers bow down to him as a human incarnation of the Kaaba.”

          Revelation did talk about the false prophet causing people to worship the image of the beast so…

    • Nan

      Tomorrow is the start for Ruthenians.

    • Стефан Евгений

      Trevor Today was Forgiveness Sunday, and our Orthodox Great Fast is on what we call Clean Monday the 27 feb.
      May I take this time to ask forgiveness from the Shoebat,com family, for my words and actions in the past year. When you are not speaking face to face words in black and white seem harsh.

      • Wait… am I reading this right? For Orthodox, April 16 is also Pascha?

        • Стефан Евгений
          • 2011, 2014, and now 2017 both arms of the Church happened to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on the same day.

            Good grief! I never knew this.

            Now I know what I must do during Lent.

            Thank you.

          • Grandmere

            Me too, brother.

          • 2011 – Syrian Civil War starts.

            2014 – ISIS declares their caliphate.

            2017 – The resurrection of the Ottoman?


          • Grandmere

            Get ready. We are about to see the whites of their eyes. Faith, don’t let me fail now.

          • Kamau41

            Absolutely amazing….

        • Grandmere

          I don’t think so. More like Ash Wednesday.

          • Tell me about it. It’s stunning.

      • Grandmere

        Well, there goes Fat Tuesday. LOL

        • Стефан Евгений

          Oh! but we have been pigging out this last week Grandmere, our shrove tide is more like Anglicans …. its more family fun. here is one in Russia I miss it, Baba would take me.

          I wonder if Turks are letting Russian do this ? somehow if they do its low key.
          Russians are keeping alive the churches alive in Istanbul. they would be empty shells without them.

    • Grandmere

      At the Prayers of the People we pray for our Governor and our President by name. That they will be led to wise decisions and right actions. This is a good thing to do.

      • Kamau41

        That is absolutely awesome. Amen!!

      • And we also pray for the whole state of the Church as well.


        • Kamau41

          Without question.

        • Kevin Nicholson

          Trevor, check this out:

          note: Unitatis Redintigratio 3 and quotes from Popes.

          • I am a little bit leery of TradCatKnight because, even though he follows me on Twitter, some of the things he retweets shows him to be subscribing to a number of conspiracy theories, including the alleged “Planet X” in orbit just beyond the solar system. To the best of my knowledge, he has never interacted with me personally.

            I am aware there is a lot of controversy over the Vat II Council and some strange ideas being promulgated by the Council. Among them, the ridiculous notion that Muslims, Jews, and Catholics adore the One True God.

            Another issue I keep having is the bitter argument over the “One, Holy, Apostolic, and Catholic Church.” TradCatKnight and others like him argues that outside Rome, there is absolutely no salvation, and even if one was a member of, say, an Anglican Catholic Church, that person is going to eternal damnation. Ditto for the Russian Orthodox Church. Then, on the other hand, you have the Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox calling the Roman Catholics heretics.

            So if I was to follow both lines of thinking, ain’t one of us going to heaven, and all of are doing to eternal damnation because both sides cannot agree which one is the “One, Holy, Apostolic, and Catholic Church.”

            The only way to finally solve this issue for Rome and Constantinople to hold another Council and settle the issue once and for all. Will that happen any time soon? I do not know.

            I know this wasn’t the intent of your comment; I am bloody sick and tired of all this crap. It’s like the Lord said, “Do two men walk together unless they have made an appointment?” (Amos 3:3).

          • Kevin Nicholson

            Yes, how deep does the rabbit hole go?

            The Vat2 critiques seem valid due to historical catholic doctrines cited in the article.

            When Christ returns will the church leadership be a brood of vipers, and white washed graves?

            “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every impurity.” Matthew 23:27

          • Indeed, the criticism of the Vat II Council is warranted especially when compared to historic understanding. However, these times are not the same as it was in ancient times. That’s why another Council is needed. Urgently.

            As for Jesus…He is going to do a lot of housecleaning, no doubt.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Orthodox sts condem another Council Trevor

          • Kevin Nicholson

            The child said to his mother: there is a dragon in our garden!
            She replied, Yes! So your Father will send your older Brother to hunt and kill the beast. Watch what He does and follow along – for you too will have to fight for others although many will die.

            Yes, a word play on the state of the church overgrown with tares….

          • Cuzick

            With the war on the horizon, how about a Council to reconcile the original five Patriarchates, focus on the first seven Ecumenical Councils and as Christians work on fulfilling the first two Commandments. Probably not gonna happen, Millions of Christians and their communities will continue to be destroyed because of the age old pride, greed, and love of power by many in the Churches today.

          • Exactly. I’m actually inspired to write a blog post on it. This has been fermenting in my mind for a while.

          • Cuzick

            Yes do. If this schism can be healed, the divisions within all of Christianity prayerfully will stop and a revival begin.

          • Kamau41

            That would be super awesome….

          • Kamau41

            I think you should do it Trevor.

          • Grace Ziem

            Christ alone is the final judge; we need to remain close to Him and His Word, scripture, and walk in faith, love and obedience..

          • You are not telling me anything I haven’t heard or discussed with others.

          • Стефан Евгений

            T, some Orthodox and Catholics need to be cautious of the heretic rock throwing its not the teaching of the Orthodox Church.Thankfully they are fringe circles and do not speak for the Church.

          • Thanks for this. It supports my argument I made.

          • Стефан Евгений

            I was properly churched, people around me taught me better, We get coocoo for cocoa puffs on each side.

          • I was brought up in baptist churches so I have that foundation while lacking the history and deep theology of the apostolic fathers.

          • Kamau41


          • Стефан Евгений

            I”ll give another Amen to that brat!

          • Grandmere

            Amen. Oh, and by the way – SNAP!

          • Стефан Евгений

            I got this nut that keeps sending me machine translation in Russian saying that he’d turn me over to the FBI for spreading Russian “fake news” lol we get all kinds Oh get this he said he was x CIA. I wonder what he has been smoking? I made a comment on another site and I said the anti-christ well come out of Turkey, and Russia is not the land of GOG and Magog.

          • A Mossad spy (me) and a KGB spy (you) … now we can collaborate on some great mission.

          • Ray Kemper

            Walid you just made my day I have had a rough day with my son and a really bad tooth ach. God bless you and the rest of the gang in here. I think this is my first comment in 9 or 10 months but I’ve still been quietly reading most of the articles and comments.

          • Grandmere

            People are already praying ,Ray. God bless you.

          • Kamau41

            Missed your comments Ray, which has been quite awhile. We got you covered in our prayers.

          • Стефан Евгений

            Great! I will be opening a piroshky stand next to you, and we will serve the hottest hot sauce on our piroshky and falafel, deal?

  • JamieAllen

    Do the moslems say this every other day, or is this unique?

    • Bismillah is said every day even when they slaughter animals and write letters.

  • Tom_mcewen

    The first is ash Wednesday, one of my favorite days, trams full of people with ash on their forehead, alot of them young more then you would expect. This year 2017 will be hopeful for me, it will be the 100 years since Fatima, if garabandal is to happen it must happen soon. The clash of civilizations will heat up, the EU is breaking up, woo-eee, Trump is president, brexit and of course the villain behind the door, the devil will be around, Turkey and Hagia Sophia, Russia and the Orthodox and the strangely evil west. The failure of the cultural war. Witches and warlocks, a threatened Vatican, interesting times something like an earthquake and three volcanoes in Italy. A small ice age, a guiet cool sun and next sunday’s teaching from Walid.

    • AnthonyM

      That about sums it up.

    • Grandmere

      “Double, double, Toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” Willie was right, again.

      • Tom_mcewen


  • The devil did not have them call it “National Resurrection” for nothing.

  • RodK1975

    Just a thought… I wonder if Erdogan will take a new name… like Mehmet VII…

  • Ozibarb

    It scares and horrifies me that the Devils deception is so inclusive of everything. The Muslim world, the secular world with the banks, the alt right and left who are one and the same, even Christians who are like lots wife, I just pray the church will wake up sooner rather than later.

  • Cuzick

    On your feet ! Grab your gear ! From Christianity Is At WAR, ” Christendom is in a state of abandonment,forgotten and rejected as it lies in deep slumber, but it is soon to reawaken. Enemies that we now consider allies are again reviving themselves to their old powers and empires. Turkey is working effortlessly to revive it’s Islamic Ottoman Empire and making it’s Islamic envisioning more and more conspicuous. ” Perfect timing Ted on the release of your book. How anyone can continue to embrace the other Bible prophecy ” interpretations ” is beyond me. Looking forward to next Sunday’s briefing on Satan’s next move as the world continues to party on.

  • Kamau41

    Excellent detailed analysis, Walid. Indeed, the upcoming referendum on April 16 is quite significant and the fact that this will be happening on Easter Sunday this year is even much more revealing. As you have been warning the west for the past two decades, now we are really witnessing all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together in reality. Also, looking forward to your investigative insights of the relationship between governments and the eugenics movement and how all this ties in together, which I’m sure will be quite a bombshell study. We are certainly entering some very interesting times ahead….

  • DanteRivers

    Dvorak – Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” – 3rd movement

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    Song of Soloman 2:4

  • Ozibarb

    Turkey is the mother of erdogan and of the Muslim communities worldwide. Seems like a blasphemous take on the Virgin Mary as the mother of God, and mother of the holy Catholic and apostolic church. As well as his (erdogan) arising as a victor on 16th April, Resurection Sunday.

  • infowolf1

    Rumi’s statement qwuoted earlier, sounds like you coiuld excuse it as a confused person’s rendition of being so absorbed in God that is so focused on God that he has lost his sense of personal identity or forgotten everything incl. himself but God, one can get this focused on or “absorbed in” anything. BUT HERE IS A KEY STATEMENT SHOWING HE IS NOT EXPERIENCING A CONFUSION FROM THE OVERWHELMING PRESENSE OF GOD BUT A DELUSION FROM THE GETGO. “He knows from the experience of unity that his own separate existence is nothing but an illusion”
    the separate existence being an illusion is a lie, and makes out that God made a big illusion in creating everything. that God is a liar. an illusion maker. a deceiver. This is false. Just writing this out, I suddenly realized this point, denial of reality of separate existence of physical existence is making God out to be a liar.
    Also the experiences of Moses and of Elijah should have induced a similar state but there is no hint of it.

    • Grace Ziem

      Of course the false followers are deluded, duh…

  • infowolf1

    I honestly don’t buy the Islamic antichrist theory, BUT YOUR WORK IS IMPORTANT, because if this is going to be a failed attempt by the devil at creating the antichrist, it will be very dangerous for those in its way, and it will mean fighting.
    Daniel 7 cannot be the statue dream rehashed because that ends with the setting up of the Kingdom of Heaven, but no judgement or saints ruling like the vision of the four beasts does, so that it about the first advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, while the four beasts are about the approximate present time and future it ends with books opened and saints ruling. So that is the Second Advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    That means the antichrist will arise out of an empire that doesn’t exist yet, that will conquer the eagle winged lion (Britain America NATO) and the bear (Russia) and the leopard (China or perhaps finally a Kurdistan that becomes a world power) but they continue to exist recognizably perhaps as provinces of the fourth empire. Because they are given to exist when the Second Coming occurs and after a bit.
    The fourth is an animal with no precedent in Daniel’s experience he can only describe it as horned and with metal talons. This probably comes from Africa and is dinosauric. It might be Islamic, it might not. The new age effort to get all to unite peaceably will fail because it would a slap in God’s face being too different from Daniel’s prophecy. The Islamic antichrist of now might fail might be correct, but there has never been an effort to make people wear a symbol to be legal to engage in trade, though since the Mahdi is supposed to destroy the non islamics there will be no more dhimmitude it will be convert or die, so it is possible.
    More likely an empire will arise and the antichrist takes over that by flattery towards its end.

    • Cuzick

      Have you read God’s War On Terror?

    • Grace Ziem

      Read Joel Richardson, The Islamic Antichrist; totally independent confirmation using scripture from the Bible and Qu’ran.

    • The futility of trying to unlock prophecy from the allegoric parts of scripture while ignoring the literal parts is endemic amongst the many who err and attribute whatever whimsical interpretation for the allegoric animals.

  • Grandmere

    April 16, 2017. We will be celebrating the Resurrection of out Lord Jesus Christ. The Turks will be celebrating the resurrection of the caliphate. Let every one awake to the truth and prepare for the coming battle. The time for quarrels and petty squabbles is OVER!

    • Kamau41

      Yes indeed, Grandmere. The battle is well on its way!!

    • Cuzick

      Go On Grandmere !

    • Indeed.

    • richinnameonly

      Should have been over a long time ago.

  • Doc

    The interpretation of chi-xi-stigma being also the Islamic mark of the beast is what convinced me Walid Shoebat knows what he’s talking about and others such as Hal Lindsey do not.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    Erdogan has high hopes. He is going to have stiff competition for the Black Sea. Has anyone else noticed in the protests/riots that have taken place, not only in the U.S. but also in Toronto, they are being led by Muslims? If Turkey fulfils what appears to be it’s destiny, can you imagine how these people will carry on? I expect by then, Trump’s presidency will have ended and the globalist banker plan will be full speed ahead.

    • Grace Ziem

      I suspected Islamists were a significant factor, but do you have evidence? Thanks.

  • JamieAllen

    my question is this; how often have they made this deceleration or prayer?

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “We will show how big major banking systems and industries in Turkey are
    interconnected with the Alt-Right movement in the West, and how the
    Islamic agenda and the eugenist Social-Darwinist movement are in fact
    deeply associated, as opposed to the common perception that is commonly
    held, that the Alt-Right is anti-Islamic.”

    So very Amen…please also include the west side money changers.

    “For on account of a harlot one is reduced to a loaf of bread, And an adulteress hunts for the precious life.” Proverbs 6:26

  • Kevin Nicholson

    “TEHRAN (FNA)- Media sources said that Turkey has cut off the Euphrates River flow to Northern Syria, forcing the Tishrin dam and its hydropower plant in Eastern Aleppo to stop operation .

    Jahineh news reported that Turkey has closed off the flow of water in the Euphrates River that runs from its Southern territories to Northern Syria.


  • Taurnil Oronar

    This goes back to what we said years ago: that the Kaaba will be transferred from Mecca to the leader of the Islamic world.

    And explains how to those who scoff at the notion Mecca as we know it now will be destroyed later as mentioned in Revelation, while a bunch of sailors gasp along with a few other folks.

  • Grace Ziem

    Thank you very much again for your careful work; the long years of dedication will give better vision to many. Let nothing divert you from this crucial role, wisdom to the faithful.

  • No. ISIS Caliphate is not recognized as legitimate by the scholars realm. Only Turkey is.

  • This is also a myth for the Alt-Right heavily believes in Eugenics.

  • Brother Samson,

    We must keep an open mind to either propositions you gave. Jerusalem should also be considered.

    But 2 Thessalonians does not speak of the Temple being in Jerusalem. It simply says “the temple of God” But this does not negate that it could be in Jerusalem since Revelation speaks of measuring the altar and that the Gentiles would tread foot in Jerusalem for 42 months …

    But Isaiah 14 holds a key. While most brush through the verses in Isaiah 14 by doing selective reading without focusing on every word, verse 13 says:

    “I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north.”

    What is this “mount of the congregation”?

    This declaration is not regarding Lucifer in his angelic stage, but Antichrist “is this the man that made the earth tremble” (v.17) and is said to rule from Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-13) which Christ proclaimed would be the future seat of Satan (Antichrist). This “mount of the congregation” is on the sides of the northern lands in Asia Minor—Turkey. It is in Turkey that the Seven Churches and the Seven Lamp stands were and this is no small issue to ignore.

    In Turkey we have Hagia Sophia which was in early Christianity considered the Temple of Christ. We also must not dismiss a temple in Jerusalem, but must also consider no temple in Jerusalem as well. Here is one theory I propose but you can’t skip reading for it all links together because in order to understand how this man sits in the Temple of God you must also understand what is “the Abomination of Desolation” It all links together:

  • Many Jews followed Antiochus who was not Jewish. Jews signed a peace treaty with Yasser Arafat who was Muslim.

  • Eventually they will cut the flow altogether so that the 200 million man army can cross.

    • And Turkey will have leverage over Syria and Iraq.

      I hope you or Theo saw the research paper I emailed.

  • “The alt-right as a movement to Islam? I challenge you to produce pertinent facts to that effect – you should not make such claims without evidence.”

    I love challenges. By next week duck down for an incoming missile.

  • Cuzick

    God’s War ON terror will clarify in great depth your thoughts on prophecy. All my questions were answered after reading it.

  • Cuzick

    Yes after reading God’s War on Terror, you will throw out the Western version of prophecy. Ted’s new book will get you prepared mentally for what we see unfolding before us as Christians.

  • I am so thrilled for you! Pray the St. Michael the Archangel prayer. It is comforting to know to have one of the most powerful angels willing to watch your back and fight against darkness on your behalf.

  • Cuzick

    Purchase God’s War on Terror by Mr. Shoebat that you see here on this site, and you will have clarity.

  • Thank you for validating my concern regarding TradCatKnight.

  • Cuzick
  • Grandmere

    God bless you on your journey, Anthony.

  • Grandmere

    May God bless you on your journey, Kushal. We will be praying for you.

  • I do not read emails much. This is why the comment section is best. By the way Dajani family are originally Jews but they do not know. Here watch this and skip to 11:50 the Dajanis are Jews:

    Don’t forget to kiss the soil of Jerusalem on my behalf and say a prayer.

  • “Within the alt-right there is openly hostile towards Islam”

    They are also hostile towards fetuses, believe in natural selection, Eugenics and racism.

    As Christians we are either A) against all evil or B) select the evils we want to be against while we collaborate with other evils.

    Which is your choice, A or B? Its all up to you.

  • Its Antichrist in the workings.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Am thrilled for you dear brother – will put you in prayer.

  • Thank you Ashiz for your kind reply to my work. Please stand by for an upcoming series of articles that will clarify and expound more on what is happening. Things that are rarely discussed.

    • Ashiz Isaac

      Sir… I just want some clear picture of Caliph and Mahdi. Will it be the same person or separate. As far as I know Mahdi is duplicate Jesus. Is it that Caliph comes first and then Mahdi.

  • “I don’t accept that acknowledging the existence of the genetic basis of behaviour “nations and peoples” is racist”

    As that may be your view but I had also revealed:

    “They are also hostile towards fetuses, believe in natural selection, Eugenics …”

    Is that also untrue?

  • Cuzick

    And what is your thoughts on Bible prophecy? Please enlighten us.

  • Cuzick

    This will give you some answers. Now go read God’s War On Terror so you can help explain to others what is going on with all that is happening in the world today.

  • “I am aware that some alt-righters don’t oppose murder, I mean abortion”

    I understand. Its like when someone says that certain Catholics are liberal therefore Catholicism is liberal. This would be a mistake. The ultimate arbiter then is not the Catholic but Catholicism.

    So to judge the Alt-Right one must find what Alt-Rightness is all about and not what some Alt-Righter does or believes.

    This should not be difficult once we search the founders, authors and major figures of this evil movement, which we expounded on their sources a hundred times over at, so there is no need for me to rehash what has been rehashed here on a comment section.

    The strange thing here is the you defended Alt-Rightness and said zero about Christianity. The very faith you claim to proclaim.

    Perhaps, and I hope I am wrong in my presumption here that you fit the case of someone who says “Christian” “Life for the Fetus”… when what one needs to do is to compare everything you stand for with Christianity in order to find the difference: Alt-Rightness.

    This in a simple test of A or B, Christ or Baal tells much.

    A) against all evil

    1 John 3:8 “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”

    He came to destroy ALL evil. Therefore we must fight and combat all evil.

    You with a photo of a Fetus chose “B”.

    Alt-Rightness is of Evola who the the Alt-Righter is practically their prophet. A Hitler, an evil man, a devil ridden person …

    The difference between east and west is the the west is always changing. East remains still. I was born and grew up in Bethlehem where certain things do not change. I come to the West and I see each decade the fads and the trends, changing like the wind. I look. I watch. I laugh.

    The salesmen of these trends come to sell me their wares.

    I send them away laughing because I know that in the West what is trendy today is abhorred tomorrow and their idol of today is their Hitler of tomorrow. They all run after the wind while I remain stedfast on that solid foundation.

    The reason I write longer than usual here is because its rare to find honest people who at least have the courage to answer A or B. 99% flee the Jesus style questions I ask, but you did’t. I like that.

    • infidelijtihad

      Well ‘ll take up your suggestion and look through your archives. This is a site worth reading.

  • “the people makingbup the perfidious anti Jew movement may well understand that they have been misled their whole lives.”

    I do not think so for one reason: these people know about Islam and do not need their leaders telling them about Islam. They know it yet they chose Hitler because these are opportunists with a different agenda.

  • Ahhh great.

  • Are you sure about that? Last person told us Obama was gonna do this. Now I have to wait 4-8 years to find out if your amazing prophecy is true or false?

    • Kamau41

      As we know to well, he ain’t the first and won’t be the last to do so. Since Robert is so certain, I also asked him to promise us to revisit this comment in a few years as we will surely be right here waiting to see if his prophecy comes to pass.

      • Once they jump out of our ship they never return because they think that the ocean is a better place than our wooden vessel. The only problem is that by the time they try to return, the sharks would have already eaten them. Now you know why I applied chains on your ankles.

        • Kamau41

          I’ve seen so many jump ship, unfortunately, especially within the last couple of years. Now, I understand why you have kept me chained to my ankles.

          • ” I understand why you have kept me chained to my ankles.”

            To serve this ship 41.

  • Alright. I got the Felicity Prize Award.

  • Kamau41

    Yea Robert. Don’t know how many times we have heard that before. Will you promise us to revisit this comment in a few years to see what you have said comes to past? I’ll be waiting.

  • Cuzick
  • God forbid you lose your head and I lose my Salih Al Amr Prize 😉 Honored to meet you Salih. While the book was written as I was inclined to change Muslim hearts, it was also written to change Christian mindset with hundreds of years of error. Most form a view that is not in the text. Their view then becomes the text where they only provide references to verses while interpretations become the text.

    This is the whole crux of the book, to correct this error.

  • “You go to any seminar on Revelation and all you hear about is Rome.”

    I concluded that this constitutes a cult. It starts from the last book and it ends in the wrong spot.

  • Cuzick

  • Bobby S

    Satan will always look like the hero to the desperate.