Theodore Shoebat Confronts Michael Voris For His Promotion Of Major Pedophile Promoter

By Walid Shoebat 

Almost all of the conservative media outlets that we were familiar with, have bowed down to Sodom. The whole Western world is being polarized, not by Islam, but by the sodomite agenda. Like a torrent of shadows, all of the political and theological media establishments, even those that claim to be for “family values,” are promoting the religion of Sodom and Gomorrah, advancing the most diabolical things, homosexuality and pedophilia.

We had thought that the Catholic conservative establishment, Church Militant TV — which presents itself as a place “where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed,” had been the last media outlet for true Catholic activism. But, even Church Militant — with its name “Militant” denoting combat against Satan and all of his wiles — has bowed down to the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are now promoting one of the trending sodomites of our time, Milo Yiannopoulos.

So, we decided that we are going to confront Michael Voris. Theodore Shoebat called him, he answered, and they argued it out:

Just yesterday, Church Militant TV posted an interview between Milo and America magazine. Supposedly, so the story goes, Milo interviewed with America magazine which then reneged from publishing it. Church Militant, to further aid Milo, published this interview, which is utterly diabolical. Prefacing the interview, Church Militant writes in regards to Milo:

we [Milo and Church Militant] are on the same page with regard to the unchanging teachings of the Church and opposing Catholics who would try to change Christ’s teachings to make them more comfortable.

We took a snapshot of this post by Church Militant, and underlined this sentence:

So, according to Church Militant TV and its leader, Michael Voris, Milo, this sodomite who promotes pedophilia, eugenics and homosexuality, is someone who upholds the teachings of the Church. Milo is a major promoter of pedophilia who participated in pedophile parties in Hollywood. To quote Milo:

“The relationships with those with older men have helped those young boys discover who they are. And give them security and safety, provide them with love and reliable and sort of a rock. Where they can’t speak to their parents.”

To expose this further, Milo, someone who promotes Hitlerian sodomite eugenics, is on “the same page” with Church Militant and Michael Voris. Milo, the eugenist sodomite of the right-wing, writes: “gay men are smarter. we test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts. Intelligence allows us to ‘transcend’ our evolutionary programming”.

Voris’ excuse is that Church Militant was simply posting an interview that America magazine refused to publish. But so what? There is no context, in which presenting the work of a pedophile, sodomite and eugenist, is good.

Voris, and Church Militant, have revealed that, while they cover themselves with Catholicism, they are part of the sodomite satanic underworld that so pervades and controls the society.

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  • Raph Sebastian

    I was stunned when CM published the interview with that unrepentant homosexual claiming to be Catholic. What got me most is when hhe compared himself to St Augustine and purportedly espousing Thomistic theology.

    CM clearly stated that they do not agree with all that the homosexual represents but in this case they did because the homosexual refutes Fr. Martin. The proverbial enemy of my enemy crap.

    It’s a sick moment when evil gets an airing and manages to somewhat get portrayed as good.

    • Vinny Zee

      Raph I think this ultimately became an unfortunate argument between two of the few voices left to oppose apostasy in the church and to call out the forces attempting to enter and destroy our faith. I think Michael Voris (and Church Militant) were merely inquiring as to why American Magazine chose not to print the article. I think Ted was right in inquiring, “Why is Church Militant promoting Milo?” I think at the end of the day, CM should have gone further in their explanation of what they meant by, “Although Church Militant does not endorse everything Yiannopoulis says and does ….” and better explained what that meant in deeper terms.

      Listening to their debate on the phone however, I felt that after Voris gave his explanation, Ted could have backed off of him too. I think the confusion here was that CM stated, “We are on the same page with regard to the unchanging teachings of the Church.” Again, I could rightfully see why Ted would challenge that statement. The structure of the sentence confuses the matter. Perhaps CM could have said, “The teachings of the church are unchanging and even Milo Yiannopoulis, a person whose positions we do not endorse or condone, seems to have a better grasp at them than Father Martin.”

      Voris seems to be clear that it would have been expected Fr. Martin and Milo would be two people in the same camp. That Milo came out strongly against the position of Fr. Martin then American Magazine seemingly chose not to run the article because of that was what CM was exposing. Ultimately, the unclear nature (or ambiguity) with which CM spoke in the article left open the door for what Ted was inquiring on. It would be good if Voris and Ted could come together after this in a conversation to not only clear this up but state where their ministries converge and whether they are both speaking with one voice. Strong voices are waning in the church. The faithful are hurting and confused. When the strong voices fight, it just creates further confusion and division.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Thanks brother Vinny, I too think this is the case as you have insightfully conveyed.

        Sadly it is indeed the part where “the same page” was stated that was a shocker for me. I read the article from the news feed first and was glad to see it brought up here, but brother to brother this should have been resolved amicably without threats.

        • Vinny Zee

          Amen brother, I agree. I think the problem with social media/internet is there is seldom time to think things out and reply. Things are happening and being processed so fast, people feel the need to think fast and reply fast. This nature unfortunately affects the faithful too. In the end, I hope they are able to resolve their differences on this matter and get back to serving the kingdom.

  • Lance

    Way to confront a brother with your grievance.

  • ace

    Great job confronting him! Look up the author of the article too – Simon Rafe and what he got into difficulty for in years past; what kind of character he put into a video game he developed. And, as if putting in the line “Church Militant does not endorse everything Yiannopoulis says and does” was sufficient without calling Milo out on anything specifically. Then Rafe sees a need to reply back in the com box “We have a whole website describing our positions; it is obvious where we disagree with Milo.” So, it seems didn’t want to offend Milo specifically in order to get what they though was newsworthy, so yes, all protestations to the contrary, seems they were making a deal with the devil…

    Milo: “Sins of the flesh, let us remember, are at the bottom of the scale. The Church says self-righteousness is at the top. Therefore, I’m in a lot better shape than some of my feminist and establishment Republican enemies. To say nothing of Islam!”

    Message of OLOF: “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”

    • ace

      Well, I missed this at the bottom of the CM article:
      “Reprinted with permission from MiloYiannopoulosDOTnet [didn’t want to put the actual link, but CM did]; slightly edited.”

  • Wow…I’m speechless.

    • That’s as bad as “The Conservative Treehouse” when they promoted Milo the Fag. Boy, the slag I received from the “Treepers” for calling out the author for promoting the fag as a conservative figure to get behind because the fag was a “threat” to the uniparty system of our government.

      This is the “Counter jihad” movement where they pretend to be for the Church while in reality serving the prince of darkness.

    • susan

      I’m not. Michael was seduced. It’s been coming for awhile now. Satan is ruthless. Until one resists and then he flees. Too many linger at the water cooler to hear what he has to say. They say they don’t want to be impolite. Then the next thing they know they’ve fallen into sin. Or get hit by a bus and wake up in hell. The devil is a trickster…a thief who’ll steal your time.

      • I haven’t visited Church Militant in a long time and after this I’m not going to give them my time.

        If I recall, Voris lost a lot of readers to OnePeterFive because of some changes he made and haven’t recovered from it.

        • susan

          It still sobers me when I read what Jesus said….”Remember Lot’s wife”. We know the end is fire. It’s frightening to consider only one command the Angels gave. Don’t look back. She turned her head in a backward glance and that was it. No second chances. I’ve noticed most teachings focus on issues of the heart… It was the physical act for which she was punished.

          • Right. Same as Jesus who said if we look back while putting our hands to the plow, we aren’t fit to enter the kingdom.

          • Grandmere

            The Anglican Diocese of Sydney just donated $1M to help defeat homosexual marriage referendum and they were attacked by other Anglican leaders in Australia. This is a battle that will not end until Christ himself comes to put a stop to it.

          • Thank God for orthodox Anglicans.

          • Kamau41

            Absolutely, Susan.

        • Woody

          Well, I didn’t like him since he lambasted Charismatics witha weak paper including these nice Christians because they wave their hands during prayer–I go with Padre Pio …” it doesn’t matter how you pray only that you do pray.”

          • Vinny Zee

            Where have you been brother? Don’t see you around much. Good to see and hear from you.

          • Woody

            Probably roaming around; finished my screenplay too and sent it in. Good to hear from you.

        • Vinny Zee

          However, 1P5 has their own problems too. They often serve up a whole lot of nothing in their articles. They flash you with a fancy title and when you get to the end of the article you get a whole lot of, “He seemed to allude to something whispered by a friend of a friend in the know who talked to a media source last year.”

          1P5 seldom speaks with clarity, they stir up a lot of controversy. I am often unimpressed with their reporting. They’re quasi Novus-Ordo, quasi-Traditionalists who would love to be sedevacantists but are too afraid to be.

          • So…who’s telling the truth these days?

            For the record, I wasn’t endorsing OnePeterFive.

          • Vinny Zee

            Telling the truth about what? There is truth, which is the foundation of the Church. I personally think a better question is, “Who’s telling the truth about the truth these days?”

          • Grandmere

            SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Grandmere
  • Shane Bass

    I was waiting for this to happen. I knew it as soon as I read the article. The article even stated, as if it were ok, “although we strongly disagree with most of his stances.” Yeah right, they just used a blatant sodomites writings to refute a very heretical supporter of his very disgusting actions. Ridiculous

  • Brotha

    Shame on those “Catholics” !

    You did a great job Theodore, every false catholic ‘Leader’ must be exposed!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Stephen Dalton

    No surprise here. Voris has been a queer for years. Supposibly he repented years ago, but this latest revelation and the exposes done by E. Michael Jones and Randy Engels shows that he’s still got a sodomite mindset. I believed he was at least pro-sodomite as far back as 2010 when I saw his faggot as a victim soul Vortex. Randy Engels roundly criticized that video as falsely mistepresenting the traditional Catholic teaching on victim souls. When Voris was forced to out himself, it became obvious he was actually talking about himself. And self, like any run of the mill queer, is what Voris is all about

  • Paul Doyle

    Thank God for people confronting this great evil and threat to the wellbeing and continuation of humanity. We must be bold to speak out against it unashamedly! Here’s my recent vid speaking to high schoolers about gay sex:

  • Craig and Karen Long

    May not one of us who love Messiah Yahshua be led astray by the vain philosophies of men. May we follow only the instructions of Abba YHVH Elohim with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and truly love our neighbor as ourselves, always speaking the Truth in love. He is not willing that any should perish. Eternity is certainly for ever, whether in heaven with our Savior, or in hell with satan. Shalom, Theodore, on this the Last Great Day of the Feast of Tabernacles! The Messiah is returning, soon.

  • filomena seiffert

    Why . persecute the pope? leave him alone. We are a bunch of blinds walking in a tempest and confusion is like a very dark cloud. We need to pray to the father send the holy spirit to clear our way, meanwhile lets not attack ea other. Jesus was very much attacked in His time and discriminated because He preached to the Samaritans which were considered inferior and out of the Kingdom and inheritance from God tough they were sons of Abraham also.

  • filomena seiffert

    I am with reasoning.

  • Kamau41

    Absolutely sad. I’m so glad I totally unsubscribed and stopped reading CM over a year ago.

    The snapshot of Voris’s support of Milo and the fact he hung up on you near the end of the interview says it all as he has been caught. When you confronted him during the interview and he was in denial of his actual support of Milo was so incredibly mind blowing. Excellent work across the board for RIGHTLY exposing the diabolical nature of Michael Voris.

  • CadaveraVeroInnumero

    And Pope Francis is *not* goving way and space to the “sodomite underworld”? The man relishes the advancement sodomy has made in the Church under his papacy.

    Both Church Militant and Shoebat have one thing in common – both are hesitant to take on Pope Francis head-on. Explain.

  • filomena seiffert

    We have no right to judge, if pope Francis is doing wrong he already has one that can judge him, Jesus to whom he represents. Just because Paul criticized Peter does not mean he had the right to. The pope is the rock to whom the keys of the Kingdom was given and everything he bind on earth is sanctioned and bindded by Jesus, everything

  • filomena seiffert

    As I said before, Paul had no right to rebuke Peter Jesus did not make Paul the head of His flock but gave it to Peter. We do not know anything and if the pope is not what we expect, he is the one we deserve. I find him follow Jesus foot steps when it comes to love God above all things and your neighbor as you self. I like the old ways and like the Latin mass, I wear my veil, wear decent clothing such as long skirt and blouse which cover the upper body, moreover I am respectful of the presence of Jesus and conduct myself on a reverent way abstaining from talking in the church and using my time in prayer. I am not nobody to criticize the head of the church and feel sorry for the ones who think God gave them more knowledge. As for me God never said pope Francis is a heretic.

  • filomena seiffert

    How do you know is heretical? I do not know anyone who God spoke of pope Francis. Do not trouble yourself with the many bla, bla people blast around. If you think you are doing the will of God which is to obey the ten commandments you are OK. Remember Jesus words: do not judge for with measure you judge others you will be judged.

  • filomena seiffert

    What you stated about the pope is falsehood, pure fabrication of protestants which want to see the demise of the catholic faith. DID THE DEVIL TOLD YOU?