Archive | November 13, 2017

Naked Man Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Puts Her Clothes On, Runs Through Her House And Then Starts Rolling Around In The Yard

A man was arrested after breaking into a woman’s home while nude, putting her clothes on, running around the house and then rolling in the yard according to a recent report: Authorities say a naked Florida man burst into a woman’s home, ran around inside and then tried on some of her clothes before he […]

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Pedophile Starts Molesting Six-Year-Old Boy During His Birthday Party, He Tries To Flee, Falls Out A Window And Gets Stabbed On Fence Posts And Dies

A 44-year-old man started molesting several children during a six-year-old boy’s birthday party, including the boy himself. When the pedophile was caught by the boy’s parents, he tried to flee but fell out a window, falling several stories before being stabbed by fence posts: A man accused of groping a boy during his sixth birthday […]

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Five Christian Families Flee For Their Lives After Muslims Falsely Accuse Teenager Of ‘Blasphemy’ And Are Now Hunting Them Down And Threatening To Wipe Out Their Church

Muslims in Pakistan started a revenge campaign against a Christian teen named Arshad by claiming he ‘insulted Islam.’ The Police have said the charges are completely false and started by the Muslims, but now because of the campaign five Christian families have had to flee, including the teen, as Muslims are sharing their photos online […]

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Leader Of The Church Of England Declares ‘Christians Are Hurting Their Children If They Don’t Let Boys Cross Dress, Wear Tiaras, And Experiment With Homosexuality’

Archbishop Justin Welby, Leader of the Church of England, just endorsed a new set of official guidelines called Valuing God’s Children in which he says that Christians are hurting their children unless they allow them to cross-dress and experiment with homosexuality at school according to a recent report: The Church of England, which this past […]

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