MS-13 Gangs Are Murdering Illegal Immigrants In America Because They Know That The Illegals Are Afraid To Report To The Police In Fear That They Will Be Deported

By Walid Shoebat

Drug dealers are targeting illegal immigrants because they know that the undocumented people are afraid to report to the police in fear that they will be deported. Its very sad that we have allowed this evil to take place. I am reminded of the massacre of San Fernando that happened back in 2011, in which Las Zetas narcos raped and murdered dozens of migrants from Central America. It was an utterly horrific massacre, in which women were raped, elderly were crushed to death with buses; people were even melted with acid.

An utter nightmare. Well now these demonic people from MS-13 are targeting undocumented people from Central America. Something should be done to curtail abuses, and regardless of the fact that these victims are undocumented, abuses should not be allowed to be done. According to the report:

The MS-13 gang is one of the most violent in Central America.

But sheriff’s investigators say they’re taking root in our area.

MS-13 has been linked to two recent murders in Lake Worth.

One expert, a former FBI agent who’s familiar with MS-13, says this gang poses a real threat.

Authorities say Victor Fuentes, 20, of Lake Worth is a killer, and a member of a notorious street gang MS-13, known to have terrorized El Salvador and parts of Central America.

Now MS-13 has come to our streets.

“Their intent wasn’t just to rob, but rob and murder,” said Frank DeMario with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Fuentes and five teenagers , all suspected members of MS-13, are charged in two South Florida murders, where detectives say they robbed and then shot to death men in Lake Worth. One slaying happened on South “H” Street October 30, and the other in an alley near South “F” Street on November 5.

“It’s almost like a cancer that is spreading, and that’s why you’re seeing this type of activity start to really hit home,” said Stuart Kaplan, a defense attorney from Palm Beach Gardens.

Kaplan, a former FBI agent, knows the MS-13 gang from cases he investigated while working in New York.

“They are very, 2very territorial,” Kaplan said.

He says they often target undocumented migrants who may be in the country illegally, and rob and extort them because they feel these victims are reluctant to report the crimes to law enforcement, fearing they will be deported.

“They are also probably one of the most violent gangs in the United States if not worldwide and their tactics are to kill, rape and control,” Kaplan said.

He says the fact that this gang has found a home in South Florida should concern all of us.

“I think the reality is any time you have people that are operating using violence as a means to their ends, I think anybody potentially could be a victim,” he said.

How do we stop MS-13? Kaplan says it starts with tightening our southern U.S. border with Mexico so they can’t get into the country.

He says part of the problem with the MS-13 gang members is that they often come into the U.S. as juveniles, without any adults.

Once in south Florida, they turn to crime to survive and as a means of support, because crime is all they know.

If you want to truly what horrors are happening in Mexico, watch our very detailed documentary on the satanic forces that have taken over that country:



  • David W

    In the 1970s, a number of Vietnamese and Cambodian gangs began to flourish in parts of America, like LA. They targeted refugees who were often afraid to seek out help from law enforcement. In southeast Asia, police were often corrupt and sometimes worse than the criminals, so there was a fear of police officers that was ingrained in the newly arrived immigrants. A common tactic was the concealed blade in the drivers license or the credit card, and these innocuous looking thugs knew how to hit major arteries and soft spots.

    Of course, a number of the criminals had military training (thanks to the “advisors” sent by Uncle Sam). How many Salvadorean and Guatemalan criminals also have military training?

    And there are a number of machete attacks in LA, leaving victims without hands and eyes. Machetes are considered gardening tools, Having a machete does not raise the same alarm during a traffic stop, but is a brutal weapon that never runs out of ammo, never jams and can be used in close quarters, without much of a sound.

    In third world countries, where firearms are severely restricted, concealed blades and even sarongs are worn (sarongs can also be used to injure).

    • susan

      Oh wow! I didn’t know that. And it pisses me off to no end why we keep training and arming and fueling the desires of the wicked. We need to really clean all the branches of our governments. I keep remembering the pictures of McCain arming the terrorists. And now along with Isis we have ms-13 and civil wars in South America. We have hell on the borders. We no longer vacation in Mexico. Even cruise lines are avoiding certain areas. Thank God for President Trump and Jeff Sessions building a wall and going after ms-13. We need programs to protect our youth from the allure of gangs. And shame on the music industry for popularizing and manifesting the evils of gang life. Fornicating drugging and murdering. Nothing good or pure or holy.

      • David W

        CNN is now claiming that the two border patrol agents were killed and injured ACCIDENTALLY! They are now reporting that the agents fell and hit their heads on rocks, and that the illegals did not smash their skulls with large rocks!? Liberalism is a mental disorder! If they repeat it often enough, there will be enough drugged up lemmings to believe it…

        • susan

          That’s really deceptive. I’d be ashamed to work there. None of the reporters who work there are ever going to be deemed trustworthy. I keep hoping someone else will take over or buy them.

  • susan